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Found 10 results

  1. Three Steps To Greatness: https://mindpersuasion.com/three-steps-to-greatness/ https://mindpersuasion.com/tools/
  2. Enjoy God's Laughter: https://mindpersuasion.com/enjoy-gods-laughter/ https://mindpersuasion.com/tools/
  3. Heavenly Burrito: https://mindpersuasion.com/heavenly-burrito/ https://mindpersuasion.com/live-training/
  4. Become A Man With A Plan: https://mindpersuasion.com/become-a-man-with-a-plan/ https://mindpersuasion.com/3x3/
  5. Subconscious Alpha Language: https://mindpersuasion.com/subconscious-alpha-language/ https://mindpersuasion.com/3x3/
  6. Stuck In A Backwater Town? https://mindpersuasion.com/stuck-in-a-backwater-town/ https://mindpersuasion.com/3x3/
  7. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jan23_Post.mp4 One of the ancient rules of magic is to keep secret. There are many variations. Generally it goes as follows. To dare, to will, to act, to keep secret. First you gotta think big. That's the dare part. Then you gotta formulate a plan. That's the will part. Then you got to take action. But what about the keep secret part? Think about it from a pure "emotional energy" standpoint. You want something you don't have. So in order to get that something, you need to PAY some energy. Whether you're building an empire or making a sandwich, you need to EXPEND energy before you get your outcome. Consider this from a simple "making a sandwich model." If you aren't very hungry, you won't be willing to expend the energy to make a sandwich. So your "body" waits until you are hungry enough. So the pay off is MORE than the energy required. When you're not very hungry, there's not much of a payoff. So there has to be enough GAIN from the "now" state to the "future" state to justify spending whatever energy it's going to take. Now imagine something much bigger. Like running a 10K in under 45 minutes. A much bigger goal. This a goal you'll have to KEEP in mind for a while. This is when the "keep secret" part is important. When it's you, the goal, and your daily actions (the costs) that's one thing. But when you start telling everybody your plans, that can make it much more difficult. Particularly when you get POSITIVE feedback. Why positive? Without ANY feedback, there's only you and your goal. But when you start getting positive feedback, that feels GOOD. It can take away from your future desire by giving you some NOW pleasure. Kind of like snacking before dinner. It takes away the pleasure of dinner, or as they say, it "ruins" your appetite. But what if the feedback is NOT positive? That's even worse! Now you've got your goal, your intention, your expectation of the daily costs it will take to get there. AND a bunch of opinions swirling around in your head. Some good, some bad. Some may ever remind you of past failures. All it takes is one eye roll from a close friend, and a half hearted, "yeah right," and you might be RUINED. So, consider keeping your goals to yourself. The more important they are, the more you might consider living your life like a well written piece of fiction. Show, don't tell. Don't be like those goofs always running around telling people what they are GOING to do. Just get it done. Let your actions and results define your life. Not your words. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/ideal-health/
  8. A common and very lazy writing technique is called "deus ex machina." It means "god from the machine." It generally refers to books or movies where the hero's are rescued by a sudden character that wasn't there before. It usually happens when the story starts off pretty good, but the only way the writers can figure out how the heroes can win in the end is by some unpredictable magic. Stories that are much better tend to have solutions at the end that you can sort of (at least retrospectively) see coming. These tend to be very enjoyable. So enjoyable they make us want to watch the movie over and over again to see the clues that we missed the first time. On the other hand, movies that end with an unexpected solution out of nowhere are not so enjoyable. Unfortunately, most of us plan our lives with the "deus ex machina" strategy. We expect some entity OUTSIDE of ourselves to show up and save the day. We expect something to be "given" to us. At the very least, we expect our situation to somehow change to make it EASIER for us to get what we want. You can generally tell by asking people some simple questions. If you ask them to imagine fantastic success in a couple of years, and then look back to now, and explain how it happened. Most people will need some kind of deus ex machina event. They meet somebody that does the work for them, or they happen to wander into the right relationship. While it certainly FEELS fantastic to be the recipient of such luck, it begs the question. Why us? Meaning if some other person or situation is going to single US out to give us a big break, or make it easy for us to turn our dreams into reality, why us? Not not the billions of other people? This presents a paradox. The more we DREAM about a big and fantastic future, the more we'll depend on some kind of "deus ex machina" event to make it happen. And the less likely it will happen. On the other hand, if you CONSTRAIN your future to YOUR behavior, it's much likelier to happen. Does this mean that you can't dream big? Not at all. This is another paradox. If you talk to successful people, you'll find they had no idea that they would be successful in the way they actually were. But they did constrain their dreams to their own actions. And when you combine these two elements, it's actually much more powerful than hoping for magic. Because when you dream big, you are dreaming of the future YOU. That CAN exist. Not some magic wish fairy. Which will never exist. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/goal-setting-sucks/
  9. Once upon a time a bunch of people in France got angry. So angry they decided to run around chopping off people's heads. This, of course, was the French Revolution. Problem is once a gang of revolutionaries start to kill the nobles, it's kind of hard to stop. Kind of like thinking you're going to eat one spoonful of ice cream. Or one potato chip. But when those angry French dudes finally stopped killing, they set up a new government. But as you would expect, they were still kind of excited about their new country, after their revolution. So some of the ideas they conjured up didn't fly so well. One of them was the idea of turning TIME into the metric system. 100 hours per day. Hundred minutes per hour. Hundred seconds per minute. I suppose it sounded good in theory, and maybe a few clock companies thought they might make bank, but most people quickly realized how foolish it was. Lots of us do that. Not have bloody revolutions, but we come up with ideas that SEEM good at the time, but in retrospect, we gotta ask ourselves: Dude, what were you thinking? Everybody knows the famous line about insanity. Doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for a different result. Unfortunately, we humans don't have very good memories. So that, "doing the same thing over and over idea" only makes sense in the short term. Because on the LONG term, we DO do the same things. Over and over and over again. And since the LAST TIME we tried them was so long ago, we actually think THIS TIME it's going to work. So even if it IS the same thing, we don't quite remember the last time, so it FEELS different. Even worse is when we try the same STRUCTURES over and over again. Because it's even harder for us to notice STRUCTURES, we try the same unsuccessful structures over and over again. But since this same STRUCTURE is tried in different areas, we don't really recognize that it's the same. So we keep failing. If you've ever tried to achieve something difficult, and have failed, you aren't alone. Most people continually try and fail. In finance, in personal relationships, in health areas. And since SO MANY people keep trying and failing, maybe there is something deeper going on. Maybe it's the STRUCTURE, not the people. Maybe there is a much better STRUCTURAL WAY to get what we want. What might that way be? Find Out Here: http://mindpersuasion.com/goal-setting-sucks/
  10. Beavers build dams. Bees build hives. Ants build hills. Certain slugs look around for certain shells. Scientists call this an "extended phenotype." A genotype is the actual genes. The phenotype is the thing the genes create. For example, the genotype for blue eyes is a specific sequence of nucleotides on your DNA. Then the DNA unravels, turns into RNA, and turns into a mini-protein assembly line. Individual pieces float down, link into the RNA, then link together and float off into your body. Those pieces of proteins link together in the final product. The final product, or the configuration as those proteins are linked together, is the phenotype. This is how your DNA, safely hidden and tightly wound together in the nucleus of every cell, creates your body. Your body being the phenotype. Your genotype (DNA) uses RNA to build your body (phenotype). What is an "extended phenotype?" It's kind of cool. Instead of the DNA building the proteins directly, it builds brains. Brains that have instincts. The DNA of a bee, for example, builds the little bee-brain. Then the bee brain is built to instinctively build the bee-hive. The DNA builds the brain, the brain builds the hive. So not only can DNA build bodies of animals, but it can build brains of those animals to build specific things OUTSIDE of the body. So bees make hives, ants make hills, beavers make dams. What do humans make? Human DNA (and the human brains our DNA builds for us) takes it a step further. Beavers, for example, have been building the same kind of dams since the dawn of time. Over and over and over and over. What do humans build? What is OUR extended phenotype? More! More of what? More of whatever there. Not just more, but better. All the brains of the all the animals look out into the world and INSTINCTIVELY build the same stuff over and over. Humans look out into the world, see what has ALREADY been built (by previous humans) and think: "Hmm, how could I make this even better?" To be able to do that, our human brains have some MAGNIFICENT capabilities. Imagination. Hallucination, individually and collectively. We imagine what DOES NOT EXIST, and somehow bring it from the world of hallucinations to the world of reality. But there's a catch. Humans also have tons of ancient instincts. Instincts that PREDATE our super genius brains. The kind of instincts that make us behave like dumb, non-thinking pack animals. Which makes most of us NEVER use our genius brains. This is when we unthinkingly follow the crowd. Or only believe what the experts on TV say. Or only do things because the are familiar. In that regard, we are kind of on the border. Each one of us. We can lean forward into the future and use our brains. Or we can rely on our instincts from the past. And follow crowds and authority and safety. One path is safe and boring and common. One path is an exciting adventure, fraught with danger and peril. Choose Wisely: http://mindpersuasion.com/gurutrap/
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