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Found 4 results

  1. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Nov04Post.mp4 One theory from evolutionary psychology is called mismatch theory. It's all about how our instincts were calibrated, way back in the day. And how they are being mis fed today. Hunger is easiest one to understand. Our mind body system was calibrated in an environment where we were always hungry. The food we could get was scarce. Both the amount and the type. Mostly meat, fat, a few fruits here and there, and whatever else we could find naturally growing. This never ending hunger motivated us to always be on the lookout for something to eat. As soon as we found something to eat, THAT became our number one priority. When you are REALLY hungry, and you start eating something, it's very hard to maintain conscious control. We have tons of instincts. These instincts helped us stay alive back when life was really dangerous. The stuff we did that KEPT us alive felt really good. Stuff that was dangerous felt really bad. Being hungry, loud noises, and negative social approval. All of these were signals that something was wrong. That something needed to be fixed. If you were to study martial arts, you could do so for many reasons. Health, confidence, even spiritual reasons. But if you ONLY wanted to know how to defend against an attacker, it wouldn't take as long. Carry some pepper spray. Practice pulling it out and spraying it in their eyes. Or practice ramming your keys in somebody's eyes. Or practice kicking somebody in the nuts, or punching them in the throat. None of these are elegant. They are only meant to disable the bad guy so you can run away. In order to do this, you need to know the soft spots. The eyes, the throat, the groin. The strategy is pretty simple. Hit them in the soft spots and run. Funny thing is even practicing these very basic defensive skills gives you plenty of confidence. It turns out we have a lot of emotional soft spots as well. Related to our very ancient social instincts. That ones that make us feel terrible when we are misbehaving socially. There are plenty of linguistic defensive skills to hit your enemies in those emotional soft spots. And just like practicing physical defense, practice linguistic defense will give plenty of confidence. Even better is when you do these mentally. While staring at your enemy. It will them a very creepy feeling. One that says it's a very BAD idea to mess with you. Ever. Learn How: https://www.udemy.com/course/verbal-assassin/
  2. Based on how you describe it, there are up to a billion people who practice some kind of martial art. A lot of those are the slow moving type like Tai Chi, but they all have their origins in defense. Way back in the days of hunters and gatherers, ancient tribes did two things when they came in contact with one another. They would trade, or they would fight. In the Brazilian Rainforest, there lives a tribe called the Yanomami, which live more or less like our hunter gatherer ancestors. In those people, there is a strong correlation between kills and lays. Meaning the more people a guy kills, the more sex he gets. In most places, if somebody breaks into your home, you're legally permitted to use deadly force. If somebody tries to punch you in the face, you are within your legal rights to defend yourself. There's only been a scarce few days in the past few hundred years where there WASN'T some kind of armed conflict going on in the world. It seems that we humans have a ways to go before we leave our propensity to violence behind. Even Captain Kirk, who lived during a time of alleged "peace" when Earthlings put down their weapons and went out in space, knew how to throw down when it came time to. A long time ago I was going to a bar in a bad part of town. A high concentration of a certain ethnicity. My friend was of that ethnicity, I was not. This ethnicity was known for having vicious gangs who did vicious crimes. The reason we were going there was because the waitresses in that particular bar (of the same ethnic variety) were particularly gorgeous. I figured since I was with my friend, I would be safe. But right before we walked in, he looked and me and causally whispered: "It'd probably be a good idea if you don't make eye contact with anybody." Kind of ruined the mood! Danger is everywhere. Every town has a "bad part." And every society has built in laws that deal with physical violence. If somebody even touches you against you will, that could be grounds for a lawsuit. But words are unregulated. And as I'm sure you've experienced, (despite the "sticks and stones" nonsense) words can do permanent damage. Fortunately, just like there are TONS of ways to train in order to defend against physical attacks, there are ways to defend against verbal and emotional attacks. Defense, offensive, and downright dirty. Learn How: Weaponized Hypnosis
  3. Weaponized Hypnosis Your Mind Is Private Property - Trespassers Will Be Shot!
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