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Found 5 results

  1. Sex Energy And Astral Projection https://mindpersuasion.com/sex-transmutation-and-remote-viewing/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jun12Loop.mp4
  2. https://mindpersuasion.com/psychic-bookstore-lady/
  3. A big problem for many people is motivation. We know what to do, we just don't have the energy. Or we would like the outcome, but the steps to get the outcome are not something we like to think about. For example, say somebody imagined being a decent piano player. Good enough to sit down at a party and bang our a few tunes. (Or guitar or any other party instrument). When they are AT the party, that idea sounds VERY compelling. So compelling that they make the decision (while they are at the party and imagining how cool it would be to sit down and play a few tunes) to learn the piano. While they make that decision, they look at all the people at the party and can easily imagined all those people looking at them and smiling. This FURTHER motivates their decision. They might even feel it as one of those "aha" moments. They've discovered their purpose. They KNOW that playing the piano (or learning how) is what they are supposed to do. Only when they sit down to practice, something happens. They're alone. All those people they imagined are gone. Standing there at a party, surrounded by interesting looking people, it's VERY EASY to "decide" to learn the piano. Only when you sit down, that "desire" is not strong enough to carry you through the daily boring frustrating grind of practice. So they "put off" their "dream" of playing the piano. They might not admit this to themselves. We humans are pretty good at coming up with excuses NOT to do things. Maybe they'll practice when they've more time. Or maybe they need a new keyboard. Or maybe they want to study a little music theory first. ALL OF THESE would VANISH if they had what Napoleon Hill called a "burning desire." The purpose of a "burning desire" is to power you through the boring and repetitive stuff you NEED to do in order to get what you want. Unfortunately, a burning desire is going to show out of nowhere. It's something you need to CREATE. But once you learn how to CREATE IT, it will become self-sustaining. And actually doing things like practicing the piano (or any other tasks that you need motivation for) will be EXCITING. You'll be DRIVEN to practice. Or give speeches, or make calls or be creative. Once you figure out how to "switch on" your eternal burning desire, you can use it to power ANYTHING. Learn How: Sex Transmutation
  4. There are a lot of cool metaphors for "transforming." Perhaps one of the most ubiquitous is the caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Ugly looking thing turns into a thing of beauty. Most of life can be measured or looked at through the lens of "transitions." Even mundane things like doing pushups can be looked at through transitions. If you've ever done any kind of physical training (or any training) then you're familiar with the idea of the plateau. That frustrating part where you just can't do any more pushups. Or can't bench any more, or can't improve your speed, or can't lose any more weight. But then something happens, and BOOM, you're at the next level. Any trainer will tell you that progress is not steady. It comes in spurts. In fact, one way to look at the "plateau" is the long needed preparation for the growth spurt. Problem is, most of us dumb humans have a tough time being patient. We want results, and we want them NOW! We don't like the idea of spinning our wheels and hoping a growth spurt hits. We tend to give up, which pretty much GUARANTEES that any progress won't come. There was a famous stock trader from before the Great Depression, Jesse Livermore. He said, "It wasn't my thinking that made me rich, it was my sitting." Meaning he didn't get rich by picking the right stocks at the right time, or having any brilliant insights. He got rich by patiently waiting while his stocks kept going up. You might say the same about human progress. It's not the massive growth spurts that you need to focus on. It's the patient, daily activities that slowly BUILD UP to those growth spurts. Only then can you experience there transformations that make life magic. What kinds of transformations? Failures into experience into success. Not having skills into having skills. Regular skills into world class skills. Curiosity into knowledge and understanding. Energy into action. Thoughts into things. Learn More: Sex Transmutation
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