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  1. Think Beyond Today: https://mindpersuasion.com/think-beyond-today/ https://mindpersuasion.com/mm/
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  9. https://soundcloud.com/mindpersuasion/embedded-command-picnic-love Embedded Command Picnic Love: https://mindpersuasion.com/embedded-command-picnic-love/ More Mind Persuasion Tools: http://mindpersuasion.com/tools/ Books: http://mindpersuasion.com/kindle/ $9 Programs: https://mindpersuasion.com/dh/ https://mindpersuasion.com/3x3/ Subliminals: http://mindpersuasion.com/subliminal/
  10. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jan29_Post.mp4 One of the most sought after experiences among competitive athletes is the flow state. Musicians and other performers experience this on a different level. The flow state is when you are operating at a very high level of competence, but you are unconscious. Not in a trance, (or passed out) but you are flowing without needing your conscious brain. Most of us experience the flow state while doing more mundane things like doing laundry and making grilled cheeses. These are things that are learned skills. Learned to the point of unconscious competence. Meaning we can do them without our brains. But for pros, whose careers require they practice for hours a day, they do this with HIGHLY trained skills. Not only highly trained skills, but highly trained skills used in a competitive environment. When your making a burrito or folding your clothes, the burrito ingredients or your unfolded clothes just sit there. They aren't fighting against you. But in a competitive sport, you have ZERO idea what the other guy is going to do. So when you reach a flow state in this environment, it's like magic. A continuous unfolding of uncertainty, the mathematics of which are too complex to solve even with the most powerful supercomputers. Yet here's our ancient monkey-brain, flowing like a dream. This is a bit different for performance arts. For performing, it's more like folding your clothes. Meaning there isn't anybody in your face trying to mess you up. Sometimes the opposite. If it's appropriate, and the audience is watching, you can use their energy to enhance your performance. And since this is unexpected, it's very much a flow state. A friend of mine did this while on stage. He was in a play that he'd practiced a kajillion times. But one night, when he was about to drop a "punchline," he broke a cardinal rule of acting. That is to NEVER beak the fourth wall. Breaking the fourth wall means looking DIRECTLY at the audience, or the camera. He said he didn't know WHY he did it. He just felt it, in the moment, spontaneously within the flow state. Instead of looking at his partner, he calmly turned directly to the audience and said it. And EVERYBODY, even the director, said it was PERFECT. Something you can never predict or even explain. You just gotta feel it. There is a way to CREATE this feeling in others. Conversationally. The natural FLOW state. Where one idea simply slides right into the next. All they need to do is follow your words. And they can passively enjoy one of the most sought after human experiences. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/slippery-slope-language/
  11. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jan26_Post.mp4 I saw a really cool movie the other night. It was a very well calibrated sequence of plot twists. Three main characters. A fake psychic, his manager and audience plant, and a criminal who believed the fake psychic was a real psychic. A simple setup, and then plot twist after plot twist. And because each plot twist was well calibrated, they were very believable. A very nice ride. Other movies don't have ANY plot twists. A few reveals in the beginning, then essentially a race. Other movies start out strong, a few well paced and well calibrated plot twists, reveals and character developments. But then they crash and burn. Humans have been telling each other stories since the dawn of time. Since before time, if you consider time as a human invention, or at least the measurement. And if you consider our storytelling and story-listening brain a kind of support function, it's easy to see why we like plot twists. Hero's, archetypes, gods, monsters, etc. serve as imaginary "role models." And we humans, in our ancient ancestry, are not strangers to unexpected calamity, NEED those in our stories. If we are going on an epic hunting trip against a big, potentially delicious, but potentially deadly wooly mammoth, it's not unexpected to lose a few people. So the stories and heroes we keep in our brains also need to have unexpected tragedies. The Greeks figured this out when they stared making epic tragedies and the idea of catharsis. It's HELPFUL for us humans to be watching a story, and then suddenly get emotionally sucker punched. A recent study of a few hundred thousand modern fiction showed that this good-bad sequence of events is EVERYWHERE. So when you come across a very WELL calibrated sequence of emotionally rich story elements it feels good. Particularly when everything turns out OK. Because we KNOW we will face unexpected calamity. And we very much WANT to believe we'll turn out OK. If you look, you'll find this structure everywhere. A sequence of emotions, oscillating between good, not so good, good, unexpectedly tragic, recovery, disaster, triumph, etc. Music, movies, TV shows, video games, EVERYWHERE. The best sales pages are very much like the best movies. They hook you in, take you on a while ride, and you get a feeling of release at the end. This is the structure of human thought. The IDEAL sequence of events, good, bad, good, bad, triumph. Learn to speak like this, and be a walking magician. A word wizard that can speak to their deeper emotions, and move them to profound understandings. Of you, them, and everything else. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/slippery-slope-language/
  12. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Dec14Post.mp4 It's a common idea that men shouldn't express their emotions. That men should be tough, and resilient. The leaders that others follow. This is kind of true. It's also like many, many other "truisms." The are far too vague to be of any help. It's a harsh truth about male-female relationships that if men are always "weak" then they will lose attraction. This is absolutely true. If a lady thinks her guy has it in him to get a promotion at work, but he's too scared to ask for one, that will decrease her attraction for him. But when people say men shouldn't be "emotional" what they really mean is they shouldn't be "stuck" in weak emotions. When it comes to emotions, there are three very critical ideas. One is the strength with which you feel and express emotions. If you feel and express a "weak" emotion, but just enough to show you're not a robot, that's good. If you feel that same "weak" emotion but wallow in it, that's bad. So the first critical idea is to CONTROL your emotions, rather than suppress them. Two is even more important. And that is to think in terms of emotional chains. Instead of getting to a "weak" emotion, and getting stuck, think in terms of music. Some of the most beautiful music ever written invokes some very sad feelings. But those sad feelings are ALWAYS followed by stronger, happier, positive feelings. Music and to a large extent, all art is all about emotional flow. Sadness, happiness, despair, triumph. There IS a reason why musicians get plenty of action. It's not a problem AT ALL to express a "negative" emotion, so long as you RESOLVE it later on in the conversation. "I just got fired from my job and I've only got a couple weeks left before I get kicked out. But I've got six interviews lined up and I usually do pretty good when my back is up against the wall like this so I'm actually kind of excited." A third and very powerful idea is that if YOU feel your emotions strongly and congruently, people will follow you. If you spot a negative emotion in your friend, lover or conversational partner, they might get stuck, but you don't have to. This requires you follow the law of "show don't tell." Pace their emotions. Look inside for a similar experience that has a similar emotion. Tell THAT story, but be sure to follow it up with some resolution. Another story that shows a much better resolution. This is a very, very rare skill. But people that can MOVE the emotions in others are very, very attractive. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/emotional-mastery/
  13. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Oct30Post.mp4 I've always loved movies. Most of them suck, but some a pretty good. Particularly the way the ones make you think. And within the ones that make you think, I've found two basic kinds. Where you're left with a kind of puzzle, and you need to solve it. And you can solve it by asking questions like: "What did that final scene mean?" An example is the last scene from Inception. Was he still dreaming, or was he awake? This is one scene that can be interpreted in many ways. And like a well written story, either choice, awake or dreaming, are supported by the facts that ONLY exist within the story. This leads to a surface level "agree to disagree," but a much deeper agreement. The agreement that it was a good movie worth talking about. But some movies go much deeper. They kind of force you to think in terms of "game theory." If this meant X, and then later that X was displayed this way, then the whole theme of the movie is Z. On the other hand, if it really meant Y, and then that later scene really meant Q, which means the entire theme was W. These are the very well written movies where nobody is even sure of what happened. My favorite "flavor" of this last type is the "was that real or was the character hallucinating?" question. That we tend to agree on "good" movies, "really good movies" and "spectacular movies" is an indication we all have the same AFFINITY for ideas or stories that are both complex and entertaining. This is, essentially, what makes a classic. Nobody can sit down and "write" a classic. Any book, movie, play, poem, or other piece of art MUST be "tested" by time. Ideas that are judged "high quality" over many generations have SOMETHING about them that is intriguing that is BEYOND language, or culture of technology. This is a function of our "collective memory." Things that are interesting or worthy (whatever that means) will STAY in people's brains. This that are boring, or superficially interesting will slip in and out. The more complex YOUR brain is, the more you'll appreciate everything. The more capably you can describe the THOUGHTS in your complex brain, the more people will admire you. For our species, our BRAINS are our best feature. The better shape your brain is in, the better shape you'll be in. The better shape you can turn thoughts into words, with creative articulation, the more INTERESTING you'll become. The more entertaining you'll become. The more pleasing you'll become. The more mesmerizing and attractive you'll become. Fortunately, you can practice ALL these just like you can practice things like juggling or pushups. Get Started: https://mindpersuasion.com/creativity-accelerator/
  14. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Sept25Post.mp4 Magic tricks are cool. I've been fortunate enough to know two guys who were professional, up close, sleight of hand magicians. Up close meaning they would perform at places like this club in Hollywood called the "Magic Castle." And they wouldn't be up on stage. The rooms were set up like rooms at big, Hollywood Hills style house parties. And the guy would be sitting behind a table, and they would have very small, kind of "bleachers" set up. So you could have a straight line of sight from where you were to the dudes hands. The rooms were small enough so you could hear the magician talk without him needing a mic or even to speak loudly. And they would tell this long, stories while doing their tricks. Card tricks. Shuffling and dealing. And since these guys were top notch, sleight of hand specialists, they could deal FROM anywhere in the deck and deal TO anywhere in the deck. We'd be watching his hands closely. He'd be watching his hands closely. He'd be telling some long, random story. But the story would end, and he'd deal out all the cards, one by one, and they would match PERFECTLY. Clearly this is something you'd need to practice A LOT. But it was also a kind of blurred reality. Often, when a magician is telling a story, it's mostly for misdirection. You're paying attention to the story, not his a hands. But when the story is actually part of the trick, it creates a very, very hypnotic effect. My other friend did a bit of stage work, but for him, magic was mostly a hobby. He'd show up at a bar, talk a good game, telling magician type stories, while doing simple tricks with coins, etc. He's ALWAYS get a crowd around him. And even though he wasn't "handsome" by any stretch, the dude got laid like CRAZY. Even if you don't know any magic, don't want to learn any magic, you can still leverage this technique. Of talking a good game. But this is the cool part. Most people are NOT articulate. Most people mumble their words, or repeat words and phrases used by others. But articulation, and verbal energy are two things can PRACTICE. And practice every day. All by yourself. So even if you are talking about a duck you saw while walking in the park, you can generate the same magical effect. The secret is that unless you are helping a pilot land a plane, the words you use are NOT very important. So you take any random words, and add in some mental power, and some mental based articulation, you can mesmerize anybody. And crowds will gather just to hear you speak. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/mental-strength/
  15. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Sept07Post.mp4 Humans have a lot of instincts. Instincts that drive our behaviors. If you tried to fight your instincts with your conscious mind, you'd lose every single time. This is why the willpower diet will never work. Just deciding consciously to stop eating past a certain number of calories per day won't work. Your hunger instinct is the result of millions of years of natural selection. Since way before we were self aware humans. Whoever was the hungriest, won. They were the most motivated to find food. They were the most motivated to eat as much as they could, whenever they could. That would give them a slight edge over those who only ate a little bit, when they had to face long stretches of no food. Just deciding you don't want these instincts any more is futile. Like fighting against the Borg. The ONLY way to turn off any one instinct is with another instinct. Take your typical gym rat, for example. Well built bodies, little body fat, blatant six. Is this just a hobby? No, those guys want to get laid. The desire to get laid is strong enough to COUNTER the desire to eat. This takes a while to set up in your brain, but you'll find this deep drive behind ALL success. All success is the expression of a particular instinct. Sex, money, fame, a nice body, a nice house. These are all MODERN expressions of ancient instincts. You can even see a deep correlation between ancient alphas and modern "heroes." Who would be KING in the ancient environment? The best hunters. Today, this translates into athletics. Back then, the guy that was BEST with the spear, or BEST with the strategizing would be king. Today, that's the stereotypical quarterback. But there's another powerful instinct that is even MORE necessary than the QB or alpha hunter. See, those ancient alpha hunters didn't just hunt on their own. They had help. From imaginary archetypes. The heroes of ancient stories. Ancient stories we recognize today as the Hero's Journey. When those ancient alphas went out hunting, they carried those heroes with them. The heroes of the stories who slayed demons and got the girls. This story was programmed into their brain hundreds or even thousands of times. Around the campfire when they were growing up. So when it was time to face the evil beast, they were ready. And if they DID face the evil beast, they got the rewards, just like their heroes. The admiration of their friends. The respect of the men. The attraction and sex of the women. So, ancient storytellers were as important, if not more, than the ancient hunters. Who are modern storytellers? Movie stars, directors, writers, novelists. At least ones that help create inspiring stories filled with ancient archetypes. People that, along with athletes are the richest and most respected. Since this is an instinct, you are also a story teller. Which means you can spin tales inspire friends, and get the girls. Match your stories to people's dreams, and you will want for nothing. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/metaphor-mastery/
  16. Wasabi Popcorn: https://mindpersuasion.com/wasabi-popcorn/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/July01Loop.mp4
  17. Self Flipping Pans: https://mindpersuasion.com/self-flipping-pans/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jun06Loop.mp4
  18. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/May05Post.mp4 One man's problem is another man's opportunity. The same situation, seen from a more resourceful mindset, looks much, much different than it does to somebody with a more limited mindset. For example, plenty of guys get at least a little bit upset when their lady gushes over movie stars or musicians or athletes. Some see this as a sign of disrespect. That she should refrain from speaking about such feelings. Or even having such feelings. Most guys have a false beliefs that they are super hero alpha killers. That their gal MUST behave with utmost respect and deference. They even go on forums and complain that their gal is "misbehaving." Like a dog that peed on the carpet. How do I train my dog to stop doing this? All this is the PROBLEM state. What is the OPPORTUNITY within this problem? An unsatisfied woman. Very few men and women in relationships feel ABSOLUTELY satisfied. Even among life long best friends there are good things and bad things. But more importantly, how can you LEVERAGE this problem state? Of many, many, unsatisfied women out there? For one, understand WHAT specifically they want. That actor, that musician or athlete, what do THEY represent? The hero of every love story. The UNATTAINABLE goal. The MAN all the ladies are lusting for but can't have. Most guys, and most gals today are very BORING. We don't spark each other's emotions very well. For most of us, being sexually, romantically and emotionally STARVED makes it EASY for us to get into relationships. When you are STARVING, anything edible is good. This, again, is a HUGE opportunity. There is three basic steps to make it work. And work well. Step one, is you learn some basic storytelling skills. Storytelling that has heroes, deep emotions, romance and passion built into them. Then you drop in a few covert techniques. To subconsciously connect the FEELINGS in the stories to you. The next step is the EASIEST. Split. No not, like in gymnastics. But LEAVE. Leave her alone to think about the stories. To think about the emotions in them. And let her ancient cause-effect generator, that lives in EVERYBODY'S brain, to get to work. Meaning that every time she thinks of a hero, or romantic fantasy emotions, she will UNCONSCIOUSLY think of you. This will create a deep longing in her, that she, perhaps, has NEVER felt. Why do you think woman LOVE romance stories, vampire stories, forbidden lover stories? Be the one to CREATE those feelings in her, and you'll find out. Get Started: https://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-seduction/
  19. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/May01Post.mp4 The halo effect is a real thing. Unfortunately, it's one of this things most people have a vested interest in NOT believing. Pretty people very much don't want to believe it. They want to believe their success is due to something BEYOND their genetic gifts. But it's pretty simple, both how it works and WHY it works. Step one is to understand what specifically makes pretty people, particularly pretty ladies, so "pretty." "Pretty" in modern terms is "healthy and can have a lot of kids" according to ancient caveman terms. So being more interested in pretty people was an evolutionary benefit way back in the day. This was back when our instincts did our thinking for us. Today we need to manage this stuff on our own. The way it works is simple. We look at a pretty person talking, and we find the thing they are talking about very interesting. What about if you are a dude? If you're decent looking, you've got some decent threads or bling, some status, that's essentially the same thing. Guys look at a pretty lady, and their INSTINCTS make them attracted. Ladies look at a high status male, and their INSTINCTS make them attracted. So far, no rational or conscious thought is required. But we aren't cave people any more. We can OVERRIDE our instincts with rational thought. And we can do this in a way that will INCREASE how attractive others find us. How so? One technique is by telling quick, broken stories. Most people tell stories linearly. This happened, that happened, something crazy happened, and everybody lived happily ever after. But you CAN break them up. Build up to the "mini climax," when something crazy happened. And then BEFORE you resolve that climax, start another story. And keep breaking them off BEFORE each climax is resolved. Why does this work? Because another one of our instincts is we HATE unfinished business. So no matter WHAT the content is of your stories, they won't have any choice BUT to be fixated on your stories. EXACTLY LIKE dudes can't help but to be fixated on hot ladies. And EXACTLY LIKE ladies can't help but to be fixated on high status dudes. Even BETTER is if you DON'T have status, bling or looks. Why? Because she'll be focused on you with rapt attention. But there won't be any obvious reasons WHY. So her ancient cave lady brain will have to come up with a reason. And that only obvious answer is she is MASSIVELY attracted to you. Where else can you find this kind of INEXPLICABLE attraction? Within her favorite romance stories. Do THIS and she'll feel like she's suddenly smack dab in the middle of a romantic fairy tale. With YOU as her prince. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-seduction/
  20. Elephant Brain Theory: https://mindpersuasion.com/elephant-brain-theory/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Apr24Loop.mp4
  21. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Apr17Post.mp4 We humans LOVE giving advice. It's so obvious what's wrong with people. If they would ONLY listen to us, all their problems would be solved. Unfortunately, we aren't Vulcans, or angels, or robots. We are primates that learned to talk. In the long scheme of things, we've only been talking, self-aware primates for a small span of time. What does this mean? This means our INSTINCTS do most of our thinking. It's very, very EASY to tell somebody what to do to lose weight, for example. "Hey, if you want to lose a few pounds, maybe you shouldn't eat so much?" This may seem silly, but most of our advice is JUST as useless as this. We say things like this AS IF we believe they've never considered this. As if the mysteries of weight loss are far beyond their comprehension. And they need us, super genius humans, to swoop in and explain the secrets of the universe to them. Another example is somebody who is in an unhealthy relationships. "Hey, don't you think it might be a good idea to break up with them?" As if they NEVER considered such genius level advice. Or maybe if somebody was on the verge of getting fired from their job, since they were always late. "Hey, I have an idea. Why don't you wake up an hour earlier?" Or perhaps you've got a friend who's got at test coming up and they need to study to not fail. "You know, it's much better to study a little bit every day, rather than wait to the end." Why do we think this OBVIOUS advice is helpful? Consider that we don't ACTUALLY believe this is something that they DON'T know. Then why do we "give" them this "advice?" Because it's not really advice. It's really a type of signaling. We are telling them that WE are better than them. That we KNOW things they don't. This doesn't make sense logically, but it does instinctively. As mentioned before, humans are PRIMATES. And to all primates, hierarchy is EVERYTHING. Consider one instinct that is always on, and deeply subconscious, is the never ending desire to TELL OTHERS what's what. In all these examples (weight loss, relationships, work issues, study issues), THEY were in a bad way. So by giving them advice, so they won't be in a bad way, we are talking down to them. The PRESUPPOSITION to all this advice is: "You are doing it WRONG. If you were more like ME, you wouldn't be so messed up. Because I know things that you don't!" This is why we all HATE receiving advice, but LOVE giving it. Luckily, there is a much better way. A way to actually HELP others. A way to "give" them advice so NOBODY thinks it is advice. Which means they'll take it, act on it, and actually get better. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/storytelling-magic/
  22. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Apr15Post.mp4 I've lived in, and have been to, plenty of countries where few people speak English. The first few times was pretty scary. It's one thing to be a tourist, and go to tourist places that are expecting you to not speak the local language. But if you're going to some neighborhood grocery store to buy something to eat, unexpected communication requires a lot of thinking. Two things that don't normally go together. Especially when they say something you don't understand, yet they are looking at you with a friendly, pleasant face and expect an answer. No matter how smart you think you are, this will make you feel like an idiot. Once I got over my initial fears of communicating, something else REALLY COOL happened. I started to notice the absolute MASSIVE amount of non-verbal communication. Whenever we talk to people in our native language, we RARELY pay attention to body language. When we are with our friends, we are relaxed. So we don't pay attention to the words OR the body language. When we are talking to somebody new, we pay ALL our attention to the words. But when you surround yourself with people speaking a language you can't understand, there is ONLY non-verbal communication. And guess what? Once you get over any anxieties you may have, speaking ONLY with gestures and other non-verbal communication is ALMOST enough. I've gotten directions, given specific instructions to barbers, and even had a conversation with a doctor while he was removing a cyst. All through gestures and other non-verbal body language. Most people will never truly experience, at least consciously, the VAST AMOUNT of potential of non-verbal communication. Being in a foreign country, surrounded by non-English speakers FORCES you to communicate through body language. But there are plenty of ways to practice this right where you are. It's like practicing anything else. It takes conscious effort, but it's worth it. Just a few minutes a day. And once you see how much information is being passed back and forth, it's like having access to an ENTIRE world of data. If you can consciously communicate in this language, when everybody else is doing it subconsciously and haphazardly? You'll be like the one-eyed guy who is KING in the land of the blind. And since you will be communicating on a level much more powerful than words, the words you do use won't matter nearly as much. Whatever you decide to talk about will be perceived as magnificent. Filled with charisma and magnetic attraction. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/storytelling-magic/
  23. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Apr14Post.mp4 One historian described the history of humanity as a scared and lazy people doing everything they could to become safer and work less. This sounds like a slam on humanity. But it's really true for ALL living creatures. There are two basic functions behind this statement. One is getting needed energy for survival. All animals need to do this. And they need to be as efficient as possible. Now, in our modern society, as much of a trainwreck it is becoming, this seems to be a no-brainer. You need food, you go to the store. Or order it online. But for the huge majority if life on Earth, getting food was very, very difficult. There was ALWAYS a battle, just like there is now, between the calories you burn, and the calories you consume. Every animal has that deep instinct programmed in the origins of it's DNA. Any animal that DIDN'T have that would go extinct. So right off the bat, getting MORE than energy than you burn is the prime directive. This is where the laziness comes in. Being lazy means spending as LITTLE effort as possible to get the MAXIMUM benefits. All animals have this. If they didn't, they wouldn't exist very long. How does this play out in modern life? If you are buying things you want to get the MOST VALUE for the LEAST amount of money. If you want to get laid, you want to get the HOTTEST partner with the least amount of risk. You want to find the EASIEST and QUICKEST to learn skills to get you the BEST career. Inventors and entrepreneurs that come up with inventions that make things easier for the masses get paid like crazy. All from the "lazy instinct." What about the "scared" part? In the quest for better returns for less effort, we can't die. Or break our legs, or get eaten by a bear. EVERY ANIMAL has this natural fear built in. This is exactly why Mountain Gorillas are on the verge of extinction. Wait, what? Mountain Gorillas, to us humans, seem utterly terrifying. But if one alpha Mountain Gorilla comes up against another one, they will feel a fear MUCH, MUCH more powerful than we will of them. That's why every troupe of mountain gorillas needs a HUGE area to live in. Their ENTIRE LIVES and instincts are built around NOT running into another group of gorillas. Because they need so much land, they are on the verge of extinction. What the heck does any of this have to do with anything? When you understand these two programs, fear and laziness, that are always running in EVERYBODY'S brains, you'll understand human nature. Human decision making. Human fears, human desires, and everything in between. Even better, you'll be able to pace where they are, and lead them WHEREVER you want them to be. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/storytelling-magic/
  24. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Apr13Post.mp4 Why do we humans love stories so much? Not just stories, but storytellers? Maybe because they move us through some very powerful and enjoyable emotions. Way back in ancient Greece, they discovered the idea of Catharsis. Of being able to experience non-normal emotions, without having to experience the real and dangerous events that normally produce those emotions. Way back when they first started showing silent movies people were AMAZED. They actually believed that trains were going to come out of the screen. Today, that seems silly, but back then, when the technology was new, it must have been terrifying. Every since the dawn of time, we've been telling each other stories. Since this happens in EVERY culture and has been, it must be a human instinct. So the question is, what does this instinct get us? Instincts only are "kept" if they provide us with some kind of a benefit. So, what would be the benefit of storytelling, and story listening? One way to think about this would be to do a split test. Imagine two tribes of people. One with a storytelling instinct, one without one. Right off the bat we can think of TONS of benefits. When any of the non-storytelling hunters went out, all they would have in their brain is their own experiences, both good and bad. The successes, the failure, the deaths they've witnessed. On the other hand, consider the storytelling tribe. What would THEY have in their brain? Epic tales of heroes killing monsters. Of destroying the villain and winning the heart and love of the young gorgeous princess. Or however they thought of "princesses" back in the days of cave people. Another way to think of storytelling is as a way to implant post hypnotic suggestions. A guy is out hunting, perhaps not seeing anything worth killing. Then he sees a big lumbering wooly mammoth. A non-storytelling caveman would see that, and INSTANTLY imagine both the good and the bad. But a storytelling caveman? Since his head had been filled with epic hero stories, he would IMMEDIATELY see this "monster" as an opportunity of a LIFETIME. If could manage to kill this monster, he would be a HERO. All the dudes would respect and admire him. All the ladies would LOVE him. Two different situations. One guy's head filled with harsh life experiences. The other guy's head filled with epic heroic sagas of good guys, bad guys, brave heroes and grateful followers. This INSTINCT lives in all our heads. It has since the dawn of time. And it will continue to do so FAR into the future, far beyond what we can possibly imagine. Master this skill, and you will master everything. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/storytelling-magic/
  25. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Apr11Post.mp4 There's a famous joke about a plumber. Guy has a flooded basement, so he calls the plumber. The plumber spends an hour in the guy's basement, but only looking around. Finally, he twists one connection, and it stops the leak. He charged the guy $500. The homeowner is a little upset. "$500? You only tightened on thing!" he says. "The $500 is not for the tightening. It's knowing WHERE to tighten," he replies. The opposite can happen too. You're in a conversation with somebody. You toss out a remark, you hope it will be funny. But instead, they storm off, angry. "What'd I say?" you ask. What WHAT to say is critical. Knowing what NOT to say is equally critical. For some people, this is just like the plumber. You can pay close attention to people talk for an HOUR. And then you make one comment, or ask one questions, and they feel FANTASTIC. This can be as important as remembering something they said earlier. Something they thought was important, but nobody else seemed to notice. This requires you get OUT of your head, and pay attention to the MASSIVE flow of non-verbal, mostly subconscious communication. Doing this in the abstract can be difficult. But you can make it much easier. Like the plumber. How? Just like the plumber knew ALL about flows and pressure, and where weaknesses in the system might be, you can understand human nature. Understanding the very basics of human nature will make reading the subtext of ANY conversation much easier. Even better is you don't really need to pay attention to the words. Or only the words that are accompanied with the right emotional energy. If you ONLY pay attention to the words, like most people do, you'll miss out A TON of information. If you ONLY pay attention to the words, you risk the unexpected angry storm off. With you wondering what just happened. But when you understand human nature, you'll begin to SEE, in real time, all the subconscious energy flow back and forth. This will give you a HUGE advantage of knowing what to say, how to say it, when to say it. When most people get hung up on conversations, they get stuck on the WORDS. But with the right underlying structure, ANY words will do. Wonderful words with the wrong energetic structure beneath them will miss their mark. But even the SIMPLEST words on top of beautiful structure will win EVERYBODY's hearts. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/storytelling-magic/
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