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Found 39 results

  1. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/May27Post.mp4 There are two basic ways to look at the world. The way the world is. Or the way we think the world should be. It's very hard to have any kind of conversation without drifting back and forth. It's kind of similar to how newspaper reporter can report "news" that is factual, but also, completely nonsensical. For example, let's say you have a Harvard Professor who has gone off his meds. He believes that invisible aliens are watching us all the time. That he believes that is a fact. So the news reporter, looking for the latest clickbait, interviews Professor Nutjob. The entire article is about the aliens, and why they are here, and what their plans are for us. To make this entire article "true" all they have to do is put ONE LINE in their about how this is a theory of a published Harvard professor. Similarly, imagine two people are talking. One person says, "There is a lot of litter." The person listening looks around, and notices the litter. They agree. So far, this is a factual conversation. Then the first person starts talking about what SHOULD happen. Why people shouldn't litter. Why only "bad people" litter. Mixed in are some "true" if-then statements. If people littered less, the streets would be cleaner. That is a true, perfectly sound, logical statement. We humans do this all the time. Mix logic, opinion, observations about the way the world IS and shared ideas about the way the world SHOULD BE. But, if you confuse the two, you'll run into trouble. If you start to ONLY talk about the way the world SHOULD be, you will start to believe that's the way the world IS. Which means you'll start to not see the worlds as it is, but a broken world. A world that needs fixing. This is VERY compelling. Because if we live in a world that needs "fixing" it's almost always somebody ELSE who is supposed to do the fixing. Sure, we might come up with the IDEA of what needs to be fixed. But it's almost always somebody else's job to do the actual work. This is perfectly normal when just having a regular, "complain about the world" conversation. But when this becomes a STRATEGY, it becomes a problem. Then you find yourself waiting around for SOMEBODY ELSE to fix what YOU think is a problem. This is a very comfortable trap to find yourself in. But it won't help you get laid, or paid. What WILL help you get laid paid and ditch any ideas about the way you think the world SHOULD be. And see the world for the way it really IS. And get in the game, and get some. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/money-magnet/
  2. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Aug28Post.mp4 A very common idea in self-development is being broken. Of having tried all kinds of ideas and programs, yet you're still stuck. What does, "stuck" mean, exactly? It's a metaphor that approximates a physical situation. Like a car that is stuck in the mud. The engines work, the tires work, but you aren't getting any traction. The work done by the engine is being wasted. No forward movement. Another physical description of being stuck is like when goofy criminals try to sneak in through the chimney. And get stuck. They writhe and grunt and push and wriggle, but they don't move. Another common metaphor is being "broken." Like if your car makes noise, but it doesn't quite turn over. Or your toaster has some kind of defect. This is much more common than people realize. Most people feel stuck and or broken. Quite often. But it's one of those things that we don't tend to talk about. So everybody believes it's only happening to them. Why do we feel like we are stuck or broken? The first part comes from generally success. When anybody is successful, in any area, it's MOSTLY unconscious. People that are naturally outgoing don't really know WHY they are. But our ego needs to feel like we are always in control. So if we ask them why they are so naturally outgoing, they'll feel the need to give us a conscious reason. The problem comes when we BELIEVE that conscious reason. And then WE apply that conscious reason and it DOESN'T work. Since it works for THEM, but not for US, then we must be BROKEN. Or we keep trying it, it doesn't work, and we feel stuck. But that's only because we are trying the WRONG thing. People that do things naturally and easily have NO IDEA why. But it's hard to admit that, as a normal human. Anything that we do well, our ego NEEDS to take credit. The truth is two fold. Everybody needs to DISCOVER their own way of doing things. Trying to copy others will NEVER work. We have no idea what it's like to be them. Their conscious answers don't really help, since that's NEVER the full story. The second half is that the process of discovering how to do things on our own is a LIFELONG PROCESS. This is something we DO NOT LIKE. We very much wish it were quick and easy. Because we are inherently lazy. Which is why we keep trying QUICK and EASY things. And when they don't work, we claim we are STUCK. Or broken. You're not. Take your time, go slow and learn how. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/social-anxiety-killer/
  3. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Aug10Post.mp4 I remember a long, long time ago, when I was a kid. It was Christmas and we were opening presents. I bought my grandma something, I'm not sure. She opened it, looked it, smiled and said thanks. Then she asked me what it was. I had no idea, so I shrugged my shoulders. Most people have PC's. And we use them for tons of different reasons. Watching movies, playing video games, chatting and emailing with friends, writing novels, etc. A PC is something that satisfies TONS of different uses. So it would be silly to ask, "What's a PC for?" Or, "What is the purpose of PC?" Even sillier would be asking for the purpose of your toaster. Nobody lies awake at night wondering if they are using their toaster correctly. From a structural perspective, our mind-body system is a tool, just like a PC. Most of us wonder about our "purpose." My grandma asked me what the gift was, since I bought it for her. This would be logical. But we tend to ask the "life purpose" of other people. That would be like a toaster asking another toaster what a toaster is supposed to be doing. One way to figure out our purpose would be to look at all the things we can DO. And figure out how to MAXIMIZE our use. For example, you COULD use your toaster to warm up a frozen pizza. Put the frozen pizza on top, and then hit the toaster button. Kind of silly, but it would sort of work. But it would be significantly UNDER-UTILIZING the toaster's potential. Or maybe you could put the toaster on the floor, under your desk during winter. To keep your feet warm. But you'd have to keep reaching down every couple minutes to push down the toast button. It would work, but it would under-utilize its capacity. Most people use our mind-body system like that. As a passive device. To let others tell us what to do. Especially when it comes to our brains. Our brains are INSANELY powerful. Capable of holding TONS more information that we think. Yet how do most of us use our brains? We OUTSOURCE our thinking whenever we can. Other people. TV, movies, etc. One way we CAN use our brains is as "new instinct generators." To train in new skills to the level of unconscious competence. Sure, this takes time, and it's not fun. But what if you developed money making skills? Or persuasion skills? Or romance creation skills? All to the point of NEW INSTINCTS, so you could do those things naturally, without thinking? Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/watcing-mind/
  4. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/July11Post.mp4 If you were a skilled motivational speaker, you'd make a lot of money. Why is this? From a purely economic standpoint, whenever you sell something that is in high demand, you can make a lot of money. If you opened up the only grilled cheese shop in a town that LOVED grilled cheese, you'd make a lot of money. On the other hand, if you tried to sell steamed broccoli in a town that HATED vegetables, you'd go broke. Econ 101, right? So really good motivational speakers can make MILLIONS giving motivational speeches. Because there is a HUGE demand for motivational speakers. But WHY is this? It would make sense making money selling grilled cheeses, because, theoretically, people could eat a grilled cheese every day. But could they listen to a motivational speaker every day? Or once a week? Sure, but what would that mean? That mean whatever EFFECT the speaker was having, would be short lived. Suppose you were a motivational speaker capable of motivating people so that they STAYED motivated for a year. More like buying a car, instead of grilled cheese. It would be silly to buy a car every day. Is this what is happening? Do people see motivational speakers and then STAY MOTIVATED for a year or so? Doesn't seem likely. Otherwise, people would ONLY need to see a motivational speaker ONCE, and then they would be MOTIVATED to make big changes. Make more money, create better relationships, get in tip top shape. Is this what is happening? Maybe there is a necessary ingredient BESIDES simple motivation? What could that be? Consider the idea of MOMENTUM instead. When we think we need motivation, it's usually to do things we are NOT already doing. Things that we think are difficult. Otherwise, we'd be doing them. But what about momentum. Consider instead of making HUGE changes, to make a very tiny change. So tiny it's BARELY even considered a change. Now imagine doing that every day for a month. Since it's tiny, that would be pretty simple. And what would you after a month? A month of MEMORIES up in your brain. Of DOING THINGS specifically to make life better. Then make another tiny change. Pretty soon you'll have two months, and then three, etc. Keep it up and you'll have a long HISTORY of making slow and tiny changes. Kind of how like the Grand Canyon was made. Think the water needed to attend a canyon carving motivational seminar? Probably not. It just got busy, and stayed busy. A little bit every day. Who knows what will happen. Get Started: http://mindpersuasion.com/self-esteem/
  5. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/July8Post.mp4 Lately I've been passively watching this video series about meteorology. I always wondered why they called the study of weather, "meteorology." Cause it sounds like it's the study of meteors. But it turns out the name for root word for both meteors and meteorology is based on an ancient Greek work. Which means, "things of the sky." So meteors are, literally, "things of the sky." And meteorology is also appropriately called, "study of things of the sky." Sometimes it's easy like this, to find ONE root cause for two different things. Our brains are pretty weak at INTUITIVELY understanding connections between two things. We have a tendency to assume since A comes BEFORE B, then A caused B. And since most of us learn the word for "meteor" long before we learn what "meteorology" stands, we wonder why they gave weather people such goofy names. Sometimes it's even MORE confusing. For example, if you actually study the weather. Weather patterns are INSANELY complicated. There are only a few variables, but they interact with one another in chaotic ways. Literally chaotic. From chaos theory, the mathematical theory that says whenever you have polynomial equation with more than two variables, it is MATHEMATICALLY impossible to predict it more than just a few steps out. Which is EXACTLY why they can only GUESS when it "MIGHT" rain. And tornado warnings only come a couple hours before they hit. Complex systems can only be described, but not accurately predicted. This is why it is very futile to imagine there is some kind of step-by-step recipe for personal success. Either social or financial. Since BOTH involve plenty of other people. And if weather, an INORGANIC system with only a few variables is unpredictable, imagine how UNPREDICTALBE any HUMAN group is! Humans are ORGANIC system with a KAJILLION variables. But there is ONE variable that will have a PROFOUND effect on your success. Since all success requires you get in the game and learn from experience. The more experience you get, the more success you'll get. You can't get experience unless you get in the game. So keeping yourself on the sidelines, waiting for a guaranteed method that, theoretically, CANNOT exist, is only wasting time. Luckily, there are plenty of exercises you can do OFF THE FIELD to significantly increase your chances of ENJOYING the game. After all, if you are IN the game, and you are ENJOYING the game, that would making getting that necessary experience enjoyable as well. What are those easy exercises? Find Out Here: http://mindpersuasion.com/self-esteem/
  6. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/July4Post.mp4 One of the best feelings as a humans is a feeling of accomplishment. Even if nobody knows but you. Especially if it was something that you weren't sure you could pull off. It's very common in self help metaphors to pretend we are special JUST BECAUSE. But despite how many metaphysical truths we believe about ourselves, we are stuck inside our physical bodies. Our physical bodies require physical things. Food, shelter, and most importantly, money. It would be fantastic if we could just "receive" all that stuff without needing to really DO anything. This is pretty much the core "teaching" of many "law of attraction" books and courses, and even some pretty expensive seminars. That if you only BELIEVE something enough, you'll plenty of free stuff. We LOVE that idea because BELIEVING happens inside our own brain. There is no need to talk to anybody. Or even look anybody in the eye. This even matches are most DEEPEST instinctive programming. To MINIMIZE our efforts and MAXIMIZE our results. All animals are programmed with this instinct. To spend as little energy as possible in the acquisition of as much energy as possible. Only humans can take this to metaphysical extreme levels. To WISH we only need to BELIEVE and some magic wish fairy will show up at our house with a sack full of cash. But we also KNOW that unless we move around and GET physical things, we'll starve. On a very basic, very REAL level, the BETTER we are at moving around and interacting with REALITY, the better stuff we can GET. This requires real skills, not imaginary skills. Imagination is ABSOLUTELY VITAL. But it's only a starting point. So long as you imagination DRIVES your actions, you're much better off. And if you keep taking action, and keep measuring what your actions CREATED compared to your imagination, that's even better. Once you create a kind of SYSTEM, based on this very simple, yet very ancient process, it's pretty mechanical. Imagine what you want. Take action. See what happened. Did you get closer? Do MORE of that. Did you not get closer? Do something different. This is the heart of all learning. The learning that is PROGRAMMED into your brain. The strategy you used to walk and talk and do everything else you can do. The strategy that WILL get you whatever you want, so long as you keep going. The ONLY thing that will keep you from getting what you want is if you take yourself OUT of the game. If you're out of the game, get back in. Ease into it. Develop a rock solid inner belief that you WILL win, if you keep playing long enough. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/self-esteem/
  7. Very often there is huge difference between long term and short term strategies. If you want something in the short term, this will often make it MUCH more difficult to get those same things in the long term. And if you try to get those same things in the LONG TERM, it will make it much more difficult to get satisfaction in the short term. One obvious area is food, eating and exercise. Sitting on the couch and eating burgers FEELS GOOD in the short term. But it adds up to lots of PAIN in the long term. The older you get, the more your joints will hurt. The more clogged you arteries will get. And ultimately, the sooner you'll die. Jogging and eating healthy every day doesn't feel good in the short term. But it adds up to a much LONGER and healthier and happier life. You will have much less body pain as you get older. You won't have pains shooting up and down your joints when you get out of bed. You'll even keep your brain intact for much longer. As they say, short term gain leads to long term pain. And short term pain leads to long term gain. This is also true in dating and attraction. For example, many guys have mastered the art of short term success with the ladies. Any time you use ARTIFICIAL strategies, or "game," you are using a collection of INORGANIC personality traits. This is why a guy CAN have ton of short term success, but not much long term success. Since that short term success is based on an inauthentic representation of YOU, it's hard to keep up. Pretty soon the REAL YOU will show up. And that REAL YOU will be different than the guy she was attracted to. Consider an alternative. Of being the REAL YOU all the time. This sounds like VERY CORNY advice! Just be yourself! The trick is to ALWAYS be improving your REAL SELF. So your REAL SELF will always have better and better results. How do you do this? By improving your goals. By improving your communication skills. By improving your financial skills. Here's where it gets REALLY interesting. The quality of woman you can attract by being the REAL YOU is a very useful PROXY for how SUCCESSFUL of a life the REAL YOU can achieve. Which means if you continue to build up the REAL YOU to have a much better life, you'll AUTOMATICALLY be more attractive to higher quality women. This means you'll need to ditch short term, magical "game" type thinking. And focus on REAL, long term success. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/girls-like-you/
  8. A long time ago I took a cooking class. It was pretty interesting, and I learned a lot of techniques. The lady that taught it was VERY specific in her instructions. About year later, I took another course from the same place. Same type of food, but a different teacher. This class was also pretty cool. Different recipes, different classmates, different teacher. I also learned a ton of stuff. The second teacher was much less specific in her instructions. The first teacher was kind of like a chemistry teacher. Exact measurements, temperatures and times. The second teacher, not so much. Some of this, a bit of that, cook it till it's done, and Bob's your uncle. You can imagine both types of instruction being useful in different situations. Whenever doing something like cooking, or building simple things, specific instructions are generally preferred. Especially if you are clueless, like I was the first time around. But with some things, specific instructions are USELESS. These are generally more complex things. Things that involve other people. With this, at best, any instruction MUST BE metaphorical. For example, imagine you had a buddy that was FANTASTIC with the ladies. A natural. You asked him what to do, and he told you to "Just be yourself." After all, this is EXACTLY what he does. Since he's a natural, he doesn't need to consciously TRY anything. He talks to the ladies just like he talks to anybody else. Relaxed, confident, friendly. At the same time, that advice sounds absolutely useless to somebody with social anxiety. The idea of simply "being yourself" is terrifying. Sure, you can be yourself when you talk to your close friends. But that cute girl with a gorgeous smile? How the heck are you supposed to "be yourself" around her? Whenever we are trying to learn from metaphors, it requires a LOT of trial and error. For example, supposed you wanted to learn to play the piano. And somebody told you to practice until you "got a feel for it." This is also a metaphor. A metaphor whose meaning you would have to DISCOVER for yourself. And the only way to discover that is to practice. Pretty soon, you WOULD get a "feel for it." You wouldn't need to use much of your conscious mind. Look at the notes, and watch your fingers move up and down the keys. EVERYTHING we learn has to be this way. A metaphorical instruction. Trial and error learning. And finally mastery. Of course, if you have LIMITING BELIEFS that is incredibly difficult. Get rid of the limiting beliefs, and learning ANYTHING will be mechanical. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/beliefchange/
  9. There are plenty of rags to riches stories. Carnegie is perhaps the most famous. He came to states from Europe when he was a kid. Before he was finished, he had a fortune that would be worth $200 billion today. He worked any job he could find. He learned anything he could. He invested his money wisely. Of course, luck also played a huge factor, as it inevitably does. He came during the second Industrial Revolution. When oil was a new thing. He combined his intellect, his drive to succeed with being in the right place at the right time. Once upon a time, there were only humans. No houses, no tools, no clothing. Every single thing that exists today was first an imagined thing. Either an individual or a collective hallucination. A group of ancient hunters sat around, night after night. Wondering if there wasn't an EASIER way to get stuff. They kept coming up with better and better ideas. Every single thing that exists today comes from the brains of humans, the actions of humans and the stuff that naturally exists. Even today, the same basic process works. If you are sitting at home watching TV, for example. You might imagine a sandwich you've NEVER eaten before. When you combine that imagination with your action, you can CREATE it. Of course, making a sandwich is pretty basic. But EVERYTHING is basic once you learn how. Once upon a time you didn't know how to make a sandwich. Once upon a time you didn't know how to do ANY of the stuff you can do. You might imagine a time ten or twenty years in the future where you can do WAY more stuff than you can do now. So long as you are willing to keep learning, you'll keep IMPROVING your skills. There is, however, one thing that can KEEP you from moving into bigger and better futures. Self imposed limitations. These are in the form of limiting beliefs. Beliefs that you accepted when you were younger. This is essentially the difference between guys like Carnegie and normal people. For whatever reason, guys like Carnegie and other super successful people had VERY LITTLE internal limitations. That is a very important, very critical element of their success. While none of us can do much about our EXTERNAL limitations (it'd be a bit too late to become an oil baron), we can do quite a bit to REMOVE our internal limitations. Do this and you'll be surprised. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/beliefchange/
  10. Once upon a time, there was no money. Now there is tons of money. Even in the last few years, there has been a lot of NEW money. Crypto-money. Invented essentially from scratch. Every day in the FOREX markets, there are trillions of dollars traded. Your blood cells go around your body. They pick up energy in the form of food and oxygen. Deliver the energy to the cells that need it. And then they turn around and transport the waste out. Without blood, and the cells within it, you'd be dead. Money serves the same purpose. Goods flow around the world one way. Money flows the other way. They say that as long as goods and money are flowing across borders, there's no reason for war. War only happens once money and goods STOP flowing. The flow of money around the world keeps the world healthy and thriving. As soon as money stops flowing, problems start, and people die. As soon as blood stops flowing, problems start and YOU die. When bears get ready for the winter, they store energy in the form of body fat. When ancient societies got ready for the winter, they stored energy in the from of grain. Now we humans can get ready for ANY span of time when we DON'T want to work by storing energy. This energy, of course, is money. You put a bunch of people together with a bunch of skills, and they'll INVENT a form of money. Sometimes they use cigarettes. Sometimes they use cases of soda. Sometimes they use shells, or salt, or gold or silver. When love to think of ourselves as individuals. But we are also very social animals. With a whole bunch of social instincts. Consider that one our MOST IMPORTANT social instinct is to make stuff. Or help make stuff, and then trade that stuff for money. The more money you get, the more stuff you can get. With everybody making stuff and selling it to each other, the amount of stuff increases. And the amount of money increases. This has been happening ever since they first invented coins, back in a few hundred BC. The amount of stuff has been increasing ever since. The amount of money has been increasing ever since. If aliens were studying humans, they'd see we have two purposes. To make stuff and make money. But since would see us trading stuff for money and money for stuff, they would see MONEY as the energy of earth. This is your destiny. To make money. Get Started: http://mindpersuasion.com/money-brain/
  11. Being an entertainer is a valuable skill. Most of PUA tactics include demonstrating value. The bulk of the Mystery Method involves doing various bar tricks. Magic tricks, sleight of hand tricks, etc. They all have the same thing in common. Of the person you are trying to impress not needing to do anything. If you have plenty of tricks up your sleeve, this can be a fantastic way of standing out. Since most goofs CAN'T, even a couple of tactics can work wonders. But they do have their drawbacks. For one, if you happen to REALLY hit if off with somebody, you'll eventually run out of material. Once the REAL YOU comes up, it might not be the same. If you've ever seen famous comedians or actors when they are NOT being filmed or interviewed, they are MUCH DIFFERENT than on stage. Of course, if you're ONLY after hit-and-run fun, then having a half hour of material is really all you need. Show up, demonstrate value, pick your prize and have fun. However, if you want to develop deeper relationships, you'll need to be MORE than an entertainer. This is the other half of being socially outgoing that most people miss. There's a lot more than just showing up and entertaining the crowd. The flip side is how comfortable you make others feel. If you can not only tell a few jokes, and create good feelings, but also help shy folks come out of their shell, you'll be head and shoulders above any one-trick pony. And it turns out that easing others out of their shell is pretty easy. Even better, the longer you do it, the easier it gets. It's opposite being an entertainer type. The longer you entertain, the HARDER it gets. People start to build expectations. That's why it's usually only good for short term fun. But if you want to create REAL relationships, with friends, lovers, and everybody in between, then having the "make others feel comfortable around you" skill is a definite plus. It's easy to learn, and easy to do. And after you practice it for just a few minutes, they'll actually remember YOU much more than the tricksters. Why? Because EVERYBODY can enjoy the trickster. They do the same tricks for EVERYBODY. But when you flip the script, and find out what's important about ONE person in particular, then they KNOW you are focused ONLY on them. Which means they'll remember you much, much longer than anybody who's telling jokes or doing magic tricks. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/party-hero/
  12. https://mindpersuasion.com/beliefchange/
  13. From inside our own brain, life can seem confusing. But looking at us humans objectively can give us a better perspective. One way to describe us is "desire satisfying organisms." We have these things in our brains called desires. An unfulfilled want. This propels our mind-body system to interact with the world until we get our desires satisfied. Sometimes this is easy and automatic. Like grabbing something out of the fridge. We can do it mostly on auto-pilot. Some stuff is complicated. Like rebuilding an engine. Takes a lot of time and conscious thought. Definitely NOT autopilot. In between our DESIRE and the OUTCOME is our behavior. These behaviors can be called strategies. You have a strategy for getting something to eat. You have a strategy for doing laundry. Some strategies are fairly simple. Some are much more complex. Some strategies are specific to a specific outcome. Like the strategy you have for doing laundry can't really be applied to fixing your bicycle. But some strategies are much more "meta." They can be applied to a whole bunch of different things. Many folks, for example, see a LOT of overlap between sales and seduction. A lot of the same language is used. Opening, closing, cold, warm, etc. The meta strategy to both sales and seduction would be persuasion. We can call persuasion a "meta strategy." As a human, the better you can persuade, the more effectively you'll interact with others. But we can even go up a meta level. Even with meta strategies like persuasion. For example, in persuasion, there is short term strategies, and long term strategies. If you were selling magazine subscriptions door to door, you would use a very short term strategy. Give 'em the pitch, and see if they buy. If they don't, move on to the next one. If you only got a dollar from each sale, you wouldn't want to waste very much time. On the other hand, imagine if you were a real estate agent. Each sale would get you several thousand dollars. So you'd want to spend a lot longer with each client. Turns out this same paradigm can be applied to pretty much EVERYTHING. That this distinction is one of the most important ones of all. This meta-meta-skill can be applied to ALL skills. Every. Single. One. Which meta skill is this? The long game. And the longer your game, the more likely you'll achieve your outcomes. Whatever they are. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/long-game/
  14. Economics is something few people actively study. They don't teach it in school. And unless you are going to major in economics, chances are you won't take any official courses. Yet understanding economics is essential. Because economics allows for an understanding of human nature. Of human decision making. Many suppose the reason they specifically DON'T teach economics in school is so it's much easier to con us. The MAIN THING economics FORCES us to understand is what things costs. And that is the ONE QUESTION those in charge don't want us to ask. They'd rather promise us stuff so we NEVER wonder what that stuff is going to cost. But EVERYTHING cost something. Either now, or later. But a deeper idea in economics is the idea of diminishing returns. Imagine you're really hungry. Imagine it's your ONE cheating day per week. And you are about ready to eat a HUGE plate of carne asada nachos. All week you've been eating boiled chicken breast and cabbage. The FIRST BITE of carne asada nacho is going to be DELICIOUS. As will the next couple of bites. But as you keep eating, each successive will be LESS and LESS delicious. Pretty soon you'll reach a tipping point. Where each bite is not only not delicious, but painful. This is the law of diminishing returns. You KEEP doing the same thing. But the BENEFIT (the returns) keep getting less (diminish). If you have ten days off from work, each day is going to be a LITTLE less rewarding than the last. If you slip into a hot bath after a long day's work, each minute will be LESS relaxing than the previous. This idea will OBLITERATE any goals you have if you don't understand. It happens like this. On DAY ONE of your plan, your motivation is HUGE. The imagined benefit is HUGE. The imagined COSTS of getting that goal are small, since you're just starting. But each day you go forward, something happens. The costs INCREASE. They move from imagined, to real. The imagined benefit DECREASES. Each day you imagine the benefit, the law of diminishing returns kicks in. And makes it seem less and less valuable in mind. The visualized BENEFITS are decreasing over time. The actual COSTS are increasing over time. When you started, and the benefit was HUGE, since you'd JUST STARTED to imagine them. The costs were SMALL, since you could ONLY imagine them. But each day, the costs increase, and the imagined benefits decrease. Pretty soon you reach a tipping point. Where the COSTS are LARGER than the benefits. And it's NATURAL at this point, to give up. This is why nearly EVERYBODY sets goals. But very few people ACHIEVE goals. Turns out the entire self-help industry is FILLED with misconceptions. Luckily, once you understand basic human nature, you can create a much better plan. One that will make success much more natural. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/self-help-fail/
  15. Understanding human nature is very helpful. Both from an insider's view and from a competitor's point of view. It's good to understand human nature from inside your own brain. It's also helpful to understand human nature so you can keep a close eye on your competition. As they say, you could keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Now, they aren't always going to be ENEMIES, but you will ALWAYS have competition. It can be friendly competition, but it will be competition. If you see your best friend waiting to interview for the same job YOU are interviewing for, he is your friend AND your "enemy" at the same time. They aren't going to hire both of you. EVERY SINGLE THING you want that isn't abundant is going to be also wanted by a lot of other people. That one girl or guy you've got your eye on is also desired by many others. That one house in that one neighborhood is always desired by many others. That one idea you have to start a business around is likely also thought about by plenty of others. Unfortunately, plenty of our competition is very crafty. Once I had a job interview for a VERY NICE job. I had to talk to about six people. All but one was fairly straightforward. They asked me hard questions, and I gave them decent answers. Except for one guy. He was VERY FRIENDLY. Asked me very easy questions. Even got me something to drink. His strategy was to find out what I REALLY thought of his product. See, I had worked for a competitor at the time. But this job was a level up both career and income wise. Only I believed that their product was not quite as good as the one made by the company I worked for. And this guy wanted to find out what I REALLY believed about their product. And he did so by carefully, covertly, and deliberately lowering my guard. He even acted like he valued my advice. In doing so he "tricked me" into being MUCH MORE OPEN than I wanted to. And because of that one conversation, I didn't get the job. It can be very tempting to believe what others tell you. Especially if they are telling you EXACTLY how to get what you want. But in reality, the ONLY WAY to figure out exactly HOW to get what you want is by looking inside your own head. Understanding your OWN skills. Developing your OWN strategies. This can be difficult, but it's the ONLY way to realize true success. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/self-help-fail/
  16. Most normal people have issues with food. Either eating too much, or not the right kind. If you've ever tried to lose weight and couldn't, it's one of the most maddening situations. A common situation is as follows. You have a strong DESIRE to change your body. Maybe less fat, maybe more muscle. And so you do some research. You want to find out HOW to satisfy that desire. When you read the material, it sounds obvious. Scientific. It makes perfect sense. But then you run smack in the face of harsh reality. You KNOW what to do. But you can't do it. Sometiems this is when you KNOW you need to under a certain number of calories per day, but you can't. Part of you wants to abstain, but another part wants to eat. And the part of you that wants to eat seems to always win. This is the same battle that happens in nearly all areas of life. Part of you wants something. But another part of you, a much stronger part of you, makes doing that impossible. You see a cute girl across the room. She even smiled at you a couple of times. All you need to do is walk over there and start talking. But you can't. You come up with a billion LOGICAL SOUNDING reasons. You don't know what to say. Or you convince yourself that she isn't your type. Both of these frustrating situations are of the same structure. You have a desire to create a certain outcome. A very STRONG desire. Either to lose weight, or gain muscle, or study more, or to make friends. But another desire always keeps you from doing it. The thing you WANT is nearly always a long term desire. The thing that STOPS YOU is nearly always a short term desire. You want to study, but another more stronger desire makes you watch TV instead. You want to exercise, but another more stronger desire makes you stay in bed instead. Understanding that all these are of the SAME STRUCTURE is the first step. To see recognize that these short term, much stronger desires, seem to always OUT FRAME the longer, "higher order" desires. Once you understand the structure, you can fix it. And you fix it by SLOWLY strengthening the higher order desires. And by seeing them as things that need to be built slowly over time. There are plenty of ways out gain more control over these long desires. So will power is not needed. And frustration will vanish. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/self-help-fail/
  17. If you don't know how to do something, it can be frustrating. When it comes to frustration, there is good frustration, and bad frustration. Good frustration is a natural motivator. A very low level "fight or flight" stimulus. And it makes us fight, but in a good way. The most common way is in sports. Frustration can lead to more energy. More energy leads to better performance. We can imagine how this might have been a few thousands of years ago. A hunter keeps missing, and gets frustrated. This makes him angry, which makes him MORE motivated to kill whatever he was hunting. However, like many of our other instincts, frustration can be mis-calibrated. If you are frustrated but don't know HOW to use that energy, this isn't good. This leads to stress and anxiety. There is a lot of ways this can happen. One is when you don't know what to do. Another is when you THINK you know what to do, and you do it, but you DON'T get the results you hoped. This is when you can do the same things over and over and think you'll get something different. Even worse is when somebody shows you how, and you try and copy them, but YOU get much different results than THEY get. This is common in any kind of "boot camp" training. You watch a guru do something, and he gets a fabulous result. Then you try and do the same thing, and fall on your face. The truth is that nearly all skills we humans want to improve, there are WAY too many variables to understand. Even something as simple as cooking requires a lot of practice. You can watch a step by step cooking show and get a completely different result. It's expected that something like cooking takes a lot of practice. But cooking is YOU and the ingredients. The ingredients just sit there. But most of the stuff we REALLY want (relationships, love, money) are WAY more complicated than cooking. But for some reason, we expect to learn them much more quickly than we'd expect to learn to become a decent chef. Maybe it's because a lot of "gurus" promise INSTANT or EASY results. They CAN be easy, but NOT instant. In fact, the SLOWER you go, the easier they are. The FASTER you go, the more variables you miss, and the more BAD frustration you'll create. So long as you keep away from the BAD frustration, you'll only have the good stuff. That makes going forward easy. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/self-help-fail/
  18. If you did a survey of most successful people, you would find some interesting things. One is that most people never had ANY idea they would be successful in the way they were successful. For example, Jeff Bezos, the richest man on Earth, got started selling hardback books online. Now Amazon makes most of it's money from cloud storage. They are known for selling physical products, but that is a very tiny portion of their business. But if you asked Bezos twenty years ago, he wouldn't have had ANY IDEA that he'd be a billionaire from cloud storage. (True story: One of his biggest clients is the U.S. Government) Once I saw a movie of a concert the Stones did in San Francisco. It was for a fund raiser about ten years ago. Interspersed with concert footage was very old black and white clips. One of an interview with Mick Jagger in his twenties. The question was, "How long do you think you'll guys will be doing this?" His answer? "Dunno, maybe a couple more years?" Ask any couple who's been happily together for years and you WON'T find many stories of love at first sight. You will hear plenty of stories that sound like, "I never would have thought I'd be with somebody like this!" What does all this mean? That the future is INSANELY hard to predict. The most successful people had NO IDEA they would be successful the way they would. So, the money question: How can we REVERSE ENGINEER their success strategy? One clue would be to NOT be dependent on a SPECIFIC future. To have a very VAGUE drive. And combine that with a huge amount of flexibility of how we define success. This sounds OPPOSITE to what most goal books teach. Most goal books say we need to create a very SPECIFIC desire. To make it CLEAR in our minds. Imagine if Bezos ONLY allowed himself to make money by selling books! Combined with a VAGUE definition of success, the other critical factor is a DRIVE. A relentless drive to KEEP TRYING THINGS. See what works, see what doesn't. Keep doing what works, and keep changing what doesn't. The two most important factors of success are the drive, and the flexibility. If you can combine these two together, it's hard to fail. But you have to accept that your success won't be defined until you get there. And when you DO get there, you'll STILL want to keep going. So even the word "goal" is incorrect. Because goal implies a "finish line." And one common theme among all super achievers is they are NEVER finished. So get started. And NEVER finish. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/goal-setting-sucks/
  19. Economics is often referred to as the dismal science. It's easy to see why. It forces us to see exactly how much things cost. Not just in monetary terms, but in all terms. One thing you have to learn and apply in chemistry is the idea of conversation of matter and energy. One can turn one into the other (matter into energy or energy into matter) but you can't just poof it into our out of existence. So when you write down steps of a chemical reaction, you need to do a kind of bookkeeping. You have to make sure that the energy and matter one ONE side of the equation is the SAME as the energy and matter on the OTHER side of equation. This is true in chemistry, and it's true in financial accounting. In many movies there is the egghead character type. The non-emotional type who keeps the books of the criminal mastermind. He is treated almost like an untouchable wizard. Since he KNOWS where all the money comes in, and where it goes, he is an ESSENTIAL part of any criminal operation. He's also the most likely target of law enforcement. For example, Al Capone was a blatant gangster. He smuggled alcohol, he murdered people. But the easiest way to lock him up was tax evasion. Which required getting to his financial records. If you become a CPA (certified public accountant) you can make a LOT of money. If you think of a business as a organism, the money flow into and out of the company is the lifeblood of the company. So knowing EXACTLY where it's healthy and where it isn't is a very valuable skill. But it's also a valuable skill in everyday life. But this requires ditching any magical thinking, and making some very difficult thinking. Economic thinking. Dismal science thinking. But think of the alternative. Of hoping and wishing. Imagine if modern companies did that. Imagine they didn't hire accountants. They just bought stuff, made stuff, sold stuff, and hoped for the best. Naturally, they wouldn't last long. Imagine if you ran your own finances that way. (Unfortunately, many people do). You spend money until you can't. You use credit cards until you can't. You never sit down and check how much is coming in and how much is going out. In the short term, measuring everything is very, very difficult. But it is EXTREMELY difficult to achieve any kind of lasting success unless you do. The only alternative is to cross your fingers and hope for magic. There are, in fact, two words in "dismal science." Once you get past the "dismal" part, all that's left is science. Very predictable. Very repeatable. Very scalable. And you can use SCIENCE to build anything you want. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/goal-setting-sucks/
  20. Prosperity Hypnosis: Immediately after listening to this hypnosis section It became easier to take action with less hesitation. For example, I just got a freelance deal for about $250 after 2days of listening to this section. Whether or not it's coincidental or not to me is irrelevant. My mindset changed to creating and seeking more opportunities. In an example, I have a few money making ideas that now seem very practical to do. I am excited to see what sort of results I can achieve with continuous use. 2.19 Updates: Got an increase of motivation to launch a website design site Ordered business cards, host, domain name and all that is left to do is tweak the site! This is my new site(still under construction): www.nootdesign.net 4.22 Updates: I listened to the prosperity hypnosis video before today Got some exciting news to all my friends and supporters... On the phone call, the first thing I hear is "I got some good news for you" YOU GOT THE JOB! 5.12 Updates: I just got laid off(Fired!) and looking to re-summon some magic! Income Stream Generator: 5.20- Millionaire Mind Noticed an increase of will power to get the small task done. The right hypnosis at the right time increases my ability to do something I already want to do. 6.17- Some Results - High proactivity A little Slow as of late. But, I have a feeling things will bounce back up soon enough. 7.7 Millionaire Mind Some results,but needed another boost.Checked my email and got paid some commission Update: 9/16 Alpha Hypnosis | WealthPower & Language 11/12 - Million Dollar Blog//Flow State // Alpha Male Haven't really updated in a while,but I noticed I am more socially friendly and more confident to initiate eye contact and create conversations even when I don't really have to. Before, I would only do this when the benefits was BIG or for other personal gains and now I seem to be able to do it just out of the love and appreciation of talking to other people. -- To be updated
  21. They say a directionless arrow never misses its target. Meaning if you just randomly shoot an arrow without choosing a target, you can’t miss. On the other hand, if you shoot an arrow at a target, you most definitely CAN miss. Why would you want to shoot an arrow without aiming at anything? Maybe it’s fun. Maybe you like to watch the arrow sail through the air. Maybe you like to imagine your an archer in an ancient battle. None of those guys really aimed. They just sort of picked and angle and hoped for the best. With a bunch of archers on one side of a battlefield, and a bunch of soldiers on the other, you’re bound to hit something. Unfortunately, this isn’t a very good life strategy. Imagine a guy going out to meet girls. Ideally, he’d LOVE to end up with a sex party threesome with a couple of disease-free, porn star freaks. But most normal dudes will take whatever they can get. Which usually ends up not being much. This is like just shooting your arrow in a battle and hoping for the best. Instead, consider the idea of having an actual target. The threesome might be a bit too much. At least in the short term. Believe it or not, having a long term, “horizon goal” of having tight enough game to talk ANY group of females into a sex party is a worthy goal. One that is WAY out there. One that compels you to keep improving. The best way to keep improving is to choose very tiny, very achievable goals. Week one might be getting eye contact and smiles from five ladies. Week two might be getting a few short conversations. Week three might be getting some actual phone numbers. Week four might be going on one date. Most guys DON’T like this. It seems LONG and tedious. Most guys want the sex party RIGHT THE F NOW! But here’s the great paradox of life. The bigger your target is (sex party, for example) the less forward progress you’ll make. The smaller your target, the more RAPID you’ll make forward progress. This is a harsh question, but consider it. Instead of “sex party” swap out any equally desirable goal. Beach house, corporate president, etc. How closer are you to that goal compared to one year ago? Now imagine doing the slow, week by week plan. Assuming you’d stick to it, and make slow, gradual, tortoise like progress, how far would you be in a year? This is the secret to real tangible achievements. The kind that will make your friends ultra jealous. The slower you go, the faster you’ll get there. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/deep-skills/
  22. https://mindpersuasion.com/three-essential-truths/
  23. Role models are absolutely essential. They're not something that is helpful, or useful. They are absolutely vital. Primarily because we humans MUST learn by copying other humans. Only in the past couple decades has it been possible to learn something so technical that you can sort of think your way through. But since the dawn of time, humans have been learning from other humans. Psychologists have DECADES of data that show this. But this is one of those things that we DON'T want to acknowledge. The mountains of data indicate our adult personalities are made up primarily from TWO sources. Our genetics, and our non-family peer group. Each one contributes about half. And as much as we'd like to believe, our genetics aren't very changeable. At least not yet. That leaves us with our non-family peer group. The people we hang with and learn from. Every parent KNOWS that one of the worst things that can happen to their kids is to start hanging out with the wrong crowd. Parents intuitively know that kids can "soak up" both good and bad behaviors. And once we humans soak up bad behaviors, it's hard to get rid of them. This is how unconscious learning happens. Unconsciously. It's not something we can choose to do. We do it whether we like it nor not. So our role models aren't only the kind that society tells us we need. But the people we hang around most of the time. This is also what the experts always tell us. If you want to be successful, hang around successful people. If you want to be the best hunter, convince the best hunter to let you tag along and learn from him. If you want to be the best athlete, hang around the best athletes. Humans in our deep creativity, figured out a POWERFUL way to make this easier than we think. Turns out our role models don't need to be real. They can be IMAGINARY. Napoleon Hill did this. He created his own mastermind group filled with historical figures. He would meet with them once a week. Actually have drawn out conversations. But you don't have to do that. In fact, there are PLENTY of ready-made mastermind groups. You can find them EVERYWHERE. These are the stories we humans have been telling each other since the dawn of time. Since humans discovered long, long ago, that if we carry around a huge collection of heroic role models, we'll be able to step up much better. Unfortunately, we've been conditioned to see these modern stories mental escape hatches. Entertainment only. But YOU don't have to. You can learn to use ANY story the way they were intended. As role models. Mastermind groups. Inspiration. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/hero/
  24. There are two kinds of fear. Real and imaginary. Once upon a time, we only had real fears. Tigers, other people, dangerous terrain, etc. And through the long slow grinding path of evolution, we humans developed a pretty good strategy for dealing with fear. Better safe than sorry. Meaning if something was even potentially dangerous, it made sense to run first and ask questions later. This was balanced by our never ending need for food. So on one side, we were being driven forward by our instinctive need for food. On the other side, we were being driven back by our instinctive fears. Two things are very different today than they were before. One, getting most of our needs met is not so difficult. Food is everywhere. It's rarely, if ever, dangerous to get something to eat. Second, most fears we experience are social fears. Not real fear. Unfortunately, our social fears don't have a natural counterbalance. So the same strategy doesn't work so much. Kind of like our hunger instinct. Way back in the day, it made sense to ALWAYS be hungry. And to ALWAYS eat as much as we can, whenever we can. Because those opportunities to gorge ourselves were few and far between. Today, you combine our never ending hunger with the ease of food access, and you get a planet of overweight people. It's kind of the opposite of social fears. Losing weight is easy, in theory. You just recognize your hunger, but don't obey it. Obey your rational, conscious mind instead. Eat a couple thousand calories a day, and call it good. Obviously, this is WAY easier said than done. The same goes with social fears. Logically, rationally, there is NO REASON to be afraid of talking to strangers. Or speaking in public. Or trying new things. But just as it's hard to NOT EAT when you're sitting in front of an all-you-can-eat-buffet and you're starving (and all your friends are eating), it's just as hard to ACT when your brain is screaming at you not to. Which is why those that CAN do things like speak in public will tend to make a lot more money than those who can't. It's the ONE THING that doesn't require intelligence, or upbringing, or a STEM degree (or any degree) or any specialized knowledge. Just the desire and the persistence to practice. And if you add some hypnotic language patterns into the mix, you'll be in a very elite group of people. Capable of doing things few people even know exist. It's not easy to start, but there are plenty of ways to ease into it. All can be done safely, on your own, so nobody knows but you. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/public-speaking-hypnosis/
  25. Imagine if you had a web page. And the web page was a sales page. And you decided to do some split testing. Meaning that you would tweak something, and compare it to the original. This is also called "A-B" testing. You've got version A, and version B. You run each one and keep the winner, and ditch the loser. Let's say you did this every day for a few years. Meaning you ran several hundred A-B tests. Eventually, you would have a VERY high converting sales page. If any B version didn't do better, you'd ditch it. But if B version DID do better, you'd keep it. So you could ONLY increase the success of your web page. Now for the million dollar question. Suppose somebody came along, and wanted to STUDY your web page. The one that was doing VERY WELL after a few hundred split tests. And they asked, "Why is this page doing so well?" The ONLY answer would be, "I don't really know." Because you WOULDN'T know. All you would know is you kept trying random things, tweaking this font, changing that color, putting in a slightly different image. This is one of the DEEP PROBLEMS of studying success. We really have NO IDEA why things are successful. Sure, people could look at your winning web page, and guess, but it would only be a guess. This is why copying others who are successful is ONLY a starting point. The REAL ingredient to ANY success is trial and error. Every A-B test was a trial and error. Try something, and see if it works. If it works, keep it. If it doesn't work, try something else. This simple concept is the VITAL ingredient to ANY success. Unfortunately, this simple idea has been more or less BRAINWASHED out of the population. TV tells us if we feel bad, we should ask our doctor for a pill. Our politicians tell us that if something is wrong, it's somebody else's fault. Even schools try and convince us that all we need to do is show up and be our special selves and get our special reward for just being special. And that EVERYBODY is above average. Now, WHY would somebody want to do that? Why would somebody want to take away the MAIN REASON for success? Maybe they don't want competition? Maybe it's easier on THEM if we are all passive and obedient? Lucky for us, that trial and error learning is EXACTLY what it means to be human. To crave experiences. Learning experiences. When we keep trying new things, and see what works. This will take a while of getting used to, but once you fire up this ancient drive, you will feel on purpose. Get Started: http://mindpersuasion.com/beta-male/
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