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Found 14 results

  1. Be An Inspiring Leader: https://mindpersuasion.com/be-an-inspiring-leader/ https://mindpersuasion.com/mm/ https://soundcloud.com/mindpersuasion/mind-boggling-leadership
  2. Linguistically Generated Attraction: https://mindpersuasion.com/linguistically-generated-attraction/ https://mindpersuasion.com/mm/
  3. Content Free Frame Domination: https://mindpersuasion.com/content-free-frame-domination/ https://mindpersuasion.com/mm/
  4. Prerequisite For Greatness: https://mindpersuasion.com/prerequisite-for-greatness/ https://mindpersuasion.com/3x3/
  5. The Caveman Sex Trinity: https://mindpersuasion.com/the-caveman-sex-trinity/ https://mindpersuasion.com/3x3/
  6. Free Will Paradox: https://mindpersuasion.com/free-will-paradox/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jun04Loop.mp4
  7. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Mar08Post.mp4 The discovery of electricity was a pretty pivotal thing. It led to a lot more stuff to be invented. Electricity, at it's core, is energy. The story of human history is closely related to the story of energy. How, specifically, is electricity made? You spin some magnets around some copper wires and it creates an electrical current. But this was ONLY possible once they discovered fossil fuels. You could, theoretically, create electricity by burning wood. But since wood doesn't burn very hot, AND it burns up pretty quickly, you'd need a TON of wood to power a couple of houses. You can also power steam engines with wood. The concept is the same. This is something the ancient Greeks knew about. You burn wood, boil some water, and the rising steam makes things spin around. This is how they make electricity, only they don't burn wood. They use coal, or nuclear energy, or sometimes the heat from deep within the Earth. But this process ONLY works if you have ENOUGH energy to boil ENOUGH water to spin the things around to make electricity. This is one reason why all of Galileo's inventions were only on paper. Everything NEEDS energy. Our bodies need energy. The story of human progress is the story of more and more energy use. First, we had to use OUR OWN energy to run after animals. Then we could leverage the energy of fire, to hunt, to cook, and to stay safe. Then agriculture, which leverages the sun, the earth, some nutrients, human planning, and water. The more ENERGY we've figured out how to use, the more progress we make. You can easily draw a parallel to individual human behavior. You can understand the skills, but not have the "energy" to use them. You can make the most beautiful and compelling presentations in front of a mirror, but collapse into a heap of anxiety whenever somebody watches you. This is very similar to knowing HOW to boil water to spin things around, but not having enough ENERGY to make it worthwhile. When it comes to inter personal behavior, there are SKILLS and there is the ENERGY behind those skills. All the skills without the energy is very much like Galileo's drawings. They look cool in the ABSTRACT. But without much energy, they don't DO much. Energy, on the other hand, is very powerful. Personal energy much more so. Because when you speak with just a LITTLE BIT of energy, it will make EVERYTHING much better. And when you increase both? Both power, and the skills that are driven by that POWER? You become unstoppable. What kind of power is this? Find Out: https://mindpersuasion.com/self-esteem/
  8. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jan14Post.mp4 In many movies and stories, there is sometimes an alpha contest. A bunch of people will be stranded on an island, or in an elevator, or somewhere. And they always have some of contest between guys about who gets to be in charge. This makes for entertaining fiction. Because it's partly true. But the best "leaders" are not generally the people who WANT to be leaders. The best leaders are the people who are chosen by others. Everybody looks at them and says, "dude, you need to take charge, nobody else knows what to do..." And the reluctant leader takes charge, and figures everything out. But some leaders, who want to be leaders, are very, very clever. Others, not so much. Way back when Reagan was shot, Alexander Haig made waves by immediately claiming he was in charge. When in reality, he was third or fourth in the chain of command. These are the kinds of guys who people tend to avoid. They kind that are always looking for a reason to boss people around. The kind of people who walk up to you, look over your shoulder and try to tell you a better way to do what you are doing. These people exist on all levels. Small offices, big corporations and even large countries. One of the most powerful ways to be in control is to first convince people that you aren't in control. Or that you don't even exist. This is that famous quote about the devil. That the biggest trick he ever pulled was to convince everybody he doesn't exist. This metaphor rings true because it is EXACTLY how people operate. The most power hungry people of all time. They know that if you make it OBVIOUS you want to be in charge, you've got to have a reason to be in charge. Which means as soon as somebody else comes up with a better reason, then THEY get to be in charge. But the people who REALLY crave power know that the best power is always HIDDEN. And if you go back into any society, since the dawn of time, this type of power has always involved money of some sort. Controlling the money of any society is like meta control over everybody else. This is why nearly all governments since the dawn of time have controlled the money supply. The ideal situation is for the government to control the money, so ordinary people won't think too much about it. The thing is, money existed BEFORE governments were invented. Money existed long before societies were even invented. There's evidence of very basic forms of money being used 100,000 years ago. Which an ONLY mean that money is a human instinct. Not an invention by power hungry goofs looking over your shoulder trying to tell you what to do. Understand money, understand everything. Get Started: https://mindpersuasion.com/money-instinct/
  9. Spiritual Physical Dichotomies: https://mindpersuasion.com/spiritual-dichotomies-homeopathic-cures/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Sept16Loop.mp4
  10. I had a friend once who bought a Volvo. This was about fifteen years or so ago. I don't remember the exact circumstances, but he had to special order it. It took about a month, then he and his wife had to drive to a nearby city (couple hours away) to pick it up. If you are a company that makes products, it's good to have products that are in such high demand, customers are willing to wait to get them. Sometimes this is normal, and not done to purposely increase sales. Building a car takes time, and if you build too many that you can't sell, that will end up costing you a lot. For much smaller products, that are much easier to make, companies tend to play with things like scarcity. In one famous case, a toy manufacturer combined a few laws of influence in very powerful ways. At first, they blasted TV with ads for toys. A couple months before Christmas. Embedded in the ad was the idea that kids should make their parents PROMISE to get them a toy. So plenty of kids got their parents to PROMISE them that toy for Christmas. This leveraged the law of commitment and consistency. Then a couple weeks before Christmas, right when most parents started shopping, the PULLED most of the toys. This leveraged the law of scarcity. Since the poor parents couldn't find the toy, they had to buy replacements. Since they felt guilty (they HAD promised) they spent MORE than they normally would have. Christmas comes and goes, and then a month or so later, they FIND the toys. And blast TV again with the same ads. Like clockwork, millions of kids reminded their parents that they'd PROMISED. Following through on commitment and consistency. So by careful manipulation, the toy companies got TWICE as many sales. There are plenty of ways to use laws of influence like this. To manipulate people and trick them into buying things. All of these techniques are reverse engineered from how they work naturally. Meaning something that TRULY IS valuable WILL be scarce. It won't be around for very long. It will create social proof, since everybody wants it. Since we humans have a VERY HARD TIME understanding cause and effect, these techniques work both ways. Meaning high quality products will CREATE scarcity, social proof, etc. But social proof, scarcity, will also IMPLY high quality products. This works for products, and for humans. Meaning if you are a valuable human, you WILL create scarcity, social proof, etc. But the flip side is also true. By creating scarcity, social proof etc., you will IMPLY that you are a high quality human. With just a little bit of work in the front end, you can create a very powerful, very ATTRACTIVE self-sustaining loop. Making YOU more and more attractive as time goes on. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/walk-away/
  11. A very common question when attempting to persuade is wondering what to say. Somebody has an idea of what they want from somebody else. And they imagine that outcome is going to come as a result of a verbal interaction. You SAY something, they take those words into their brain, and respond by DOING or SAYING the thing you WANT them to do or day. Most of the time this is exactly how it works. Even when ordering a beer from a bartender. Or asking for time on the street. The structure is the same. Step one, get their attention. Step two, say whatever it is you want to say. Step three, hope they respond the way you want them to. Step four, repeat from step two as many times as needed. You either keep going until you get what you want, accept a compromise, or give up. This is pretty much the strategy we learn since childhood. From delivering a one hour sales pitch to asking somebody in an elevator to hit the "three" button. But it's not the ONLY way. It's often not even the BEST way. Because there is a LOT of things we do now, that we didn't do before. And many of those things didn't involve somebody else asking us or telling us. Nevertheless, we took cues from our environment. Sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously. Most of the time unconsciously. Most people never think in these terms. Most people just kind of bounce around, and let their environment shape their behavior. But if you take a step back, and see how this process works, you can understand it. You can BE that environment that operates on others. WITHOUT their conscious knowledge. So long as you do it ethically, you can slowly change their behaviors to anything you want. In fact, to those close to you (friends, family members, coworkers) you are ALREADY doing this. So all it really involves is taking something that is happening unconsciously and haphazardly, and making it conscious and deliberate. This will give you a lot more direct influence over others. In a way where they won't ever know the difference. Pretty soon you'll be able to slowly shift the behavior of ANYBODY you want. The more you imagine this, the more you can see how POWERFUL this can be. Because essentially, you will be secretly in charge of YOUR WORLD. And nobody needs to know but you. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/people-training/
  12. Most humans have a hard time thinking on their own. This isn't good or bad, this is just the way we are. Usually if we are in a situation, and something is a bit off, most people instinctively look around. Usually for somebody in charge. Or even a sign (put up by people in authority) that tells what to do. When they put strangers together, and give them a task, they always form a hierarchy. One guy in charge, and everybody else willingly following along. In the movies, like if people are stuck on an island or in an elevator, there's usually a struggle for power. But this is only a plot device. In real life, most people HATE the idea of being in charge. They WELCOME somebody who steps up. Interestingly, when they do experiments like this, people ALWAYS line up. They take a hundred people, and put them in a groups of ten. In each group, one person becomes the leader. It happens quickly, naturally, and without any arguing. Any arguments that happen is when people don't want to be in charge. "Me? Why me? You be in charge!" But then they take those TEN "leaders" and put them together, and the SAME THING happens. This is one of the reasons the world is structured the way it is. There's a couple hundred dudes that are sitting on the board of directors on 90% of all the companies. But you don't need to conquer the world to leverage this powerful law. Because we ALL have internal "filters" for anything that looks or sounds like "leadership." And if you know how to slip this idea into your conversations, people will automatically follow along. What idea? That you, or your ideas, are approved by authority figures. See, when you wrap up ideas of authority with the Milton Model, not only will your ideas (or you) seem WAY more compelling, nobody will really know why. But YOU will. Obviously, this stuff can be abused. Anything that shortcuts the thinking of other people can be used for evil as well as good. So be careful! Because nobody liked it when authority abuses its power. So long as you use to have fun, and create win-win outcomes, everybody's happy. Learn More: Seven Laws
  13. http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Absolute_Condition Subliminal Messages: All limiting beliefs have left me I am in absolute condition I am strong I have absolute strength My strength increases everyday I have reflexes I have absolute reflexes My reflexes are super fast My reflexes increase everyday I am fast I have absolute speed My speed increases everyday I have endurance I have absolute endurance I am agile I have absolute agility My agility increase everyday I am flexible I have absolute flexibility My flexibility increases everyday I have an healing factor I have accelerate healing I have supernatural healing I heal fast I heal in moments My healing factor increases everyday I am in absolute condition All limiting beliefs have left you You are in absolute condition you are in absolute condition you are strong you have absolute strength your strength increases everyday you have reflexes you have absolute reflexes My reflexes are super fast your reflexes increase everyday you are fast you have absolute speed your speed increases everyday you have endurance you have absolute endurance you are agile you have absolute agility your agility increase everyday you are flexible you have absolute flexibility your flexibility increases everyday you have an healing factor you have accelerate healing you have supernatural healing you heal fast you heal in moments your healing factor increases everyday you are in absolute condition
  14. I know there is one for Martial Arts "One Army", however I think there are things that are not included and that are basics for a MMA fighter: I am fast and strong I resist hours of intense fight My jaw is of steel, it is imposible to knock me out I am faster than the smallest categories I hit stronger than the Super Weight category My legs are made of strong steel My body is that strong that those who hit me with no protection break their bones I am extremely flexible I can kick as taller, precise and stronger than a Tae Kwon Do champion I naturally know how to fight Muai Thai I use my knees and elbows with letal perfection I know Kiusho Jitsu, Every hit I assest is directed to a energetic point I knockout everyone and I provoke no harm to their bodies, their just go to sleep I am the best at Brazilian jiu jitsu I am capable of making a submission in one second I can fly and kick as chinese movies My reflexes are that fast that no hit can land on my body I have a powerfull detector of hits ad kicks and instintevely move I learn everything just watching MMA fights on tv My body copies the strongest, fastes and precise fighters with no effort My contenders see me and they got scared just of watching my energetic field There are those who decline just watching me I know GrecoRoman struggle I am a master of Olimpic struggle I know all locks and moves before they even think about it. and so on....I really do not know if it is to much...
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