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Extreme good luck


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I have an extreme good luck

My good luck is supernatural

My good luck is extremely good

My good luck goes beyond utopies

My good luck goes beyond the imaginable

My good luck brakes any law of reality

Every day extraordinarily good things happen to me

My life every hour receives extraordinary good news

If I walk on the street I find incredible big amounts of money for me

There is not a traffic jam for me, all files of cars open for me to pass

I always find a place for parking

My life is so full of good luck that it will last for  generations

I created good luck in my past

I have an infinite good luck

I am the good luck in human shape

My good luck makes me inmortal and young forever

My good luck attracts the most sexy, hot, wealthy and kind persons to my life

Everyday the most beautiful girls contact me asking for sex

Extraordinary things happen in my life due to my good luck

incredible good things happen in my life every second

Extraordinary good things happen in my life that are hard to believe

good things that people believe never in their lifes will happen, happen to me everyday

My bank account always has more and more money without any effort

Everyday more happiness comes to my life

Everyday more wealth comes to my life

I just visualize good things and my good luck brings them inmediately

I imagine what I would like to have and angels and the goddess of good luck get it for me.

My good luck acts In a mysterious way that I do not know I am getting younger

My good luck acts In a mysterious way that I do not know I am becoming extremely attractive for beautiful girls

Every day I feel in my body how my good luck aura is always on

I have beautiful dreams of good luck

I have nothing to feel affraid of because my good luck protects me

Every day at least 10 extraordinary good lucks events happen in my life


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