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Found 6 results

  1. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/May10Post.mp4 I used to know this guy who went to a lot of law of attraction type seminars. He was a chiropractor, the first one I'd met and both seen as a customer. It turns out chiropractors believe in a lot of weird stuff. Make no mistake, this guy had some skills. At the time, I'd had shin splints for YEARS with no idea how to fix them. He fixed them in about three minutes. It WAS extremely painful, but it worked. But some of the other stuff he believed in was kind of kooky. I went to a couple free, "introductor
  2. https://mindpersuasion.com/subconscious-sexual-energy/
  3. https://mindpersuasion.com/personal-money-energy-symbol/
  4. In economics, there is an idea of "excess capacity." It usually refers to a situation where is more labor available than is necessary. A lot of labor "potential" but nothing to do. Imagine a bunch of bored factory workers sitting around waiting for instructions. If the situation lasts long enough, the owner has to start letting people go. But imagine a situation where there was a magic source of money. Just enough to pay the workers and keep all the equipment working. But there was nothing for them to do. They would still have to show up, and do somethin
  5. Hi guys and girls,I've been listening to the subliminals,but it seems at exactly certain times of the day,I will suddenly feel a shift in my energy and thoughts as if someone is directing it away. For example I'm listening to subliminals to attract women,suddenly I feel guilty and feel that I should stop and lose interest,when just the day before I was enthusiastic. Sometimes when I force myself this resistance and foreign thoughts become stronger. I also feel as if someone is watching me all the time. Can psychic attackers influence you from your life path by sending forceful thougths?
  6. Manifest Your Desires With Scientific Precision and Subconscious Magic Unleash your TRUE Nature as a creator, transform thoughts into things, and turn your life into an unstoppable powerhouse of ever greater achievements. Product Summary Comprehensive Training Manual Scientific Explanation of the LOA Common Mistakes To Avoid How To Leverage the Past How To Leverage the Future Proven Visualization Techniques How To Easily Leverage The Collective Unconscious The Ancient Truth of Life SPECIFICALLY How To Live on Purpose EXACTLY How to Become A Conscious Creator Dual Induction Hypnosis Session
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