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Found 6 results

  1. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jan12Post.mp4 One of the easiest things about economics to understand is supply and demand. If there is a ton of supply, and very little demand, then it will be cheap. This is why they have stuff in the bargain bin. They made too much (too much supply) and not enough people want it (not enough demand) so it's a dollar or two. (As a kid I found some leftover Christmas candy in the bargain bin, thought I'd discovered secret treasure, but I was up puking all night.) On the other hand, if something is in huge demand, but little supply, the price will be very expensive. Companies that make toys are experts at manipulating this. They blast the TV with ads for toys. Driving up MASSIVE demand. Then just before Christmas shopping season, then purposely YANK them from the shelves. This significantly DECREASES supply. So they have MASSIVE demand. Very (artificially) scarce supply. This isn't, however, to make money. At least in the short term. Big companies play the long game very effectively. So all the parents go shopping, find the toys missing. Toys their kids have been begging Santa to bring them for MONTHS. Many of their parents PROMISED them Santa would bring them that particular toy. Only they go shopping, and it's nowhere to be found. So they feel guilty, and spend MORE money on ANOTHER TOY. But still, this isn't the con. The real con comes a few weeks AFTER Christmas. When the toy company has somehow "found" a bunch of those missing toys. So they BLAST those same ads again. The kids see them, and remember. They remember that mom or dad PROMISED them that toy, but got them something else. So the parents feel OBLIGATED to fulfill their promise. This is how big companies STAY big companies. This is just an example of a TOY company. All big companies play all kinds of games like this. Purposely yanking around supply and demand, creating artificial scarcity, knowing they can OUT SMART most people. Not that most people are dumb. It's just that most people are too worried about paying their bills, not getting into trouble at work, and basically SURVIVING. Big corporations, politicians, even religious organizations have been pulling crap like this since the dawn of time. One of the biggest, most ancient cons is a kind of META con. By purposely creating tons of mystery around the NATURE of money. Everybody believes money is scarce. Everybody believes money is evil. Everybody even believes wanting money is bad. Absolute nonsense. In a rigged system, getting money is evil. But in an honest system, WANTING money, GETTING money is the absolute BEST way you can serve your fellow human. Because in an honest system, the ONLY way to get money is to FIRST thing about what OTHER people want. Adam Smith knew this hundreds of years ago. And so can you. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/money-instinct/
  2. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Dec02Post.mp4 Recently I watched a documentary about Jim Jones, the famous cult leader. Most cult leaders have a similar personality, as well as a similar, "career path." It's very much like the very old saying, "power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely." Power is an instinct, like eating. And just like you can't just eat one chip, you will never be satisfied with a certain level of power. However, you can kind of manage your desire for power, just like we can manage our desire for food. We can use our conscious brains to manage our hunger. And some can use their conscious brains to manage their level of power. Politicians that carefully plan their careers, for example. But power becomes a problem when it comes unexpectedly. This is pretty much the same story for all death cults, and Jim Jones in particular. He started out as a preacher, but got really popular, really quickly. And he was always fairly paranoid. But he also have a very keen skill of manipulating people. In a way that would make them very loyal. One way he did that was to give them positions of power within his organization that they could NEVER get outside in the normal world. This would make them much less likely to leave. For example, one young women, in her early twenties, had a financial manager's position within his church. She was responsible for managing millions of dollars. Because she didn't have a degree, and she was a woman, getting a similar job in the real world, back then, would be nearly impossible. This would make her much less likely to leave. From a purely human nature standpoint, understanding all the instincts, and biases, it's fairly easy to reverse engineer all the components that go into the rise and ultimate destruction of any particular death cult. This is an important concept. Guy's like Jim Jones KNOW how to manipulate people. This means that people, in general, CAN be manipulated. Nearly always, this is done in a negative way. Pimps manipulate their ladies in specific ways that work. Salespeople manipulate customers in consistent and repeatable ways. Politicians, con artists, cult leaders, and even famous gurus are the way they are because they KNOW how to talk to people. Maybe it's conscious, maybe it's unconscious, but one of the common ways they use their skills is by noticing things about people that few others do. Like Jim Jones gave that twenty-something a financial job. Everybody has unmet needs and desires. Everybody has things about themselves they are proud, and are ashamed of. Few people will EVER talk about these things. But these are very, very easy to see when you know how to look. And if you use them to make the other person feel fantastic, (and not get them to join a death cult) they will associate that fantastic feeling with you. This is an objective skill, that can be used however you like. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.teachable.com/p/cold-reading/
  3. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Oct26Post.mp4 There's a very corny line from a lot of martial arts movies. That you learn any particular martial arts not because you want to fight. But because you don't want to. With a little bit of thought, this makes perfect sense. The more you prepare to fight, the less likely you'll get into a fight. If you knew you were very weak, and couldn't throw a punch to save your life, you would project a certain kind of non-verbal energy. Most of us don't think in terms of non verbal energy. We are either too nervous, because we're in an unfamiliar social situation. Or we are relaxed and around friends. When you are relaxed and around friends, you don't tend to notice body languages since you're comfortable. That's the whole draw of being around friendly, familiar people. You don't worry about what they think about you. That's why they are your friends. So paying attention to body language is not an issue. But when you're in a social environment, it's much different. Especially when some of those strangers are people you would very much like to get to know. This tends to shift your thinking way on the other side of the spectrum. When you're with your friends, you are not worried at all what they think. So you don't bother to worry about silly things like body language and other non verbal communication. In social situations, most of us are overly worried about what they DO think about us. So we are too worried to relax and read their body language. But whether we are measuring it or not, it is always there. If you were to study two groups of pictures, one with groups of friends, one with groups of strangers, it would be very EASY to tell them apart. This non-verbal energy is what changes when you practice defensive arts. When you are overly worried, you project a certain non-verbal energy. When you are relaxed and confident, you project a certain non-verbal energy. Muggers and pickpockets, who make a living stealing from people, are EXPERTS at choosing the right targets. Manipulators, con artists and gaslighters are also experts at choosing the right targets. When you practice physical martial arts, you'll project strength and confidence. Muggers and pickpockets will want nothing to do with you. Kind of like putting a large alarm sign in front of your house. Or a sign that says: "Proud Pitbull Owner." This is to deter all would-be thieves. When you practice the arts of verbal defense, it also changes your energy. So gaslighters, manipulators and con artists will want NOTHING to do with you. Learn How: https://www.udemy.com/course/verbal-assassin/
  4. https://mindpersuasion.com/sociopaths-and-sucker-punches/
  5. The reason for us having consciousness is unknown. On a much deeper level, the REASON for anything is hard to pin down. Sure, we can look back a few minutes, and see what happened before. X causes Y, Y causes Z, etc. And they might even point to a sequence of events that led to something like consciousness, but that answers the HOW, not the WHY. From a different perspective, you can look at it from an ownership standpoint. Imagine a factory making widgets. They only make them because people buy them. WHY people buy them is not really their problem. They only do a few experiments, make them bigger, smaller, this color, that color, etc. Mostly they just keep making whatever kind of widget people keep buying. Some people use these widgets in the kitchen, to help them cook. Some people use these widgets in the garage. Some people use them while studying, as it helps them remember. Each of these people would give a different answer what "their" widget is for. One says it's for cooking. Somebody else says it's for rebuilding engines. Most products have very narrow uses. If you used a canoe paddle as a baseball bat, people would think you were goofy. On the other hand, if all had was a canoe paddle and a tennis ball, you COULD play a good game of over-the-line in the park. That's the thing about tools. HOW we use them is absolutely and completely up to us. So, while it IS interesting to think about things like the origins and purpose of our consciousness, a better question might be HOW, exactly are YOU making use of YOUR consciousness? A slightly different, perhaps more provocative question might be how are you using the consciousness of OTHER PEOPLE? After all, if YOU don't use YOUR brain, somebody else will find a use for it. This goes both ways. Brains can be used by pretty much anybody. There's no rule saying you are ONLY allowed to use your own brain. There are plenty of ways you can use other people's brains. After all, take a look around. Doesn't look like many people are getting much use out of THEIR OWN brains, so why not leverage a little bit of other people's thinking power? Now, this isn't something most people walk around thinking about. (most people don't think about much as they walk around...) But you CAN slowly use the brain power of others. AND the behavior that brainpower drives. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/people-training/
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