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Found 6 results

  1. Don't Blame God: https://mindpersuasion.com/dont-blame-god/ https://mindpersuasion.com/live-training/
  2. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Feb12_Post.mp4 Our future is a reflection of our past. Meaning the stuff we've continued to do, is the stuff we will continue to do. Most of us hope to change, but if we're honest, we don't assume full responsibility for this change. We expect SOMETHING to change. And that something is generally the world. If you listen most people complain about most things, we tend to blame others for our problems. So we naturally expect our problems to vanish by OTHER PEOPLE suddenly deciding to change their behavior. In fact, this is the CORE structure of everybody's, even the most famous intellectual's, strategy to change the world. Some have some very beautiful ideas. They sound really good. But at their core, the problem lies in OTHER PEOPLE suddenly changing their behavior. They hide this idea very well. They rarely say that "those other people" are doing it wrong. At least the intellectuals. Politicians are very keen on saying "those other people." But intellectuals tend to use "we." "We need to do a better job of doing X,Y,and Z." What they really means is "those other people who aren't behaving the way I think they should behave SHOULD do a better job of X,Y, and Z." This SOUNDS good. This FEELS good. But it doesn't really change ANYTHING. On a group level, or on a persona level. Even worse is if you start to BELIEVE it's really not your "fault." That it really IS somebody else's responsibility. This is a comfortable idea. This is a very POPULAR idea. But if you choose what is POPULAR, you will have plenty of company. In fact, this is everybody's GO TO strategy. To BE as average as possible. Most people would rather be smack dab in the middle of a "poor me" party than actually suck it up and MAKE changes. Rather than WISHING others would do it for you, why not just do it? Rather than accepting popular excuses, you will BECOME a popular leader. How do you do this? First, by accepting that statement, your future is a reflection of your past. But not just nodding and saying, "Yeah, man that's true." To look at that statement. And to look inside your brain. Because you CAN change your past. Not with a time machine or a jumping into a parallel universe. But by changing how you DETERMINE your past. Your past, as you think about it in mind, is the past that creates your future. And that past, that is referenced in mind, CAN be changed. Slowly, steadily, and SAFELY. Nobody needs to know but you. At least nobody knows what you're doing inside you brain. But they WILL notice changes in your behavior. More confidence, more authority, and more natural leadership. This will change your filters, so you start to SEE things others don't. You'll be able to DO things others can't. And that's just the beginning. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/social-proof/
  3. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Mar18Post.mp4 All problems of modern society can be described as "instinct-mismatch." Back in the day, we were ALWAYS hungry. That was good. The HUNGRIER you were, the more motivated you were to get out and kill something. Not only to get out and kill something, but to eat AS MUCH as you could whenever you had a chance. PERFECT for the time before. Really, really horrible for modern society. Most other instincts are like this. Fantastic back in the day, horrible today. Social signals, relationships, social status, all perfectly calibrated for primitive times. All being horrifically misfired today. Probably the ONLY instinct that serves us is fear of dangerous animals. If we saw a tiger following us today, it would scare the crap out of us JUST LIKE back in the day. Of course, this is a pretty useless instinct as not a lot of people see tigers on their morning walk. But on a meta-level, we are much less likely to make the necessary TRANSITIONS we did back in the day. Way back in the day, we transitioned from being DEPENDENT to being PROVIDERS. If you were a slacker back in the day, you'd left behind. Today, finding out ways to game the system is a fantastic career choice. Especially if you're a banker! One way this plays out is how we MEASURE ourselves. If you were a little kid back in the day, AND today, your self worth was based on how well, or how poorly, other people treated you. Eventually, usually when you were old enough to walk around on your own, you started to DEFINE your self worth. There were no politicians on TV telling you how special you were. There were no classes in college telling you how it is somebody else's responsibility to take care of you. Every single human that survived long enough to send their DNA into the future learned a very important rule. One that is VERY RARE today. One that little kids back then were FORCED to learn. The rule? If you don't kill, you don't eat. Back then, all successful humans had to DEFINE their worth to the tribe on a daily basis. The BETTER you provided REAL VALUE to the tribe, the more they valued you. Nobody could just "decide" to be valuable or special "just because." Now, this may be offensive to many people. And that's fine. Plenty of people have ZERO PROBLEM letting OTHERS take care of them their whole lives. But as we alluded before, we STILL have these ancient instincts. So when YOU choose to take responsibility for your life, that will trigger these ancient instincts in others. Ancient instincts that say YOU are a very valuable human. Much more so than all the other entitled goofs running around. This, of course, will give you a HUGE advantage. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/self-esteem/
  4. We live in a very modern world with tons of conveniences. If you were to pick any time period in the history of mankind, it would be very unlikely to be alive today. They say that humans are anatomically, physiologically and mentally the same as we've been for 50,000 years. Any 100 year period out of the past 50,000 years is a chance of 1/500. And you'd only have a 1/230 chance of landing AFTER 1800. Just being alive TODAY is unlikely and very lucky. Life was much harder even 50 years ago. But in some ways, life was better back then. How's that? One thing that is missing from many people's lives today is PURPOSE. Many people feel like they are going through the motions. Without much enthusiasm. Now, you could get very metaphysical and esoteric. Or you could find a very SIMPLE difference. And one VERY SIMPLE difference is in the incentives. Up until very recently, all our incentives were EXTERNAL and very UNFORGIVING. Nobody had to be "motivated." There was no need for motivational speakers or ideas about finding one's purpose. Back then, your environment FORCED you to get things done. Because if you didn't, you'd get left behind. Today, if you want to achieve greatness, you have to be motivated mostly by INTERNAL incentives. It's very easy to relax, get most of your needs met. But it's also easy to get most of your needs met and never feel like you're doing much that is worth much. This is one reason why we LOVE hero's journey movies. In most of those movies, the hero is FORCED onto their path. We would LOVE to have that happen. Something to come along and MAKE US leave our comfort zone. Maybe we'll get bit by a radioactive spider. Maybe a tornado will take us to Oz. Maybe we'll find out an evil wizard killed our REAL parents. Maybe stormtroopers will show up, kill everybody, and FORCE us to go on a mission. Maybe, but probably not. If YOU don't force YOURSELF out of your comfort zone, nobody will. What are you waiting for? Get Started: http://mindpersuasion.com/hero/
  5. Once upon a time there was a guy on a ship. He was the type who rarely took vacations. It took him a while to build up the courage to go on a cruise. So one day, he was standing on the deck, enjoying the sunshine, when a storm hit. It came fast and deadly. The skies were dark, the thunder was loud, the rain was heavy and the boat was rocking. Dude was terrified. People were slipping off the deck left and right. So he grabbed onto the nearest thing he could. The anchor. For several hours, he gripped the anchor as tightly as he could. It saved his life. But when the skies cleared and the seas calmed, he was beyond sane. He'd been so petrified, since the anchor was his salvation, he was TERRIFIED to let go. So when the captain dropped the anchor, he went down with it. Even as his ears popped and he sank deeper and deeper, he consciously knew he should let go. But his instincts wouldn't let him. And he died. Moral of the story? It can be applied to anything. What worked once won't always work. Strategies we learned as kids don't work as adults. For example, if you were in the middle of a job interview, and you started bawling your eyes out hoping it would get you what you wanted, it wouldn't work. But other strategies are much older. Survival instincts that saved us tens of thousands of years ago may kill us today. Hunger is one example. It used to be a good idea to eat as much as we could, whenever we could. Now it's not such an effective strategy. And just like anchor-guy, even though we consciously KNOW what to do, our instincts make us do different. We've got many instincts besides hunger that mess us up. Plenty of social instincts. Following authority. Following crowds. These are much subtler. Much harder to notice. What's worse is most of the time, they won't kill us. We won't end up at the bottom of the ocean. But we will end up at the end our lives wondering what happened. Social proof and authority won't lead us to our deaths. But they WILL lead us to NOWEHRE if we aren't careful. Most people choose social proof and authority FIRST, and then let the direction and destination take care of itself. The secret is to FIRST choose your destination, and THEN choose the appropriate social proof and authority to help you get there. Then you'll get the BEST of both worlds. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/gurutrap/
  6. There are skills and meta skills Individual skills are virtually infinite. For example, if you wanted to be a "skilled" computer programmer, you would never be finished. Every time a new language came out, you'd have to learn it. Same with every other technology based skill. But even non-technology bases skills are virtually infinite. Take storytelling for example. Storytelling has been going on before recorded history. All you need is spoken language. Being the head storyteller of any ancient village or tribe would be a respected tradition. If you are the one talking, and most everybody else is listening, AND you are carefully helping them create imaginary stories, that's a pretty good position to be in. So it stands to reason there would always be guys and gals "trying out" for the "head storyteller" position. A never ending competition of sorts. And every time you have competition, you have creativity. Everybody tries to outdo everybody else. This is the engine behind human growth and invention. Whether the rewards are monetary or not, it's human nature to try and "outdo" each other. Which means ANY skill you intend to learn will be a lifelong process. Luckily, we humans LOVE learning things. We love the feeling of being better today than we were yesterday. In our hearts, we are nomads. Never content to sit still. If we aren't moving physically, we need to be moving intellectually, spiritually, romantically. And continuously learning or improving upon skills is a great way to do that. But among all the skills, there is a META skill. One skill that supersedes all the other skills. Having this meta skill will make life MUCH MORE enjoyable. Not having this skill can make life miserable and pointless. What IS this skill? The self-responsibility to CHOOSE which skill to pursue. Many people don't do this. They choose skills their bosses want the to learn. Or they want to look good to their friends. Or they want to make their spouse happy. These are all fine, but if you don't have ANY skills you are learning just for YOU, you run the risk of living your life ONLY for other people. And plenty of people are very good at sniffing out people like that (who only live for others) and taking advantage of that. But so long as you've got at least ONE skill you are learning for YOUR OWN reasons, you're good. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/nlp/
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