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I have an extrovert personality

I am a very smart individual

I have abundant inner strength and courage

I am strong,bold and confident

I know exactly what to say

I can easily read between the lines

I can keep a conversation going for hours

I am always the life of the party

I am incredibly charismatic

I enjoy social pressure

I feel comfortable speaking to large groups

I easily hold the attention of a large crowd

I am comfortable and relaxed in all situations

I embrace change

I have mental toughness

I have a sharp sense of wit

I am intelligent and brilliant

My facial expressions radiate extreme confidence

I dominate every social situation

I always find a way to persuade and motivate people

I enjoy being the centre of attractions

I am always confident and powerful

I make people laugh and enjoy themselves

My conversation skills are excellent

I am naturally confident around all women

I always find something to talk about

I am full of charisma

I am a great conversationalist

I am confident just being myself

I enjoy trying new things and getting into new situation

I effortlessly start conversations with strangers

I don't care what other people think of me

I can do anything I set my mind to

I can achieve anything

I am proud of myself

I feel extremely witty and intelligent in social situations

I love myself

I am successful in everything I try

I am confident around new groups of people

I enjoy starting conversations

I make up humorous jokes on the spot

my humour is incredibly creative

My words flow effortlessly

I am naturally calm and focused in stressful situation

I am relaxed in front of an audience

I easily make people laugh

My courage shines though when it is needed

I am growing more and more confident every day

People enjoy talking to me

I easily adapt to new social situations

I enjoy meeting people

I easily make new friends






This is kinda powerful and enhanced version of social charisma. This would be great



Can u include this music if u will

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