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Found 143 results

  1. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jun27Post.mp4 When I was a kid, me and my friends would play football. Usually two on two, or three on three. In the street, or somewhere. This was way back in the days when it was safe to play outside. Often, when somebody's mom would come looking for them, we'd use the "next touchdown wins" rule. Even if one team was ahead by a lot, we wanted to make it exciting till the very end. This also made it feel like we had control. So that nobody could blame somebody else's mom for interrupting the game, when they were JUST about to mount their comeback. As adults, nobody would put up with that. Even in some places (before the internet) when they had concerts go on sale, they'd give everybody who lined up a random number. Imagine if you were waiting in an office for a job interview. For a very FANTASTIC job. You had the degree, you had the experience, and you'd even hired a consultant to help you practice giving the best interview possible. So you show up, and there are about 20 other people in the interview room. But then a couple minutes before your scheduled time, the hiring manager comes out of his office. "Sorry everybody, but my wife just called. I need to come home IMMEDIATELY for dinner, or I'll be in big trouble!" "So, we're just going to put everybody's name in a hat, and whoever I draw is going to get hired!" The only person NOT pissed would be the dude or gal whose name was drawn. But even then they'd feel like they cheated. And any company who hired randomly like this would go out of business. Life has been on earth for more than a billion years. And yes, genetic variations are randomly created. But the only ones that survive, and replicate, are the ones that can DO BETTER than everybody else. The BETTER something is, the more competition there will be. The best jobs, the best houses, and the BEST relationship partners. Imagine if they made a LAW saying that all relationships would be determined by RANDOM selection. That would SUCK! One common idea that is very "popular" today is that there isn't much difference between men and women. Or within men and women, any label of "attraction" is a social construct. This is utter horse poopy. Imagine a couple of ladies in front of you. One is your absolute DREAM girl. The other is the OPPOSITE of your DREAM girl. Both in EVERY WAY. Body type, hair type, personality type, intelligence, EVERYTHING. Dream girl on one side. Anti-dream girl on the other. If you had a MAGIC WAND, that could easily make EITHER GIRL fall madly in love with you, which would you choose? Is there ANYTHING that would make you NOT choose the REAL dream girl? No effing way! Here's the harsh truth. Women feel the SAME WAY about men. There are DREAM MEN, and there are ANTI dream men. Which one do you want to be? Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/seductive-frame/
  2. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jun26Post.mp4 I love eating peanuts. Particularly in the shell. Ever since I was a kid, I loved eating peanuts in the shell. I'll get a really big bowl, and dump a bunch of unshelled peanuts. Then I'll slowly dig around while I'm watching a movie on TV or something. Theoretically, I could keep the uneaten peanuts on one bowl, and put the shells in another bowl. But part of me likes the treasure hunting aspect. Of digging around in a bowl of mostly peanut shells, hoping to find one that hasn't been eaten. Sometimes I'll give up. Put the bowl aside. But then later part of me wonders. If maybe I hadn't looked hard enough. So I pick up the bowl and start rustling around. Often, I'll get a false positive. The way I grab a shell, for a split second I think it's an uneaten, still in the shell, peanut. But then I flip it over, and find out it's already been eaten. Heartbreak! But sometimes, I'll find a full peanut. Big, heavy, just waiting to be cracked open. It's like finding TREASURE! Yeah, I know. Silly. But we all have a kind of sorting mechanism in our brains. We have to. We have to choose among all the noise, to find the good stuff. Sometimes this is easy. TOO easy. We get complacent. If we have to look, we start to get angry. But consider we all have a very ancient, very powerful, "treasure hunting" instinct. When ancient guys would go out hunting, they'd spend days looking for any evidence of large animal. Imagine being an ancient hunter. Hungry, worried. And finally seeing some wooly mammoth tracks. For modern humans, that would have probably felt like finding a bag of money on the street. Following a set of big tracks of an animal you'd hope to kill would be like modern humans getting a huge run up on a stock or bitcoin. Imagine what that ancient dude would have thought. "If I can catch up to this thing, and kill it, I'll be the hero. We'll all feast for days. I might even get laid!" Imagine the women. Hoping the men come back with a big kill. Waiting patiently for days. And finally seeing them dragging back a huge animal. Especially if you were a young cave girl, and the guy you'd had your eye on was the dude responsible for the kill. This scenario represents human emotions at their finest. Dudes being responsible for the big kill. Ladies being taken care of by dudes who risked their lives for them. The happy tribe, back together again. A week long feast, without any worry whatsoever. Today, those instincts are STARVED. Our modern world is a train wreck. Junk food, junk relationships, junk validation, even junk money. But those ancient killer instincts still live inside you. Wake them up. And dominate. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/seductive-frame/
  3. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jun21Post.mp4 How would you like to be remembered? No, not like that! This isn't for your funeral! But after you have a conversation with a cute guy or girl? How would you like to be remembered? When they see your text, for the FIRST time after the conversation, what would you like them think? How would you like them to feel? This is ONE simple reframe to get you a little bit out of your anxiety state. Most of us see a cutie across the room. We want to talk to them. So we focus ONLY on the impending conversation. What might work, what might fail. This makes us nervous. Instead, think of building something. Imagine a few days BEYOND the conversation. When you are texting or calling them. What FEELING are you intending to start on NOW, that they will feel then? See, when you only think about the approach, it feels very much like you are performing. And THEY can choose to approve your or not. But if you, instead, think beyond the approach, and try to build a memory, it shifts the focus away from NOW. Away from them approving of you or not. This is the first step AWAY from a "right now" approach to a much more longer game approach. But let's take it a step further. Consider THIS crazy idea. That you approach, build in some good feelings and memories, but you DON'T close. Your ONLY goal is to walk up, break the ice, make them smile, perhaps laugh, and then LEAVE. Now, this is NOT a "trick" to use on one person to "get them to like you." This is a strategy to get MANY, MANY more people to like you. How so? Suppose you close EVERY person you talk to. What kind of percentages would you get? Not just numbers, but successful POST conversation flirtations? It's pretty EASY to get plenty of numbers. But most of those numbers will be fake. Not fake numbers, but fake DESIRE to give you the numbers. Most will just be polite to get rid of you. Which means if you ONLY collect numbers, MOST of them will not pan out. This means you'll ALWAYS be struggling against the cold hard numbers game. This is where cold approaching is a HORRIBLE idea. If you shoot free throws, you'll slowly get better. If you play scales on the piano, you'll slowly get better. With most practice, you slowly get better. The only thing pushing BACK against forward progress is boredom. But with number closing, you have a much more POWERFUL force pushing back against forward momentum. Social rejection, which is an instinctive FEAR. And like fear of heights or loud noises, you can't EVER get rid of this. So, what's the answer. NEVER CLOSE. Only approach, get a smile, and bolt. This WILL increase your confidence. Because there won't be any rejection. Not only will your confidence grow, but soon, a certain percentage will be closing YOU. And these folks will be VERY HIGHLY QUALIFIED. Not the throw-away numbers most people get. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/charming-personality/
  4. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jun20Post.mp4 Our instincts were calibrated WAY before our brains evolved. Which is good. Really good. Our instincts are essentially automatic compulsions to keep us doing things that are healthy, and avoiding things that are dangerous. One instinct that everybody struggles with is eating. Here's an interesting experiment you can try. Wait until you are really hungry. Like, really, really hungry. And fix yourself (or order) something absolutely DELICIOUS. And while you eat that delicious food, try to do something very brain intensive. NOT watching TV or doing something else passive. Something REALLY difficult like deriving the quadratic equation. Or even doing a complicated long division problem. If you are hungry, and you put food into your mouth, your higher brain functions will SHUT DOWN. You cannot eat AND do long division. At least as efficiently as you can ONLY do long division. This is why your otherwise friendly dog will growl if you put your arms around his neck while he's eating. Our instincts are very OLD. Very powerful. This is why it's very, very difficult, (unless you have a really compelling reason like sex or money) to eat only ONE chip. Or ONE scoop of ice cream. These are true for ALL our instincts. Sex, social validation, and food. Food is easy to see, and easy to manage, if you are so inclined. If you are on a diet, you don't have a cupboard full of chips or a freezer full of ice cream. You don't go to McDonalds and order a salad. The best way to manage your food instinct is to KEEP AWAY from food. This is a food version of the idea of "lead us not into temptation." If you are a wife and your husband works with a bunch of super horny, super promiscuous, super hot, super extroverted secretaries, you'd worry like CRAZY. On the other hand, if you're a wife and your husband worked with a bunch of angry, man hating feminists, you wouldn't worry one bit. But there is one instinct that is equally dangerous, but in a very, very insidious way. This is like the "can't eat one chip" instinct. But it has to do with social interactions. Most guys are terrified of approaching and having a friendly conversation with attractive girls. The common advice is to just grab your nuts, walk over and say, "Hey, baby!" This is utterly HORRIBLE advice. The WORST advice ever. It is kind of HALF right. But it's like planning a bank heist without a getaway plan. Huh? If you ONLY focus on the approach, you are missing a key ingredient. A key ingredient to building MASSIVE social confidence. Not only building massive social confidence, but getting pretty much EVERY GIRL you have a conversation with DESPERATE to see you again. This is very counterintuitive. This is very long game. But this is VERY powerful. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/charming-personality/
  5. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jun08Post.mp4 When people vibe together, it is a fantastic feeling. The famous, "instant connection" pattern intends to do this. But it kind of misses the mark. It violates the basic rule of fiction, which is show, don't tell. That is, if you assume it was intended to actually be used. It also violates Dale Carnegie's basic rule of persuasion. That you can get anybody to do anything, so long as they believe it was their idea. If you're talking about an instant connection, it's not their idea. In case you aren't familiar, the "instant connection" pattern is when a guy approaches a girl. A girl he's never met before. They start talking, and then he drops in the famous "pattern." The pattern talks ABOUT an instant connection. It goes something like this: "Have you ever met somebody, and there is something about this person. Something that makes you feel totally comfortable with this person. Where you just, click, with this person?" Now, if you are a super shy guy in a seminar, and you'd NEVER have the courage to say that to an attractive lady you don't know, it's very much like fiction. You'll only imagine saying that, and that will give you a good emotional feeling. Kind of like READING fiction. Only in real fiction, the characters are BLATANTLY fictional. But in a seduction seminar, the fictional character is the FUTURE YOU who is bold enough to walk up and say such a goofy thing. But back to the pattern. In order for this pattern to actually work, you have to have a LOT of rapport. And since this pattern is intended to be used on somebody you've just met, this essentially is that "click." Understand what this means. To get the "instant connection" pattern to work, you must first CREATE a deep connection BEFORE you use the "instant connection" pattern. If you DON'T have any rapport, the girl will hold her drink in front of her chest, look at you sideways and answer in the negative. You'll get done with the instant connection pattern, and wait for her to beg for sex. But she'll just look at you and say: "Yeah, uh, no. I've never felt that way. I'm, uh, going to go back to my friends." Which means the instant connection pattern, on it's own, doesn't do squat. The instant connection pattern DOES NOT WORK unless you FIRST have an instant connection. And guess what, if you DO have an instant connection, you don't NEED patterns. Kind of like in the Back To The Future Movies. "Where we're going, we don't NEED roads!" When you can CREATE an instant connection, the words you say ON TOP of that instant connection DO NOT MATTER. Instead, why not focus on building instant connections. With ANYBODY you want. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/intuition/
  6. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/May08Post.mp4 One of the biggest problems guys have is with noticing IOI, or indicators of interest. This is mainly due to social anxiety. Anxiety burns up a ton of brainpower. With so much energy being spent on worrying, it's hard to notice all the micro-movements that would be a wide open invitation. From the ladies' perspective, this is extremely FRUSTRATING. In her mind, she is sending you MASSIVE signals. From inside her mind, it works like this. She WANTS to get your attention. But if she is TOO obvious, it will make her look terrible. After all, guys and girls both BELIEVE that the guys are SUPPOSED to do the approaching. This isn't social programming. This is ancient human instincts. So when a girl sends a guy a signal, one that is putting some conscious thought behind, she must be VERY CAREFUL. If she is too blatant, everybody will see. Guys and girls. And a girl who is TOO OBVIOUS will be marked for life. At least in her ancient cavegirl mind. But if she's NOT clear enough, the guy won't notice. This is one of the MAIN complaints ladies have of dudes. That dudes are just TOO THICK to play the covert flirting game. That even if she's making it VERY OBVIOUS, the dude will look over at her with a dumb expression. Huh? What? Me? But this doesn't just go for girls flirting with guys. This goes with pretty much EVERYTHING. Most of us miss TONS of signals. TONS of openings. Not just for romantic success, but for all kinds of success. Kind of like that line from the Talking Heads song: "Dreams walking in broad daylight." But most of us are TOO up in our heads to see it. Our self-talking nervous chatter is drowning out ALL the signals around us. Most of are waiting for an obvious, blatant ENGRAVED invitation. And since nearly all opportunities are EXTREMELY subtle, we miss all of them. There's this old school dancer, who also make a killing in the stock market. He wrote a book back in the sixties about his techniques. He had a very SIMPLE system. His biggest complaint? He'd give his friends tips. SIMPLE tips. If this stock does THIS , you should buy it. But it does THAT, be sure to sell it. Would they take his advice? No. They would spend WEEKS studying the company, waiting for some kind of GUARANTEE that they'd succeed. If they would have TAKEN this advice, they'd be rich. But they were too scared. So opportunity after opportunity passed them by. You will RARELY get an all clear signal. Probably never. But if you relax your mind, turn off the chatter, you will see POTENTIAL opportunities every where. For love, sex, money and plenty of other good stuff. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/luck-activator/
  7. Social Charisma https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/SC_Sales.mp4
  8. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/May07Post.mp4 One powerful yet somewhat confusing law of influence is the idea of comparison and contrast. When we look at any one thing, we look at it differently under various scenarios. When that "thing" is by itself, it's got a certain subjective value. When that "thing" is next to something else, it's got a completely different value. If you can strategically put the "thing" next to something, that "thing" will be perceived as have a MUCH higher value, that if that "thing" was all by itself. Marketers use this with profitable cleverness. For example, a $300 coffee machine sits on a shelf, and nobody buys it. But they put it next to a $500 coffee machine that only has one more feature, and now that $300 coffee machine looks like a STEAL. Or a restaurant has a $50 wine as their top wine. Since it's the most expensive one on the list, nobody buys it. (This is an actual case study from a marketing text). So they hired a consult to help. Turns out the wine salesman sold them a LOT of $50 wine bottles. No problem says the consultant. But ONE case of $250 a bottle wine. Put THAT one at the top of the list. Now, compared to the $250 bottle of wine, the $50 bottle looks like a STEAL! They sell out within weeks. One more example. A company is about to report earnings. Everybody expects earnings to be $.75 a share. But they report $.80 a share. The stock SKYROCKETS. It BEATS expectations. They THOUGHT it would be only $.75 a share. So compared to that expectation, $.80 looks FANTASTIC. Now, the money question. How can you USE this little known facet of psychology? By practicing how well you communicate. First a bit of honesty. Most of us are NOT hot looking Chads. We don't have six packs, we aren't model gorgeous, if we tried to sneak on the cover of Men's Health we'd get arrested. That's absolutely PERFECT. So there you are, with your non-Chad clothing and your non-Chad face and your non-Chad body. But then you start speaking. BAM! The stories you tell, the gestures you use, the embedded commands you drop here and there. Way, way better than what ANYBODY expected. Even better, is if you practice speaking this way with regular people, you'll develop MASSIVE social proof. And since you'll be the one talking, and they'll be the one listening, you will ALSO have authority. This trifecta of unexpected seduction power works BEST if you don't look like a men's health cover model. And the more you practice this storytelling technique, the more ALL THREE of these psychological triggers of influence and seduction will work in your favor. Get Started: https://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-seduction/
  9. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/May06Post.mp4 Back when I was in high school, I ran cross country. And even before that, I was an avid jogger. And I used to play these tricks on myself when I was out running. One of them was when I turned up my street, and only had a hundred yards left, I would play mind games on myself. I would pretend that I was running to the end of my street. But my house was only halfway up. This would give me some mental energy to push all the way through. This was to counter a habit I'd had of slowing into the finish line. You can find this idea in plenty of areas. Pretending you are going much further than you really are. If you have a target, and you don't hit it, it sucks. But if you can "trick" yourself that your target is much higher than it really is, even if you don't hit your "fake" target, you'll hit your real target. Most people do the opposite. They don't hit their real target. So they pretend that their real target was LOWER than it was. This kind of reframing happens AFTER the fact. The other kind, with the fake target higher, is best done BEFORE the attempt. This is a very useful model to use when learning any kind conversational techniques. This does require you have a long term goal. A long term goal that is a very important, life goal. More of a "horizon" goal than the specific goal. For example, suppose you wanted to become the absolute most persuasive person on Earth. This is not something you can EVER achieve. But it is something you can keep getting CLOSER to. And the more persuasive you are, the much easier life will be. Pretty much everything you can think of REQUIRES you interact with somebody in SOME capacity. Job interviews, writing sales letters, convincing friends and family members, etc. So why not practice on the HARDEST and MOST ABUNDANT targets there are? Who? Attractive women. Most guys have this fantasy that when they see "the one" they'll rise to the occasion. The problem is, most guys have the AFTER THE FACT reframing strategy. They see a girl pop up out of nowhere. They try to talk to her, get her number, etc. They fail spectacularly. And then REFRAME that girl as NOT being the one. As only being PRACTICE. Which means they'll NEVER meet "the one." Instead, consider the opposite strategy. Of deciding, beforehand, that EVERY GIRL you ever talk to is practice. Because once you are comfortable talking to girls, EVERY OTHER persuasive conversation will be EASY by comparison. Job interviews. Convincing friends to go your way. Even girls you are INTERESTED in. Get Started: https://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-seduction/
  10. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/May05Post.mp4 One man's problem is another man's opportunity. The same situation, seen from a more resourceful mindset, looks much, much different than it does to somebody with a more limited mindset. For example, plenty of guys get at least a little bit upset when their lady gushes over movie stars or musicians or athletes. Some see this as a sign of disrespect. That she should refrain from speaking about such feelings. Or even having such feelings. Most guys have a false beliefs that they are super hero alpha killers. That their gal MUST behave with utmost respect and deference. They even go on forums and complain that their gal is "misbehaving." Like a dog that peed on the carpet. How do I train my dog to stop doing this? All this is the PROBLEM state. What is the OPPORTUNITY within this problem? An unsatisfied woman. Very few men and women in relationships feel ABSOLUTELY satisfied. Even among life long best friends there are good things and bad things. But more importantly, how can you LEVERAGE this problem state? Of many, many, unsatisfied women out there? For one, understand WHAT specifically they want. That actor, that musician or athlete, what do THEY represent? The hero of every love story. The UNATTAINABLE goal. The MAN all the ladies are lusting for but can't have. Most guys, and most gals today are very BORING. We don't spark each other's emotions very well. For most of us, being sexually, romantically and emotionally STARVED makes it EASY for us to get into relationships. When you are STARVING, anything edible is good. This, again, is a HUGE opportunity. There is three basic steps to make it work. And work well. Step one, is you learn some basic storytelling skills. Storytelling that has heroes, deep emotions, romance and passion built into them. Then you drop in a few covert techniques. To subconsciously connect the FEELINGS in the stories to you. The next step is the EASIEST. Split. No not, like in gymnastics. But LEAVE. Leave her alone to think about the stories. To think about the emotions in them. And let her ancient cause-effect generator, that lives in EVERYBODY'S brain, to get to work. Meaning that every time she thinks of a hero, or romantic fantasy emotions, she will UNCONSCIOUSLY think of you. This will create a deep longing in her, that she, perhaps, has NEVER felt. Why do you think woman LOVE romance stories, vampire stories, forbidden lover stories? Be the one to CREATE those feelings in her, and you'll find out. Get Started: https://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-seduction/
  11. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/May04Post.mp4 There are two basic ways we humans fall in love. Slowly, and quickly. When it happens quickly, consider that this MUST be based on superficial ideas. Simply because we humans are so complex. And it takes a LONG TIME to get to know us. So when you meet somebody, and you fall in love with them very QUICKLY, it CAN'T be about things you know about them. But at the same time, we all have experiences having a HUGE crush on people we rarely know. How is this possible? For one, we all have a "love instinct." Or, rather a collection of "love instincts." Meaning we all have an IDEAL PERSON we are carrying around inside our brains. We also have a TON of biases. One of the most powerful for falling in love is confirmation bias. We all have a largely subconscious idea of our DREAM LOVER. And because reproduction is a POWERFUL force, this dream lover idea is VERY IMPORTANT to us. Kind of like when you are super hungry, and you're driving to a restaurant. Even if you've never been there before, you will FANTASIZE about what you will eat. Most modern humans are absolutely STARVED for love. So we have a very STRONG dream lover living in our brains. The absolute best case, dream person whom we'd do ANYTHING to be with. This is the source of one way crushes that are IMPOSSIBLE to get out of our mind. It works like this. We have this huge dream lover in our brain. We see a person who matches this dream lover. Once THAT idea wakes up, that THAT person might be our DREAM lover, our ancient instincts kick in. The ancient instincts that said we only get ONE CHANCE. This fires up our confirmation bias. Since our imaginary dream lover is UNDEFINED, and lives in our subconscious, this confirmation bias is a TWO WAY street. We find all the qualities about THEM that match our dream lover. We augment our vague, dream lover hallucination so it will more match that person we see in real life. Add in some scarcity, and BOOM! You're in love. Even if you've never talked to them. Every time you are away from THIS PERSON, your mind goes into over drive. MIS-REMEMBERING who they really are, to match your dream lover hallucination. RE-CALIBRATING your dream lover to match the real person. This is how people FALL IN LOVE. When two people feel the same way about EACH OTHER? Wars have been fought for less. LITERALLY. Luckily, there is a wonderful, powerful and hypnotic way to MOVE this process along. With anybody. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-seduction/
  12. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/May03Post.mp4 Recently I saw some photos from the old Soviet Union. They had a centrally managed economy. This means their super bureaucratic, ultra corrupt central government had to choose what everybody could buy and sell, and for how much. The result was very little creativity. The picture was of some fruit store. But all the dudes selling stuff had boxes of the same apples. And the apples didn't look that appealing. When Nikita Khrushchev visited that states, they showed him around an American supermarket. The dude was FLOORED by all the stuff you could buy. We can make some rough comparisons to the modern dating market. Both teams will quickly agree that it pretty much sucks. Kind of like shopping in the Soviet Union. Or like one scene from a Monty Python movie. Some dude at a market selling nothing. "I have nothing for sale!" he kept shouting. Men AND women would agree that all the quality men or women have vanished. Maybe aliens came in while we were all sleeping and took them to planet gorgeous-people-sex-party or something. But here is something that most people don't like to hear. And it does sound kind of metaphysical, so if you don't WANT to believe this, it's very easy to NOT believe this. And that is that water seeks it's own level. This means that high quality men and women do tend to find each other. There's not a secret, physical location where they secretly hang out. People do find each other. People do get together. People do have happy relationships. Fulfilling relationships. Relationships they would do anything to protect. Why can't most people see them? Or more importantly, why can't they FIND those relationships? They reasons are complex. Mostly involving a whole collection of instincts and biases. But studying why we deceive ourselves into understanding specifically WHY the dating market sucks won't help. It will make matters FAR WORSE. Sure, if you are an academic who accepts being on the sidelines the rest of your life, this CAN be an interesting discussion. But, screw that. I'm guessing you want to GET SOME. Not just the garbage that is out there for all to see. The question is, HOW? Improve your game, that's how. This may take a leap of faith, something many people are too terrified to do, but guess what? It's your choice. But if you DO decide to improve your game, you'll start to see things others don't. Kind of a like a highly skilled real estate agent can make tons of money in ANY market, guys with solid game can find high quality women ANYWHERE. Because AS your game slowly improves, your biases will slowly shift as well. How, specifically, can you improve your game? Here's How: https://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-seduction/
  13. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/May02Post.mp4 What do women want? Nobody knows, not even women. Of course, for men it's pretty much the same thing. A bigger and more accurate question would be what do us humans want? Nobody knows, not even us humans. There are many reasons for this. One of them is there are too many choices. Kind of like being super hungry and standing at a MASSIVE buffet. You're hungry, but you can ONLY eat a couple plates. Without even knowing what it's called, we commonly deal with what economists call "opportunity costs." If you make a plate of carne asada nachos, and then a few slices of pizza, you won't eat the fried chicken or the burgers or fries. This is when getting what you want is EASY. Reach out, grab it, and put it on your plate. It gets even MORE complex when it's not so easy. This is when we have a bunch of choices, but not only do we have to deal with opportunity costs, but we also aren't sure if we are going to get our choice. Imagine being back at the buffet. You only get three choices. But before each choice, you flip a coin. Heads you get it, tails you move on to choice two. This is KIND OF what like it is being a human. We have a bunch of choices, but even when we choose, we aren't sure if we are going to get what we choose. But in real life, it's even harder. At the buffet example, what you see is what you get. Let's make it even more difficult. Three choices, AND a coin toss, but you have NO IDEA what you are getting until you actually get it. This is starting to sound like the famous "Monty Hall" problem from game theory and statistics. A car behind one door and a couple of goats behind the others. EGADS! This is KIND of what it's like from women's perspective when they look out at the dating market. What they see is definitely NOT what they get. What they want is definitely NOT easy to get. And it takes a LOT of social proof to override a women's ancient programming that says banging every dude in sight is a no-no. Especially when you consider how WRONGLY most guys approach the dating game. Most guys try VERY HARD to be JUST LIKE every other guy. Face, body, bling. For women, this would be like going into 31 Flavors and finding out that all 31 flavors are a variation of VANILLA. Jiminy Christmas! The good news is that it's very easy to DIFFERENTIATE yourself. By learning some simple communication strategies that most people don't even know exist. This means YOU will stand WAY OUT among all the other drooling goofs. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-seduction/
  14. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/May01Post.mp4 The halo effect is a real thing. Unfortunately, it's one of this things most people have a vested interest in NOT believing. Pretty people very much don't want to believe it. They want to believe their success is due to something BEYOND their genetic gifts. But it's pretty simple, both how it works and WHY it works. Step one is to understand what specifically makes pretty people, particularly pretty ladies, so "pretty." "Pretty" in modern terms is "healthy and can have a lot of kids" according to ancient caveman terms. So being more interested in pretty people was an evolutionary benefit way back in the day. This was back when our instincts did our thinking for us. Today we need to manage this stuff on our own. The way it works is simple. We look at a pretty person talking, and we find the thing they are talking about very interesting. What about if you are a dude? If you're decent looking, you've got some decent threads or bling, some status, that's essentially the same thing. Guys look at a pretty lady, and their INSTINCTS make them attracted. Ladies look at a high status male, and their INSTINCTS make them attracted. So far, no rational or conscious thought is required. But we aren't cave people any more. We can OVERRIDE our instincts with rational thought. And we can do this in a way that will INCREASE how attractive others find us. How so? One technique is by telling quick, broken stories. Most people tell stories linearly. This happened, that happened, something crazy happened, and everybody lived happily ever after. But you CAN break them up. Build up to the "mini climax," when something crazy happened. And then BEFORE you resolve that climax, start another story. And keep breaking them off BEFORE each climax is resolved. Why does this work? Because another one of our instincts is we HATE unfinished business. So no matter WHAT the content is of your stories, they won't have any choice BUT to be fixated on your stories. EXACTLY LIKE dudes can't help but to be fixated on hot ladies. And EXACTLY LIKE ladies can't help but to be fixated on high status dudes. Even BETTER is if you DON'T have status, bling or looks. Why? Because she'll be focused on you with rapt attention. But there won't be any obvious reasons WHY. So her ancient cave lady brain will have to come up with a reason. And that only obvious answer is she is MASSIVELY attracted to you. Where else can you find this kind of INEXPLICABLE attraction? Within her favorite romance stories. Do THIS and she'll feel like she's suddenly smack dab in the middle of a romantic fairy tale. With YOU as her prince. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-seduction/
  15. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Apr30Post.mp4 Henry Ford was a genius. He, of course, became rich and famous for creating a mass produced car. Not inventing the car, but inventing a way to build a ton of cars quickly and cheaply. There's a famous pair of pictures from back in the day. Both are pictures of the same street in New York. One has a bunch of horses, and a few cars. Another has a bunch of cars, and a few horses. They were only taken ten years apart. This is what they mean by "disruptive technology." When you can make something WAY better, and WAY cheaper than the competition. It absolutely OBLITERATES the competition. Plenty of businesses went OUT of business because they couldn't see what was coming. Funny thing, though, is the company that showed up and put FORD out of business. Well, since they're still around, they never went out of business. But Ford being the main maker of all cars didn't last long. This is free market economics at work. If you have a good idea, EVERYBODY will try and copy it. To make it better, cheaper, etc. What was it that did Ford in? What did this new company figure out that Ford didn't? A very simple shift in the product, the car, that made all the difference. One of the ways Ford streamlined his manufacturing line was to make ALL cars the same color. Black. So all the competition did was to make them DIFFERENT colors. That was enough. If you live in a world with ONLY black cars, you can't really think of COLOR as being something that differentiates one car from another. There is a very simple parallel in today's dating market. If you think connecting dating and romance to cars is odd, it's actually pretty common. Just listen to the lyrics of any Springsteen song. Anyhow, back to the metaphor. Today's dating market, from the perspective of women, is like the FORD ONLY days of cars. This leads us to make a false conclusion about what the ladies like. Because most men LACK this basic skill, women have no choice but to compare men on other qualities. Looks, bling, artificial status. What's the missing variable? The one variable that will DESTROY the competition? Being able to MOVE her emotions. All women are attracted based on how they FEEL. And with the market so disastrous today, they have to rely on ONLY what they can find to get those feelings. And this is looks, money, status etc. But when you UNDERSTAND why they want those feelings, it's like being the first guy who can make different colored cars. YOU will stand out. But even better is when you understand HOW to create those feelings. Not through bling, or money or even LOOKS. But conversationally. Hypnotically. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-seduction/
  16. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Apr27Post.mp4 A very common martial arts movie trope is that you learn to fight so you don't have to fight. With just a little bit of thought, this makes perfect sense. If you don't know how to fight, AND you are worried about getting beat up, you will project a certain non-verbal energy. Street thieves, pickpockets, etc. know exactly WHO will be most likely to NOT put up a fight. And who will most freaked out to NOT remember much. They look for people with "weak" body language. Lack of eye contact, slumped shoulders, etc. Since this is more or less their "profession," they have to know consciously who to target and who not to target. They make a mistake, they got to jail, or get pepper sprayed in the face, or get their eyes gouged out, or get kicked in the nuts a few times. So when you learn to "fight," you slowly shift your body language. By building in plenty of memories of successfully defending yourself, you slowly REPLACE fear with confidence. So you exhibit much different body language. One that bullies and pick pockets want NOTHING to do with. A very close parallel can be drawn between frame and game. The main difference is it is largely subconscious. To both sender and receiver. But the process is the same. Suppose, for example, you had a pretty weak frame. And you decided to do some cold approaches to build your frame. And suppose you decided to keep plenty of data. You did a lot of post game journaling. You kept track of what you said, what she said. Who she was with, what was doing, what, if any, signals you got before the approach, etc. So long as you kept good records, and embraced the natural feedback loop, you would get better and better. Because your frame would be slowly getting stronger and stronger, you would be getting better and better results. This is EXACTLY what they mean when they say, "success breeds success." The problem is OBVIOUS. Before you got to that tipping point, it would take a LOT of courage. You would have to suffer through a LOT of rejection. Regardless of what anybody says, rejection sucks. It takes a lot of mental effort to muscle your way through all those approaches, all that rejection, to eventually (hopefully) get to the tipping point. This is where the metaphor is MUCH DIFFERENT than martial arts. Learning any kind of martial arts means you are surrounded by very helpful people. Doing a bunch of approach is ONLY you, and all the people rejecting you. That's why people very RARELY improve their frame through brute force practice. But there's also another way. Because frame is much more based on how you INTERPRET events. And you can CHANGE how you interpret events. Particularly all the ones that already exist in your mind. All your memories. Change how you reference your past, and you will have a PROFOUND impact on your frame, your confidence, and your game. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/pre-framing/
  17. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Apr26Post.mp4 Some of the best conversations I've had didn't include words. One was when I was haggling with a street vendor in Thailand. It was some kind of souvenir. A carved elephant or something. But what made the conversation so memorable was that the woman selling the items was deaf. But she was VERY animated in her haggling. We relied on a calculator to back and forth on price. She wanted a higher price, I wanted a lower price. The conversation lasted twenty minutes, and was very enjoyable. Another interesting conversation I had was in an okonomiyaki-ya in Hiroshima. Kind of like at Benihana, where different people share the same cooking space. It was a Friday night and there was a drunken Japanese businessman a few seats to my right. He'd heard me use some basic Japanese with the cook, and assumed I was fluent. So he went off on a drunken happy rant about something. I had NO idea what he was saying. But since I focused on his body language, it was pretty easy to inject the right grunts and nods in the appropriate places. Another conversation I had was in Scotland. I'd just gotten off the train at Glasgow. Was meeting my buddies in a couple days. But I had no idea where the cheap hotels were. Some old guy saw me, and offered to walk me to the street where all the flophouses were. But on the way, he started telling me a story. Only his accent was thick, I had ZERO idea what he was saying. Imagine a drunken Sean Connery with a mouthful of marbles. I just nodded and smiled and grunted in the appropriate places. Funny thing about being in foreign countries where you don't speak the language. For me, there was three distinct phases. The first is the terror phase. I'm locked out, I can't understand anybody and nobody can understand me. Next is the "breaking the ice stage," where you can kind of figure out how to get your point across, using gestures and facial expressions AND certain location elements, like signs or menu items. The third phase is the BEST part. Where you realize you DON'T NEED words. This is where REAL communication lives. Beneath the words. I've had friends in both Korea and Japan who spoke very LITTLE of the language, yet had very rewarding romantic relationships with NON English speakers. Once you get rid of your dependence on words, you'll find access to a level FAR TOO RICH for words to even describe. Not only do few people KNOW about this level of communication, but fewer still know that with some daily exercises, you can PROJECT massive amounts of strength, power, and leadership on this level. That will be subconsciously picked up by EVERYBODY. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/pre-framing/
  18. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Apr25Post.mp4 For a while there's been a kind of myth around the world of PUA and seduction. More of an improperly calibrated metaphor. The "myth" or the "metaphor" is that once you get to a certain level of "game" you have access to some kind of "secret society." Where the rules are different than for normal people. That once a lady sees you, and realizes that you are part of this "secret seduction society," then it's straight to the bedroom. Now, this is one way to describe this. But it's ONLY a description. Most descriptions are metaphors. In fact, unless a description is filled with equations, it IS a metaphor. For example, consider the sentence, "fall in love." Love is a metaphor. An intangible noun. If we were to describe with scientific accuracy, we'd have to understand all the chemical and hormonal and mental processes associated with it. We might "better" describe the process of "falling in love" as a human mating strategy that creates a strong and long attraction between two people to ensure any offspring have the best chance of survival. An ancient, instinctive, and mostly SUBCONSCIOUS process. That's why we "fall" in love. Since it happens OUTSIDE of our conscious awareness, we think it is some kind of mysterious thing. This same word, "fall" also is used to described when we get sick. We "fall" ill. It happens OUTSIDE of our conscious awareness. Now, back to the "secret society" idea. Why does it APPEAR that high level seducers and attractive women somehow "recognize" each other as being members of secret society? Because that's what it looks like. Two people who don't know each other, but get REALLY close, REALLY quick. They become very FRIENDLY with each other, very quickly. The EXACT same thing would happen between two seventy year old dudes who realized they were part of the same fraternity many, many years ago. Two strangers meet, and BAM! Best friends. Outside, the two look the same. But inside, they are VERY different. For the REAL secret society, or old frat brothers, there is a common tie to an EXTERNAL organization. But what about the top level seducers? A women sees a guy, who has a certain set of traits that few other guys have. The guy sees the woman, and see's she's WAY hotter than all the other girls. They both WANT each other, but they don't KNOW each other. This is really a very ACCELERATED version of what happens normally. Meet people, slowly become friends, or lovers, etc. Now, everybody knows which girls are hot and which ones aren't. But what is the trait of MEN that make them stand out? Their deep confidence, self assurance, and frame. How can you DEVELOP this? Learn How Here: https://mindpersuasion.com/pre-framing/
  19. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Apr24Post.mp4 One of the curious functions of our brain is our post event rationalization. Neurologists who study these kinds of things say that our brain can be described as "post event storytelling device." Meaning that our conscious, rational brains are more watchers than choosers. Sure, we CAN think rationally and logically. Otherwise we couldn't build things or plan things or figure out science. But if you are like most people, thinking rationally and logically is hard work. That's why algebra class is HARD. If you've ever taken a class in formal logic, it's even HARDER. It takes a LOT of brainpower. It's like our bodies. Most of the time, our bodies are relaxed. Sure, we CAN do extraordinary feats of strength and endurance, but usually we need a good reason. Like we're being chased by a tiger or somebody is paying us a lot. For example, I saw a game show where they had a truck set up in the bottom of a pool. Inside the truck were gold bricks. One couple (man and woman) vs. another couple. The contest to see which team could swim down, and carry up more bricks of gold. After only a few minutes, EVERYBODY was exhausted. And guess what? Our brains use more calories, per gram, than any other body part. So thinking logically and rationally IS LITERALLY hard work. Whenever we FORCE our brains to think logically and rationally, it's like swimming underwater while carrying bricks of gold. This is why MOST of the time, our brains are relaxed. Our conscious, rational minds is WATCHING things happen. Our massive collection of instincts, both programmed and learned, are doing most of the work. This is why it is so easy to get OUT FRAMED. It works like this. You are cruising along in some kind of social situation. Your brain is WATCHING things happen. So far, so good. In this situation, we believe we are "maintaining the frame." Then something unexpected happens. Something that our instincts (either programmed or learned) don't know what to do. So we "lose" the frame. Metaphorically, this would be out on what you THINK is a relaxing bike ride in your neighborhood. Then all of a sudden you're going up hill. And your body says, "SCREW THIS!" and you turn around. This is essentially what happens when you get outframed. You get outframed by other people. And you get outframed by situations or environments. Like when you go to the supermarket, thinking you're going to buy something healthy, but end up buying a bunch of frozen burritos. But guess what? Just like you can specifically TRAIN YOUR BODY to go up bigger and bigger hills, you can TRAIN YOUR BRAIN to handle bigger and bigger frames. So you NEVER get outframed again. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/pre-framing/
  20. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Apr21Post.mp4 This place where I used to live had an arm wrestling stand set up near the main station. It was just a tallish table, with a couple of slots for people to put their elbows in. It was only up during the summer. Where guys could stop and compete on their way home from drinking in the pubs around the station. On the other hand, they also have professional arm wrestlers. People spend their career getting stronger and stronger for arm wrestling competitions. Most of us, however, only arm wrestle under certain scenarios. A lot of physical contests are like this. We compete once in a while. But at the same time, there are plenty of niche sports where people compete for a living. Plenty of sports based game shows, etc. You'll find this same thing in public speaking. Most of us are terrified of public speaking. Some people are pretty good at public speaking, so they have jobs or careers around this skill. But some people compete based on public speaking. Usually in debates, but sometimes in single speeches. But for those who really want to clean up, they have jobs that are based on their public speaking performance, like sales jobs, etc. But they also PRACTICE public speaking techniques. Even rarer are people who realize that public speaking is a very useful skill in general, so they practice it. Sure, it's one thing to practice public speaking because it's a hobby. But to practice this because you can consciously earn more money is a pretty rare thing. Even rarer are general personality traits. The only people that tend to practice these are guys who practice game. To develop interpersonal confidence and communication skills so you can get more sex. That makes sense. At least to some people. To the general, mainstream population, practicing any kind of "pick up" technique to get more sex would be perceived as kind of creepy. But there are much deeper skills. Much more powerful skills. More than contextual confidence. Even deeper than confidence itself. These are things that most people don't even know about. Let alone know how to practice. This involves the MEANING of things. The meaning of conversations. The meaning of reality. It turns out the meaning of most everything is really up to interpretation. Most people don't even consider this. Most people just show up and accept the general consensus. But when you realize just how flexible meaning is? Not only will you gain a lot more control, but you can do so covertly. This will give you an enormous amount of power. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/pre-framing/
  21. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Apr18Post.mp4 A very common communication anxiety is what to say. You are going into a job interview, so you practice what to say. You want to walk across the room and talk to somebody interesting, and you wonder what to say. You've got a number, and you want to call, or text, and you wonder what to say. On the other hand, some people can get away with saying pretty much anything. When we focus only on the words, we miss a LOT of what's going on. In fact, words are only the surface level of much deeper communication that is going on all the time. This is why poker players wear dark glasses and practice not showing ANY kind of facial expressions. It's also why A list actors can be so convincing when the words they are saying a VERY common. It's very possible to get the job, get the girl, get the girl to come to your place with MINIMUM words. How so? A common "truism" in self help areas is that "You'll see it when you believe it." This kind of makes sense, but it's not very helpful. Sure, if you believe you are an attractive person, you'll behave in attractive ways. And that behavior will attract positive attraction from others. But most people completely misunderstand this goofy truism. Even the goofs spouting it. They say, "If you believe it, you'll see it!" But they really only PRETEND to believe it. In reality, this "pretend believing" is more like wishing. If you know anybody who stands in front of the mirror saying a whole bunch of affirmations with strong, but fake, emotions, this is what they are doing. They are pretending very much that they believe what they are saying. Pretend beliefs won't do squat. Because pretend beliefs are the SAME as wishing. If you walk down the street PRETENDING you are attractive, you are really just wishing. This gives off very strange energy. But that statement IS true. It's that the "belief" in the statement, "if believe it, then you'll see it," MUST be genuine belief. Not pretend belief. How do you GET genuine belief? There are two ways. Nearly EVERYBODY has genuine beliefs because of the luck of their situation. Maybe they had good parents. Maybe they got lucky and had a string of positive relationships. Maybe they got lucky and had a few REALLY GOOD teachers in elementary school. Good teachers who filled their heads with positive beliefs. When their brains were still young and programmable. But for the rest of us, what do WE do? Practice, that's what. Turns out that your beliefs, and your frame that carries those beliefs are JUST LIKE muscles. The more you exercise them, the stronger they'll get. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/pre-framing/https://mindpersuasion.com/pre-framing/
  22. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/HS_Sales.mp4 https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/HS_Subs.mp4 https://mindpersuasion.teachable.com/p/hypnotic-seduction/
  23. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Apr09Post.mp4 It's hard to communicate without using metaphors. Words themselves are metaphors. Auditory representations of mental pictures. One simple description can mean many things to many people. If I say: "Yesterday I saw a cute girl in the park with her dog." This sounds very specific. But every person who reads that will have a different idea of what each tangible nouns looks like. Even the ones that aren't mentioned. You'll imagine a pretty girl. You'll imagine a dog. You'll imagine a park. But each one of those have TONS of accompanying nouns. What kind of dog? Big, small? On a leash, running free? What does the cute girl look like? Young, old? Brown hair, blond? What kind of park? Green grass, barbecues, basketball courts? That one simple sentence conjures up TONS of mental images. Conscious and unconscious. According to those who study things like anthropology and history, this is the ONE THING we humans have that other animals don't. We can convey MASSIVELY COMPLEX pictures to one another with only a few sounds. Or even a few squiggly lines that we've learned as children. A few pixels on a screen that conjure up rich images. Even better, is we can come up with ideas, or ideas about things, that DON'T exist yet. And talk about these, and then make them real. This is what Napoleon Hill meant when he talked about turning thoughts into things. Sure it takes work, and effort, and trial and error. But everything that exists now was once a thought. All the good things, all the bad things, and everything in between. Even better is you can create emotions in others. Specific emotions. Specific chains of emotions. Take people from being bored to being excited. Take people from feeling afraid to feeling safe and happy. Take people from being ambivalent to feeling extremely attracted and affectionate. All with words. Of course, not just ANY words will do. If you picked a six or seven random words and tried them out, the response would be: Um, what? But there IS a specific STRUCTURE you can learn to create specific emotional responses. And yes, it does take time to learn this skill. But this is potentially one of the most LUCRATIVE and POWERFUL skills you can develop. This is the SAME SKILL that have moved people from poverty to massive riches. Understand human nature. Understand the human condition. Understand what people tend to feel normally. Understand how people really WANT to feel. And move them there with your words. Do this, and the world will love, respect and admire you. And pay you. A lot. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/storytelling-magic/
  24. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Apr04Post.mp4 If you rub your fingertip along the rim of a wine goblet, you can get it to "sing." If you hold the right note, you can break that same glass. This is difficult because you have to hold the EXACT frequency that the glass naturally vibrates at. There is a bay in Canada that has a HUGE difference between high tide and low tide. What do all these things have in common? Resonance. When you rub your finger along the tip of the wine goblet, you are "calibrating" the small "micro breaks" in the smoothness until it is the SAME frequency as the glass. When you hold a note, and it resonates an untouched glass, the glass will break. What about high tide and low tide? This is the same principle as a little kid in a bathtub. Moving back and forth with the water to slosh it all over the floor. When the moon creates the tide, it's the same thing. The difference between high tide and tide is a function of the entire system. The water depth, the forces of the moon on the sea, and the physical characteristics of the bay. Resonance is a fantastic concept. Most systems have their natural "frequency." And if you "vibrate" that system at it's resonance frequency, you can get some pretty big disturbances. Sometimes things break. Things that aren't supposed to break. Once the wind happened to match the frequency of a bridge in England. The bring was swinging wildly back and forth. Little kids understand resonance perfectly fine when they swing back and forth on a swing. This is very fun. To move only a little bit, (legs swinging back and forth) but to get some BIG movements. Our emotions also have certain resonance frequencies. And when you vibrate those emotional resonance frequencies, our emotions can feel FANTASTIC. This can be done through music, movies, books, even goofy TV commercials. And just like all the other resonance ideas, this is based on SCIENCE. It is no accident that all stories have the same basic structure. It is no accident that most music has the same basic structure. Human dreams, human desires, human fears also have the same structure. Learn to pace this structure, and you can make ANYBODY feel fantastic. Even better, it is just as repeatable as a wine goblet or a swing set. How, specifically, do you do this? Learn the deep and ancient story structure that has nature has embedded into our DNA. Speak in this structure and move people places they've NEVER been to before. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/storytelling-magic/
  25. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Apr02Post.mp4 You can find chickens and eggs everywhere. Well, not actual chickens and eggs, but complicated cause-effect relationships. One of our instincts is to see causal relationships where none exist. They believe this was to help us think much more quickly in our much more dangerous past. But today, this mis-firing cause-effect thing in our brain can be pretty funny. It can also create the aforementioned chickens and eggs. We see two things happening at the same time, and we wonder which came first. The honest answer is that we humans won't like ever know. The world is way more complicated than our monkey brains can make sense of. But some things are very easy to see once we remove some false ideas. Usually these false ideas are based on false fears. Like maybe when you were a kid, and you were scared the first time you jumped into a pool from the high dive. The first few times, it may have been terrifying. Then it became pretty fun. Or maybe the first time you rode a bike, it was pretty scary. But then it became pretty easy. One of the more complex transitions that some people CAN make is first conversations between strangers. Most people are stuck in the "scared of strangers" phase. Where we see somebody new and interesting, and it's ALWAYS pretty scary to make the first move. This actually comes in FOUR levels. Not two, like diving boards and bicycles. The first level is where most people will be and stay for their entire lives. The level that says, "Other people are interesting, but I wish I was better at talking to strangers." The second level is when you realize that talking to people is pretty easy, but only AFTER you realize that the first level is based on a false idea. That we need to present ourselves to others for approval. But once you talk to enough people, you realize that EVERYBODY is pretty much desperate for other people's approval. This is when you figure out how to talk to people. How to ask people simple questions that they'll enjoy thinking about, and answering. Questions that will make them see YOU differently than everybody else. This is when you slowly slide into the third level. Where you realize that most people, after you get over the excitement of talking to strangers, are pretty BORING. Most people don't have very much in their brains. The ideas most people have in their brains about themselves and the world is pretty similar. This is when you get to the third, and fourth stage. When talking to PEOPLE in general is a hobby. Something you do simply because the PROCESS is fun. And when this happens, you'll reach the fourth level switch. When most PEOPLE are interested in YOU. Which will allow YOU to choose the best ones. For whatever reason you want. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/deep-mind-persuasion/
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