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Found 3 results

  1. Cooking Cult https://mindpersuasion.com/cooking-cult/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Mar19Loop.mp4
  2. There are a lot of cool metaphors about the human condition. A metaphor, of course, is a simplified way of looking at something. Something that either too complicated or too complex to describe. Most of our language is filled with metaphors. It can turn into a problem, however, when we mistake the metaphor for reality. In NLP, they say "the map is not the territory." In this "truism," the metaphor is the map that is an approximation of reality. And the map is reality itself. Metaphors are helpful as long as they help us make right choices and get closer to what we want. But they aren't helpful if they trick us into "magical thinking," usually to remove risk or action on our part. While it would be cool if we could say some magic words over and over and make a brick of gold appear in our lap, it's not the best income generating strategy. Since we live in a real world with real people, we need to learn real things so we can get more of the stuff we want, and less of the stuff we don't want. So are metaphors for the human condition not helpful? On the contrary. Because some of the most MIND BOGGLING things happen right out in plain site. Even something as MUNDANE as "science" is not very well understood on a lot of levels. If you got a bunch of the world's smartest scientists in one room, it wouldn't take very many questions until they could only answer them with, "I don't know!" That's why I like the Mulder-Scully version of human nature. The who-who? Those were the two FBI agents on the X-files. Each show was cleverly written so at the end, they could explain it (whatever happened) with both science AND paranormal mumbo jumbo. After all, science can be indistinguishable from magic, if it's advanced enough. Here's my favorite metaphor of human nature. Once upon a time, the gods were arguing about where to put our greatest power. They didn't want to make it so easy for us to find it, otherwise we would abuse it. So they hid it, and hid it really well. But figuring out the perfect place was the tricky part. Tops of mountains, bottom of oceans, on other planets, they figured we'd find it in all those places. So they stuck it where we'd be least likely to look, or even suspect. Right inside us. Find It: Sex Transmutation
  3. Disclaimer: I don't claim this to be true, but just a thought recently that resonated strongly. What if we are not really in a matrix, but actually in a video game. The controller is God who is yourself playing as yourself. So in a weird this may all just be a virtual reality after all. The 'real world' may just be a virtual world. Bizzare to think that this world is just a video game being played by our 'real selves' on the other side. My intuition tells me that this may be very close to being the 'truth.' And perhaps there may be some special condition to wake up to our 'real self.' A ritual possibly, even death or a special amount of correct patterns... What do you guys think, George you are welcome to chime in
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