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Found 45 results

  1. Brain dead simple persuasion and seduction techniques https://mindpersuasion.com/deep-mind-persuasion/
  2. The halo effect is an interesting phenomenon. It exists and has been proven through various studies. But it's also something that nobody benefits by admitting. If you are particularly attractive, the last thing you want to do is chalk up any success to your looks. If you want to make an attractive person angry, tell them they are ONLY successful (or even partially successful) due to their looks. But normal looking people also don't like to acknowledge the halo effect. That would mean since we normal folks aren't gorgeous, we'll be limited. The good news is that plenty of studies also show some interesting things about physical beauty. Physical beauty is enough to get attention. And it's enough for things that aren't that consequential. But the more that is riding on any given relationships, the LESS physical appearance starts to matter. Studies of the types of women that men choose for partners illustrates this. In one long-ranging study, they found that for short term flings, men only really care about looks. But for long term relationships, (families, children etc.) looks were not very important. This very good news. Because if you are attractive, and that's all you've got, the clock is always ticking. All your other characteristics can only get BETTER with age. When it comes to any individual, we can think of three different categories. Inner game, outer game, and looks. Looks matter only in the short term. Next is outer game, how they behave, communicate, and interact with others. The most important is inner game. Intelligence, sense of confidence, short term and long term goals, etc. Inner game drives outer game. So if you only work on building up inner game, outer game will be easy. And looks will be unimportant. Inner game is kind of like a muscle, but better. Meaning if you started to exercise your muscles, the more you exercised them the stronger they'd get. Up to a point. After a certain point, you'd start get diminishing returns. Consider jogging, for example. At first, it might take a while just to jog a mile without stopping. Then you might shoot for jogging a mile in under ten minutes. Then eight minutes. Then six minutes. But pretty soon, the more work you put in, the less results you'd get. But with inner game, there is no limit. Since it's all built on mental strength, which can be increased infinitely. The more you put in, the more you get out. This means the longer you live, the better you get. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/attractive-personality/
  3. https://mindpersuasion.com/witch-seductress-professor/
  4. Frame is a very squirrely concept. Mainly because the frame of any situation is shifting consciously. Also because frame is very, very subjective. It's never anything that can be proven or disproven. It's very much a "might makes right" kind of thing. That term, "might makes right" tends to be associated with physical battles and quests for military power. But it's very appropriate when speaking of inter-personal frame battles. Whoever has the strongest frame will determine the outcome. Strongest is very similar to being the "mightiest." In a sense, saying that the whoever has the strongest frame will get their outcome is essentially another way of saying "might makes right." A car salesman is talking to a customer. Both have their own intention. The customer wants the cheapest price possible. The salesman wants the highest price possible. The word "might" doesn't seem to apply. Especially when they finally agree on a price, it's usually a compromise, they shake hands, and they are BOTH happy. But you could also say that their "joined frame" of cooperation over a single goal, the transaction itself, become the strongest or mightiest frame. This is what creating win-win outcomes is all about. It STILL obeys the rules of the "strongest frame" or "might makes right." Even Sun Tsu said the best way to "conquer" and enemy was to make him your friend. One of the strange ways in which the frame control idea presents itself is how we present ourselves to others. Particularly strangers, and particularly non-verbally. We all walk the earth projecting our state whether we like it or not. We are also reading the state of others as they are projecting. Since most of us are in our heads most of the time, nobody ever notices this. But there is always a TON of information being sent and received. Every time there are people around. Subconscious, non-verbal communication is ALWAYS happening. And WHAT we are communication is ALWAYS related to our "state." How we feel about ourselves. How we feel about ourselves related to the situation. In a sense, there is ALWAYS a "might makes right" frame battle going on. OUR idea of ourselves, that we are projecting, and THEIR idea of who we are, based on WHAT we are projecting. Most people don't even notice that this is happening, let alone realize that VERY MUCH of this is under our control. Because with a little practice, you CAN project a VERY STRONG frame. It's a lot like learning how to walk and move with a more confident posture. Kind of like learning to walk and move with a more confident mindset. With a little practice, the results can be astounding. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/walk-away/
  5. admin

    Hypnotic Stripper Witch

  6. https://mindpersuasion.com/sweet-seductive-sociopath/
  7. admin

    The Two Castles

    There are two basic ways to influence somebody. One way is the common way. To try and use the ideas in YOUR head and convince them to do what YOU want, for YOUR reasons. Most salespeople use this technique. Ultimately, it’s based on the very ancient “might makes right strategy.” It’s in the form, “MY ideas for what you should are better than YOUR ideas for what you should do.” This can come across as a gentle persuasion, or a hard sell. But it’s still a might-makes right strategy. The opposite is by turning OFF the ideas in your head. And carefully pulling the ideas out of THEIR head. Then carefully re-arranging THEIR ideas into YOUR suggested behaviors. Since you are using THEIR ideas, it will seem like THEIR decision. This is essentially the Dale Carnegie strategy. The one that says you can get anybody to do anything so long as you can get them to believe it was their idea. But there is another way. A much deeper way. One that goes BEYOND the idea of “separation.” Both of the above strategies are based on the assumption that YOUR ideas and THEIR ideas are two DIFFERENT ideas. But the much DEEPER technique involves going DEEPLY enough so that you both share the SAME ideas. It involves reading them below the level of conscious communication. Below the level of language. Even below the level of conscious thought. Kind of like if you had two separate castles behind two large and separate walls. And a huge river in between them. On the SURFACE they would appear to be two different kingdoms. And communication between the kingdoms would require a huge amount of effort. Until you find the DEEP passageway connecting them. One that was built LONG AGO. When they were once the SAME kingdom. Humans are the same way. We SEEM separate on the surface. But deep below, we are really the same. When you communicate on THAT level, they will REMEMBER the connection. Subconsciously. Deeply. Powerfully. What’s even better, is they don’t need to speak. You “read” them, and speak to them using a very careful set of hypnotic language patterns. They only need to listen, and REMEMBER the deep connection. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/cold-reading/
  8. https://mindpersuasion.com/cia-interrogation-seduction/
  9. admin

    Bar Tricks and Puzzles

  10. admin

    Seduction Trifecta

  11. https://mindpersuasion.com/re-calibrated-sexual-energy/
  12. https://mindpersuasion.com/guided-psychic-meditation/
  13. There are two ways to make friends. Or create relationships for whatever reason. One way is to go to other people. You see somebody interesting, walk over and start a conversation. The other way is to wait for people to approach you. Both of these have good ways and bad ways. Effective and ineffective. For example, you could approach every person with a pulse, hand them a card (person or business) and give them your "elevator pitch." The twenty second pitch about why the two of you should get together. This is clearly a "numbers game." On the other hand, you could only approach people you naturally "vibe" with and be yourself. Not your "safe to make sure you don't say anything wrong" self but your REAL self. Easy as it seems, this can be difficult. The other way, of waiting to be approached, also has it's good and bad versions. The bad version is to stand in the corner and glare at anybody who looks in your direction. Maybe growl at people if they get too close. The flip side would be to create a bubble of happiness. So when people walk into social situation, the area where you are is "different" somehow. You, and everybody around you are smiling, laughing, louder and more charismatic, as a group, than everybody else. With you at the center. Like a party nucleus of your own party orbiters. This would be very "attractive." Meaning people would see your group, and want to join your group. This would allow you to choose from the BEST of the people who come and hang around your attractive "vibe." Of course, many people would want to approach, but might be a bit on the shy side. But all you would need would be to give them a look that says, "come on over!" How do you learn to generate this vibe? By looking past the surface structure language and words that people use. And see the deeper, more powerful underlying energy. Once you get past the surface structure, the deeper energy is not only much more powerful, but much easier to manage. Especially when you can communicate with people on that level. This is why they'll know (and very much like) there is "something" about you, but they just don't know what. But you will. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/party-hypnosis/
  14. admin

    Sexy Bartender Strategy

  15. One of the strangest figures from history is Rasputin. He was allegedly some guy who lived in the forest. But then he got himself connected to the Royal family at the time. This was around the time of the communist revolution. Whether he was a good guy or a bad guy is up for debate. But what is generally accepted was he had a very STRONG presence. He had to in order to get so close to the Romanov family. It would be like some guy wandering out of the forest and suddenly becoming the best friend of the family to the King of England. It's one thing to have plenty of social power and authority. Kings usually try to marry off their sons and daughters to sons of daughters of other nobility. Kings don't normally even talk to normal people unless they have some accepted rank. But Rasputin was a monk who allegedly lived in the forest. Surrounded by forest ladies who were always swooning for him. He was the opposite of nobility. So opposite that he eventually was assassinated by other nobles and higher-ups who didn't like his closeness to the royal family. There are a few people from history like that. Unfortunately, most of them are usually bad guys. Guys like Charles Manson who convinced teenage ladies to kill for him. It's kind of easy to understand how that would happen. If you were BORN with a massive amount of charisma and presence. You would kind of be seen as an outcast, since you had no need for the regular way of doing things. And your whole life, people around you would just do whatever you asked. It's easy to see this power turning one into a criminal master mind. On the other hand, what would happen if you could BUILD this kind of power? Slowly and consciously, so it wouldn't go to your head? And in a way so you could combine it with business, sales, public speaking, etc.? Sure, it might be cool to start your own forest cult. But it would also be cool to just make tons of money and live like a modern wizard. This is the cool thing about social skills and personal "energy." It's just as trainable as muscle related skills. If you practice juggling long enough, you'll have some impressive juggling skills. If you practice presence long enough, you'll have Rasputin levels of personal magnetism. How do you practice? With This: http://mindpersuasion.com/presence/
  16. The idea of a mouse going through a maze looking for cheese is a pretty useful metaphor. It's also in a bunch of science fiction movies about brains and intelligence. The quicker the mouse goes through the maze, the smarter it is. Mice and cheese, aside from the maze, are also useful metaphors. The mouse is the actor, and will do anything to get the cheese, that which the actor desires. Another ubiquitous metaphor is the carrot and the stick. But this is slightly different. Mouse and cheese metaphors usually involve the mouse actually getting the cheese. But the carrot and the stick implies that the horse or donkey will NEVER get the carrot. That's the whole point. The animal is so "dumb" that it will keep going after that carrot even though it never gets closer. Both, however, are metaphors used to describe a very common theme. And that is motivating people to do things. And they are things they don't do on their own. Otherwise they'd be doing them. You might say this is one of the oldest problems facing humans. Getting other humans to do things that they aren't doing. The better you can do this, the more stuff you'll get. Imagine a spectrum of persuasive ability. On one end, nobody listens to you, let alone takes your advice. That would clearly suck. On the other end, you have magic power to get people to willingly do whatever you want. No begrudgingly, but gleefully. Happily. As if you didn't convince them to do it, you covertly persuaded them to WANT to do it. And not for your reasons, but for THEIR reasons. Think about getting a massage from somebody. It's one thing to pay somebody to give you a massage. But it's a completely different feeling when somebody WANTS to give you a massage. They ENJOY giving you pleasure. Same physical experiences, but just IMAGINING different intentions in the actors, the feeling is completely different. How, exactly, do you get people to do that? Everybody has their own internal "carrots." And when you get them talking about them, and expand them and pull them out, they will NATURALLY move toward them. And unlike the poor horse who NEVER gets the carrot, they will get theirs. Because you can associate THEIR carrot (which is their deepest desires) to whatever you want. (Like YOU, for example). And then just sit back and watch them go after it. And get it. Learn How: Secret Agent Persuasion
  17. What is "game?" Does somebody who is a stone cold "natural" use game? Think of somebody who is a natural with music. Maybe they play the piano really well, but they play totally by ear. They can listen to any piece and the reproduce it perfectly. But since they don't know ANYTHING about music theory, scales, notes, chord progressions, are they a musician? Compare that to somebody who studied both how to play and the deep theories of music. The natural plays, but he doesn't really know what he's doing. So if he had any problems, he wouldn't know what to do. Similarly, people who are naturals with women tend to do pretty well without knowing what they are doing. Which means if they want to create attraction in a specific girl, and it doesn't work, they have NO IDEA what to do. In fact, this is the theme of almost any movie about a natural player. He seduces every woman he meets, but they mean nothing. The only one that matters is the one he CAN'T seduce. And in order to get HER, he has to "change his ways" and become the typical Hollywood beta. Since most people are beta (simply by pure mathematical definition) Hollywood has to appeal to the broadest market possible. But what about in real life? Is it better to be a natural, or somebody who KNOWS how to create deep feelings of attraction and desire in almost any women they meet? If you're NOT a natural, then the choice is already made. The good news is that by learning about the DEEP STRUCTURE of communication, and how it REALLY WORKS, you can GET TO natural levels of seduction. And if you ever run into trouble (e.g. a particular girl needs more work) you can RE-CALIBRATE your communication. Since you KNOW how it works. If you DON'T know, it's pretty easy to learn the powerful structure. Once you do, everything will seem a lot easier. Learn How: Hypnotic Seduction
  18. admin

    Make Her Come To You

    There's one simple mind frame that will make a TON of difference when it comes to getting girls interested in you. When most guys "chase" girls, the girl KNOWS they are being chased. When a guy walks up to a girl in a bar, unless she's just woken up from a thousand year hibernation, she KNOWS what he wants. Especially when he does more or less the same thing every other horny guy does. Try any kind of PUA technology, buy her drinks, try to make small talk, etc. Which means that even if she's INTO you, she'll also ENJOY being chased by you. Most girls LOVE the idea of BEING CHASED by a guy they LIKE to be chased by. Some of them even like being chased by guys they aren't really into. After all, that gives them a pretty good self-esteem boost. The simple mind frame is to make HER into you AND at the same time, WONDERING if you're into her. This means you have to simultaneously talk to her in a way that will increase attraction without her even suspecting you are trying to increase attraction. This is pretty tricky. Especially if you're hoping that one or two "lines" will get her interested in you. But if you can speak to her in a certain way, a way that makes her slightly confused, and at the same time, slightly attracted, she won't be sure what's going on. You'll be telling her simple stories. And more simple stories inside those simple stories. Stories that are designed to create attraction on a DEEP level. On the surface, it will seem like you are talking about ANYTHING BUT attraction. But when you're finished, she won't be able to get her mind off you. And she WON'T know why. She'll THINK it was HER idea. So long as you play it cool, and let her chase you, she'll do all the work. Learn How: Hypnotic Seduction
  19. One of the easiest ways to sneak any idea into anybody's mind is put it in hypothetical language. There are many ways to do this. One is by using the second conditional. This uses the past tense and "would" or "could." Whenever we hear the second conditional, we subconsciously understand it's just a hypothetical question. For example, just taking a standard compliment (you're beautiful) and putting it into the second conditional makes it MUCH HARDER to process. Try this out for yourself to see what I mean. Walk up to an attractive woman, and give her a blatant compliment. "You are beautiful." See what she ways. She might blush, she might say thank you, she might call the cops. Maybe you could try it on five to ten women to get an average. Then put it in the second conditional. "If I told you that you were beautiful, what would you say?" This is ALMOST a compliment, but not quite. If you tried this on five different women, you'd get a much better response than if you just said it flat out. Just this simple linguistic "trick" is enough to get her mind spinning. Imagine what you could do when you use ALL of your communication like this. Because the second conditional is just one of MANY techniques to get her feeling emotions, but not quite sure why. One simple statement won't do much. And she'll have a good idea that it's a "line" since it really IS a line. But when you speak to her for several minutes like that, using all kinds of different techniques, it will add up to something amazing. She'll be feeling emotions that add up to attraction, but she won't be quite sure why. AND she'll be looking at you the whole time. And since our brains HAVE to have a reason for everything, she'll come up with HER OWN REASONS why she's looking at YOU and feeling attraction. And once that happens, she'll NEVER get you out of her mind. Learn How: Hypnotic Seduction
  20. Here's a sneaky strategy you can use to get a girl interested in you. One of the "patterns" of the "Milton Model" is the "I'm not going to tell you..." pattern. The idea is when somebody hears, "I'm not going to tell you," their brain kind of shuts off. Not pass-out shut off, but their "critical factor" lowers its shields. For example, if you were a salesman, and you wanted somebody to buy your product, you could just come out and say "buy this product." Maybe you might want to give a couple a reasons. "I think you should buy this product because it is popular and it comes with the best warranty around." Right off the bat they would resist, because nobody likes being told what to do. But when you use the, "I'm not going to tell you" pattern, it sounds like this: "I'm not going to tell you to buy this product, because I don't know if it's popularity or industry-best warranty are things you are really interested in." Then it seems much more like their choice. How do you use this with girls? You flat out tell them you aren't going to pick them up, or ask for their phone number, or any of that stuff. Use any excuse you want to talk to them. Then just start telling them hypnotic seduction stories. They sound NOTHING like any kind of "pick up." Yet they are designed to significantly increase her attraction. Which means she'll never think YOU are the one picking her up. She'll just start to feel attraction, desire and a feeling that says she NEEDS to get to know you. And she'll think it was HER idea. You can even resist, if you want. Making her work for it. Which will also make her want it more. Learn How: Hypnotic Seduction
  21. What's the easiest way to get a girl to like you? This technique will work every time. But it only works if it's the FIRST thing she sees you do. The reason it works so well is few guys can pull it off. It's not complicated, but for many guys it is nearly impossible. Most guys are too busy coming up with clever lines and techniques. Or spending hours a day online trying to interpret and decipher her signals. Or maybe hours a day in the gym hoping a chiseled body will get them "noticed." So, what's the "trick?" The method that will virtually GURANTEE most girls will be attracted to you? Walk up and start talking to them. Right off the bat. But not with an attitude of "I hope you like me." An attitude of, "Hey, you're pretty cute, what's your personality like?" If you are confident enough to walk over (most guys aren't) and you're relaxed enough to have a NORMAL conversation (most guys aren't), she'll make a LOT of assumptions about you. Since you're confident and you're not treating her like a queen BEFORE you even talk to her, she's going to ASSUME you've got a lot of girls waiting for you. Either literally or metaphorically. In her experience with guys, ONLY the guys who have a lot of experience talk to girls like they are no big deal. But since you'll be talking to her in a relaxed, confident way, she'll assume something else about you. You aren't too interested in having sex. At least not until you get to know her. This will make her CRAZY for you. Just this simple attitude, and only a few minutes will do everything. Authority, social proof, all taken care of. Most guys NEVER get to this level. They believe you need to approach a ton of girls before you get to his level of confidence. But in reality, there is a shortcut. All it takes is your daily NORMAL experience, and your creative imagination. Learn How: Zero Fear Game
  22. Many things in life are the OPPOSITE of what we think they are. Rumi, and ancient Sufi poet knew this. In one of his poems, he talked about how backward we humans are. We think we're going into the cool water when we're really going into the fire. We think we're going into the fire when it really turns out to be cool water. What the heck does this mean? Plenty of guys spend their entire lives chasing ONE woman. When they SHOULD be chasing WOMEN. Because women, collectively, are easy. Any particular WOMAN can be IMPOSSIBLE. The truth is that once she's made up her mind, there's not much you can do to change it. But the solution is the EASIEST thing you can ever do. And the hardest at the same time. Therein lies the paradox. Sometimes men refer to women as "branch swinging monkeys." Meaning they are in relationships while they are starting the next one. They're afraid to "let go" of one branch before they grab on to another. So in effect, they are cheating on both guys at the same time. These types of girls spend their lives oscillating between monogamy (when they are satisfied) and cheating (when they are transitioning to another dude). Buy guys are the SAME WAY, but in a different ways. Guys refuse to LET GO of a women. Even though she's forgotten him. They refuse to LET GO until they FEEL the same way about another girl. Unfortunately, this doesn't work NEARLY as well for guys as it does for girls. Because dating is largely a sellers market (from the ladies' standpoint) we guys are at a disadvantage. At least, if we play it like branch swinging monkeys. But if we LET GO, then it's WAY EASIER. Because paradoxically, the ONE THING that can make a guy ULTRA ATTRACTIVE is his ability to DISQUALIFY a girl, even when she's attracted. Most guys are TERRIFIED of doing this. Most guys would NEVER let a girl go UNTIL he has another. But the BEST WAY to ensure you have PLENTY of girls ready to go is to RELEASE the need for any ONE girl. After all, this is the natural way of male energy. Men are hunters. Women are gatherers. Men are hard wired to HUNT WEALTH. Women are hard wired to gather and follow. The reasons so many ladies are angry today is the world is FILLED with dudes who have forgotten to BE MEN. Men are trying to "branch swing" just like women. They are sitting around "hoping" for that "one girl" to like him back. This is the LEAST ATTRACTIVE thing you can do. What is the MOST attractive? Become a hunter. Learn How: Zero Fear Game
  23. A very common idea is that if you ONLY know what to "say" to a girl, everything will be fine. Since the dawn of time, guys have been searching for the magic pick up lines that will unlock her golden gates of heaven. "Just tell me what to say," they ask. "I just need to know what to tell her to make her interested," they request. But here's the thing. That "idea" that you need to "say" the right thing is a FALSE idea. Sure, some things you say are better than others. If you walk up and give her a genuine compliment, it would probably work better than if you walk up and say, "Grilled bacon and cheese!" But the whole idea of thinking you NEED to KNOW what to say misses the point. What is the point? Man's greatest fear when talking to an attractive woman is getting STUCK. Of freezing up. Whenever a guy walks up to a girl, he feels as if EVERYBODY is watching. She's watching, her friends are watching, everybody else on EARTH is watching. Further, they imagine they have to PERFORM for her. Even some of the most popular seduction products and seminars are based around PERFORMING for her. Doing things to IMPRESS her. Like you're a clown juggling bowling ball pins in front of the queen. This only addresses the SURFACE STRUCTURE of your communication. And no matter HOW MANY surface structure "techniques" you learn, she may come up with something that can effectively DEFEND against it. Even if you use them with extreme congruence, she is going to TEST YOU to make sure you're just has a well-practiced PUA. She'll even do this without knowing. Which is why any SURFACE STRUCTURE tactics (words, techniques, openers, etc.) are temporary. Suppose she really falls in love with you. Pretty soon you're going to run out of material, and she'll get to know the REAL YOU. Why not cut to the chase? Get rid of the need for surface structure junk in the first place? How do you do that? By ejecting all those false fears that make you THINK you need the "right thing to say." When you have ZERO FEAR of any woman, or any interaction with any woman, it doesn't matter WHAT you say. Just walk up and start talking. If you have ZERO FEAR, you won't feel the need to impress her. You won't feel the need to "say the magic words in the right order." You won't be worried if nobody talks. You'll just be enjoying her. (SHE'LL be super nervous, though!) How do you EJECT all fear? Here's How: Zero Fear Game
  24. A long time ago I used to sell cars. Most guys that sell cars pride themselves in how "aggressive" they are. One thing (for car salesman) to be "proud" of is if they "switch" a customer. Meaning a person comes in looking for a blue car, and the car salesman (nearly always a salesman and not a saleswoman) convinces them not to buy a blue car, but buy a red car. That supposedly shows of how "powerful" of a salesperson they are. Car salesman (again, mostly men) would joke in the break room about how "powerful" they were, etc. Very confrontational. Mostly bluff. Kind of like goofs on the internet talking about how many gorgeous ladies they lay while in real life they're terrified to talk to a girl that smiles in their direction. Why do most salespeople act this way? The same way baby tigers "play fight" with each other. To get ready for the REAL BATTLE. Unfortunately this is how most sales people, seducers or anybody interested in any kind of persuasion view these kinds of transactions. Battles. Fights. Contests. My ego vs. their ego. My willpower vs. their willpower. My ability to "overcome" their "objections." Like they're in a cage fight or something. This is why "selling" creates a lot of anxiety in both sales person and customer. This is why most people HATE salespeople. At it's very core, all communications is rooted in persuasion. The only reason we EVER talk to somebody else is partially to CHANGE their behavior. Either get them to do something (even if it's to laugh at our joke), or get them to leave us alone. Sure, it's possible. But it requires you take YOUR IDEAS and get them into THEIR MIND. Try this out next time you're watching your friends are having a conversation: See it as an "idea contest" to see whose "ideas" get into the most brains. Luckily, there is a much easier way. It requires that you SHUT OFF your ideas completely. This is much harder than it sounds. Our egos are ultra slippery. They have a habit of popping up without us noticing. But if you can manage to turn off your ideas, your opinions, your suggestions LONG ENOUGH, an amazing thing will happen. THEIR (the person you are speaking) ideas will EXPLODE like fourth of July fireworks. They'll be like a little kid that was let loose in the candy store. Everything looks good, including YOU. Click Here To Learn How