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Found 1 result

  1. Men and women are fundamentally different. Way beyond just the plumbing. A fantastic book described this in terms of our long time spent as hunter-gatherers. (Book: Why Men Don't Listen and Why Women Can't Read Maps) Lot of interesting differences once you understand how our respective natures were "cooked." For example, the male habit of not talking much stems from how men were always hunting. And if you yammer away while hunting, you'll scare away the animals. Women, on the other hand, talk endlessly. Since they were gathering, they needed to keep themselves from getting too bored. It also explains differences in our eyesight. Women evolved eyesight for gathering. Close range, and a very WIDE view. Men, on the other hand, have LONG range, and a very NARROW view. This is why men don't notice clutter, and why men can't find the mayonnaise in the fridge. All because men's field of vision is narrow compared to women's. A man looks in the fridge and can't see the mayonnaise. His wife walks up, reaches past him and grabs. From her point of view, he's an idiot. From his point of view, she pulled it from another dimension. All societies require a careful balance of masculinity and femininity. The longer something is OUT of balance, the more it needs to come back. Unfortunately, masculinity today is VERY low. In individuals, and in society. Understanding the reasons is the first step. Solving it on an individual level is next. How do you do that? Find Out: http://mindpersuasion.com/beta-male/
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