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Found 7 results

  1. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/May10Post.mp4 I used to know this guy who went to a lot of law of attraction type seminars. He was a chiropractor, the first one I'd met and both seen as a customer. It turns out chiropractors believe in a lot of weird stuff. Make no mistake, this guy had some skills. At the time, I'd had shin splints for YEARS with no idea how to fix them. He fixed them in about three minutes. It WAS extremely painful, but it worked. But some of the other stuff he believed in was kind of kooky. I went to a couple free, "introductory" seminars with him. A lot more "kooky" people like him. They would do these "money manifesting" exercises. And then go out and look for money on the street, left over in vending machines, etc. And they'd do these goofy "parking space" manifesting exercises. Where they'd purposely drive into a huge, crowded parking lot and then imagine they were "creating" an empty space near the front. Or they would sit at a stop light, close their eyes and do a brief "string of green lights meditation." And they'd get a string of green lights. Or so they said. The little kid in me WANTED very much to believe in magic. But the scientist in me was skeptical. I knew about things like confirmation bias, hindsight bias, etc. I've always thought about metaphysical type stuff this way. Very much like how the writers created the two characters on the X-Files. One was very much a believer in aliens and paranormal activity. Another was a doctor, and had to explain everything due to science. The absolute GENIUS of the show was that every episode could legitimately be explained by either side. Hard, provable science. Or seemingly magic paranormal alien type stuff. This is where it gets kind of cool. It turns out our brains DO have a ton of filters. Many more than most people realize. Things like confirmation bias, hindsight bias are common. EVERYBODY knows about them. But there are also much deeper filters. Much more complex filters. A long time ago, life was VERY harsh. We had to work hard EVERY SINGLE DAY to not die. To get enough food. To not eat eaten. To not end up in an exposed area for too long. Today, life is not only much simpler, as far as what we need to do, but much, much more complex. You can leverage BOTH of these ideas. One is the potential good stuff out in the world is FAR greater than any caveman could hope for. Two is that because most of us have been brainwashed into tiny attention span obedience, you can build your brain much stronger. If you do both, you'll plenty of fantastic opportunities. Way more than green lights or money on the street. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/luck-activator/
  2. One of the central concepts in the book, "Think and Grow Rich," is that thoughts are things. The second central concept is the idea of the mastermind group. Unlike many other "law of attraction" type books, which are based on metaphysical thinking and philosophical ideas, Think and Grow Rich was reverse engineered. Napoleon Hill talked to hundreds of successful people to see why they were successful. This is where he got the idea that "thoughts are things." Of course, many people misunderstand this. They think that just thinking a thought will magically transform it into a thing. But the ultra successful people he talked to actually turned their thoughts into things. Hill should have said that thoughts are POTENTIALLY things. It's the long, drawn out process of TURNING thoughts INTO things that separates the dreamers from the doers. On one hand, this seems common and ordinary. On the other hand, it's incredibly metaphysical and mind boggling. Once upon a time, there was only humans and animals. Animals had to chase animals, kill them, wear their skin as clothes and use their bones as tools. Pretty barbaric! Now look at all the stuff we have! Every single thing that exists was once a THOUGHT. And it took a group of people, thinking that thought, to turn it into a thing. This happens every single day all around the world. Every company that makes stuff has long product development cycles. It takes years to go from the "thought" stage to the "thing" stage. This is what they mean when they say that genius is "1% inspiration and 99% perspiration." Anybody can dream. It takes a LOT of time, effort and persistence to turn a thought into a thing. It's usually not something one can do alone. You might even say this is our PURPOSE as humans. To join these mastermind groups and take part in the "thought into things" process. Many people struggle to find their place. Many people do everything they can to AVOID the "struggle." But the struggle is where it's at. Humans were meant to STRIVE for greatness. Not to just "show up" and be GIVEN greatness. YOU were put here to CREATE something. Not just accept something that somebody else decides to give you. What will you create? What thoughts will you turn into things? How will you be remembered hundreds of years from now? Get Started: http://mindpersuasion.com/hero/
  3. In economics, there is an idea of "excess capacity." It usually refers to a situation where is more labor available than is necessary. A lot of labor "potential" but nothing to do. Imagine a bunch of bored factory workers sitting around waiting for instructions. If the situation lasts long enough, the owner has to start letting people go. But imagine a situation where there was a magic source of money. Just enough to pay the workers and keep all the equipment working. But there was nothing for them to do. They would still have to show up, and do something. Maybe they'd have forklift races or battles. Often unions find themselves in this situation. But without the source of magic money. And if management is too far removed from the daily operations, it's easy to fake activity. This is when people do things just to look busy. A friend of mine was in a situation like that. For a few weeks, all he did was take stuff from one side of the warehouse and stack it on the other. This happens sometimes in prison movies. Some guy gets in trouble, and they make him carry rocks from one pile to another. And then move the pile back. The funny thing about our brains is we ALWAYS have excess "thinking capacity." Sometimes this is put to good use. For example, one of the driving forces of the Industrial Revolution was bored workers. Over a few hundred years, the entire society was doing more or less monotonous manual labor. And as humans tend to do, most of them were thinking, "Dang, there's GOT to be a better way to do this!" And from those thoughts, came all the inventions. Bored thoughts turned into things. And productivity shot through the roof. Most of us today don't use even a tiny fraction of our excess "thinking capacity." We daydream, waste time on social media or TV. Fantasize about romantic relationships that don't exist. But if you take only a tiny portion of your thinking and use it to plan rather than wish, things will change. All it takes is one small connection between thinking and acting, and this will be the seed that grows your empire. Because once you prove to yourself that your thoughts can indeed become things, it will forever change how you think. Instead of day dreaming, you'll be planning. Your ideas will start to oscillate between thoughts and things. After you build up enough momentum, they'll start to grow on their own. And you'll have to do everything just to keep up. Get Started: Seven Disciplines
  4. Hi guys and girls,I've been listening to the subliminals,but it seems at exactly certain times of the day,I will suddenly feel a shift in my energy and thoughts as if someone is directing it away. For example I'm listening to subliminals to attract women,suddenly I feel guilty and feel that I should stop and lose interest,when just the day before I was enthusiastic. Sometimes when I force myself this resistance and foreign thoughts become stronger. I also feel as if someone is watching me all the time. Can psychic attackers influence you from your life path by sending forceful thougths?
  5. Manifest Your Desires With Scientific Precision and Subconscious Magic Unleash your TRUE Nature as a creator, transform thoughts into things, and turn your life into an unstoppable powerhouse of ever greater achievements. Product Summary Comprehensive Training Manual Scientific Explanation of the LOA Common Mistakes To Avoid How To Leverage the Past How To Leverage the Future Proven Visualization Techniques How To Easily Leverage The Collective Unconscious The Ancient Truth of Life SPECIFICALLY How To Live on Purpose EXACTLY How to Become A Conscious Creator Dual Induction Hypnosis Session to Broaden The Transition From Thoughts To Things Metaphorical Journey Through Your Unconscious Congruent Activator - How To Resonate With What You Want How To Create Irresistible Magnetic Attraction Between You And Anything You Desire Six Hours Of Affirmation Overwhelm Sessions Program Right Thinking Deep Into Your Subconscious Program Right Action Deep Into Your Automatic Behavior 32 Voice - Instant Manifesting Session Create The Life You Want Learn More
  6. Well, I didn't really want to be the first one, but maybe if someone starts, others will join in? I've been using various videos here and I have had some cool things happen but I'm going to start by sharing my success stories on two to begin with and later on I will tell you what has happened so far with some of the others. I often just pick the videos I want for that day, depending on what I feel I need and want to manifest but sometimes I use certain videos for a few weeks especially if it's an area I think I really REALLY need help with. And one of these videos is Easy Life. (It's in the manifesting section of videos) I listened to it every day for a few weeks, I think. When I started I was mostly intending to use it to help work be a little easier and I think it's DEFINITELY helped. I've started to pick up things more and have things go my way at work a lot more. And my love life had already started to be going well but I think this video has helped with that too, cos it talks about easily attracting things you want like money and love, I think. (I did read the affirmations at the start but now I just listen.) I don't use it daily now, cos well I'm off work and I feel like I don't need to use it as much cos I have integrated some of it but it's there whenever things seem challenging and I want a boost & I'll DEFINITELY be using it when I go back to work. But LIFE feels easier than it did now, not just work, compared to before anyway. So, as I know a few of the others have some videos they use as a daily routine, this is one of the 2-3 videos I've been using for mine and I highly recommend it. I'm really pleased with it. I highly recommend and am really pleased with all the videos I've used, really but I wanted to try and get discussion going here and share this with you. I have had results with some of the other videos too but I will share that later and I'd love to hear from some of you about YOUR success stories first!
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