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  1. Selfless Persuasion - Their Idea https://mindpersuasion.com/tools/ https://mindpersuasion.com/subliminal/ https://mindpersuasion.teachable.com/courses/ I selflessly create fantastic obedience I selflessly create amazing obedience I selflessly create wonderful obedience I selflessly create erotic obedience I selflessly create seductive obedience I selflessly create playful obedience I selflessly create mutual obedience I selflessly create satisfying obedience I selflessly create heavenly obedience I selflessly create godlike obedience I selflessly create sympathetic obedience I selflessly create delicious obedience I selflessly build fantastic obedience I selflessly build amazing obedience I selflessly build wonderful obedience I selflessly build erotic obedience I selflessly build seductive obedience I selflessly build playful obedience I selflessly build mutual obedience I selflessly build satisfying obedience I selflessly build heavenly obedience I selflessly build godlike obedience I selflessly build sympathetic obedience I selflessly build delicious obedience You selflessly create fantastic obedience You selflessly create amazing obedience You selflessly create wonderful obedience You selflessly create erotic obedience You selflessly create seductive obedience You selflessly create playful obedience You selflessly create mutual obedience You selflessly create satisfying obedience You selflessly create heavenly obedience You selflessly create godlike obedience You selflessly create sympathetic obedience You selflessly create delicious obedience You selflessly build fantastic obedience You selflessly build amazing obedience You selflessly build wonderful obedience You selflessly build erotic obedience You selflessly build seductive obedience You selflessly build playful obedience You selflessly build mutual obedience You selflessly build satisfying obedience You selflessly build heavenly obedience You selflessly build godlike obedience You selflessly build sympathetic obedience You selflessly build delicious obedience
  2. Wasabi Buckets: https://mindpersuasion.com/live-training/ https://soundcloud.com/mindpersuasion/wasabi-ice-bucket
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  16. Become Everybody's Fantasy: https://mindpersuasion.com/become-everybodys-fantasy/ https://mindpersuasion.com/3x3/
  17. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jan02_Post.mp4 One of the most common frustrations before ANY meaningful conversation is knowing what to say. Especially if it's with somebody you don't know. Even if it's somebody sitting next to you on an airplane. This is something that most people wish they could do better. Having a regular, friendly conversation with a stranger. So much so that people who are naturally good at this are admired. They make EVERYBODY feel comfortable. A social magnet. Normally, this isn't a big deal. We are born, slide through life, pick up some friends along the way, and hopefully create some more people. But relying on our factory programming doesn't work so much anymore. So the typical response is to learn how to do things like this. To "practice" social skills. This is pretty normal under certain situations. Like in sales. Sales is all about talking to people specifically to build up buying desire. Something most normal people don't normally do. So it's natural to learn how to do this if you are going into sales. For this reason, there is plenty of overlap, in both strategy and vocabulary, between sales and seduction. However, this misses a very important point. Sales is SUPPOSED to be deliberate and overt. When salespeople are having a conversation with a customer, everybody knows what's going on. When a job interviewer is having a conversation with an interviewee, this same process is at work. Everybody knows what's going on. But when talking to strangers socially, this type of strategy CAN easily backfire. The kind of people that are naturally attractive are just being themselves. Just by the way the are, they make others feel good. Imagine being stuck on an airplane with a guy who "seemed" interested in you, but you had a sinking suspicion he or she had an ulterior motive. Like getting you to join their cult or their MLM. This is how conversations can easily feel if you are using overt sales strategies to try and create genuine human desire. The answer not to shrug your shoulders and just assume some people are good at that kind of thing and others aren't. There IS a very powerful conversational style that WILL make you much more attractive to many more people. In a very natural and congruent way. So when they, whoever they are, start to take a liking to you, it will be for their own reasons. Their own deep, subconscious organic reasons. This is a much broader strategy that can work on EVERYBODY. Potential lovers or friends. People you are already in a relationship with. Even kids. Which means once you make this your go-to conversational style, you will become much more attractive to everybody. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/desire-builder/
  18. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Dec29Post.mp4 Let's do an experiment. A kind of future fantasy visualization experiment. Imagine, for a moment, it's a couple years in the future. And you have, somehow, become famous. Think about that. Being famous, but only in the BEST way. The way that you would imagine being the best way. The perfect balance of fame and anonymity, according to your own preferences. First, what would you LIKE to be famous for? For of a creation, like an invention, or a best selling novel? Or more like a behavior? Like a performance of some kind. Acting, music, sports, etc. Is your fame more low key, or high key? Like everybody recognizes you everywhere, always begging for autographs, and your crack team of private bodyguards are always keeping you safe. OR, nobody really knows you're famous until you explain who you REALLY are. And then their eyes get big as they realize, you're THAT person! Where do you live? In a huge house, in a rich and well known neighborhood? Or in a very low key house, where nobody knows who you are? So you can walk the dog in peace. What kind of house do you have? Huge, lots of spacious rooms? Or kind of small, low key, but VERY high quality? What does all your fame-money represent? More like things you could buy, for friends and family? Or time where you don't need to interact with the world if you don't need to? Now, take your time thinking about these simple questions. Questions that I'm asking, without knowing very much about you. Without feedback, there's no much further I can go. I could go on about ideal health, ideal relationships, but within each one of these categories, there're only so many questions I could ask. But now suppose you and I were having a one on one conversation. Meaning the more of you answers I got, the further I could keep asking. Now imagine this scenario. First, take a look at these kinds of questions. This kind, or that kind. Like this, or like that. They don't really require you to say anything. Maybe nod your head one way or the other. Now imagine just relaxing back, maybe on a couch or something. Eyes closed and relaxed. And I kept asking these kinds of questions. For example, just on the theme of your dream house, I could go on for a LONG TIME. Every answer I got out of you, I could keep going deeper and deeper. What would this do for you? You wouldn't have to talk. You wouldn't have to think. Just nod your answer. You'd feel pretty good, right? Now imagine being able to DO THIS for anybody. No speaking on their part required. No thinking on their part required. Just choosing. Even choosing by nodding. How many different kinds of people could you use this on? How many different kinds of people would YOU make feel fantastic because of this? How do you think THEY would feel about YOU because of this? Find Out: https://mindpersuasion.com/desire-builder/
  19. Uncover AI Love: https://mindpersuasion.com/undercover-ai-love/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Dec28Loop.mp4
  20. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Nov09Post.mp4 Effective copywriters can make a ton of money. And it's something you can do from pretty much anywhere. So it's a very, very desirable job for a lot of people. The idea is pretty simple. To understand human nature. To understand things like the seven laws of Cialdini. To understand the problems people have that products will alleviate. If you can combine this understanding with some clever and intriguing writing, you CAN make a fortune. Especially if you want to promote any kind of evergreen product. The idea is very simple. Find an evergreen product to promote. One that is always in demand. Write and effect sales page. Get consistent traffic to that sales page. Sit back and watch the money roll in. This is a common DREAM. To make money while you sleep. Now, WHY is this such a compelling dream? One that so many pursue? Many people incorrectly believe that it's due to laziness. That people work very, very hard to "make money while you sleep." I don't believe that is accurate. Consider there is another reason. Practicing writing is easy. Not easy, but it's something you can do in the abstract. Like practicing the piano or Photoshop. And so long as you have another income, there's no rush. Put in an hour a day, and slowly build up your online income. Do this long enough, and consistent enough, and pretty soon your online income will eclipse your "regular" income. THEN you can live the "laptop lifestyle." At least this the idea. But once again, WHY is this idea so compelling? Consider that you get the MONEY from sales, but not the PAIN. What's the pain? Consider that instead of practicing your writing for an hour a day, you practiced your FACE TO FACE sales an hour a day. Or even telephone sales. There are KAJILLION people who dream of becoming a world class copywriter. Few people even CONSIDER being a world class phone sales guy. Why is this? The reason is obvious. The idea of writing a sales letter is BORING. But the idea of calling a bunch of random dudes and trying to sell them things is TERRIFYING. This is EXACTLY why so many people prefer online dating to old school, face to face social situations. Having another human tell you "no thanks" is terrifying. Horrible. Emotionally devastating. At least that's the general idea. But that presumes old school type of persuasion or seduction. Taking the ideas inside YOUR head, putting them out there and saying: "So, here are my reasons for dating or hiring or buying from me. Whatta ya think?" It's very EASY to say NO to that. But supposed you flip the script? Supposed you expanded the ideas in THEIR heads. Expanded them really, really big? Since everybody LOVES their own ideas, they'll LOVE this process. And all those positive feelings you create IN THEM will be naturally and automatically connected to YOU. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-communication/
  21. Toothpaste Apocalypse: https://mindpersuasion.com/toothpaste-apocalypse/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Oct30Loop.mp4
  22. Wasabi Flavored Dirt: https://mindpersuasion.com/wasabi-flavored-dirt/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Oct22Loop.mp4
  23. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Oct01Post.mp4 It's always good to keep some in the tank. It's always good to have a back up plan. Plan A, plan B, plan C, etc. If you only have plan A, and it fails, you won't be in good shape. If you run out of gas in your main tank, and you have a backup tank, you'll be much less likely to get out of trouble. This is common sense, and plenty of saying and anecdotes describe this. Plenty of ways to skin a cat, for example. If you're in sales and you have a lot of flexibility, you'll sell a lot more. If you're intending to get a ladies number and you have a lot of flexibility, you'll get a lot more action. Both require a flexibility of thinking and a flexibility of frame. When people tend to think of "frame domination" they tend to think in blatant terms. A blatantly strong frame that can't be overcome. But in reality, frame flexibility is much, much more powerful. This combined with a relaxed, confident but friendly AND playful attitude will win way more hearts and sales than the "warrior frame." In sales, every time customer comes up with an objection, you accept it, appreciate it, even playfully expand and slowly shift it around. This is best done NON competitively. To HELP the person overcome their own objection so they can buy whatever you are selling. They wouldn't be sitting in front of you if they weren't interested in buying. They wouldn't be sitting in front of you of part of them didn't want your HELP buying. Talking to friends and potential romantic partners is similar. Humans are VERY social. Our brains will bend over backward to find mutually agreeable points of interest. So if you're talking to a lady, and she's got positive body language, she's OPEN to you seducing her. In fact, part of her WANTS to seduce you. But part of her, an ancient instinctive part, needs to make sure. So she'll always put up resistance. But this "resistance" isn't angry, or mean spirited or even confrontational. It's usually very playful and subtle. Think of this as the linguistic dance that must happen before any physical connection. On one level, it may be seem silly and nonsensical. But on a deeper level, it's all about the reframe. Consider that customers and romantic targets WANT to be sold or seduced. But it can't be blatant. It's got to be very subtle. Both customers and seduction target, both male and female, NEED a bit of plausible deniability. They need to feel as if you WORKED for their acquiescence. So that don't feel taken advantage. So, enjoy the dance. Build up your brain power. Every conversation is practice. Every conversation is a dance in itself. Enjoy the game, build your brain, and get more customers and happy friends than you know what to do with. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/mental-strength/
  24. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/July11Post.mp4 There are a lot of sales jobs that have the same basic structure. Low entry requirements. Very little training. If you can manage to sell, you can make a lot of money. Most do not. This is the Pareto Principle in action. Or the 80-20 rule. 20% of folks do most (80%) of the work. Work, of course, being relative. 20% of any books for any given publisher will get most of the sales. 20% of dudes will bang most of the ladies. 20% of the salespeople at any sales company will make most of the sales. Now, many people complain about this. They say sales companies should spend a lot of time and money training their employees. After all, they would make the money back, right? Not so fast. Think about the legacy publishing companies. Those old school, hundred year old businesses that served as the holy gatekeepers of fiction BEFORE self publishing became a thing. They had agents, editors, and people who read books just to pass them on to the next level. You'd think with all that experience, all those educated gatekeepers and screeners on their staff, they'd be able to sniff out the winners from the losers, right? Nope. No matter WHAT any organization does, they cannot beat Pareto. The 80-20 rule DOES NOT CARE how you choose. Within ALL the books those well educated literary super geniuses let pass their filters, the 80-20 rule still held true. The top selling books tended to SUBSIDIZE the crappy selling books. Those books that agents, editors, and gatekeepers read and thought to themselves, "Yeah, this will be a best seller!" DID NOT SELL. And guess what? Pareto is a smooth function. Within the top 20%, it still is in effect. That means with the top twenty percent of the top twenty percent does most of the work IN THAT top twenty percent. Which means that 4% (20% of 20%) does 64% (80% of 80%) of the sales. This is why there will ALWAYS be these types of distributions. Turns out those sleazy sales companies that hire anybody with a pulse aren't so stupid. They save a TON of money. Even if they did spend a ton of money on training they'd STILL be trapped in Pareto. And guess who else is a big fan of the Pareto Principle? A huge fan of the 80-20 rule? Mother Nature, that's who. Natural selection. Here you are, a living creature, with a thinking, rational brain. A ton of natural instincts. Just showing up and waiting for an opportunity won't work. Sitting around waiting for somebody else to make life fair won't work. What will work? Getting in the game. And getting some. Before somebody else does. Get Started: https://mindpersuasion.com/obstacle-obliteration/
  25. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Apr22Post.mp4 Once I was looking to buy something. Something that I could only find from some woman a couple of cities over. We talked on the phone, and negotiated a price. I went to her place, cash in hand, but she started to get cold feet. Even though she hadn't used it in years, she was worried that as soon as she got rid of it, she would want it, need it, and not have it. I understood her concerns. She was still the owner, and she was within her rights to change her mind. But for some reason, I decided I wasn't going to go home without the item. I didn't get angry, I didn't use any sales techniques or objection overcoming strategies. I simply removed EVERYTHING from my brain expect the imagination of a happy transaction. My face was as plain as I could make it. I listened to her explain why she was having second thoughts. But I didn't respond. Just kept looking at her, waiting for her to decide. Now, this is a memory of a thing that happened nearly twenty years ago. Which means it could be heavily influenced by hindsight bias. But I distinctively remember HOLDING that thought, while she wavered. I remember noticing this thought was MUCH DIFFERENT than a wish or a hope. It was a kind of knowing that something GOOD was about to happen. Not just for me, but for both of us. A minute or so later, she smiled, got the thing, I gave her the money and we were both happy. Long time ago I sold insurance. I went to a training by one of the top agents in the local area. This top agent was an ex-cop. Had spent plenty of time in the interrogation room with hardened criminals. Thieves, murderers, rapists, etc. By lucky accident, I was sitting very near the front. This guy had such a STRONG intention, you could feel it just looking at him. Both these events are a DESCRIPTION of having a strong frame. A frame that includes the meaning of the conversation. It was very EASY to tell exactly how and why this guy could sell so much insurance. Why does this thing called "frame" even exist? Conscious language and thought is a very recent invention. Beneath is exists MILLIONS of years of non-verbal communication. With a strong enough frame, you can convince everybody of anything. I have zero doubt that the ex-cop insurance salesman didn't need to worry ONE BIT about the words he used. That guy would only need to sit across from you at YOUR kitchen table. Describe the policy, explain the costs and benefits, and then look at you and say: "What do you think? I think this is a good idea." With a strong enough frame, you can dominate anybody and any situation. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/pre-framing/
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