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Found 2 results

  1. Disclaimer: This journal is intended to convey insight on human nature. Some might be a reflection on my own psyche. Some is just relaying the condition of reality. Some is just storytelling in a way to convey an idea. Whatever, the case, I hope you have fun enjoying the readings here. There are intended to be EDUCATIONAL while being ENTERTAINING. Without further ADO let's begin... Attack of The Killer Penguins... Do you seem them they are always watching... They are always listening... Sometimes I can't go to sleep knowing that the Killer Penguin is just around the corner ought to get me. But I can reassure you I am not crazy... I am not schizoWHATEVER. You telling me you don't see those penguins?? *looks in shock* This can't be... Either you are stuck in the lower planes or perhaps I am really just hallucinating... But, I would never dare to admit I am crazy. I don't want to end up with a white stray jacket and in the psyche world with all those wack jobs. But maybe those are the normal people whose bodies have left the physical world and are in more in the "spiritual world." Some say when they go in Coma they discover God. Or the times of near death experiences some people claim they encoutered a divine being. Look there it is right there!! Do you see? It's the penguins. It's listening to our convo. It's trying to spy on us and collect data on us to report back to the Reptile warlord whose eating human brains. Oh right, so you don't believe me? But, you can believe the world is Flat, right? Ridiculous. Hold on let's continue this conversation some other time. The penguins are too close and watching and listening to our every move. Let me go buy some BOOZE so I can DROWN the PAIN AWAY. But, I am afraid of the things I do when I get drunk. I can get very abusive. But, I make sure to censor all the bad things that I commit, so I don't ruin my reputation. Image is everything in today's world. And no I am not a wack job - you obviously are just stuck in a place where you cannot just SEE. But when your eyes open you can see ALL. And then you'll be like me. Always looking around the corner making sure no one is watching. LOOK THERE ARE THE PENGUINS. PLEASE YOU GOTTA HELP ME!! THEY ARE COMING FOR ME!!!!!! They know I ascending into the level of the Gods. And THEY are trying to stop me before I CAN ACCOMPLISH MY MISSION. Many people in the past had a sort of GOD COMPLEX, but not me. I know where I STAND.
  2. Hey George, I can't help while reading Sex Transmutation your latest work to realize you did experience the infinite in physical form. Obviously, you seem to have experienced it one time or several times already presuming you created Kundalini Activator. To be honest I am still surprised it worked...Most of those type of things tend to be gimmicks. Which is why I am so glad yours ACTUALLY worked. Anyways, I am curious as to your experience of awakening and uniting yourself with the infinite(or truth). Was it something similar to my own experience(the one in the success story). Did you get a psychosis of some kind? Did you get visions revealing you secrets of life? Did you lose temporary control over your body? Did you go "crazy." Do you still use the Kundalini Activator yourself to open your chakras and Kundalini? Perhaps, you may not want to reveal your full experience. I am just curious as to your version of awakening and was it similar to my own? Please do share!
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