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Found 4 results

  1. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Mar27Post.mp4 Structure is everywhere. Joseph Campbell found that most myths from around the world have the same structure. One he called the "monomyth." Commonly called the "hero's journey." Same basic structure, over and over. Similarly, most popular music has the same basic chord progressions. Once you tune your mind to hear these common chord progressions, you'll see them everywhere. Structure is something that we need to choose to see. It's not something we normally see. Even if you've studied music or mythology your entire life, it's very EASY to "forget" momentarily about structure and focus on content. The melody and the words. The characters and their unique battles of good vs. evil. On the flip side, if you are a pop music writer or a Hollywood screen writer, you can essentially write the SAME THING over and over and over. Different melodies and lyrics on top of the same chord progression. Different characters and battles on top of the same hero's journey. Thought also has similar structure. This can give you huge advantage. How? Once you learn the basic structure of thought, you can talk about the same things and over. Sure, the people you are talking to will think you are talking about different things. Just like most people hear all the songs as being different. Or all the movies as having different characters and stories. But from a structural level, you will see them as being very similar. One of Joseph Campbell's books was called, "The Hero With 1000 Faces." This was because every hero is essentially the SAME CHARACTER. Dorothy, Luke Skywalker, Harry Potter, Peter Parker, Neo, all go through the same character arc. Which means if you can understand the STRUCTURE of human thought, you'll have a massive advantage. The structure of thought is the same as the structure of language. From your perspective, you are having the SAME conversations over and over. From their perspective, you are one of the most profound conversationalists they've ever met. Or the most compelling salesperson they've ever met. Or the most romantic seducer they've ever met. Or the most engaging storyteller they've ever met. This will make it very easy for you to never worry about what to say. Never worry about what to ask. And just like movies and music, once you KNOW the structure, it's easy to flip to either side. Structurally, from a building side. Content based, from an enjoyment side. See the structure beneath words, and lead every conversation, and every emotion exactly where you want them to be. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/deep-mind-persuasion/
  2. One of the most confusing things about being human is our conscious mind. We have this idea that our conscious mind is in control. Plenty of metaphors have our conscious minds as the "captain" of the ship, while our "unconscious" or "subconscious" is like a powerful child that takes commands from our captain-conscious. But in reality, it's not so simple. Especially when they hook people up to machines and measure how things happen. Scientist estimate that up to 95% of the time, our conscious mind is a LAGGING entity. Meaning our mind-body system interprets and responds to the world around us. Only AFTER our mind-body system starts to engage, then does our conscious mind figure out what's going on. The best they can guess is our conscious mind (that we think is in control) is an after-the-fact story telling device. Imagine if you were a CEO of a huge company. But something happened, and you had to bring your young son or daughter to work. Imagine they were a pretty quiet and obedient kid. So you could put them in an office, with a large window overlooking the factory, and give them a bunch of crayons and coloring books. So while you and the rest of the folks are your company were busily getting things done, your kid was in the office looking out the window and drawing pictures. And making up stories about what she saw, and incorporated those imaginations into her pictures. The factory is our mind-body system. The little kid in the office drawing pictures and making up stories is our conscious minds. This is the best guess based on data from scientists who hook people's brains up. Our consciousness, which we think is thinking and contemplating and reasoning and deducing, is really just watching things happen and making up stories. Sure, when you're doing calculus homework or building something, your conscious mind is fully engaged. But when you're doing anything else, anything that could be described as "going with the flow" your conscious is just sitting back watching things happen. Which means it is VERY EASY to overthink ANYTHING that we do. So much that if you ever catch yourself wondering what to do, you're probably thinking too much. When it comes to communicating with others, almost EVERYBODY gets it backward. Since EVERYBODY, unless they are surrounded ONLY by close friends, are ALWAYS thinking and worrying about what to say and do. So when you flip the script, back to the NATURAL way, it will be a lot easier. This takes some practice, but it's pretty easy. Because it requires practicing WITHOUT speaking. You need to re-train your conscious mind to get back in the back seat where it belongs. So the rest of you can have a lot more fun. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/communication/
  3. Context is crucial. Something happening in one context is good. Not so good in another. A guy gets rejected by a girl, it could be the worst thing that ever happened to him. On the other hand, if he's with his friends and they are playfully hitting on every girl in site, a particularly clever rejection can make their evening. Especially if it gets everybody laughing. This is one context that can make almost everything better. A few years ago, they released a bunch of pictures from cold war Russia. Never before seen scenes from inside the Iron Curtain. Some were pretty bleak. Shops with the same stuff. One picture was of a big room with people selling apples. They all had the same apples. And they all had the same prices. Nobody looked very happy. But in other pictures, people looked extremely happy. Why? Even though in some pictures they didn't even have shoes, they were smiling. Because they were hanging with their friends and family. If you are rich and alone, it can suck. But if you are poor yet surrounded by loved ones (and a few bottles of vodka) then there's a reason to party. This is the secret of the human spirit. With the right relationships, people will thrive in any context. This is the very best frame through which to see the world. The frame of a loyal and supportive crew. This is one of the reasons why gangster movies, especially about Italian Mafia, is so compelling. We humans love the idea of loyalty. Of having a "family" that you can always depend on, that will never turn on you. That will help you bury the bodies, and never tell a soul. Most people think these relationships are only created by chance. You're either "lucky" or your not. But with an understanding of human nature, and the human condition, you create these loyal relationships at will. Learn How: Love Hypnosis
  4. I saw this goofy movie with Kevin Hart the other night. Called the "Wedding Ringer." About a guy who was a "best man for hire." For guys getting married that didn't have any friends. The two of them (the guy getting married and the fake best man) were coming up with a believable backstory. Kevin Hart's character explained what to do if somebody asks a question and he didn't have an answer. "If it's man, say something that doesn't make sense. If it's a woman, compliment her on something." Since this was a comedy, the guy of course got it backward. He was complimenting dudes and saying weird things to girls. However, the reason this was funny, was because it touched on one of our "common human fears." And ANY movie will be successful (comedy or not) if they touch on and deal with these common human fears or worries. In this case, being in a conversation, having somebody say something, and then have NO idea what to say next. This is one of the things that keeps guys stuck talking to their buddies instead of cute girls. "I don't know what to say!" This CAN be difficult if you are thinking on a CONTENT level. The actual stuff you talk about. But when you think on a STRUCTURAL level, it's EASY. You can take anything that anybody else says and rearrange it, slice it up, and shuffle it any way you like. You can spend the REST OF YOUR LIFE trying to learn CONTENT based skills. The actual STUFF you talk about. Having new and exciting experiences. (In the movie, they faked a bunch of "adventure" pictures to paint an exciting picture of their imaginary past together). But with STRUCTURE, any experience will work. In fact, you can take just a few ordinary, mundane experiences and by applying different STRUCTURES, you can be the most exciting guy at ANY party. And you'll be the one that everybody else will want to talk to. Learn How: Click Here To Learn More
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