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Found 2 results

  1. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Mar11Post.mp4 Taking an acting class is a lot of fun. Particularly if you don't want to be an actor. That way, you can relax, have fun, and play around. For beginning acting classes, the main point is to stretch your comfort zone. To get comfortable acting like a goof. And there are also some pretty good frame building exercises. The stronger frame you can create, based on an imaginary character, the better of actor you'll be. The BEST folks in the world, who can read a script, create an imaginary character, and the believably BECOME that character, make millions of dollars. Clearly, being able to come up with a strong frame can help in PLENTY of ways. Giving speeches, selling things, persuading and seducing people, winning debates. A frame is one the most basic KEY elements of personal success. It's also the hardest thing to define. It's one of those words that gets tossed around, as a kind of catch-all. Particularly when something goes wrong. A guy will try to get a girl's number, but fail. So he'll say something like, "I lost the frame." In this context, frame is "some thing" that is a metaphor. An EXTERNAL metaphor. As if being able to "hold" this metaphorical "thing" is a skill. This is the trouble with metaphors. They are very useful for DESCRIBING things, but they are utterly useless when using them within strategies. For example, if you were an American football player, and you needed to get better at HOLDING the ball, there would be specific strategies you could practice. Not only practice, but measure. But how the heck do you practice "holding" something metaphorical, like a frame? Perhaps thinking of a "frame" that is metaphorical is a mistake. So, what IS a frame? For an actor, their frame is how strongly they BECOME their character. How congruent they are with their character. So for an actor, how well they "hold" or "keep" the frame is based on how THEY, the actor, BECOME an imaginary character. This is NOT very helpful. Why not? Because for us non-actors, the frame is always US. We don't create, and "hold" and imaginary person. We always have us. What makes up how "strong" our frame is? How much we believe in ourselves. How much we value ourselves. How much we respect ourselves. And yes, how much we not only LIKE but LOVE ourselves. Because the more WE value, love, and respect ourselves, the more everybody else will. The better you can do this, the better you can do EVERYTHING. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/self-esteem/
  2. Hi! I'm winging it here. I'm pretty sure someone with George's expertise can put it together properly, but I came up with some ideas and know the wordings need to be changed etc .... I just want something to emphasize always looking ones best (hair, makeup, nails, well groomed, and presentable always) because first impressions matter and self love is the key. That can be another one . "I love myself so much. I am always well groomed and looking neat". Well something like that. I'm just brainstorming here to help with some new ideas. LOL. Also it doesn't have to be called DIva or have anything I worded the way I wrote it either. Thanks! Namaste' I am a diva. I always look well put and well made. I stand out from the crowd. I stand out from all the rest. My finger and toe nails are always well painted. My hair and makeup are always in tact. I shine no matter where I go or do. I glow like a superstar. I have excellent posture. I am brilliant. Everyone wants to be me. I am fabulous. I am one of a kind and unique. I always look presentable whether I am at home alone, running errands, on the street, or at work. No matter where I am or where I go, with who I am or not, I always look my best. I even look my best when I am alone. I always look ready to go out and tackle the world. I am always ready for an invitation. I look like a celebrity. I am an over night sensation. Everybody loves me and wants to be like me . I am a superstar. I glow. I shine. It's fun to be me. I always come up with the best ideas. I always look my best. My hair and nails and make up are always in tact. I always look clean, refreshed, organized, and presentable. I always smell good. My teeth and gums are always clean, healthy, white, and shiny. I have a great smile. I never look a mess or sloppy. I always look good, super cool , and super hot. Everyone wants to have a body like mine. I have a hot looking hourglass figure body. I have a small waist and flat abs. I have nice curves. I have no cellulite. I have no love handles. My body looks even better than a famous celebrities body. I am beautiful. I am attractive. Where ever I go I always look classy. Everyone wants to meet me and be by friend. Everyone celebrates me. I am the center of attention where ever I go . I am loved. I am appreciated by all. Everyone wants to be my friend. People like that I always look presentable and fresh and so clean. People like it that my appearance is always on spot and that I always look neat. I inspire others to always look their best as well. I always look well put together. People think I am famous. Everyone always wants to accommodate me. I keep a healthy diet. I drink plenty of water. I get plenty of rest and sleep. My life is organized. I am self disciplined. Everything in my life is good. I have it together and always look my best. I motivate others to love themselves as well and look/be like me. etc....
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