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Bad boy charm, attitude,seduction


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Bad boy charm, attitude. and seduction:

Ladies Man

Know when and how to push-pull

Confident with women

approach women with ease

women are submissive

Excellent conversation skills

Dynamic with women/dominate them(playfully verbally and dominate them in the bedroom)

Daring/Fun/Create Thrill and Thrive on Thrill

Know how to be Hot and Cold..not a pushover

Know how to approach and converse with women

Attractive to women socially,physically, and sexually

Suspenseful, sexually tense, but also action pact and daring. Know how to savor the seduction, but also Daring/Bold to take action whenever

Not get put down by negative-feedback(objections) and instead turn that around as an opportunity to increase attraction



Essentially focusing on Dominant conversation skills, seduction skills, Strong Frame, Daring(courage,action or w.e)

This is a rough concept feel free to make any improvements

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