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Found 4 results

  1. One question that is tough to answer is what you do for a living. You could be in the middle of a conversation with a cutie and everything could be going smoothly. But then the "what do you do?" questions pops up. There are a couple of things to understand about this. One is there are always two layers of communication. Conscious and subconscious. If the conscious layer sounds good, but the subconscious doesn't, it will come across as incongruent. This is why movie acting isn't as easy as it appears. On the surface it seems pretty easy. Just remember your lines, right? But if you've ever seen a crap movie with crap acting, then you know that the lines are only a tiny part. The best actors have the best underlying energy to go along with their lines. So even if you have a decent sounding job, if you deliver your job description with some less than confident energy, it will kill attraction. But the opposite won't work either. If you work at Jack in the Box, and really enjoy your job, that might not be a good answer either. More important than how you make money now is what your plans are for the future. Not your hopes or wishes, but PLANS. If she asks what you do, no matter WHAT your current job is, so long as you deliver a solid PLAN for the future, it will INCREASE attraction. How do you do this? The first step is to actually CREATE a plan. Write it out. Start where you are, and write out your PLANS for the future. The steps you'll need to get there. Keep journaling these steps over and over. Until they are hard wired into your brain. Until it makes you feel ALIVE when you think about it and say it. When you think about your plan for the future, it should seem MUCH more compelling than any ONE girl. This is what creates very deep and irresistible female attraction. Of hearing a guy who doesn't chase girls, but chases his LIFE. But if you ONLY chase your life, girls won't naturally follow. You've got to interact with them. Not to try and seduce them, just to have friendly conversations. Make a habit of this, and pretty soon plenty of girls will be thinking of you. And all you'll have to do is choose the best one. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/girls-like-you/
  2. Can anyone share with me some ideas for affirmations for office skills? I have hard time visualizing doing professional level excel chart documents,powerpoint slides. What are some affirmations to be good at doing powerpoint slides, Microsoft office projects?
  3. Job Mastery Sample Affirmations: I confidently handle all task I easily learn my job My co-workers love me, respect me, support me, help me... Time flies at my job I quickly learn my job. I build rapport with all my co-workers I am hungry to get the job done. I always get the job done. I easily learn all things at my job I'm always ahead of the game I am always ready I am always prepared Fill the rest with what you think is suitable... Thanks.
  4. Well, I didn't really want to be the first one, but maybe if someone starts, others will join in? I've been using various videos here and I have had some cool things happen but I'm going to start by sharing my success stories on two to begin with and later on I will tell you what has happened so far with some of the others. I often just pick the videos I want for that day, depending on what I feel I need and want to manifest but sometimes I use certain videos for a few weeks especially if it's an area I think I really REALLY need help with. And one of these videos is Easy Life. (It's in the manifesting section of videos) I listened to it every day for a few weeks, I think. When I started I was mostly intending to use it to help work be a little easier and I think it's DEFINITELY helped. I've started to pick up things more and have things go my way at work a lot more. And my love life had already started to be going well but I think this video has helped with that too, cos it talks about easily attracting things you want like money and love, I think. (I did read the affirmations at the start but now I just listen.) I don't use it daily now, cos well I'm off work and I feel like I don't need to use it as much cos I have integrated some of it but it's there whenever things seem challenging and I want a boost & I'll DEFINITELY be using it when I go back to work. But LIFE feels easier than it did now, not just work, compared to before anyway. So, as I know a few of the others have some videos they use as a daily routine, this is one of the 2-3 videos I've been using for mine and I highly recommend it. I'm really pleased with it. I highly recommend and am really pleased with all the videos I've used, really but I wanted to try and get discussion going here and share this with you. I have had results with some of the other videos too but I will share that later and I'd love to hear from some of you about YOUR success stories first!
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