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Found 21 results

  1. Proof of Telepathy: https://mindpersuasion.com/proof-of-telepathy/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jun25Loop.mp4
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  9. Sexy Witch Librarian: https://mindpersuasion.com/sexy-witch-librarian/ https://soundcloud.com/mindpersuasion/sexy-witch-librarian https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Nov07Loop.mp4
  10. Cult of Sacred Geometry: https://mindpersuasion.com/cult-of-sacred-geometry/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Oct10Loop.mp4
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  12. Hidden Secrets of Ancient Languages: https://mindpersuasion.com/ancient-alien-telepathic-secrets/
  13. https://mindpersuasion.com/the-transmitted-gift/
  14. Humans existed a very long time before language was invented. We send a ton of information subconsciously. Less than 10% of our communication is the actual words we use. Most of our communication, even with people we don’t know, is non verbal. One of the main problems of being a human today is the technology of society (and society itself) evolves WAY faster than human nature. Because the world we live in is SO chaotic, it’s very hard to notice the MASSIVE amount of non-verbal signals. There is one “class” of people who are EXPERT body language readers. Even though these people have regular jobs, and a lot of importance, they are MUCH BETTER at reading body language than everybody else. In fact, the BULK of their success depends on it. Who are they? Not cops. Not CIA agents. Not poker players. But Secret Service agents. Plenty of studies demonstrate this. And it makes perfect sense. Their job rests on their ability to scan a crowd and pick up small, non-verbal “tells” that indicate danger. It’s much more complicated than the movies, where they have to wait until they SEE a gun, and then shout, “Gun!” If they showed the way they REALLY operate in the movies, it would be REALLY boring. Since they notice things nobody else does. Which means the people in the movie theater wouldn’t notice. This is a GREAT WAY to practice cold reading. Sit some place with a lot of people. Watch people as much as you can, without drawing attention to yourself. Pick somebody close by, and put them in your peripheral vision. Then start to “free note.” This is when you write as QUICKLY as you can, without pausing to even think about the words or the grammar. The idea is to RE-TRAIN your natural ability to “pick up” as much information from others as possible. Practice this enough, and you’ll be able to “read people” like an expert. Even BETTER than secret service. The secret service are HYPER-SENSITIVE to threats. But they ignore everything else. Train yourself so you can pick up a little bit of EVERYTHING. Then if you decide to talk to anybody, you’ll have an EXTREMELY accurate idea of not only their state of mind, but what they are thinking. If you deliver this through vague, hypnotic language, you’ll be perceived as having super powers of perception. But it will REALLY be “re-discovered” powers of perception. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/cold-reading/
  15. There are a lot of interesting similarities between cultures. For example, in Japanese, the symbol for Sunday is of the Sun. The symbol for Monday is of the moon. These are the same roots of the words in English (sun= Sunday, moon = Monday). Also in both ancient European and Chinese mythology there is the idea of a dragon. Why a dragon? Both cultures came across these reptiles that slithered around. They were tiny, but their bite (which felt like fire) could kill you. Since they didn’t know about chemistry or biology or poison, they both likely came up with the same basic idea. These “evil” reptilian things were powered by some black magic. So when they made their way into stories, they could fly around and breathe fire. Joseph Campbell had to figure out WHY all cultures have the same basic structure their mythology. The same structure that is in most blockbuster movies. Logic says there can only be TWO answers. One is that there is ONE source that everybody copied from. The other is that the “outside” stories represent very similar “internal” thinking structures. Chomsky figured the same thing. His ideas was the all humans speak the SAME language. Only different dialects. Every language has verbs, nouns, adverbs, adjectives, etc. But for some reason, we all think we are different. We all are programmed, perhaps by our ego, to think OUR own thoughts and fears and hopes are somehow unique to us. And since we RARELY discuss things in great detail, it’s very easy to believe that. Therein lines the secret to “cold reading.” Of seeing people and being able to read their body language, facial expressions, and the situation they are in. By doing some digging into your own brain, it’s VERY EASY to “guess” EXACTLY what they are thinking. Not only what they want, but what they are worried about. When you can communicate those deep truths using some hypnotic language patterns, you will be perceived as being INSANELY insightful. Or if you like, you really can convince people you have powers of telepathy. This makes communication with ANYBODY very easy. Because even if you don’t want to use any cold reading patterns, by knowing EXACTLY what’s going on inside their minds, you’ll know EXACTLY what to say. To create ANY emotion in them you like. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/cold-reading/
  16. There are two basic ways to influence somebody. One way is the common way. To try and use the ideas in YOUR head and convince them to do what YOU want, for YOUR reasons. Most salespeople use this technique. Ultimately, it’s based on the very ancient “might makes right strategy.” It’s in the form, “MY ideas for what you should are better than YOUR ideas for what you should do.” This can come across as a gentle persuasion, or a hard sell. But it’s still a might-makes right strategy. The opposite is by turning OFF the ideas in your head. And carefully pulling the ideas out of THEIR head. Then carefully re-arranging THEIR ideas into YOUR suggested behaviors. Since you are using THEIR ideas, it will seem like THEIR decision. This is essentially the Dale Carnegie strategy. The one that says you can get anybody to do anything so long as you can get them to believe it was their idea. But there is another way. A much deeper way. One that goes BEYOND the idea of “separation.” Both of the above strategies are based on the assumption that YOUR ideas and THEIR ideas are two DIFFERENT ideas. But the much DEEPER technique involves going DEEPLY enough so that you both share the SAME ideas. It involves reading them below the level of conscious communication. Below the level of language. Even below the level of conscious thought. Kind of like if you had two separate castles behind two large and separate walls. And a huge river in between them. On the SURFACE they would appear to be two different kingdoms. And communication between the kingdoms would require a huge amount of effort. Until you find the DEEP passageway connecting them. One that was built LONG AGO. When they were once the SAME kingdom. Humans are the same way. We SEEM separate on the surface. But deep below, we are really the same. When you communicate on THAT level, they will REMEMBER the connection. Subconsciously. Deeply. Powerfully. What’s even better, is they don’t need to speak. You “read” them, and speak to them using a very careful set of hypnotic language patterns. They only need to listen, and REMEMBER the deep connection. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/cold-reading/
  17. If you were walking through the forest, and you gotten eaten by wolves, nobody would blame the wolves. None of your friends would go hunting in the forest to get revenge on the wolves for eating you. They would all wonder why you were silly enough to wander alone and unarmed into wolf territory. If you saw a beehive, and decided to steal the honey, and got stung all the way into the hospital, none of your friends would want to take revenge on the bees. They would all wonder why you were so foolish to stick your hand into a beehive. If you were walking down the street and smelled some delicious barbecue, it wouldn’t be a good idea to waltz into somebody else’s backyard and help yourself. Especially in a place like Texas where you might get shot. The idea of respecting somebody else’s “territory” is a deeply instinctive idea, shared by many creatures besides humans. It’s even one of the best scenes from “Breaking Bad.” When Walter White, the protagonist, walks up to the (much bigger) rival in the parking lot and says: “Stay out of my territory.” Yet we violate this all the time when it comes to giving other people unasked for advice. There they are, sitting and contemplating a problem. Their brain, their thoughts. And we walk up and think we have the right to shove OUR THOUGHTS into THEIR HEAD. Nobody, (and this means nobody) LIKES unasked for advice. What we PRESUPPOSE when we give unasked for advice is this: “The thoughts in your brain are clearly NOT sufficient to solve YOUR problem. The thoughts in MY head are BETTER than the thoughts in YOUR head to solve YOUR problem.” The paradox is that at the same time, we have an objective view of their problem. We are not locked into their subjective understanding. Many people see therapists and talk to bartenders about their problems BECAUSE getting an objective third person perspective is VERY HELPFUL. There is, however, a VERY POWERFUL way to deliver advice wrapped in something that sounds VERY MUCH like “mind reading.” A way to demonstrate to them that you fully understand their issues. A way to show them that wherever they are, they will get better. MUCH better. All wrapped around very vague language that will resonate with them on a very deep level. So they can discover THEIR OWN meaning in your “advice.” This powerful communication strategy is INSANELY versatile. Sales, seduction, job interviews, whatever you got, this will work. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/cold-reading/
  18. There’s an idea in physics called “sympathetic resonance.” It’s commonly used to attempt to explain the law of attraction or similar ideas. In physics, it’s pretty simple. If you have two pianos in one room, and you bang on one middle C, the other middle C will begin to vibrate. Since they both have the same natural resonance frequency, one C vibrating will send sound waves through the air and make the other C vibrate. Even if you stop the first string from vibrating, the second will still vibrate. This is also how we hear sounds of different frequencies. Inside our ears are a whole bunch of tiny fibers. Each resonate at a slightly different frequency. So when you hear a mix of different frequencies, each individual frequency vibrates a different tiny fiber in the ear. Mathematically, this is called a “Fourier transform.” By taking one wave component and breaking it down into the individual components. But when sympathetic resonance is applied to metaphysics, it kind of misses the point. Meaning when you “vibrate” at a certain “energy level” the “universe” will also vibrate. So when you “vibrate” money, the “universe” will respond. As a metaphor, this sounds pretty cool. But as a strategy to get money, it sucks pretty bad. For example, two people “vibrating” to get $100 will each have COMPLETELY different ideas what that means. Or even money in general. However, you CAN apply the idea of sympathetic resonance to other individuals. This is kind of what happens when people “click” when they first meet. The language to describe this even sounds like the physics of sound waves. They say they are on the same “wavelength” for example. This is fantastic when it happens spontaneously. It seems so rare because we rarely look inside our own minds and objectively examine our own emotions. We just kind of bounce around and “resonate” however we resonate. When we happen to meet somebody that resonates at the same wavelength, it seems like a wonderful chance meeting. But you can EASILY learn how to read people, and know EXACTLY how they are resonating. You can read the situation, read their non-verbal communication, and know EXACTLY what is happening inside their mind. Then when you describe that in specifically vague, powerfully hypnotic language, they will feel as though you are reading into their soul. Even better, you can read how they are feeling, and then use very subtle cause-effect language to build a very COMPELLING future. Making them feel better than they have in a LONG time. And they’ll automatically associate that feeling with YOU. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/cold-reading/
  19. There’s a lot of similar themes in movies. One common idea is when a couple has been together for a while. Either a relationship or a friendship. And one person says to the other, “I know you better than you know yourself.” This makes perfect sense. From inside our own heads, there is a swirl of subjectivity. But from an external, objective perspective, some things are pretty easy to see. One common example is if somebody is in a bad relationship. Everybody outside the relationship sees it as a trainwreck waiting to happen. But from inside the relationship, they think everything is perfect. Common human biases work the same way. We ALL have the same biases. But we can’t see them from inside our heads. We can see them in others. So on one level, it’s pretty easy to “know somebody more than they know themselves.” But you can take this to a completely deeper level. By understanding not only the structure of thought, but the structure of human perception. This starts inside your own mind. Then you can look at other people, first from an external, objective perspective. Then you can look inside their mind via your own sympathetic mental resonance. This is kind of strange when you first try it. But once you see humans from the model of “emotional resonance devices” it becomes pretty easy. And SPOOKY accurate. Within just a few minutes of meeting somebody, you can know EXACTLY what they are thinking. Even before you talk to them, but understanding their facial expressions and body language, you can get a very accurate idea of their thoughts. And when you express those thoughts in deliberately vague structure language, they’ll think you are telepathic. This can be used for party tricks, job interviews, and deepening relationships. It takes time to learn, understand, and practice. But you’ll find it’s one of the most powerful communication models in existence. One that very few people know about. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/cold-reading/
  20. Please! So i want to know how to do telepathy, but uh in reality, i'm listening to it just so i can use it to make EVERYONE I KNOW remember me as male since the day i was born, please tell me how i can use telepathy for that reason.
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