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Found 4 results

  1. There's one X-men character that can freeze time. Not really freeze time, but slow it down. So he can run around and do stuff. Like undo people's belts. Make them punch themselves in the face. This was also a theme in one of the Simpson's. If you suspend disbelief, there is a lot of creative ways you can play with the time freezing idea. For example, every time Homer was about to take a bite out of a donut, they would freeze time and remove the part he was about to bite. This would come across to Homer as the piece disappearing just as he was about to bite into it. In other movies they reposition people as they are walking. And get them to crash into things like trees and poles. If it were possible, it would be a clever way to hurt your enemies. But there is also a very insidious way that people do this now. But using very clever insults. They often don't know exactly HOW they are doing that. Neither do you, and neither do any of the observers. It just seems like you've been insulted. And since you stand there not knowing what to say, this verifies that. Some people are naturally gifted in the art of the covert insult. This is actually a good thing. It would be one thing if they were practiced ninjas in the art of covert insults. That would make it much harder to defend against them. Lucky for us, the people that talk this way have NO IDEA how they do it. They just happen to be very good at it. So when you take the time to understand the linguistic structure, you can absolutely obliterate them. It takes practice, but once you put in the time, you'll NEVER look at the statements made by others the same way. Not only will be able to OBLITERATE any insults you hear, but you'll be able to see MUCH DEEPER than the surface structure language. We all have deep thoughts, beliefs, fears, dreams, hopes and anxieties. Yet most of us don't really know what those are. But with a little practice, you'll be able to see THROUGH the surface structure language. And look DEEPLY into their minds. And be able to understand their thoughts. Much more than they understand themselves. Needless to say, this will give you an INCREDIBLE amount of interpersonal power. Not quite as powerful as being able to stop time, but pretty close. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/verbal-assassin/
  2. Most people are aware of the four stages of learning. Unconscious incompetence, conscious incompetence, conscious competence and unconscious competence. The final stage, unconscious competence, is when you know stuff by heart. When you can play a song on the piano without thinking. Or bake a cake from memory while talking on the phone. And when it comes to getting to that last level, there are two "sub" levels. The first is when you learn something completely new. This is how most people think of that last level. Learning to ride a bike, tie your shoes, drive, juggle a few bean bags, etc. But there's another sub level many don't consider. It's the one Bruce Lee referred to when he said (paraphrased): "Before Jeet Kun Do, a punch is just a punch. During Jeet Kun Do, a punch is a careful balance of energy and breathing and intention and focus. After Jeet Kun Do, a punch is just a bunch. But a much more efficient and deadly punch." What he was referring to is taking something that is ALREADY at the level of unconscious competence. Then purposely bringing it back down to the level of conscious competence. Looking at it carefully, and improving it. And then PRACTICING it to the level of unconscious competence again. This is how athletes and musicians and artists make their living. Especially if they are competitive. They are ALWAYS trying to increase the level of unconscious competence. The level they can play at without thinking. The more they practice, the better they get. Most of us don't think like this. Most of us think in terms of learning something until we're done learning. Then we can get back to our comfortable auto-pilot lives. Consider, however, the importance of one skill. One skill you have NOW at the level of unconscious competence. And purposely downgrading that to the level of conscious competence. And carefully enhancing it, rearranging it, improving it. And practicing until it is at a completely NEW level of unconscious competence. A level that Bruce Lee called more efficient and deadly. What skill is that? Your spoken language. How you translate your thoughts into words. Like a first level punch, your words are just words. Sloppy, off balance, chaotic, and not very effective. But after you UPGRADE them, they will be effective and deadly. And since VERY FEW PEOPLE ever even consider improving how they think and speak, you'll have a huge advantage. Over everybody. On Earth. Get Started: http://mindpersuasion.com/verbal-assassin/
  3. One of the most famous insulting questions is the wife beating one. When did you stop beating your wife? Most people have a "rule" that they don't answer questions like this. This is a good rule. Because if you were to answer the question, you would ACCEPT the idea hidden inside. But when the person asks this kind of question, they aren't looking for an answer. They are looking to catch you off guard. It's very much a verbal sucker punch. Especially if it comes on TV. What happens is the receiver HEARS the beginning, "When...." And this makes us shift into "question...answer" mode. But then we hear the entire sentence, and are caught off guard. It's kind of like when I went to a restaurant once. I ordered a glass of scotch and a glass of water. Instead of bringing me water, she brought me a glass of gin. I took a sip of the gin THINKING it was water. When you EXPECT one thing, but GET something else, it knocks your brain off line for a few seconds. So when you get ready to answer a, "when did you..." question, your brain is expecting one thing. But then they slip in the "beat your wife" idea in there. You not only get knocked off balance, but you are shocked. It IS, after all, a verbal sucker punch. But the viewer THINKS you actually DID beat your wife. Why else would the interviewer ask such a question? Then when you sit there stunned, this VERIFIES the idea. You look like a guy with his hand caught in the cookie jar. This is why these verbal sucker punches are so powerful. The more UPSET you get, the more GUILTY you look. What's the solution? To first TRAIN yourself to NOT start answering ANY question until you hear the ENTIRE sentence. Especially if you suspect somebody is setting you up. If you stay CALM until the question is finished, it's very easy. You just look at them calmly and say: "I don't understand. Why do you think I used to beat my wife?" So long as you DON'T let yourself get pushed off balance by a verbal sucker punch, the person asking the question is now on the spot. On a much bigger level, this technique works like magic. First, train yourself to NOT respond emotionally until you hear the ENTIRE sentence. Even if it's a flat out insult, all you have to say is this: "I don't understand. Why do you think that?" This is just ONE of the many techniques you'll learn in Verbal Assassin. Get Started: http://mindpersuasion.com/verbal-assassin/
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