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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, I would like to know if you could do a video on Clear Thoughts Silent Mind. Thank you for your time & energy Let me know if you decide to do it - You can e-mail me if you want. I would love to have a video on this subject, it is what I struggle with the most When my thoughts just keep going & won't shut up. I feel the best when my mind is silent. And I am stronger than as well. How many voices do you think could be effective for something like this? And of course I will pay for your services. Thank you, Sincerely..... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. I had a friend once who bought a Volvo. This was about fifteen years or so ago. I don't remember the exact circumstances, but he had to special order it. It took about a month, then he and his wife had to drive to a nearby city (couple hours away) to pick it up. If you are a company that makes products, it's good to have products that are in such high demand, customers are willing to wait to get them. Sometimes this is normal, and not done to purposely increase sales. Building a car takes time, and if you build too many that you can't sell, that will end up costing you a lot. For much smaller products, that are much easier to make, companies tend to play with things like scarcity. In one famous case, a toy manufacturer combined a few laws of influence in very powerful ways. At first, they blasted TV with ads for toys. A couple months before Christmas. Embedded in the ad was the idea that kids should make their parents PROMISE to get them a toy. So plenty of kids got their parents to PROMISE them that toy for Christmas. This leveraged the law of commitment and consistency. Then a couple weeks before Christmas, right when most parents started shopping, the PULLED most of the toys. This leveraged the law of scarcity. Since the poor parents couldn't find the toy, they had to buy replacements. Since they felt guilty (they HAD promised) they spent MORE than they normally would have. Christmas comes and goes, and then a month or so later, they FIND the toys. And blast TV again with the same ads. Like clockwork, millions of kids reminded their parents that they'd PROMISED. Following through on commitment and consistency. So by careful manipulation, the toy companies got TWICE as many sales. There are plenty of ways to use laws of influence like this. To manipulate people and trick them into buying things. All of these techniques are reverse engineered from how they work naturally. Meaning something that TRULY IS valuable WILL be scarce. It won't be around for very long. It will create social proof, since everybody wants it. Since we humans have a VERY HARD TIME understanding cause and effect, these techniques work both ways. Meaning high quality products will CREATE scarcity, social proof, etc. But social proof, scarcity, will also IMPLY high quality products. This works for products, and for humans. Meaning if you are a valuable human, you WILL create scarcity, social proof, etc. But the flip side is also true. By creating scarcity, social proof etc., you will IMPLY that you are a high quality human. With just a little bit of work in the front end, you can create a very powerful, very ATTRACTIVE self-sustaining loop. Making YOU more and more attractive as time goes on. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/walk-away/
  3. I'm a big fan of Star Trek. Well, not really a huge fan, and not for all Star Trek. I like some of the shows, and not others. Some of the movies, but not others. In one of the series, they had a woman that was an empath. But a really strong empath. She could read very detailed emotions of others. So whenever bad guys were pretending to be good guys, she would know. When good guys were trying to negotiate, she would help them. Of course, they gave this character this power because it's a commonly wished for trait. The ability to read people's minds. So you know what to say and what to say. If you were to take a couple minutes strolling around a club, you would know WHO was into you, and who wasn't. Or if you were in sales, you could read the minds of your customers and overcome their objections before they said them out loud. Or if you were in a relationship, and something was bothering your partner, you would know what it was and could help them with it. The reason we like to fantasize about skills like this is because we are all pretty lazy. Make no mistake, being lazy is a very powerful trait. Bill Gates, for example, said he values lazy employees. Those are the ones who always come up with better and more efficient ways of doing things. Employees that love to work hard would never make any breakthroughs. They would assume that everybody else loved to work as hard as them. Lucky for us, all inventions are made specifically so we can be MORE lazy. Does this mean we are stuck inside our own heads and can never know what others are thinking? Not at all. Quite the opposite, really. How's that? For one, EVERYBODY is usually thinking the same thing. And two, it's actually pretty easy to see which people want to have a chat and which people don't. After all, NON-VERBAL communication is more than 90%. The rest is really just sounds that go along with the much more important non verbal energy. You can learn to pick up and send this non verbal communication. So when you do start a conversation, with words, it's just a continuation of what's already been going. The cool part is people will LOVE you. Because everybody is always hoping somebody else does the initiation. YOU can be that person. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/communication/
  4. One of the more interesting ideas from economics is the idea of supply and demand. It's one of those things that everybody "knows" (or thinks they know) since we hear those terms all the time. But on a very important scale, the supply-demand creates a pricing system that keeps the entire global economy in an equilibrium. All one needs to know is the price of something, and this will tell them all they need. But it also one of those things that forces us to accept certain truths. Truths that tend to destroy any fantasies we like to have about ourselves. Namely that the more something is in supply, the less valuable it will be. People that become rich and famous do so because they can do something few other people can do. Now, exactly how they get to that point is another issue completely. For most rich and famous people, their lives just happen to click together in a way that allows them to make tons of cash and get tons of fame for just "showing up" and doing whatever they do best. However, the point remains. If you want to get something that other people don't get, you'll need to do things other people don't or won't or can't do. This is true about making money, but it's also true about creating social confidence and charisma. If you go to any social setting, where people go with the idea that they might meet somebody, EVERYBODY has the same ideas. "I'd like to meet somebody, but I don't want to approach anybody." Most people would LOVE to meet somebody interesting. At the same time, most people are TERRIFIED of approaching anybody. Therein lies the paradox. If you want to have a social life that most people only dream of, you'll have to DO THINGS most people can't or won't do. Namely, YOU have to be the one to get the ball rolling. Standing there while other people do all the work is EASY. Everybody can do it. And based on the laws of supply and demand, if everybody can do it, it's not worth much. Everybody on Earth can wait around and hope for SOMETHING to happen. That's easy. Very FEW people will actually get out there and MAKE something happen. This takes skills. Skills take practice. Most people are too lazy and too scared to do anything other than sit around and wait for somebody else to do the work. But if you're willing to slowly practice until you develop skills, you can stand out from the crowd. The more you practice, the more you'll stand out. The more you stand out, the more of the good stuff you'll get. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/communication/
  5. I've taken a few acting classes in my time. One of the more interesting ones was an improv class. But it wasn't like comedy improv. It was improv to build in the feeling of spontaneity. Everybody knows that when they go to see a play, the actors are all delivering well-rehearsed lines. But at the same time, good actors can make us believe it's spontaneous. This is why we enjoy plays and movies so much. They feel very, very real. We quickly lose ourselves and imagine we are right up there with them. The ancient Greeks came up with the idea of vicariously experiencing emotions. Emotions like heartbreak, love, loss, pain, death, fear, terror, etc. Emotions that we enjoy feeling, but don't necessarily want to go through the real life events that cause them. Kind of like riding on a roller coaster or going zip-lining. We get to experience the fear and exhilaration of falling, but without the danger. In that improv acting class we did all kinds of goofy exercises. All of which involved ZERO talking. This is what separates good actors from amateurs. The energy that happens before the words. Anybody can memorize a bunch of lines. It's saying those memorized lines with the right non-verbal energy is why A-list actors get paid millions. It is also what makes talking to others so powerful. Most people hesitate to start conversations because they don't know what to say. But it's incredibly easy once you understand that the actual words are irrelevant. That you don't really need to say anything. Just open yourself, ask a few questions, and listen. Most normal humans are DESPERATE for somebody to listen to their story. Which is precise why few people listen. Everybody's blathering on about what's so important to them. Most normal conversations are like idea contests. But if you turn off your ego, open yourself and listen, you will have a FAR GREATER impact than any goofy story or anecdote or memorized opener. How do you do that? First open your non-verbal energy. Then learn to read the non-verbal energy of others. With a little bit of practice, you'll know EXACTLY who is dying to talk to you. Which will eliminate all chance of rejection. After you re-calibrate your thinking, it will be incredibly easy to start conversations with strangers anywhere you go. And keep those conversations going as long as you want. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/communication/
  6. Humans are a lot of things. If some invisible alien spaceship had been hovering above Earth for that past couple million years, watching our evolution would have been interesting. There's no clear reason why we (and not somebody else like Koalas or something) eventually took over the Earth. Even describing "what" we are would be difficult. Because we do a lot of things. Individually and collectively. We invent a bunch of stuff. We explore, we discover, we build. Other animals build stuff too, but they keep building the same stuff over and over and over. We build better and bigger and more complicated stuff. We also create great works of art that lasts thousands of years. Great plays, poems, epic sagas of good and evil. These imaginary invisible aliens might notice that when we "misbehave" they put us in cages. And the worst of the misbehaviors get stuck in a small cage all on their own. These aliens might even decide that the absolute WORST punishment for misbehaving is death. And the second worst is to keep us away from others. These aliens then might see just dependent we are on each other. That all of these great works of art, great discoveries and inventions are all the result of teamwork. Sometimes additive teamwork that is across many generations. They might notice that other animals tend to pass on information from generation to generation, but only genetically. We humans are different. We can pass on ideas from one human to another. Either in an instant or across great chasms of time. No other animal can come close to this. This might lead these aliens to conclude that this trait, of passing information from one human to another is the ONE trait that makes all the others possible. They might even put all the accomplishments of all the people in some huge alien spreadsheet. And they would find that the ONE common theme among all great achievers is how well they COMMUNICATE those ideas to others. And they might actually have something. You gotta admit, being able to effectively get the ideas out of your head and into others is a pretty necessary skill. But even more is being able to coax the ideas out of OTHER PEOPLE's heads. This trait will make you stand out. Why? Because it is very uncommon. If you've got some great stories or ideas (or even a collection of funny jokes) in your brain, then you can get away with sharing your ideas with others. But even if you do, they will be no match for how much the other person likes THEIR OWN ideas. Which makes OTHER PEOPLE'S IDEAS the very best conversational topic. AND the easiest. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/communication/
  7. When we are very young, getting what we need is simple. We start screaming until somebody fixes whatever is wrong. When we are happy, we express certain emotions via facial expressions and noises. Our parents are driven by genetics to feel happy when we are happy, and feel terrified for our safety when something is wrong. If you have kids, or know anybody who has kids, they'll tell you it changes their value system significantly. Eventually, though, we all have to grow up. In ancient societies, this had to happen sooner rather than later. Getting enough food for everybody was a lot of work. Lazing around eating while everybody was out working wasn't an option. If you look around, you'll see these mindsets EVERWHERE. The childhood (somebody fix me) mindset. (common) The adult (I'll take care of things) mindset. (very rare) One is easy, but it's very inflexible. One isn't so easy, but it is VERY flexible. With a solid adult mindset, and enough skills (or the willingness to learn) there is not a lot you CAN'T do. However, these can often times get confused. For example, think of a typical guy in social situations. The kind of guy that relentlessly approaches every cute girl he sees. Is this more adult mindset or childhood mindset? Most would guess adult, since he's actively getting out there and going after what he wants. Maybe, but maybe not. It all depends on how he presents himself. Most guys present themselves as a "please accept me" either in how they speak, how they feel, or even in the structure of their language. Getting rejected can ONLY happen to somebody with a childhood mindset. Getting rejected means you asked for something. And they said no. This presumes that the asker was in the childhood mindset, since they were HOPING that SOMEBODY ELSE could satisfy their needs. Of course, then there are naturals. These are adult mindset oriented people. Both men and women. Because they are just having fun. After all, social situations are really for relaxing and enjoying yourself. If you meet somebody, that's cool. But that is NOT the purpose. This is one reason why naturals are SO attractive. They don't NEED anything. They are TRULY outcome independent. This doesn't only apply to social situations. Imagine hiring people for a job. And most applicants have the, "please hire me! I need this job!" mindset. Then there's one guy or gal who has the "let's see if this can be a mutually beneficial relationship" mindset. A true adult mindset is very rare. Most people walk the earth hoping SOMEBODY ELSE will swoop in and save. Adult minded people have a certain level of contentment. And this radiates a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT kind of energy. One that is insanely attractive. Not just to potential romantic interests, but to EVERYBODY. Because in a world of children, the lone adult is sought by EVERYBODY. How do you BECOME that person? Here: http://mindpersuasion.com/presence/
  8. There are some very esoteric techniques that allegedly can make one invisible. Of course, these can equally be argued to be metaphorical. We can imagine how that might be possible. If you were capable of adjusting your energy, the sounds you made when you moved, it could be possible to walk through a room so that nobody would notice you. This seems to be a weird thing to think about, but it's a useful exercise. Now, why would you want to do something like that? Who knows, maybe you want a job in commercial espionage or something. But suppose you could adjust your "energy" so that even if people looked at you, they wouldn't remember you. Not that you would have any impact on their minds or anything. But they would see you walking, but put ZERO meaning on you as an individual. Zero threat, zero desire, zero reasons to spend any amount of brainpower. Many people sort of do this naturally. Some people just don't want to be noticed. So while others will physically see them, they forget them soon after. Why is it useful thinking about stuff like this? It's like a woman who came to see Milton Erickson. "I can't control my weight," she said. "I don't believe you," Dr. Erickson said. "And I can prove your wrong," he added. "What? How?" the woman asked. "You're homework," he said, "is to gain ten pounds." She was a little shocked, but went ahead. Next time he told her that this was PROOF that she COULD control her weight. She just needed to do it in the other direction. Which she did, since he'd loosened up her idea about her skills. Humans ALREADY have the ability to shift our energy all over the place. It's just something we do unconsciously. So when you want to project positive, safe, friendly, attractive energy, it's a matter of doing something you do naturally. EVERYBODY projects positive, friendly, natural, attractive energy when they are around friends and in a good mood. All you need to do is reverse engineer the process so you can project that energy at will, whenever you want. Which means you can FEEL relaxed, natural, attractive, friendly ANYWHERE you want. With a lot of other positive traits as well. Anywhere and whomever you happen to be around. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/presence/
  9. Once upon a time a guy killed his wife. This was a famous story all over the news about 15 years or so ago. One of the reasons was that he planned it all out. He had her killed, discovered the body, and went on TV pleading for the criminal to be caught. At first, everybody believed it. But then the guy disappeared. And the more they dug, the more they suspected him. He had bought a large insurance policy, and by the time they'd found him, he'd totally changed his appearance. But the guy was no dummy. He only ran away because he got spooked by all the media attention. But as far as evidence, there was none. He was finally convicted due to a confession. And the way he slipped during the confession was by using the wrong verb tense. That led to more slips, and eventually he was convicted. Which means one might intellectually plan the perfect crime, as far as not leaving any tangible evidence. But withstanding the massive pressure of an interrogation, and all the social attention via the media is something else entirely. But one thing struck me as very odd during the entire process. He was never described by any media as anything that sounded like "charismatic." Quite the opposite. He put on a show of being emotionally distressed. And once they had enough pressure on him, he cracked like an egg. But when he walked into his trial, one female juror had the response of saying he was very charismatic. And I wondered, why was SHE the ONLY person who saw him as charismatic? I believe that she had built up a huge idea of him in her mind. Then when SHE finally saw him, she interpreted him as being charismatic. Kind of like when little kids go to Disneyland the first time. They have this huge image of Mickey Mouse. Then when they see him, it's like seeing some magical cartoon character. But it's just a guy in a suit. And suits can't radiate charisma. They are heavy and cumbersome so the gestures and movements on the person INSIDE the suit don't really go through. So the charisma seen in Mickey, AND the charisma seen in the killer are made up beforehand in the mind of the observer. This type of charisma is VERY DIFFICULT to create. The opposite kind, the kind that comes from inside YOU, is much easier. And it's MUCH more powerful. You can walk up and say hey, and the person can have ZERO idea who you are, yet still be blown away by your presence. That word, "presence," gives us big clue what it really is. Zero stray thoughts or ideas in your mind. All that fills your mind is the person before you. When somebody with THAT kind of power looks at anybody, whoever is on the receiving end will be stunned. Magnetized. Entranced. How do you GET this kind of presence? Like This: http://mindpersuasion.com/presence/
  10. The idea of a "cat" or "dog" test is pretty common. Many guys visit a girls house for the first time. If her cat is friendly to him, that's a good sign. This is a generally accepted idea since we believe that animals can sense things that we humans can't. If a person is giving off sketchy energy, for example, other humans might not notice it, but dogs would be nervous around that person. The truth is that we have a lot more data available to us that we think. We just don't notice most of it. Since we all have a mix of desires and anxieties, we are all radiating conflicting information. A simple example is a guy looking across the room at a pretty lady. Even if they exchange friendly eye contact, most normal guys would be nervous even THINKING about approaching. This sends out conflicting messages. One of them is "I want you." The other is "I'm afraid of what might happen if I come over and talk to you." The other person is thinking the exact same mix of thoughts. "I want you to come over," combined with "I'm worried what might happen if you do." This is why the dating scene is so nerve racking. Everybody involved is both sending and receiving tons of mixed messages. But all it really takes is ONE person to project pure energy. The closer two humans get together, the more their "energy" is based on interactivity and interdependency. So if only ONE person is calm and relaxed, both will tend to be calm and relaxed. One way to become calm and relaxed is to spend tons of time interacting socially. To build up a HUGE experience that nothing bad ever happens. For example, if you've successfully started tens of thousands successful conversations, you would have very little fear when starting conversations. Your memory would prove that social situations are much more good than bad. But most people have neither the time nor patience to go out and talk to tens of thousands of people just to build up that experience-memory. There is, however a much better way. Instead of building in memories from experience, you just train your mind to ONLY focus on what you want to focus on. This kind of training can be done at home, watching TV, sitting in the park, pretty much anywhere. Not only is it a lot quicker, it's a lot more efficient. Learning by experience is like trying to increase muscle strength through normal daily activity. Imagine if a boxer ONLY trained while actually boxing. Nothing else. That would take forever. But with some concentrated exercises, he could build muscle strength and endurance in a hurry. The same goes with mental strength. You can build mental strength through daily living. Or you can build mental strength a lot faster through concentrated mental exercises. Giving you a huge advantage in a very short amount of time. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/presence/
  11. One of the most common fears is the fear of rejection. When you think about learning skills, we can put them into two categories. Those that involve other people, and those that don't. Those that DON'T involve other people are things you do on your own. Learning software, instruments, playing sports. Sports sort of involves other people, but it doesn't invoke the fear of rejection. Even in one-on-one sports like boxing and martial arts since they are performance based and not choice based. Meaning each person does their best, and whoever performs the best wins. On the other hand, any skill that involves talking to others, and giving them the choice to accept or reject your idea, this can create MASSIVE anxiety. Anything involving sales, or public speaking, or seduction. These cause so much anxiety that we don't tend to think of them as skills. We think of them of things we can do, or things we can't do. Thinking about practicing martial arts, for example, doesn't create the same anxiety. Even if you were making a decision to get a certain rank that would take a few years, the decision would involve some "unpleasant" ideas. It wouldn't be an easy decision. It would take a lot of dedication, practice, exercise, and specifically NOT doing enjoyable things like eating Big Macs and watching TV all day. But it wouldn't be scary. On the other hand, if you imagined practicing every day for an HOUR on social skills, that would be VERY DIFFICULT to even think about. The idea of going out, for ONE HOUR each and every day, just talking to strangers, for the sole purpose of improving your social skills. Since even the IDEA of doing that creates anxiety in so many people, most people don't put social skills into the "practicable skills" section of their brain. It goes in the binary, "I can do this" or "I can't do this" section of their brain. Ask somebody who trains regularly what their hobbies are. They'll say something like, "I practice martial arts twice a week, and a practice the piano on weekends." NOBODY would say something like, "Well, I practice talking to strangers twice a week." That just sounds silly! What does this mean? This means that EVERYBODY you see out in public has these SAME fears. Everybody likes the idea of talking to interesting people. But everybody is also terrified of going first. Now, one idea is to simply start approaching people, knowing they are just as nervous as everybody else. But there is a MUCH easier way. And that is to re-calibrate your energy so you become extremely APPROACHABLE. That you radiate energy that DISSOLVES everybody's fear around you. So they see YOU as different from everybody else. Somebody who is very EASY to approach. Even better this is something you can practice all on your own. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/presence/
  12. There's a common tendency to think that we need the right words. We have an idea of what we want, and we focus on having some kind of conversation to make it happen. Any time this involves other people that can say "yes" or "no" to our ideas, this creates a lot of anxiety. If you know anything about therapy, there is something called a "presenting problem." This is the thing the patient SAYS they want to talk about. But it's never the REAL issue. The real issue is usually much deeper. Something they don't even know about. Experienced therapists know that in order to find that deep issue, they FIRST have to address the presenting problem. The thing up their on the surface. Once they get THAT dealt with, it's just matter of "allowing" the patient to discover, on their own, that the issue is much deeper. This is also the same structure of arguments within long standing relationships. It's NEVER about the toothpaste cap or the toilet seat. It's really about much deeper issues. Respect, validation, being taken for granted, boundary issues, etc. If you watch movies, you can tell right away whether it's a good movie or a bad movie. One clue it's a bad movie is the actors are horrible. Funny thing about acting is it's about MUCH MORE than just memorizing the right words. Anybody can remember a bunch of words. It's HOW you say them that's important. Whether you truly BELIEVE them. This makes the difference between A-list actors that make millions per movie, and struggling actors that you find on straight-to-streaming duds. The CONGRUENCE with which they deliver the lines. So when we tell ourselves we don't know what to "say" it's not the issue. Just like the fight isn't about the toothpaste cap. Or when the presenting problem isn't the real issue. When it comes to social situations, the real issue is that we are presenting ourselves. As much as we try to pretend, our energy is always out there. For all to see. With the right energy and congruence, the words you say don't matter. With the right energy and congruence, you could walk up and say hey, and you'd be in like Flynn. But with the wrong energy and a lack of congruence, you'd come across like those lame actors that are only on Netflix. How do you CHANGE your energy? Luckily, the energy you project is a collection of skills. Once upon a time, all A-list actors sucked just like everybody else. But they practiced. What skills? The one's you'll find in here: http://mindpersuasion.com/presence/
  13. There's a interesting idea in linguistics. It says that languages that have a built in politeness verb conjugation do so because of a certain historical past. If you were say something polite in English, for example, you use the second conditional. "Would you like fries or a baked potato?" The "would" is shorthand way if saying: "I'm not going to be so rude as to ask you, since what you want is none of my business, but if I DID ask, what would you like?" English uses the second conditional in polite sentences because it puts the question in "hypothetical land." Which is the whole point of the second conditional. To talk about hypothetical things. Compared to the first conditional, which talks about things that are likely. Examples: First Conditional: If it rains, I will get wet. (present tense + will) Second Conditional: IF I saw an alien, I would take a picture, (past tense + would) So in English, we use the second conditional to be polite, but we also use it to talk about aliens or other things that won't likely happen. But some languages have a very specific verb structure that ONLY is used with polite forms. And linguists believe this is an artifact of their past. When it was perfectly legal for upper class people to KILL lower class people for disrespect. For example, if you were a samurai in ancient Japan (very upper class) and some peasant didn't bow properly, you could chop his head off. And nobody would say boo. Consider that ALL polite language is meant in the same way. To avoid angering the listener. Or to avoid getting a negative response. When we walk up to a stranger on the street, and we have a need to talk to them, we INSTINCTIVLEY use polite language. Not because we care about their feelings, because we don't want to "appear rude." This is hard to accept, but being polite is just as much about our fears as it is a concern for their feelings. But beneath this idea is a much more important idea. That we use polite language when the person is UNAPPROACHABLE. Someone who radiates PURE approach-ability is also radiating safety. The rare energy that says "I won't hurt you. It's OK to come and talk to me." Even though we may think that consciously, we are almost always sending some kind of "anxiety" energy that makes the person approaching us feel the need to use polite language. But if you GET RID of all that anxiety energy, you will become VERY approachable. This is the kind of energy that DRAWS people to you. This is ATTRACTIVE energy. The kind that VERY FEW people have. But it's also a kind of energy that YOU can develop. And once you develop, you will have a very rare, and very attractive, presence. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/presence/
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