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Found 1 result

  1. When I was a kid I loved playing with Legos. I had this huge drawer filled with various blocks. The cool thing about them was you could build anything. The same with Tinker Toys. They usually came in a box with a specific design, but I was never very good at following instructions. So I ended up with this humongous "junk drawer" will miscellaneous Lego and Tinker Toy pieces. Hard to imagine I could entertain myself with a bunch of plastic blocks. But never underestimate the power of the human imagination. Most animals have very specific traits. Even some have something called an "extended phenotype." The phenotype is the structure, the genotype is the genetic code or design for said structure. Like your brown eyes are the phenotype, but the part of your genes that program your brown eyes are the genotype. Some animals have an "extended" phenotype. Like bees who are programmed to build hives. Or beavers and dams. Or snails to find a specific shell. But humans have a "meta" extended phenotype. Bees always build the same hives. Since as long as bees have existed, they've built the same honeycomb shape. But humans have a meta skill. We look out at whatever exists, and build ON TOP of existing structures. This is why we keep inventing more stuff. Bees always take the same raw materials, and make the same hives. We humans look out at what IS, and imagine how we can make it BETTER. And as long as humans have been around, we've been doing this. As long as we'll BE around, we'll KEEP doing this. Unfortunately, despite this latent tendency that lives in ALL of us, very few of us put it to any use. Most of us are content to do the same stuff every day. To do what we're told, not get in trouble. But unlike bees, who are BORN into their roles (drones, workers, queens, etc.) we humans can DO or BE anything. It all starts with how you think. The thoughts that are the seeds of your actions. Which will you choose? Sameness, safeness, and mediocrity? Or greatness? Be Bold: NLP Mind Magic
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