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  17. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Feb19_Post.mp4 There's something in economics they call "excess capacity." Like if the economy is booming, and everybody is building. Say you built a bowling ball factory during the booming economy. This isn't as silly a metaphor as you might think. One of the things that boomed during the post WWII boom were bowling alleys. And when the economy is growing it makes sense to keep building. But when the economy shrinks, it's kind of hard shift on a dime. So, suppose your bowling ball factory is capable of producing 1,000,000 bowling balls per day. But as demand slows down, you produce less. And suppose you're now only producing 250,000 bowling balls per day. All that extra equipment that you're NOT using is what they meany by "excess capacity." And modern humans have a lot of excess capacity in our brains. We have the same brains, intellect, creativity we've had for a couple hundred thousand years. And up until very recently, we NEEDED all that creativity to NOT DIE. Life was harsh. Our brains were our best attribute. Scheming against animals, our environment, other humans, that was a LIFE OR DEATH scenario. Today, everything we need is pretty easy. It doesn't seem like that, but that stuff that KILLED US back then doesn't exist. Nobody needs to worry about starving to death. Nobody needs to worry about hungry bear coming into your bedroom at night and eating you. So our brains, or creativity, our imaginations have TONS of "excess capacity." Most of us use this to watch movies, play video games, etc. Or WORSE pay attention to all the nonsense on social media. But even more troublesome is how much we use our fast ninja brains to spin circles around ourselves. Go into any social situation and our brains are going CRAZY. This is kind of what Mark Twain meant when he said: "90% of my worst fears never came true." Most of the things we fear are a product of our over-active imaginations. "Over Active" isn't the best description. Our brains are ALWAYS thinking. So it's not that they are TOO active. But our brains are active in the wrong direction. Back in the day it was easy. Danger, hunger, competition, was ALWAYS there. Back in the day, there was a close match between our fears and the stuff that might actually kill us. Today, not so much. No worries, because that only needs a bit of recalibration. To use your brain powers to slowly re-build an inner core. One that will be much more efficient, and DEADLY in the modern world. Deadly, of course, being metaphorical. Not killing bears or enemies. But killing inner fears, inhibitions, anxieties and all obstacles. Get Started: https://mindpersuasion.com/inner-frame/
  18. Thought Calibration: https://mindpersuasion.com/thought-calibration/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Dec25Loop.mp4
  19. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Oct30Post.mp4 I've always loved movies. Most of them suck, but some a pretty good. Particularly the way the ones make you think. And within the ones that make you think, I've found two basic kinds. Where you're left with a kind of puzzle, and you need to solve it. And you can solve it by asking questions like: "What did that final scene mean?" An example is the last scene from Inception. Was he still dreaming, or was he awake? This is one scene that can be interpreted in many ways. And like a well written story, either choice, awake or dreaming, are supported by the facts that ONLY exist within the story. This leads to a surface level "agree to disagree," but a much deeper agreement. The agreement that it was a good movie worth talking about. But some movies go much deeper. They kind of force you to think in terms of "game theory." If this meant X, and then later that X was displayed this way, then the whole theme of the movie is Z. On the other hand, if it really meant Y, and then that later scene really meant Q, which means the entire theme was W. These are the very well written movies where nobody is even sure of what happened. My favorite "flavor" of this last type is the "was that real or was the character hallucinating?" question. That we tend to agree on "good" movies, "really good movies" and "spectacular movies" is an indication we all have the same AFFINITY for ideas or stories that are both complex and entertaining. This is, essentially, what makes a classic. Nobody can sit down and "write" a classic. Any book, movie, play, poem, or other piece of art MUST be "tested" by time. Ideas that are judged "high quality" over many generations have SOMETHING about them that is intriguing that is BEYOND language, or culture of technology. This is a function of our "collective memory." Things that are interesting or worthy (whatever that means) will STAY in people's brains. This that are boring, or superficially interesting will slip in and out. The more complex YOUR brain is, the more you'll appreciate everything. The more capably you can describe the THOUGHTS in your complex brain, the more people will admire you. For our species, our BRAINS are our best feature. The better shape your brain is in, the better shape you'll be in. The better shape you can turn thoughts into words, with creative articulation, the more INTERESTING you'll become. The more entertaining you'll become. The more pleasing you'll become. The more mesmerizing and attractive you'll become. Fortunately, you can practice ALL these just like you can practice things like juggling or pushups. Get Started: https://mindpersuasion.com/creativity-accelerator/
  20. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Oct27Post.mp4 The idea of ideal partners is pretty compelling. We love buddy movies. Road trip movies. Especially road trip movies where the two characters are very different. This story is as old as time. This is also the basic theme of the movie "Green Book" which won best picture. Look through any half baked ads in online dating and you'll find people looking for a "partner in crime." If you've been to state line between California and Nevada, this is where they have the famous car of Bonnie and Clyde. One of the most accurate movies about sociopaths, according to psychologists is "Badlands" with Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek. A couple who went on a killing spree. Whether it's about good guys or bad guys, we love a partner movie. Maybe it's because we live in a universe governed by duality. The whole "Yin Yang" idea is based on duality. Good and bad. Night and day. Winter and Summer. Even the word "Sun" and "set" are based on ancient Egyptian mythology. The eternal battle between light and dark. One of the theories of "God," which is also in the TV show "Westworld" is the idea of the "bicameral mind." That way back in the day, when our self awareness started to wake up, we heard one half our of brain talking to the other half. One side was the "self." The other side was some kind of "god voice." We talk to ourselves all the time. Out loud and silently. The idea is that the first self aware humans who did this didn't realize they were talking to themselves. This is one theory as to how we "invented" the idea of god. Just a theory, of course but an interesting one. Then there's the idea that we have two halves of our brain. That some of us are right brained. Creative, metaphorical, artistic. Others are more left brained. Scientific, logical, rational. Of course, we need both. That's why we like teams and partners. The super hero duos. The groups of hero's, like the seven samurai, the original star wars group (Han, Chewbacca, Luke, Leia, Obi Won and the two droids). We all inherently recognize that groups or pairs are better than individuals. But what if you could BE a super hero pair? What if you could COMBINE your two minds? So you could be creatively logical? Or logically creative? What would THAT do for you? What could you DO with this superpower? Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/creativity-accelerator/
  21. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Sept29Post.mp4 One of the harshest truths of modern life is the idea of "fairness." On the one hand, the goofs who want to control everything maintain their main reason for being in charge is to keep everything "fair." This sounds very compelling. It sounds like we don't have to do anything. That if things aren't fair, it's somebody else's fault. At the same time, there is evidence ALL AROUND US that PROVES life is NOT fair. Not in the least. The pretty people have it much easier. The well connected have it much easier. The genetically gifted have it much easier. But this is very, very dangerous thinking. Because it opens us up to even more VICIOUS con artists that crave power. We look out into the world, and see it's NOT fair. But we've been brainwashed since birth to think it's SUPPOSED to be fair. So this makes it easy for power hungry sociopaths. Their message is simple. "Give me power, and I'll make everything fair, like it's SUPPOSED to be." But that only makes to worse. History shows this again, and again. One very NON mainstream theory about the cycles of history are as follows. One guy and his buddies take power by FORCE. Then they set up a system of laws, ostensibly to make life fair. This reason, to make life "fair," according to these non-mainstream historians is NOT the real reason. The REAL reason is to make it harder for the next group of guys to seize power. That's what the system of laws are for. This type of thing happens over and over and over. Mark Twain said history doesn't repeat, but it rhymes. Same STRUCTURES, but different contents and labels. Now, I don't know about you, but I'm not really interested in becoming a revolutionary or any of that stuff. I'd rather get in the game and get stuff. Let all the power hungry sociopaths try to out-jack each other up the power ladder. But getting in the game means you've got to COMPETE to get the good stuff. The good jobs. The hot ladies and guys. The good houses, or corner offices. Luckily, the one skill that will get you the good stuff is NOT based on genetics. It only SEEMS like it since everybody just shows up and hopes for the best. Sure, if nobody has any game whatsoever, then showing and hoping for best will ONLY work for the pretty people, the genetically gifted, and the well connected. But when you develop some skills that few other people have, you WILL get a massive advantage. This isn't your typical "game" where you memorize and spit out a bunch of patterns. This is a much, much deeper "game." A much more robust intellectual and creative approach. By exercising your brain to build your thinking and creative imagination. To out SMART all the mindless pretty people cutting in the front of the line. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/mental-strength/
  22. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Sept26Post.mp4 One huge mistake people make when setting goals is how they think of them. The language used to describe goals is as if they are things. We use abstract or intangible nouns as if they were real things. This is what George Lakoff, a linguist and student of Noam Chomsky found. Looking at the word we use WITH those intangible nouns gives us an idea of HOW we think, subconsciously, about intangible nouns. For sample, why are we "in" a meeting? A meeting is not a real thing. It's a temporary, shared hallucination. But we say "in" a meeting as if it were some kind of container. Are you "in" a meeting when you're sitting around in the meeting room waiting for everybody to show up? Suppose the meeting is over, and there are only three people, and all three people are in an elevator. Are you still "in" a meeting? But what about being "on" a team. Why "on" a team and not "in" a team? One, because teams exist for many months or years. Two, is a focus on a meeting is inward. The focus of a team is outward. You travel around and fight against another teams. Like you're "on" your horse fighting against another guy who is "on" his horse. This is a pretty cool rabbit hole to get stuck in. The metaphorical meanings of all the words we use. Anyhow, back to goals. We treat goals as if they are singular objects. I'm going to get a burrito. I'm being followed by the cops and I want to lose them. I want to get rid of this ingrown hair. I want to "lose" weight. I want to "get" out of debt. I want to "get" smarter. These make it seem like you do a bunch of stuff, "get" the goal, and go back to your life. This is one reasons why most people suck a getting goals. But another reason is want to HURRY UP and get them over with. Kind of like having a difficult conversation with your boss or partner. You feel it as an uncomfortable thing. Grit your teeth, get it done, and relax. This makes goals TWICE as difficult to get. A much better, and much easier way is to think in terms of continuously improving. So slowly and steadily that you can do a little bit each day. For example, there are plenty easy, very short, daily "exercises" you can do to improve your memory. To improve your focus. To improve your creativity. To improve your articulation. And once this becomes a daily HABIT, you're memory will always be improving. Your focus will always be improving. Your creativity will always be improving. Your articulation will always be improving. Your BRAIN will always be improving. Get Started: https://mindpersuasion.com/mental-strength/
  23. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Aug27Post.mp4 Most have heard the truism, "The map is not the territory." This sounds pretty simple, and pretty self evidence. You have a bunch of mountains in front of you. And you've got a map of the same mountains. The map is a 3'x 5' piece of paper. The mountains are miles and miles of dirt and trees and water and infinitely complex life forms. Obviously, the map is not the territory. Or if you're standing in a fast food place, trying to decide what to order. There are the descriptions, and there is the food. The descriptions, the map, is not the same as the food. Plenty of restaurants have food you can order that doesn't exist on the menu, or the map. Suppose you walked into a pancake restaurant. One that was happy to make custom orders. And you ordered, on spur of the moment, a triple-decker pancake stack with peanut butter and olive oil between the first two. And hot mustard and wasabi sauce between the second two. And on top, you wanted raisins covered in strawberry ice cream. And suppose you were absolutely making up that order as you said the words. Imagine the waitress giggled a bit while she wrote it down. And the pancake chef was a bit confused, as he created your crazy stack of pancakes just as you ordered. The "map" was created out of what? Your organically evolving creativity? The territory, the actual pancakes, were created FROM your goofy map. Of course, this is strange example. But it points that the very, very complex difference between map and territory. Sometimes the territory comes first, like mountains. They can exist for millions of billions of years before somebody comes along and makes a map. Sometimes the map can come first, like in a goofy custom pancake order. Consider that how you see the relationship between maps and territories is very close to how you might see the world. Some people would NEVER go anywhere without a map. Some people would never DARE order anything that's not on the menu. Then there are people like "Doc" from the Back To The Future movies. Who famously said, "Where we're going, we don't need roads!" The words we use can describe the world we see around us. They describe the thoughts in our brain. The stories we tell ourselves about our limitations. Or we can change our stories, and change our inner maps. Your words can be used to form questions to find out what's inside their brains. And change their stories, and change their maps, and change their world. Most people are content to be passive watchers. To wait around for others to create maps. Most people don't even have control over the maps that exist in their minds. Most people have ideas and strategies about the world they got from other people. That's easy, but it's not required. Master your maps, master your words, and you will master everything. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/metaphor-mastery/
  24. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/July13Post.mp4 One old school piece of advice that is very useful is "everything in moderation." For example, if all you ate were donuts, you'd be in bad shape. Or peanut butter, or boiled chicken breasts, etc. For food, humans are omnivores. That's why they'll never be a shortage of weird diets. The pickle diet. The blueberry pancake diet. The peanut butter ice cream diet. In fact, our ability to eat pretty much anything is a result of the ancient sexual division of labor. Monkeys can only eat bananas. Both the dudes and the ladies. A dad bird who goes out looking for worms for mom and the kids will look for the SAME WORMS that mom looks for. But for some reason, humans escaped this limitation. Men would hunt, and look for meat and fat. Women would gather, or forage, and look for roots and whatever else they could find. This allowed humans to live in TWICE as many areas. This allowed us to be nomads. To go pretty much anywhere, and adapt to our environment. And every time we'd go somewhere new, we'd have the SAME problem. How can we get food here? This problem solving skill, of how to get food, how to stay warm, how to avoid getting eaten, is what drove humans to become the apex predator. Today, of course, everything is EASY. Well, not really. The things we WANT are hard, just like it's always been. But compared to before, getting food, getting laid (if you are willing to lower your standards) and not getting eaten are EASY. But that presents a problem. Our entire brains and thinking time USED to be used to solve those basic survival problems. Now our survival problems (food, sex and safety) don't really require ANY thinking. Here's a horrible thought to remember next time you see a group of people, live or on video. Take a look at all their bodies. The tonality of their muscles. The amount of body fat. Just for experimental purposes, imagine a few tigers were let loose in whatever crowd you were looking at. What would happen? For the humans, it would be a nightmare. The ones who didn't die would have PTSD for the rest of their lives. For the tigers, it would be a FANTASTIC all you can eat buffet. But once upon a time, animals like tigers were TERRIFIED of humans. Once upon a time there were HUGE animals, that don't exist any more. What happened? We humans ATE them. So, when you look at all the soft bodies out there slowly lumbering around, consider that our modern BRAINS are just as soft. Most of us couldn't think our way of out a problem any more than we could escape from a tiger in the food court. Humans were EVOLVED to solve problems. Over and over and over. Re-awaken this instinctive, ancient, powerful trait, and DOMINATE. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/obstacle-obliteration/
  25. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/July09Post.mp4 Your brain is an incredible machine. Many people believe that self aware, AI is just around the corner. Consider that this is not likely. Sure, if you tell a good story about your AI company, you'll get a lot of attention. A lot of venture capital funding. From rich guys hoping to put their brains inside a computer before they die. But consider that just the process of reverse engineering our brain is next to impossible. Here's an example to illustrate why. Imagine you had a sales page. You sold shoes. And your sales page had a 2% conversion rate. Meaning every hundred visitors got you two sales. OK, but you wanted to do better. So you did a split test. You copied that original sales page (called the "A" page) and made on tiny change. This is the "B" page. And you sent half the traffic to the A page, and half to the B page. The B page with the one tiny change, but otherwise identical to the A page. The first money question: Before the split test, do you KNOW which page would do better? Nope. So you run the test, to see which page wins, A or B. Suppose B wins. A has a conversion rate of 2%. B has a conversion rate of 2.5%. So you do it again. B is now the new A. So you make another, new B, with one tiny change. Again, do you know which will win? Nope. And suppose you did this for THREE YEARS. And each test ran for one week. And every other test, the B page was better than the A page. That meant every two weeks, you'd get a slight improvement. And let's imagine that after 3 years you had a 20% conversation. Now for the BIG money question. Suppose some goof came along and wanted to reverse engineer your page that was converting at 20%. Would they be able to? No way. Impossible. Why? Because every single time you did a split test, before the test, you had ZERO IDEA which would win. Which meant every time you had a winner, (A vs. you would have zero idea WHY that page won. So, the question, of how is that new page, after three years of split testing, converting so highly? The honest answer is you would have ZERO IDEA. So it would be IMPOSSIBLE for somebody to reverse engineer that winning sales page and apply it to another market. That's what AI goofs are trying to do when they reverse engineer our brains and turn them into a computer. Our brains are the result of MILLIONS of years of "split tests." Organically done by Mother Nature herself. This is why AI is very, very, unlikely. But what is likely is much, much better. Not to copy your brain. But to re-calibrate it. So it works MUCH BETTER in our modern environment. This is just ONE of the many, many benefits of your genius brain. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/obstacle-obliteration/
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