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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, Many people in this sphere like Dr. Joseph Murphy and Neville Goddard talk about planting the seed and letting go. Like, after the idea/desire has been planted in the subcon mind, just let go and it will come to pass? What do you think about that @admin? Do you believe in this mystical version of the LOB(Law of Belief). The universe making things happen through your subcon mind and all? I do visualisations of my goals while listening to your subs. Should I do them until my goal is achieved or do I stop after some time and listen to subs passively? I've read quite some about Magick as well. And programming the subcon mind and magick have tons in common. Like visualisations, feelings, intent, etc. In magick, it is told that we should be detached from the results or it wont come to pass. What are your thoughts on that? If the seed planting is really true, how would we know it has been planted? Thanks
  2. Green Light Disaster https://mindpersuasion.com/3x3/
  3. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jun12Post.mp4 Once upon a time there was this young man. He wanted to be famous. So he scrolled through YouTube, looking for ways to become famous. He came across some guy juggling in some park. He was surrounded by happy and smiling people. So he thought about becoming a professional juggler. He was excited. He searched for more jugglers on YouTube. He found this guy juggling chainsaws. That was even better. Way cooler. The people watching him were super impressed. So our hero decided that his career was going to be a chainsaw juggler. Certainly he would be rich and famous. Certainly all the ladies would want to be with him. Certainly all the guys would want to be him. He might even get called into the oval office. After all, who better to advise the president than a world famous chainsaw juggler, right? When he imagined juggling chainsaws, it seemed easy. He remembered some law of attraction saying about all you need to do is imagine something, and then you can do that same thing. Right? The only problem was what kind of chainsaws should he buy? He figured he go down to Home Depot, and try a few out. He wandered into the chainsaw aisle. He fired up a couple, and started to test them out. He miscalculated, and one the chainsaws came down and cut off his arm. He was horrified! This didn't happen in his law of attraction visualization! A woman saw the blood and screamed. He tried to run, but he slipped in the pool of his own blood. He fell over and in the process, knocked over the stack of chainsaws. The metal shelf tipped over. Right into the aisle in Home Depot where they keep all the gunpowder. The metal shelf containing the chainsaws hit the metal shelf containing all the gunpowder and created a spark. The spark ignited all the gunpowder. Home Depot went up in flames. Everybody died! OK, silly story. Everybody knows they don't keep gunpowder at Home Depot! But what's the moral of the story? If you connect a desire to a skill you HAVEN'T mastered, it may end in DISASTER! On the other hand, if you connect a desire to a skill you have trained in to the point of unconscious competence, what do you get? An automatic outcome. And easy outcome. Some people try to do things, but they can't. Or they want to stop doing things, but they can't. So they get angry at themselves. They say they lack willpower. Guess what? That's not true. Because there is more to willpower than just wanting to do something, and then doing something. In fact, willpower doesn't really exist. What does? Find Out: https://mindpersuasion.com/willpower/
  4. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Aug08Post.mp4 Buddha allegedly said that all pain comes from expecting something that is not realistic. Or something like that. The problem with metaphysical "truths" like this is we don't see them for what they REALLY are. We tend to think of them as if they some kind of magic words. Like only by saying them, and understanding them, we will suddenly become "enlightened" and not have to worry any more. We say these metaphysical truths to each other. And then say congratulate each other for being so insightful. "Yeah, that is SO true!" we tell each other knowingly. But what does that REALLY mean? Long ago, I came home on a Friday night after work. For some reason, I was REALLY looking forward to Jack in the Box. But when I got to Jack in the Box, after FANTASIZING about it all day, it was closed. I had to choose another fast food place. Taco Bell, I think. Even though I generally LIKE Taco Bell, I didn't that night. Because I was EXPECTING Jack in the Box. Of course, this was something OUTSIDE of my control. And guess what? Plenty of unexpected crap happens to us that we CANNOT control. If you EXPECT these things to NOT happen, you'll be pissed. Just like Buddha said. But plenty of things we EXPECT that we really have NO BUSINESS expecting. If you applied to be a high level engineer, but you only had a high school diploma, there's NO WAY you'd get hired. But suppose you bought a book on Law of Attraction, and this book said all you had to do was BELIEVE and magic stuff would happen. And because of this, you EXPECTED to get hired as an engineer. With only a high school degree. And a C in algebra. Naturally, you'd be upset. You might even believe the world is UNFAIR. Because the world is not GIVING you what you expect. Maybe THIS is what Buddha was talking about. This is particularly difficult when it comes to money and love. Both things that we can be EASILY tricked into thinking we DESERVE just because. But every single dollar, and every single moment you spend with another person must be their CHOICE. People must give you money because they WANT to. Attractive people will only spend time with you because they ENJOY it. Which means THEY need to get THEIR subjective needs satisfied. Fortunately, you can figure out what they want pretty easily. And when you can give it to them, THEN they will give you what you want. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/watching-mind/
  5. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/July4Post.mp4 One of the best feelings as a humans is a feeling of accomplishment. Even if nobody knows but you. Especially if it was something that you weren't sure you could pull off. It's very common in self help metaphors to pretend we are special JUST BECAUSE. But despite how many metaphysical truths we believe about ourselves, we are stuck inside our physical bodies. Our physical bodies require physical things. Food, shelter, and most importantly, money. It would be fantastic if we could just "receive" all that stuff without needing to really DO anything. This is pretty much the core "teaching" of many "law of attraction" books and courses, and even some pretty expensive seminars. That if you only BELIEVE something enough, you'll plenty of free stuff. We LOVE that idea because BELIEVING happens inside our own brain. There is no need to talk to anybody. Or even look anybody in the eye. This even matches are most DEEPEST instinctive programming. To MINIMIZE our efforts and MAXIMIZE our results. All animals are programmed with this instinct. To spend as little energy as possible in the acquisition of as much energy as possible. Only humans can take this to metaphysical extreme levels. To WISH we only need to BELIEVE and some magic wish fairy will show up at our house with a sack full of cash. But we also KNOW that unless we move around and GET physical things, we'll starve. On a very basic, very REAL level, the BETTER we are at moving around and interacting with REALITY, the better stuff we can GET. This requires real skills, not imaginary skills. Imagination is ABSOLUTELY VITAL. But it's only a starting point. So long as you imagination DRIVES your actions, you're much better off. And if you keep taking action, and keep measuring what your actions CREATED compared to your imagination, that's even better. Once you create a kind of SYSTEM, based on this very simple, yet very ancient process, it's pretty mechanical. Imagine what you want. Take action. See what happened. Did you get closer? Do MORE of that. Did you not get closer? Do something different. This is the heart of all learning. The learning that is PROGRAMMED into your brain. The strategy you used to walk and talk and do everything else you can do. The strategy that WILL get you whatever you want, so long as you keep going. The ONLY thing that will keep you from getting what you want is if you take yourself OUT of the game. If you're out of the game, get back in. Ease into it. Develop a rock solid inner belief that you WILL win, if you keep playing long enough. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/self-esteem/
  6. https://mindpersuasion.com/science-and-metaphorical-resonance/
  7. June 13th, 2015 Request # 3 For the Students paying for School - Attract more money! "I am" affirmations----------------------------- The Law of Attraction is working in my favor Everything I need is right here, right now I am making more than enough money to go to college I am attracting amazing scholarships and grants Life wants me to have money and hone my skills I trust that I can do this I am paying off my loans quickly and easily I have more than enough money to pay for school I am a wealthy and successful college student I am attracting all the money I need to fund my education I am thankful to be going to school and that I can afford it The universe wants me to live abundantly The is universe is financially helping me go school I can turn a small amount of money into a great fortune I have awakened the millionaire inside me I go within and find my abundance I make money in my sleep I am developing a millionaire mind I flow in the art of making bank I am blessed with an abundant mind I have golden ideas I act upon all my golden ideas It is my intention to be rich I easily provide for myself and others I am the change I wish to see in the world I find all the wealth I need within myself I have all the money I could ever need I spend my money wisely and generously I purposefully choose to live an abundant life The universe provides me with everything I need I am so thankful for everything I have I am grateful for my wealth and abundance I count my blessings I am debt free I always pay my bills on time I work smarter and harder I make always make more money then I spend I can afford have my car I can afford to go out and have fun I release all barriers that keep me from making money I am entering abundance consciousness I am a very happy person As my abundance grows, my poverty shrinks I am attracting all the money I can ever need I am rich, and wealthy I make financially intelligent decisions I can have nice things I am embracing my true wealth I make a living doing what I love I am successful with all of my finances I consciously choose to live a wealthy life My subconscious mind accepts that I can become a millionaire at anytime My middle name is money I make good money and get good grades My hard work is really paying off I stick with my goals I can do anything " You Are" affirmations ---------------------------- The Law of Attraction is working in your favor Everything you need is right here, right now You are making more than enough money to go to college You are attracting amazing scholarships and grants Life wants you to have money and hone your skills You trust that you can do this You are paying off your loans quickly and easily You have more than enough money to pay for school You are a wealthy and successful college student You are attracting all the money you need to fund your education You are thankful to be going to school and that you can afford it The universe wants you to live abundantly Life is financially helping you go to school You can turn a small amount of money into a great fortune You have awakened the millionaire inside you You go within and find your abundance You make money in your sleep You are developing a millionaire mind You flow in the art of making bank You are blessed with an abundant mind You have golden ideas You act upon all your golden ideas It is your intention to be rich You easily provide for yourself and others You are the change you wish to see in the world You find all the wealth you need within yourself You have all the money you could ever need You spend your money wisely and generously You purposely choose to live an abundant life The universe provides you with everything you need You are so thankful for everything you have You are grateful for your wealth and abundance You count my blessings You are debt free You always pay your bills on time You work smarter and harder You make always make more money than you spend You can afford have your car You can afford to go out and have fun You release all barriers that keep you from making money You are entering abundance consciousness You are a very happy person As your abundance grows, your poverty shrinks You are attracting all the money you can ever need You are rich, and wealthy You make financially intelligent decisions You can have nice things You are embracing your true wealth You make a living doing what you love You are successful with all of your finances You consciously choose to live a wealthy life Your subconscious mind accepts that you are a millionaire Your middle name is money You make good money and get good grades Your hard work is really paying off You stick with your goals You can do anything
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