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Bad Boy


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I am always confident in what I do


Validation comes from within me


Women see me as a prize they must possess


I embody bravery


I laugh in the face of danger


I always come out on top


I am always confident in my abilities


I am calm and concerted


I am incredibly bold


My opinion is always heard


I have a strong, Magnetic and charming personality


Women are eager to do things for me


People always look to me to lead them


My voice is always heard


No man can take me down


I never fall for women's tests


I am in total control of myself


Women feel safe in my presence


My amazing voice puts women at ease


I am proud of who I am


I am super passionate about my life and career


Women try their hardest to get my attention


I am a King


People treat me like royalty


I always talk to people and show interest for who they are.


I am open to doing things that I've never tried before.


I have an adventurous spirit


Women are lucky to be with me


Men always respect me


I am assertive in my communication and behavior


I have immense willpower to draw from


I am a magnificent listener


I am totally secure in myself



I am me and will never apologize for it.


I am always the dominant man in any room.


I exude sex, power and self esteem


Women love sex and love to get it from me


I am the most attractive, desirable man in the world.


I can protect any woman


I am the highest value male in any room


Women always try to accommodate me


I am worthy of all females


Women find me mysterious and interesting


My body language projects control and confidence


Because I am a good listener, Women are always eager to talk to me.


Because I am a king women desire to have sex with me.


Women love to approach me


Women always try to impress me.


Women panties gets super wet in my sight


I am a very powerful man


I am an unstoppable force of Nature


I live a thrilling life


I say and do what I want


I am entitled to demand what I want


I am hard to get


I stick to my own beliefs


I have immense pride in myself


I use my skills to elevate those around me


I am immensely powerful


I am detached from outcome


I move with purpose


I breathe deeply


I live by my own rules


People follow my rules


I hold the strongest frame in any situation


I walk with confidence


I have immense willpower


All power lies in me


People always want to serve me


My presence causes people to Obey me


My life is thrilling and Fun


My presence causes people to respect me


I am always given Special treatment in social situations.


I am immensely attractive

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