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Found 2 results

  1. Our brains are always looking for shortcuts. One way to frame this is we humans are pretty silly. Plenty of experiments demonstrate this. The Milgram experiment showed that 2/3's of us will blindly follow the orders of an authority figure. Even when that authority figure is telling us to physically harm another human. 2/3's of people gave another guy a "shock," even while he was begging them to stop, simply because the authority said it was OK. The shocks were fake, and the experiment was only to see how many would actually give a dude a shock. They thought it'd be around 1-2%. But as mentioned above, it was about 2/3's. And it is that much every time they replicated this. Another brainless human trait was shown during the Ash conformity test. A dude does a super simple visual test. Easy peasy. But when he's surrounded by other people. These other people, so he thinks, are doing the same thing he's doing. But in reality, the are purposely picking the WRONG answer just to see how it will affect him. And similar to Milgram, about 2/3's of people go along with the crowd. These two "triggers," authority and social proof, are very, very hard to defend against. Some say this is bad, and example of how brainless most people are. But on the other hand, if we were super logical like Vulcans, we would have gone extinct a long, long time ago. So, consider that whether this is good or bad isn't really the best question. What is the best question? How can you best USE these ideas? The idea of "selling" something, or even getting an idea across PURPOSELY using the idea of authority is as old as time. Many academics believe that Sun Tsu, the famous Chinese General may be a made up person. Not to con or fool anybody. But to get MORE people to understand all those time-tested battle strategies. Similarly, it's commonly believed that world-famous Einstein wrote a letter to Roosevelt suggesting that maybe the Americans should get a nuke before the Nazis did. This is partially true. It was actually a group of physicists, some ex-Germans who knew what Hitler was up to. But they figured if they wrote a letter to Roosevelt and signed it: "A bunch of scientists you've never heard of before," he might not have even read it. So they approached Einstein, explained the problem and asked him to be their "front man." And since world famous Einstein had MAD authority at that time, Roosevelt read the letter and took action. You could even say that the strategic use of authority kept the Nazis from getting nukes, which would make today's world MUCH different. Now, most people know about things like social proof and authority. But then they think to themselves: "Yeah, but I don't have any social proof or authority." You may not now, but getting some is much easier than most people realize. Many psychologists have done plenty of studies that all you need to do is "prime the pump." And POOF. Crazy social proof and authority. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/social-proof/
  2. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Dec12Post.mp4 Sun Tzu said if you know your enemy like yourself, 1000 battles will get you 1000 victories. This, however, has an idea built inside of it. And that is the idea of knowing yourself. Most people don't. Most of us have tons of biases. These biases are not bad. Nobody is broken. Perhaps it's a leftover instinct from the harsh days of hunters and gatherers. Back then, it would be a benefit to externalize a lot. Since our environment was animals that were trying to kill us, and that we were trying to kill. It made perfect sense under this environment to push ALL problems out to those animals. Even in Sun Tzu's day, when battles were much more up front and personal, and ever present. The idea of knowing yourselves back then was more of a strategic idea. Strengths, weaknesses, etc. How many horses, weapons, shields etc. Today, knowing yourself is much more about your internal emotional strengths and weaknesses. This is much, much more difficult than knowing how many spears and shields you've got. But it's also much, much more powerful. Sun Tzu said that knowing your enemy like yourself will yield a "victory." A binary result, win or loss. In modern society, it's much more complicated. Many more variables. Much more confusion. Which is why knowing yourself is much, much more important. The reason was explained over the Oracle at Delphi. "Man, know thyself, and you shall know the gods." The gods are just like us. Everybody is just like us. So the more you know yourself, the more you'll know EVERYBODY. The more you know yourself, the more you'll know EVERYTHING about EVERYBODY. Which will make everything much, much easier. Most people lead with their own desires. They talk about what they want. They talk about what they need. They talk about what other people "should" give them. With everybody talking and acting and thinking like this, it creates a lot of conflict. But if you take the time to understand your own emotions and meta emotions, you will know theirs. Most are very easy to read by glancing at their body language and their surroundings. That way, you can approach them, pace them, and let them know that YOU truly understand them. This, of course, will very much impress them. Which will make you stand out. And this will leverage the very powerful law of RECIPROCITY. They will feel compelled, subconsciously, to help you. In any way you want. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/cold-reading/
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