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Ok so i believe gratitude is one thing we all need to have and be aware of in life and not many of us really appreaciate the little things and even the big things in life. Gratitude is what makes life easier and better. Heck even being grateful for that bad experience we went through is a positive thing, why? Because we became stronger from it. Gratitude also helps kicks start the law of attraction in a position direction.


Some suggestion subliminal:

Im grateful for money

Im grateful for shelter

Im grateful to have friends

Im grateful to be alive

Im grateful for people

Im grateful for being able to eat food

Im happy that im always nourish

You are grateful for bad experience

Being grateful makes the world a better place

I attract positive experience by being grateful.


Just a few suggestion. Also am still looking forward to buying your produts George, woulda earlier but well things happen in life ya know what I mean.

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