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Found 2 results

  1. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/May12Post.mp4 Humans come preprogrammed with a lot of instincts. Both instincts and learning capability. This has two sides. An "avoid the negative" side. A "maximize the positive" side. Most people stay as close to the center as possible. On the "avoid the negative" side, the perfect example is gaining weight. Our instincts tell us to eat as much as we can, whenever we can. NOT doing that requires continuous conscious management. Not easy, but not impossible. But we also have a social proof instinct and other social instincts. Our social instincts (social proof, authority) are often at odds with our deeper instincts. Instincts like food and sex. So within our own conscious minds, we are being pulled in two direction. Individually, we'd like to look good naked. But socially, we're told it's OK to be overweight. This is just ONE instinct. Wherever you lie on this particular spectrum is up to you. Most folks are ONLY concerned with staying AWAY from the far negative side. Most people are motivated mostly AWAY from pain. So they spend their lives trying to avoid things. But the other side of the coin is much more robust. Must more open to many more possibilities. This is the "maximize the positive" side. Avoiding the negative is easy. You know what you DON'T want, so you do anything to move AWAY from that. But the positive side requires calibration. This is the OPPOSITE of doing anything to avoid being a slave to your instincts (food, sex, social approval, etc.). But the positive side has much, much more potential. Imagine having a caveman for a neighbor. These represent your instincts. This neighbor is loud, obnoxious and can't reason to save his life. The natural and common response is to AVOID this neighbor at all costs. To keep him from getting angry at you. But suppose you could slowly get to know him? Find out that he really DOES have hidden strengths? This is what happens when you move beyond only managing your instincts. But to leverage and maximize them. How? Here's a quick example. Everybody's heard of the "red car phenomenon." When you buy a red car and suddenly see all the red cars. This is an example of all the filters in our brain. Most people know these filters exist. And they CAN be changed by random events. You buy a red car, and see red cars. At least until your red car becomes natural and normal. Then the red cars disappear. Or you see a few strange numbers. 11:11 on the clock for example. And you get a cool, but undefined and vague feeling. Then you forget about it a few days later. This is NOT the universe speaking to you. These are the filters in your brain giving you RANDOM hits about what's out there. When you calibrate these filters, you can consciously choose WHAT you want to see. For whatever purposes you want. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/luck-activator/
  2. One thing that can get in the way of progress is the "shiny new object" syndrome. For example, let's say you started a weight loss or exercise plan. You were going pretty good for a couple weeks. Let's say you started walking every day. Pretty soon you were ready to start jogging. So you decided to go and buy some new running shoes. While you were at the sporting goods store, you bought a bunch of other stuff. Pretty soon you're more interested in "buying running stuff" than actually running every day. Maybe even putting off training until you got the "right" equipment. Or maybe you wanted to start a business. So you bought a couple of business books. But then you decided to maybe go to a seminar. Pretty soon you bought every kind of business "thing" you could find. You were telling yourself that you were "learning" about business. You didn't want to start until you "really understood" the business concept. But in reality, you were really just using that as an excuse, to avoid starting. Since starting any business, for anybody, is pretty scary. Now, is the "shiny new object" syndrome a BAD trait? In the above examples, yes. But it can also be a MASSIVE benefit. How? You can use that same desire (something new) to keep getting more and more success. You might even say that this trait, of always wanting or striving for "new" things is behind EVERY INVENTION humans have ever created. Sure, it can misfire, as in the above examples, but it's the same thing that drives all progress. And you can't shut it off. It's why we humans are ALWAYS dreaming of a better future, no matter where we are, or what we've accomplished. It's also one of the reasons why some of the guys who walked on the moon had serous problems when they came back. Walking on the moon made it pretty hard to dream of bigger and better things. It's a benefit to recognize and cultivate this trait within yourself AND within others. It all starts with the question: What do you want? Try this out with your friends or family next time you're just "hanging out." Forget about your own desires for a bit. Also turn off the part of you that judges others, (good or bad). And ask them: What do you want? And keep expanding on their desires. Get them out into the future a couple of years, describing a detail picture of their ideal future. If you make it a habit of talking to people like this, they'll NEVER forget you. Click Here To Learn More
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