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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, I would like to know if you could do a video on Clear Thoughts Silent Mind. Thank you for your time & energy Let me know if you decide to do it - You can e-mail me if you want. I would love to have a video on this subject, it is what I struggle with the most When my thoughts just keep going & won't shut up. I feel the best when my mind is silent. And I am stronger than as well. How many voices do you think could be effective for something like this? And of course I will pay for your services. Thank you, Sincerely..... -----------------------------------------
  2. I had a friend once who bought a Volvo. This was about fifteen years or so ago. I don't remember the exact circumstances, but he had to special order it. It took about a month, then he and his wife had to drive to a nearby city (couple hours away) to pick it up. If you are a company that makes products, it's good to have products that are in such high demand, customers are willing to wait to get them. Sometimes this is normal, and not done to purposely increase sales. Building a car takes time, and if you build too many that you can't sell, that will end up costin
  3. I'm a big fan of Star Trek. Well, not really a huge fan, and not for all Star Trek. I like some of the shows, and not others. Some of the movies, but not others. In one of the series, they had a woman that was an empath. But a really strong empath. She could read very detailed emotions of others. So whenever bad guys were pretending to be good guys, she would know. When good guys were trying to negotiate, she would help them. Of course, they gave this character this power because it's a commonly wished for trait. The ability to read people's mi
  4. One of the more interesting ideas from economics is the idea of supply and demand. It's one of those things that everybody "knows" (or thinks they know) since we hear those terms all the time. But on a very important scale, the supply-demand creates a pricing system that keeps the entire global economy in an equilibrium. All one needs to know is the price of something, and this will tell them all they need. But it also one of those things that forces us to accept certain truths. Truths that tend to destroy any fantasies we like to have about ourselves. Namely that
  5. I've taken a few acting classes in my time. One of the more interesting ones was an improv class. But it wasn't like comedy improv. It was improv to build in the feeling of spontaneity. Everybody knows that when they go to see a play, the actors are all delivering well-rehearsed lines. But at the same time, good actors can make us believe it's spontaneous. This is why we enjoy plays and movies so much. They feel very, very real. We quickly lose ourselves and imagine we are right up there with them. The ancient Greeks came up with the idea of vicario
  6. Humans are a lot of things. If some invisible alien spaceship had been hovering above Earth for that past couple million years, watching our evolution would have been interesting. There's no clear reason why we (and not somebody else like Koalas or something) eventually took over the Earth. Even describing "what" we are would be difficult. Because we do a lot of things. Individually and collectively. We invent a bunch of stuff. We explore, we discover, we build. Other animals build stuff too, but they keep building the same stuff over and over and over.
  7. When we are very young, getting what we need is simple. We start screaming until somebody fixes whatever is wrong. When we are happy, we express certain emotions via facial expressions and noises. Our parents are driven by genetics to feel happy when we are happy, and feel terrified for our safety when something is wrong. If you have kids, or know anybody who has kids, they'll tell you it changes their value system significantly. Eventually, though, we all have to grow up. In ancient societies, this had to happen sooner rather than later. Getting enough food
  8. There are some very esoteric techniques that allegedly can make one invisible. Of course, these can equally be argued to be metaphorical. We can imagine how that might be possible. If you were capable of adjusting your energy, the sounds you made when you moved, it could be possible to walk through a room so that nobody would notice you. This seems to be a weird thing to think about, but it's a useful exercise. Now, why would you want to do something like that? Who knows, maybe you want a job in commercial espionage or something. But suppose you could adjust
  9. Once upon a time a guy killed his wife. This was a famous story all over the news about 15 years or so ago. One of the reasons was that he planned it all out. He had her killed, discovered the body, and went on TV pleading for the criminal to be caught. At first, everybody believed it. But then the guy disappeared. And the more they dug, the more they suspected him. He had bought a large insurance policy, and by the time they'd found him, he'd totally changed his appearance. But the guy was no dummy. He only ran away because he got spooked by all th
  10. The idea of a "cat" or "dog" test is pretty common. Many guys visit a girls house for the first time. If her cat is friendly to him, that's a good sign. This is a generally accepted idea since we believe that animals can sense things that we humans can't. If a person is giving off sketchy energy, for example, other humans might not notice it, but dogs would be nervous around that person. The truth is that we have a lot more data available to us that we think. We just don't notice most of it. Since we all have a mix of desires and anxieties, we are all radiati
  11. One of the most common fears is the fear of rejection. When you think about learning skills, we can put them into two categories. Those that involve other people, and those that don't. Those that DON'T involve other people are things you do on your own. Learning software, instruments, playing sports. Sports sort of involves other people, but it doesn't invoke the fear of rejection. Even in one-on-one sports like boxing and martial arts since they are performance based and not choice based. Meaning each person does their best, and whoever performs the best win
  12. There's a common tendency to think that we need the right words. We have an idea of what we want, and we focus on having some kind of conversation to make it happen. Any time this involves other people that can say "yes" or "no" to our ideas, this creates a lot of anxiety. If you know anything about therapy, there is something called a "presenting problem." This is the thing the patient SAYS they want to talk about. But it's never the REAL issue. The real issue is usually much deeper. Something they don't even know about. Experienced therapists know that
  13. There's a interesting idea in linguistics. It says that languages that have a built in politeness verb conjugation do so because of a certain historical past. If you were say something polite in English, for example, you use the second conditional. "Would you like fries or a baked potato?" The "would" is shorthand way if saying: "I'm not going to be so rude as to ask you, since what you want is none of my business, but if I DID ask, what would you like?" English uses the second conditional in polite sentences because it puts the question in "hypothetical land."
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