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  20. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Feb19_Post.mp4 There's something in economics they call "excess capacity." Like if the economy is booming, and everybody is building. Say you built a bowling ball factory during the booming economy. This isn't as silly a metaphor as you might think. One of the things that boomed during the post WWII boom were bowling alleys. And when the economy is growing it makes sense to keep building. But when the economy shrinks, it's kind of hard shift on a dime. So, suppose your bowling ball factory is capable of producing 1,000,000 bowling balls per day. But as demand slows down, you produce less. And suppose you're now only producing 250,000 bowling balls per day. All that extra equipment that you're NOT using is what they meany by "excess capacity." And modern humans have a lot of excess capacity in our brains. We have the same brains, intellect, creativity we've had for a couple hundred thousand years. And up until very recently, we NEEDED all that creativity to NOT DIE. Life was harsh. Our brains were our best attribute. Scheming against animals, our environment, other humans, that was a LIFE OR DEATH scenario. Today, everything we need is pretty easy. It doesn't seem like that, but that stuff that KILLED US back then doesn't exist. Nobody needs to worry about starving to death. Nobody needs to worry about hungry bear coming into your bedroom at night and eating you. So our brains, or creativity, our imaginations have TONS of "excess capacity." Most of us use this to watch movies, play video games, etc. Or WORSE pay attention to all the nonsense on social media. But even more troublesome is how much we use our fast ninja brains to spin circles around ourselves. Go into any social situation and our brains are going CRAZY. This is kind of what Mark Twain meant when he said: "90% of my worst fears never came true." Most of the things we fear are a product of our over-active imaginations. "Over Active" isn't the best description. Our brains are ALWAYS thinking. So it's not that they are TOO active. But our brains are active in the wrong direction. Back in the day it was easy. Danger, hunger, competition, was ALWAYS there. Back in the day, there was a close match between our fears and the stuff that might actually kill us. Today, not so much. No worries, because that only needs a bit of recalibration. To use your brain powers to slowly re-build an inner core. One that will be much more efficient, and DEADLY in the modern world. Deadly, of course, being metaphorical. Not killing bears or enemies. But killing inner fears, inhibitions, anxieties and all obstacles. Get Started: https://mindpersuasion.com/inner-frame/
  21. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Feb09_Post.mp4 Once upon a time, a hotel had a problem. They weren't getting through to their customers. They were in an area that had a lot of drought. And if you've ever stayed in a hotel, particularly a nice one, having the people come in ever day and clean is pretty nice. They come in, make up the bed, put in clean towels. The problem was that during the drought, the city was charging a LOT for water. The hotel figured if they could get the hotel guests to re-use their towels, just like most people do at home, they'd save a lot of money. For example, say you've got 100 guests. And each guest expects a fresh towel ever day. It takes a lot of water to wash 100 towels. So, if they could convince the guests to re-use their towels, once, or even twice, that would save a lot of water, and a lot of money. So they started putting small reminders in the hotel. "Please re-use your towels to save water." Didn't work. So they tried again. "Please re-use your towels to help protect the environment." Nope. Then they called in some marketing experts. "Did you know that over 80% of guests re-use their towels to help save water, and the environment?" Bingo! Now, why did this last statement work? Particularly when the rest didn't? All the previous pleas were kind of private conversation. Hotel and guest. But then added that one extra bit. "Over 80% of guests do this, why don't you?" This added in social proof. We humans are very keen on staying safely within the pack. Look for this, and you'll find it everywhere. Any product that has social proof will sell like hotcakes. Get ENOUGH social proof, and you can sell sacks of dirt. Sounds goofy? When I was a kid, people were buying little rocks. Except they called them "pet rocks." You bought a rock. It came in a box. It had a name and a backstory. Why would people buy rocks? Because it was popular. Everybody was doing it. And everybody wants to do what everybody else is doing. This also works, as you'd guess, in social situations. You show up anywhere with a crew of pretty people and EVERYBODY is going to want some of you. Show up on your own, and people won't even notice you. This CAN be a problem if you don't happen to have a crew of pretty people. But here's the thing. Like in this hotel cards, social proof can be essentially created out of nothing. One card with a bunch of words doesn't do squat. One card with different words that CREATE THE ILLUSION of social proof convince people to re-use their towels. Can you use this socially? To get EVERYBODY to want to be on your team even if you show up alone? Why yes, yes you can. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/social-proof/
  22. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Feb05_Post.mp4 Imagine two or three of your best traits. Your absolutely most attractive characteristics. Not ones that exist, but ones that could exist. Ones that aren't exactly fantasy (Like being able to fly), but things you genuinely like about yourself. Things you'd also very much like to IMPROVE about yourself. Like you are really friendly. Or you've got a great sense of humor. Or even a non-personality trait. Like something you really like to study or learn. (not video game hacks!) Even something you haven't even started yet, but would really LIKE to be able to master. A hobby, a sport, an instrument, a skill. Now imagine having a couple of traits, or desires, in some kind of a social situation. And you see somebody across the room. And you would very much like to walk over and tell them about yourself. Or perhaps even deeper, not needing any kind of "communication" intermediary. You look at them, and your eyes meet, you both kind of smile awkwardly, and break off eye contact. And you are suddenly hit by a deep knowing. That if they only KNEW those things about you, it would work. If there was somehow you could convey these deep dreams and desires that you have for your life and yourself. That if there was some way they KNEW these things about you, not just superficially, but deeply. A powerful emotional connection. As if they could see your soul, appreciate your soul, and CHERISH your soul. What of life would have if you could have this "self-identity transmission process"? Meaning you could somehow convey these things about you, to them. Not through your words, as words are kind of clunky. Things that exist in our brains are far to hard to express with mere words. At least words from the brain of one human to another human in a first meeting within a social setting. But what if you could play some kind of long game? What if you could speak to them in a way that would make THEM desperate to find out about YOU? And through this filter, of them wanting to know VERY MUCH what makes you tick, they would much more likely to accept and appreciate those deep things about you. And because they genuinely wanted to know these things, they wouldn't put you on the spot. Not give you only a minute to spit out your best thoughts of yourself. But they would be patient and considerate to help you get those ideas out of your head. Because they are extremely interested in everything there is to know about you. What would THIS do for your social life? Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/first-impressions/
  23. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Feb01_Loop.mp4 One common but rare experience is meeting somebody you just "click" with. Not necessarily in a romantic setting, but a friendship or even a random conversation. For example, when I was younger I used to play golf. I sucked, and I had some hand me down clubs, but it was fun. If only to get outside and walk around on the grass for a couple hours. But one thing you run into when playing golf is if you aren't playing with four people, you end up getting stuck with somebody. They send out groups of four every five minutes or so. So if you show up with three people, you're going to get stuck with somebody. Kind of like on a ski lift, if you're single, you'll get stuck with another single. But ski lifts are short and it's pretty easy to just sit and be polite for the few minutes. But a round of golf takes a couple hours, at least. So if you get stuck with a weirdo it kinds of sucks. But sometimes, you get "put" with somebody that you kind of click with. Not that you become best buddies or anything. But you tend to share the same outlook, since of humor, world view etc. So it's EASY to pass the time while you're waiting for the slowpokes in front of you. This makes a round of golf very FUN. On the other hand, if you get stuck with an unfunny stick in the mud, it CAN suck. You have to be careful about the f-bombs and dirty jokes, etc. If you meet an attractive person socially, and you click, this is also a very cool feeling. But it's also considered to be very rare. Even the metaphors we use to describe this indicate we don't feel much in control. We say things like, "I hope I meet somebody." Meaning that are tons of random people out there, and meeting "somebody" we can click with is a rare event. But consider this paradigm, or model. Inside, we are VERY similar. We all want the same things. We all want to avoid the same things. Everybody wants more money, a better job, a better living arrangement, better sex, etc. Nobody wants to see their boss, or balance their bank account, or get up on Monday morning. Suppose, just for a minute, that meeting people you "click" with wasn't REALLY about compatibility? What if was more about simply releasing the more or less "false" exterior and letting loose with our inner selves? It turns out the inner structure of what everybody wants is pretty easy to pace. Pace with your language. So the more you talk to them, the more you'll click. The more you click, the more you'll enjoy the experience. So instead of "hoping" to "meet people" you click with, you'll be CHOOSING who you WANT to click with. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/slippery-slope-language/
  24. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Dec30Post.mp4 There are three very simple, yet powerful ideas, that, when put together, will make all the difference. The first one is imagined to be good, but is really bad. The second and third are thought to be neutral, but are, in really, utterly fantastic. The first one: That is the idea of SHOULD. Most everybody has an idea of what other people SHOULD do. This is the source of all frustration, as the Buddha once said. Thinking somebody SHOULD do something, and then they don't, is frustrating. You learn a pick up line or some game, and you are told it's certain to work. So you have an intention in mind. You have a fantastic opener, witty reframe, or some other conversational strategies. You are certain they SHOULD work. But they don't. Because you were EXPECTING them to work, and they didn't, you are now angry. You actually feel CHEATED. You believed they SHOULD work so much, you started to BELIEVE you were ENTITLED to what you thought SHOULD happen. But here is TRUTH. Nobody, including you, wakes up in the morning and plans their day based on what other people thinks they (you) SHOULD do. People do things because they WANT to. Not because other people think they SHOULD. Accept this hard truth and you'll be miles ahead of everybody else. The next two are easier, much easier to understand and accept once you get rid of any "should" based expectations. And that is everybody has UNLIMITED desires. This is a fundamental assumption in basic economics. Our mind-body systems are essentially walking, talking, breathing, desire generators and desire acquisition systems. Just look inside your own brain. All the things you've wanted, and gotten in the past. The things you want and hope to get in the future. This is the second idea. What's the third idea? This is kind of related to the first, our idea of what other people SHOULD do. And this is every single person, including you, including me, LOVE our own ideas. Way more than anybody else's ideas. This is why we get frustrated when other people don't do what we think they SHOULD do. After all, you've spent your time practicing those goofy openers. Those stories that everybody on the Internet said are GUARANTEED to work. So before you try them out, that idea of what you think SHOULD happen is SO FANTASTIC. So FANTASTIC it fills up your whole brain. But if you step back and see this from an objective standpoint, you are trying to IMPOSE your reality on a complete stranger. Everybody is competing by out-should-ing each other. This means NONE of our desires get out of our brains, let alone described in any articulated way. So, flip the script. Turn OFF your ego-based "should" ideas. And ask them about their DESIRES. This will make you stand out above EVERYBODY. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/desire-builder/
  25. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Dec26Post.mp4 There's an interesting scene from the old movie, "Jaws." That movie has a lot of iconic scenes. This isn't really one of them. But it is kind of interesting. Not likely an original scene, as this particular scene, in different forms, but the same structure, can be found everywhere. Not just the movies. Anyhow, it was early in the movie. A few people had washed up dead. A bunch of people were arguing over what to do. Nobody had any real authority. Everybody was talking over everybody else. The one dude shut them all up by dragging his fingernails over the chalk board. Once they all shut up, he explained what was what. Another similar scene was in "The Road Warrior." Part II of the original Mad Max. Max had found a relatively safe compound. But they needed to move, but they had to smuggle out their secret stash of petrol. Similar to the scene from Jaws, everybody was talking over each other. Finally Max silenced them all by whistling. Once he had their attention, he gave them the solution. "Two days ago I saw a vehicle that can haul that tanker. You wanna get out of here? Talk to me." All humans are driven by instincts. Food, sex, safety. And a ton of social instincts. As much as we pretend we don't care what others think, we do. If we show up and people stop talking, look at us, and then pretend nothing happens, that feels HORRIBLE. On the other hand, if we solve some problem, and then return to our "group" and they spontaneously give us a standing ovation, that feels fantastic. Most of the time, we are safely in the middle. Doing everything we can to avoid the negative side. And trying our best to come up with any answer to any potential problem. Normally this evolves into those "idea contests" where everybody is talking over each other. Our deep fantasy is to be that guy that has the REAL answer. To wait patiently, send some signal for everybody to shut the F up, and then drop in the solution. And then calmly drop in the Mad Max solution: "You wanna get out of here? Talk to me." In the movies, this has to be heavily dependent on content. Content that is part of the story. How to find and kill the shark. How to escape the crazy motorcycle killers hanging around outside your compound. But this desire, to be "the guy" with the solution is WAY more ancient. Which means it's NOT based on content. It can't be. It's based on deep confidence, deep feelings of certainty. This simple idea, "you wanna get out of here, you talk to me," does not even need words. The right glance, the right head movement is often all you need. And when you can speak like a true leader, with true authority, words won't matter. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/commanding-voice/
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