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Found 28 results

  1. One question that is tough to answer is what you do for a living. You could be in the middle of a conversation with a cutie and everything could be going smoothly. But then the "what do you do?" questions pops up. There are a couple of things to understand about this. One is there are always two layers of communication. Conscious and subconscious. If the conscious layer sounds good, but the subconscious doesn't, it will come across as incongruent. This is why movie acting isn't as easy as it appears. On the surface it seems pretty easy. Just remember your lines, right? But if you've ever seen a crap movie with crap acting, then you know that the lines are only a tiny part. The best actors have the best underlying energy to go along with their lines. So even if you have a decent sounding job, if you deliver your job description with some less than confident energy, it will kill attraction. But the opposite won't work either. If you work at Jack in the Box, and really enjoy your job, that might not be a good answer either. More important than how you make money now is what your plans are for the future. Not your hopes or wishes, but PLANS. If she asks what you do, no matter WHAT your current job is, so long as you deliver a solid PLAN for the future, it will INCREASE attraction. How do you do this? The first step is to actually CREATE a plan. Write it out. Start where you are, and write out your PLANS for the future. The steps you'll need to get there. Keep journaling these steps over and over. Until they are hard wired into your brain. Until it makes you feel ALIVE when you think about it and say it. When you think about your plan for the future, it should seem MUCH more compelling than any ONE girl. This is what creates very deep and irresistible female attraction. Of hearing a guy who doesn't chase girls, but chases his LIFE. But if you ONLY chase your life, girls won't naturally follow. You've got to interact with them. Not to try and seduce them, just to have friendly conversations. Make a habit of this, and pretty soon plenty of girls will be thinking of you. And all you'll have to do is choose the best one. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/girls-like-you/
  2. Long, long ago, we humans didn't need to think very much. We were DRIVEN by our instincts. Those with the strongest instincts survived. Since food was hard to get, those who were always the HUNGRIEST were the most successful. Sexual desire is another powerful instinct. Humans are primates. And different primates have different strategies on how to deal with sex. Human females don't make it obvious when they are ovulating. Other primates, like chimps, do. Plenty of studies have shown that when a woman is ovulating, she finds a different type attractive than when she is not. Whether she acts on this attraction is a completely different story. Kind of like eating. If you are on a diet, and it's important to you, you'll feel ATTRACTED to certain foods, but not eat them. Just like men and women can feel ATTRACTION to certain people and not act on it. It wasn't always like this. Our instincts were created to DRIVE our behavior. So when ancient cave ladies were ovulating, they were naturally attracted to the MOST ALPHA looking and acting guy around. This makes sense in an ancient setting. When it was VERY important for her to have kids with a guy who would have the HIGHEST probability of providing for her and her kids. But just like hunger can be managed, so can attraction. If we ONLY ate what looked good, we'd all super fat. If we ONLY blindly obeyed our sexual desires, we'd be a mess. However, there is one thing that usually doesn't get much attention. And the attention it DOES get is the wrong kind. What I'm referring to is MALE sexual desire. When dudes get horny, they get desperate. And since most dudes are very UNDERSEXED, most dudes are VERY DESPERATE. Women know this. All too well. Just look at any girl that's got tons of orbiters. She KNOWS she can manipulate them. The trick is to NOT be one of those guys. Desperate for female attention and affection. How do you do this? There are TWO very powerful ways. One is to make a habit of making small talk with anybody you can. Men, women, old people, young people. Once you develop the habit of talking to anybody, anywhere, anytime about anything, you'll radiate a different kind of energy. The second is to get a handle on your sexual energy. If you wanted to stay healthy, you'd have to feel hungry and not eat. No way around that. To radiate non-needy energy, you'd do the same with your sexual energy. Feel it, but learn to live with it. WITHOUT expressing it. Napoleon Hill talked about this. Many ultra successful people know this. The BEST part is if you combine this with some very basic social skills, you will send out a very rare energy to women. It will make you seem unattainable, and therefore VERY attractive. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/girls-like-you/
  3. https://mindpersuasion.com/beliefchange/
  4. There are a lot of over the counter "drugs" that are marketed for weight loss. And when it comes to weight loss, there's really ONE way to do it. You MUST burn more calories than you consume. This means you can either INCREASE the calories you burn, and keep the calories you consume constant. Or DECREASE the calories you consume, and keep the calories you burn constant. Or, of course, any combination. No matter WHAT kind of pills you take for weight loss, they will do one of those two things. Some are stimulants, and they speed up your metabolism. Some are appetite suppressants, and help you consume less. Some do both. But some are very tricky, especially how they are marketed. There was one company that got into trouble a few years back. Their whole angle was the magical sounding, "Lose weight while you sleep." Their particular pills were "precursors." These are building blocks of larger chemicals. The larger chemicals these precursors allegedly made were human growth hormone, or HGH. If you get an injection of REAL HGH, it IS like magic. Increased metabolism, faster healing, etc. A real fountain of youth. But the weight loss pill's angle was you'd take these precursor, they would "link up together" in your blood to build HGH. Then the HGH would do the job of making you lose weight while you slept. As a half baked idea, it DOES sound pretty convincing. But as a fully baked idea, it's not really so great. I would be like dumping all the "precursors" to a building, and waiting for a building to magically appear. Bricks, cement, lumbar, nails, paint etc. If you put all that stuff in a pile and waited, NOTHING would happen. You would need the actual builders to put the stuff together. And the plans, and somebody to PAY them. That's why those "lose weight while you sleep" pills never worked, and the company that was marketing them got in trouble with the FCC. But the idea of precursors IS a good one. Because no matter WHAT you are building, you NEED the smaller components. If you are going to make a sandwich, you need bread and peanut butter (or whatever else). But sandwiches, houses, HGH, these are NON-SENTIENT entities. When it comes to people, we have these programs that are already running. Our instincts are ALWAYS driving us to do things. Eat, sleep, reliever ourselves, get horny, get new stuff. And since we are EXTREMELY SOCIAL creatures, we have TONS of social instincts. That's why we LOVE meeting new people. That's why we LOVE hanging out with friends. And when you can carefully elicit the right social-instinct-precursors in the right order, that will add up to some POWERFUL social desire. And you can stick that desire to anything you want. You, your ideas, your products. Anything. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/deep-mind-persuasion/
  5. It's very common to want a surefire set of techniques. Either for persuasion or seduction. The idea that you could memorize a set of phrases and lines that would work on everybody. There certainly ARE a large collection of courses that teach that. But when you understand how marketing works, it makes sense. There are a lot of courses that teach memorized patterns simply because there is a lot of demand. Just like there is a lot of demand for super hero movies, that's what they make. But is it REALLY possible? If you have a LONG ENOUGH set of patterns, and you practice enough, it certainly CAN work. If you think of any persuasive character on TV or in the movies, that is how they sell. They have a sales pitch that sounds fantastic. Mesmerizing even. Their pitch is SO wonderful that their target only has to sit there and listen, spellbound. And that spellbound energy translates into buying energy. Or romantic energy. Clearly, if you could memorize a five or ten minute soliloquy, filled with gorgeous metaphors and language patterns, you could seduce anybody. But that would take a LOT of work. And some top level acting skills. Luckily, there is a much EASIER way. The whole angle of memorized lines and patterns is based on giving the person YOUR REASONS why they should do what YOU want. Sure, if your reasons are fantastic, and they are delivered with a lot of charisma, this will work. But it's MUCH easier to use THEIR reasons. When we do things for our own reasons, there is LITTLE resistance. There are many ways to do this. One way is to become proficient in the Milton Model. To speak in specifically vague language patterns. So they will necessarily fill in the blanks with their own information. This takes a lot of practice. There is an even EASIER method. That won't feel AT ALL like persuasion or seduction. Because you're only asking very simple questions. Questions they will ENJOY answering. It's a combination of two very powerful techniques. One is a simple technique to elicit their deepest desires. In a way that doesn't involve much thinking on their part. And while you are doing that, you can also elicit their THINKING STRUCTURES. Everybody has these. But few people know about them. So when you elicit their desires, and their thinking structure, you can carefully wrap them around any suggestion. In sales, this is pretty easy. But now, it's easy to do in seduction as well. Because simply the act of eliciting these thought structures will create a MASSIVE connection. Between you and them. And when you do so WHILE also eliciting their deep desires, those will also be associated with you as well. All will happen naturally and subconsciously. So it WILL be their idea. Learn How: http://mindepersuasion.com/deep-mind-persuasion/
  6. The best relationships happen spontaneously. For women, the best romantic idea is to get swept off your feet. Unexpectedly. For men, it’s commonly taught that the best way to talk to a woman is under the idea of “outcome independence.” If you are specifically trying to get a specific outcome, you’ll be much more nervous and upset if it doesn’t happen. Paradoxically, the less you are concerned with an outcome, the more likely it will happen. However, this only works in the contexts of male-female relationships. If you tried this strategy when baking a cake, it would be ridiculous. For example, if you left your house one day, and purposely didn’t care of a cake showed up while you were gone, it wouldn’t. To make a cake, you HAVE to have a solid outcome. You have to KEEP that outcome in mind when baking the cake. If you started thinking about peanut butter sandwiches while baking a cake you might accidentally slip in some peanut butter without knowing it. So being “outcome independent” while baking a cake is a silly idea. So WHY does this work so well in relationships? Because after eating, creating sexual relationships is our PRIME DIRECTIVE. It’s one of those things that happens naturally. Since people have been making people since the dawn of time, it’s kind of programmed into our DNA. You really don’t need to study game or anything like that. But you DO have to have a set of basic social skills. The more of these “outcome independent” interactions you create with potentially compatible people, the more likely it will happen. How, specifically, do you do that? Find somebody that is physically attractive. Before you meet them, make a promise to yourself that NOTHING will happen. ASSUME they are happily in love. With somebody else. And just enjoy them as a NON-RELATIONSHIP-POTENTIAL person. Enjoy their personality. Enjoy the subtle sexual energy. Practice your conversational skills. Think of this as one “seed.” This works if you are a guy or a girl. The more of these seeds you plant, the bigger your garden will grow. And the more confident you’ll be. Imagine having 5, 10, or even TWENTY of these people that you can talk to whenever you feel like it. This will boost your social skills, boost your confidence, and increase the likelihood that a relationship will pop up where you least expect it. And because you’ll have been practicing, you’ll be ready for it. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/lovers/
  7. One of the biggest “deep skills” you can develop is the long game. This is considered “deep skill” because it’s not only intangible, but it’s something that isn’t testable. Developing the ability to play chess, for example, is a mental skill. But it is something you can test and measure. The same with many mental skills. Usually this happens in school, or in any kind of work related certification. You are given some information, you are tested on this information, and then if you can demonstrate that you KNOW this information, you’ll be given a piece of paper as proof. Usually from a recognizable authority. This is necessary for many reasons. If you show up for a job saying you can do a bunch of stuff, but you don’t have any proof, the guy hiring you would have to take a risk. On the other hand, if you had pieces of paper from recognized authorities showing that you indeed had those skills, there would be much less risk required on his part. But other skills that don’t come with pieces of paper are also fairly measurable. Sales is one of these. You might say you can sell well. Anybody who wanted to hire you could easily see whether or not you could sell in a short amount of time. So even if you didn't any certificates or diplomas, you could still demonstrate this skill. But some skills are skills that simply cannot be demonstrated. At least in the short term. They can be measured, they can’t be tested. To the extent that they can, they are very, very subtle. Hence the term, “deep skills.” Like being able to play the long game. Playing the long game means holding an intention in mind for a long time. It necessarily has to be the SAME intention. Most people start off with an intention, find out how hard it is to manifest that intention, and then CHANGE their intention. And then because of the magic of hindsight bias, they pretend they HAD that intention all along. But being able to hold the SAME intention (and not just pretend) is something that is very rare. And it is only something that can be tested over a long time. It’s also one of the most important skills in building a mutually enjoyable, emotionally and sexually satisfying relationship. You have to FIRST have the kind of person in mind that you want to get with. All based on NON-PHYSICAL criteria. Then you have to HOLD that intention while you go looking for them. Then when you FIND THEM, you have to build attraction and desire. This requires very strong long game skills. But here’s the thing. If you can master the long game skills of relationship engineering, you can master ANYTHING. Because in the game of life, the winners are the ones with the LONGEST game. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/lovers/
  8. Deep within us are ancient instincts. Everything we want satisfies one of these instincts. One way to describe them would be in terms of Maslow’s famous hierarchy. At the bottom is basic stuff like food and sex and staying out of the rain. On top are esoteric and undefinable things like “self actualization.” But no matter how you get self actualized, or how long you stay there, you still gotta eat. And if you stay outside in the elements too long, you will die. Even if you DO become self-actualized, it happens inside your biological body. And your biological body comes with urges that keep you from dying. Urges like eating when you are hungry, having sex when you have a willing partner. Running away from an animal that wants to eat you. After all, if a hungry predator sees you meditation, it doesn’t really care if you are self actualized or not. I’m sure from a predator’s standpoint, a self-actualized human tastes just as good as a non-self actualized human. Putting esoteric ideas aside, all of our biological urges, which were given to us to help us stay alive, were “calibrated” during a much different environment that the one we live in now. This is the reason why so many people are overweight. Having the “eat all you can whenever you can” instinct was PERFECT way back in the day. Today, not so much. This is also why relationships are so frikking confusing these days. Our “relationship instincts” were calibrated in a MUCH DIFFERENT environment than we live in. One way is how we deal with “opportunity cost.” Opportunity cost is an economic term that means when you buy X, for a certain amount of money, you CAN’T buy anything else. IF you buy a cheeseburger, you CAN’T buy a burrito with that same money. When this comes to dating, it works the same way. If you are IN a relationship with person X, you CAN’T be in a relationship with everybody else. Way back in the day this wasn’t a big deal. But today, with a kajillion pretty faces bombarding us every single second, it is very much a big deal. But since our deep instincts are still the same, AND our instincts tend to rule our actions, they must be addressed. The good news is if you learn how to do that, your relationships will be much easier and much more rewarding. It will take time, but consider putting in the effort. Because creating very healthy relationship with a compatible person is one of the MOST IMPORTANT things about being human. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/lovers/
  9. Everything must obey the laws of supply and demand. If there is plenty of something, and not a lot of people want it, it’s not going to be worth much. On the other hand, if something is scarce, and lots of people want it, it’s going to be worth plenty. Many people get the idea of economics and relationships messed up. When you go out for lunch, there are plenty of restaurants available. But they each have food. If you need a car, there are plenty of models available. But they all essentially do the same thing. The mistake comes when we think of things like SMV, or sexual market value. This isn’t really appropriate since personal relationships are much more subjective. A car, for example, has to have plenty of objective characteristics. Only after those objective characteristic (price, color, gas mileage, etc.) are satisfied, does subjectivity come into play. But when you are “shopping” for a relationship partner, there is MUCH more subjective difference from person to person. Supply and demand, and many other economics ideas, usually assume a certain amount of uniformity across the available products. But the difference between each individual is much different than between cars. So the term, SMV, is not really appropriate. Because relationships are all about how compatible people are. When shopping for car, you either like the car or you don’t. The car just sits there and is judged by the people shopping for cars. The car doesn’t have a say in the matter. But since relationships are WAY more subjective than shopping, AND compatibility is much more important, the idea of any kind of objective “value” is pretty ridiculous. And by altering your communication, you can make yourself MUCH more valuable to pretty much anybody. This is the whole point of things like education, learning and experience. The person coming OUT of any learning experience is more valuable than the person going in. This is good news. Because the more you improve your “relationship skills” the more “valuable” of a relationship partner you’ll be to more people. This will give you much more choice. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/lovers/
  10. One of the biggest transitions to make in life is from child to adult. The childhood model to the adult model. The childhood model says that there are some things that are out of our control, and it’s somebody else’s responsibility to provide those things for us. The adult model says it’s completely our responsibility to get our needs met. The more adult you can be, the more resourceful you’ll be. The more you stay in the childhood model, the more dependent you’ll be on others. Of course, many people don’t like this idea. Not one bit. People in power LOVE the childhood model. That’s the MAIN REASON for their power. “Put me in charge and I’ll make sure you get your needs met.” This can work fine, for some things. But other things REQUIRE we force ourselves into the adult mindset. Whenever we are dealing with one-on-one relationships of any kind, the worst thing we can do is retreat into the childhood mindset, where we think we are ENTITLED to something from the other person. This is different from clearly stated agreements and contracts. On a fundamental level, a feeling of emotional entitlement is VERY unattractive. Especially coming from an adult. But most folks these days have some form of this “energy.” Shaking it seems hard. Impossible even. But on the OTHER SIDE of that is immense power. Once you fully embrace your responsibility, especially within romantic relationships, you can create anything you like. This takes time and patience. And you’ll have to release any fantasy of magic “just happening.” But once you embrace your own responsible “creator,” you can create. Creating is much better than sitting around waiting for something to happen. Imagine two scenarios. Both take place in the same location. A location with plenty of attractive people you’d LOVE to get together with, for whatever reason. Situation one is where you gaze out over the crowd, feeling powerless and “hoping” something will “happen.” Situation two is when you feel powerful and are deciding which person with whom you’ll MAKE something happen. Feeling total confidence that it will work just as you want it to. Which situation would you prefer? Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/lovers/
  11. All humans are hard wired for efficiency. To to BE efficient, but to always SEEK better efficiency. For example, if a monkey is hungry, he'll look around. And he'll only get the banana that seems the easiest. Meaning he'll naturally put in the LEAST amount of effort to get the most return. When we humans think like this, it comes across in many ways. One way is when we are haggling for the cheapest price. Whenever we buy something, we would want the same thing for less cost. And whoever is selling something would want more money for the same thing. Some people LOVE to haggle, some people don't. They say that if something is too good to be true, then it usually is. PT Barnum famously said there was a sucker born every minute. What came next isn't normally included in that famous quote. But it's JUST as important, if not more. And that is those "suckers" that are born every minute, are suckers BECAUSE they are willing to BELEIVE something that is too good to be true. Most things worth getting are going to take effort. While we would all LOVE to believe in a "lose weight while you sleep" diet, all you need to do is look around and see that there's no such thing. If there WERE, everybody would be skinny. One of the MOST IMPORTANT things to have is a healthy relationship. This is just as true now as it was thousands or even hundreds of thousands of years ago. It's tough to it alone. But to have somebody to confide in, to have your back, to share sexual and emotional intimacy makes EVERTYTHING easier. Goals are easier to achieve, pain is easier to bear. The problem is that FEW people have such a relationship. But the truth is that most people don't put a lot of effort in. At least the RIGHT effort. Getting INTO relationships is easy. Anybody can do it. Maintaining them is the hard part. But maintaining a relationship with somebody you aren't compatible with is not only difficult, but it's pointless. But since most people are desperate when they are single, they'll get into a relationship with nearly anybody. So long as they are physically attractive enough. But as soon as the physical thrill is gone, that's when it gets tough. A much better way is to choose non-physical criteria BEFORE you get into a relationship. Most people don't have those. And they DO take time to create. But once you do, it's a lot easier. Working on relationships with somebody you are deeply compatible with is much less difficult. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/lovers/
  12. Some of the best advice is also the oldest. Depsite how many improvements in thinking and technology, humans are still humans. Jesse Livermore, for example, was a famous stock trader way back before and during the Great Depression. He wrote a famous book which was a fictionalized autobiography. In it he describes how stocks go up and down based on human emotions. Human emotions which are as old as the hills. So while technology improves, science improves, ideas about physical health continue to improve, human emotions will ALWAYS be the same. It is for this reason that many historians say the history is not linear, but cyclical. Even in economics they have the idea of a "business cycle." Booms followed by busts followed by booms. One way that human emotions are always the same is in human relationships. Having a positive and healthy relationship can make everything MUCH easier. Having a negative relationship or no relationship can make everything much more difficult. One of the main problems in modern society is modern society itself. Don't get me wrong, no way would I ever even CONSIDER living without modern technology. But it does come with it's problems. One of the most obvious is our never ending hunger. Way back in the day, it was GOOD to always be hungry. Because always being hungry was a very strong motivating factor to succeed. Today, hunger needs to be carefully managed. Relationships are kind of the same. Today we have so much choice, it can be very difficult to consciously create the right relationship. But just like you can manage your health by consciously eating healthy food, you can manage your relationships by consciously creating and maintaining healthy relationships. One of the biggest mistakes people make about modern relationships is that the like that famous TV oven. Set and forget. This is how they work in the beginning, but the longer you want them to last, the more you need to consciously manage them. Kind of like when we are young, we can get away with eating anything we want. But as we get older, we have to be more careful about how we eat. When relationships are in the early phase, they are pretty easy. But as they grow, they need to be managed. Managed well, they can be incredibly rewarding and insanely beneficial. Left to grow on their own, they CAN become a horror show of emotional anguish. Crossing your fingers and hoping for the best isn't exactly the best strategy. What is? This: http://mindpersuasion.com/lovers/
  13. They say that behind every man is a good woman. Or at least they used to say that way back in the day. Before the dating scene became a jumble of confusion. Most don't even call it dating any more. With so many dating apps and hook up techniques, it's a wonder we can still function. It's even getting dangerous to talk about dating in any kind of "old fashioned" sense because you might offend certain people. But if you look at the raw, bare statistics, stronger and healthier relationships tend to make for a better society. Imagine, for example, you were a hiring manager. You were also the owner of the company. If the company did good, you'd be rich. If the company failed, you'd be in the poorhouse. And YOU had to decide who got hired and who didn't. Which candidates would you prefer? Those in stable relationships with stable people? Or folks who hooked up with whoever, whenever, and figured they'd worry about the fallout later? I watched a documentary a while back on Netflix. All about the modern "hookup" culture. And since they were purposely making a documentary on hookups, they went to the one place where hookups happen the most. Spring Break at some Florida beach. They followed young gals and guys around. They talked to them before the hookups. They talked to them after the hookups. But they both seemed to have a longing for the "good old days." Even the folks that were hooking up the most were wishing it wasn't like that. Makes sense, from a biological perspective. This might make a lot of folks angry. See, our instincts were calibrated during a MUCH DIFFERENT environment. Our hunger, for example, is BEST when it's underfed. Meaning we are best when we are ALWAYS hungry. Not starving, not too weak to move, but hungry. It keeps us motivated. Similar with our sex and romance instinct. It's best when we are always sexually and romantically hungry. Not starving, not too broken hearted to leave the house. But always JUST about to get some. Even within the same relationship. But just like having food everywhere makes everybody fat and unhealthy, the same thing tends to happen when sex is available everywhere. Modern relationships are just as unhealthy as modern bodies. But just like with conscious thought, you can engineer perfect body, you can engineer the perfect relationship. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/lovers/
  14. Linguists tell us we use metaphors all the time. Even when we aren't aware of it. Most of us think of metaphors as these beautiful way of describing feelings. Something that belongs in the realm of poetry, literature, music and film. But generally speaking, a metaphor is any shortened description of an underlying process that is too complicated for our monkey brains to understand. Sometimes this results in some interesting scenarios. Once upon a time the only physics was Newtonian physics. Stuff we could see and describe. So the metaphors used to describe macro events like apples falling from trees was pretty simple. But then quantum physics was invented. And the world of quantum physics is WAY different than Newtonian physics. So different that we humans don't even have the language to describe it. We HAVE to use metaphors. The problem is that if you are really good at coming up with descriptive metaphors, you don't tend to go into physics. You tend to become a writer, or a poet, or an artist. That's kind of the whole point of the arts. To describe deep and powerful things that CAN'T be described in words. So now we've got the people who are the LEAST artistic (physicists) coming up with metaphorical descriptions of the nature of reality. This is why subatomic particles have such goofy names and properties. There is actually a property of subatomic particles called "strangeness." This is what happens when you get a bunch of science geeks trying to come up with appropriate metaphors for reality. Other metaphors make perfect sense. The kind linguists say we use all the time. Whenever we use an intangible (imaginary) noun, we use it AS IF it were a real object. And these object-names TOTALLY make sense. (unlike the word "strangeness." Seriously, WTF?) When you are "participating" in a meeting at work, we naturally use the preposition "in." Because although we think of a meeting as an intangible thing, we think of it AS IF it were a container. Love and relationships are other "container" words. These two simple words are metaphors for much more complex underlying complexes. But we think of them AS IF they were containers. We are IN love. We are IN a relationship. But more interesting is HOW we "get" into different containers. We GO to a meeting. We have a discussion or slowly BUILD a relationship. But what about love? How do we GET into that wonderful container? We FALL. Like walking down the street, staring at our phone, and falling into an open manhole. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! This is why creating love can seem so difficult. The good news is you can CREATE the feeling of love. In anybody you want. And from THEIR perspective, it feel very much like falling in love. With you. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/lovers/
  15. There are two ways to make friends. Or create relationships for whatever reason. One way is to go to other people. You see somebody interesting, walk over and start a conversation. The other way is to wait for people to approach you. Both of these have good ways and bad ways. Effective and ineffective. For example, you could approach every person with a pulse, hand them a card (person or business) and give them your "elevator pitch." The twenty second pitch about why the two of you should get together. This is clearly a "numbers game." On the other hand, you could only approach people you naturally "vibe" with and be yourself. Not your "safe to make sure you don't say anything wrong" self but your REAL self. Easy as it seems, this can be difficult. The other way, of waiting to be approached, also has it's good and bad versions. The bad version is to stand in the corner and glare at anybody who looks in your direction. Maybe growl at people if they get too close. The flip side would be to create a bubble of happiness. So when people walk into social situation, the area where you are is "different" somehow. You, and everybody around you are smiling, laughing, louder and more charismatic, as a group, than everybody else. With you at the center. Like a party nucleus of your own party orbiters. This would be very "attractive." Meaning people would see your group, and want to join your group. This would allow you to choose from the BEST of the people who come and hang around your attractive "vibe." Of course, many people would want to approach, but might be a bit on the shy side. But all you would need would be to give them a look that says, "come on over!" How do you learn to generate this vibe? By looking past the surface structure language and words that people use. And see the deeper, more powerful underlying energy. Once you get past the surface structure, the deeper energy is not only much more powerful, but much easier to manage. Especially when you can communicate with people on that level. This is why they'll know (and very much like) there is "something" about you, but they just don't know what. But you will. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/party-hypnosis/
  16. I went over to my sister's once. Dinner or something. One of the houses on the block had been torn down. It was a nice neighborhood, with nice houses, so it seemed kind of strange. Turned out the guy's foundation had cracked, so he had to make a new one. Which meant tearing down the house, ripping out the foundation, and pouring another one. Quite an expensive pain. This is why the foundation of anything is so important. With a house, it's pretty obvious. Because houses are physical things with physical plans. There is a right way and a wrong way. Other things, it's not so easy. In sports, for example, if you pick up some "bad habits" like holding the bat wrong, or any other repetitive movement, it can be hard to correct. Even harder that tearing down a house and re-pouring the concrete. That's expensive, but pretty straightforward. Other foundations may not cost anything to fix, but they can be much more difficult. Some are even impossible to fix if you lay the foundation incorrectly. Since most things in our lives aren't things we consciously build, rather they are things that just "happen," this almost guarantees most things will be on shaky foundations. On the other hand, if you are setting out to create something, having a good foundations is pretty easy. All you need to do is understand what you are building. Go slow, take your time, Measure twice, cut once, as they say. Or another common saying is, "If you don't have time to do it right, how are you going to find time to do it over?" Which illustrates the paradox of "hurry up and get it done." The faster you go, the longer it takes. Since going faster tends to create more mistakes. But if you take your time, build slowly and carefully, you'll have something that lasts a lifetime. Nowhere is this more important than in human relationships. With a good relationship, you can do anything. But if you're relationship is on shaky ground, everything else is shaky as well. Luckily, building a good relationships is just as easy as building a house. Learn How: Love Hypnosis
  17. There's a saying about various different levels of initiation. Meaning some people make things happen. Some people watch things happen. And some people ask, "What happened?" A famous line from a Rage Against The Machine song (quoted from George Orwell) goes: "He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past." What does this mean? If an historian came up to you and wanted to know your life story, how accurate do you think you'd be? Even when we silly humans are TOLD what is going to be on a test, we can't remember it. And what is history? A collection of vaguely remembered events. And who gets to decide what happened and what didn't? Those who control the present, meaning those who control what goes in the history books and what gets taught in the schools. Now, for most people, this idea is to uncomfortable to think about. Most people are content to be told what to do, and hope that something good comes of it. But some people know that there is a lot MORE in our control that most people realize. No, I'm not talking about going back in time and changing history. (Although that WOULD be cool...) I'm talking about MAKING things happen. Things that other people HOPE will happen. Or sit around WAITING for it to happen. Or WATCH it happen to others. When all along the power rests with them. Kind of like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. She had the power within her all along. So did all her buddies (Lion, Scarecrow, Tin man) That was kind of the theme of the whole story. If you're waiting for somebody to give something to you, you'll be waiting a while. But not because THEY have it and THEY won't give it to you. It's because YOU are the one that has ALL the power to make it happen. So make it happen: Love Hypnosis
  18. Context is crucial. Something happening in one context is good. Not so good in another. A guy gets rejected by a girl, it could be the worst thing that ever happened to him. On the other hand, if he's with his friends and they are playfully hitting on every girl in site, a particularly clever rejection can make their evening. Especially if it gets everybody laughing. This is one context that can make almost everything better. A few years ago, they released a bunch of pictures from cold war Russia. Never before seen scenes from inside the Iron Curtain. Some were pretty bleak. Shops with the same stuff. One picture was of a big room with people selling apples. They all had the same apples. And they all had the same prices. Nobody looked very happy. But in other pictures, people looked extremely happy. Why? Even though in some pictures they didn't even have shoes, they were smiling. Because they were hanging with their friends and family. If you are rich and alone, it can suck. But if you are poor yet surrounded by loved ones (and a few bottles of vodka) then there's a reason to party. This is the secret of the human spirit. With the right relationships, people will thrive in any context. This is the very best frame through which to see the world. The frame of a loyal and supportive crew. This is one of the reasons why gangster movies, especially about Italian Mafia, is so compelling. We humans love the idea of loyalty. Of having a "family" that you can always depend on, that will never turn on you. That will help you bury the bodies, and never tell a soul. Most people think these relationships are only created by chance. You're either "lucky" or your not. But with an understanding of human nature, and the human condition, you create these loyal relationships at will. Learn How: Love Hypnosis
  19. Humans take a while to learn things. Most of the time, this is intuitive. If you decided to become a decent piano player, for example, you would expect that it would take some time. Same with learning a foreign language. For some things, we don't like the idea of having to wait. It's like we've got a part of our brain that always has to be the kid in the back seat on a family trip. "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" Paradoxically, the desire to hurry up and get there is often the thing that trips us up the most. By going too fast, we burn out, and end up further back. Normally, we go forward with two steps, and take one step back. That one step back is crucial. Without it the progress forwards stops. That step backward is when we try something and it doesn't work. Or something unexpected happens. But buried with that step back is new information. New insights, ideas and data that allow us to take the next two steps. And if we're in the right rhythm, the two steps forward create another step back, which creates another two steps forward. But if we hurry up, and go too many steps forward, we'll end up many more steps back. Our desire to hurry up is actually slowing us down. The necessary patience to keep us on track is what gets us the furthest forward. Whenever you're unsure about what to do, taking a few minutes or hours or even days to carefully plan your next move might be the best step. Patience is the necessary ingredient that makes all progress possible. Especially when you are patient with yourself. Nowhere is this more important than in creating relationships, especially romantic relationships. Think of creating relationships as allowing them the time to "learn" about you. They need time to remember you. To use those memories to build up those ideas about you. Those ideas that will be self-fulfilling. The best things in life take time. Time to grow and evolve on their own. Tell that to your little kid in the back seat, wondering if you're there yet. The more patient you are, the better it will be. Learn More: Love Hypnosis
  20. I watched a pretty cool movie about witches a few nights ago. It took place in the very early days of America. A family had been outcast, and one of the daughters was slowly seduced by the devil. And when it came time to convince her to sign her name in the book, (Whatever book the devil uses to collect souls) he had to make her a decent offer. That's the general structure of the "sell your soul to the devil" deal in the movies. The devil offers you something you can't otherwise get in return for your soul. In this particular movie, one of the devil's main selling points was the "taste of butter." To a poor family, struggling on it's own in the wilderness, the "taste of butter" would be pretty tempting. One of the main imports after Britain came up with the Industrial Revolution was spices. (Even now, British food isn't known for it's flavor, so I guess back in the day it was even blander.) The one thing that people couldn't get enough of was sugar. Nowadays, it's hard to imagine eating without tasting sugar. We are pretty spoiled when it comes to eating whatever we want, whenever we want. It wasn't too long ago that the ONLY thing you could eat was what you could produce locally. But today, with so much scientific advances, there is plenty of ways to fool our taste buds. Some aren't so healthy, but plenty are fine. Stevia, for example, is a completely natural sugar substitute. We humans are always looking for ways to scientifically enhance our subjective experience. If you take your time and do your research, you can come up with a pretty tasty meal that is both healthy and tasty. Something that would never exist in the "wild." All our emotions are like that. This is why we love movies and music so much. We CRAVE emotional experiences. And if we CAN put together something to give us an emotional experience, we will. It's kind of strange thinking about eating as an emotional experience, but think of how boring life would be otherwise. Imagine if all you ate was a tasteless protein shake that was perfectly balanced. That would be TOO scientific. On other hand, if you are TOO subjective, and didn't take the time to worry about nutrition, you wouldn't be very healthy. Luckily, with modern science, we can do both. Create experiences that are both "healthy" and subjectively pleasing. That's the whole point of "hero's journey" movies. The are subjectively pleasing, emotionally satisfying, and inspiring. You can do a lot when you can create subjectively pleasing and emotionally healthy feelings. In fact, if you can do this with the right person, it could be the foundation for a fantastic life. Learn How: Love Hypnosis
  21. Hi. I'm very new to this site and to this techniques. Is there any way to use mind persuasion to get my ex back? She left me about three weeks ago and I want her back. Thank you all
  22. June 27th 2015 Member Video Request #1 I want to go with the flow. I have a strong urge to control everything so it would be great to learn to let go of resistance. I love to practice mindfulness meditation which greatly helps me stay in the now to go with the flow. I want to just be. I wrote out all the affirmations I thought would go good with this. (Both in I Am, and You Are format) Please feel free to add any suggestions of more affirmations if you feel would match the vibe of this video! I am established in being I can just be I go with the flow I am at peace with life I love my consciousness I can adapt to any situation easily and effortlessly I abide by the law of least resistance I let go of resistance I have peace of mind I have peace of heart I have peace in spirit In stillness I find my true self I am in harmony I give off an amazing positive energy I am happy I am patient and understanding I am simply at peace I know how to have fun I know when to laugh I can make others laugh in humorous ways I see life through a positive light I release my resistance to what is I let go of stress I let go of the need to control everything I empathize with people and see things from their perspective My energy flows with the universe My mind is established in being I live life with mindfulness and compassion I am aware of the present moment I am in the now I observe my life mindfully My problems are shrinking as my happiness grows I am in control of my life I am a laid back easy going person I am at peace with my being I appreciate life for what it is I am balanced I am always in a continuous state of growth I am learning more every day I am growing wiser and more mindful every day I am improving in all areas of my life I am always progressing I take care of my mind I am happy with letting life be as it is I let people be as they are I take charge when I need to I take control when I need to I let go when I need to I know when to go with the flow I am mindful with every action I take You are established in being You can just be You go with the flow You are at peace with life You love your consciousness You can adapt to any situation easily and effortlessly You abide by the law of least resistance You let go of resistance You have peace of mind You have peace of heart You have peace in spirit In stillness you find your true self You are in harmony You give off an amazing positive energy You are happy You are patient and understanding You are simply at peace You know how to have fun You know when to laugh You can make others laugh in humorous ways You see life through a positive light You release your resistance to what is You let go of stress You let go of the need to control everything You empathize with people and see things from their perspective Your energy flows with the universe Your mind is established in being You live life with mindfulness and compassion You are aware of the present moment You are in the now You observe my life mindfully Your problems are shrinking as your happiness grows You are in control of your life You are a laid back easy going person You are at peace with my being You appreciate life for what it is You are balanced You are always in a continuous state of growth You are learning more every day You are growing wiser and more mindful every day You are improving in all areas of your life You are always progressing You take care of your mind You are happy with letting life be as it is You let people be as they are You take charge when you need to You take control when you need to You let go when you need to You know when to go with the flow You are mindful with every action you take
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