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  23. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Feb02_Post.mp4 One night, a long time ago, I was out with a bunch of friends. We were in some bar, having some drinks. And the conversation, and the language, was what you'd expect. Sex talk, dirty jokes, F-bombs like crazy. Then somebody decided to go get some food. So we stumble down the street to restaurant. And we carried our conversational theme, and our f-bombs with us. And halfway through our conversation, one guys face goes white. Then he starts laughing. We looked around and realized why. Just behind us, was a table with a couple adults and a bunch of kids. And here we were, still talking about sex, blowjobs, and dropping f-bombs like crazy. It was pretty embarrassing to say the least. I don't know if the kids her us, or the adults did, but it FELT like we were breaking some kind of unwritten rule. If you're on a bar, and it's over 21, and everybody's boozing it up, dropping f-bombs is perfectly fine. But in a family restaurant, not so much. We humans tend to self-regulate like this. We "augment" our behavior based on our environment. This modern behavior rides on top of our ancient social programming. To behave in a way that elicits positive responses from people, and avoid negative responses. But like many other instincts, when this rises to the conscious level, it can be difficult. We know what NOT to do to AVOID negative social signals. But what to do to GET positive social signals isn't so easy. Particularly when you realize that in the past, we KNEW what to do, to get those positive social signals, because we were around people that we had known our own lives. All the good behavior, and the bad behavior, was highly calibrated. This is a large component of social anxiety. It's EASY to avoid negative social signals. Wear the same color shirt as the wall, and hope nobody sees you. But what if we WANT to engage socially? What if we WANT positive social responses, but from STRANGERS? Particularly sexy strangers? Strangers we WANT to be friend with? We want to IMPRESS them. Or as the dating folks say, we want to Demonstrate High Value, or DHV. How, specifically, do we do that? That most common answer is to keep trying. That it's a numbers game. To keep taking shots on goal, and hope some of them go in. This CAN work. But it's VERY inefficient. At BEST, and after years of practice, you MIGHT get a 10% success rate. Or or a 90% FAILURE rate. But what if you could REVERSE this? By reversing the strategy, you could reverse the numbers? Meaning that the MAJORITY of people you interacted with would think FONDLY of you? What would THAT do for your confidence? Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/first-impressions/
  24. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jan29_Post.mp4 One of the most sought after experiences among competitive athletes is the flow state. Musicians and other performers experience this on a different level. The flow state is when you are operating at a very high level of competence, but you are unconscious. Not in a trance, (or passed out) but you are flowing without needing your conscious brain. Most of us experience the flow state while doing more mundane things like doing laundry and making grilled cheeses. These are things that are learned skills. Learned to the point of unconscious competence. Meaning we can do them without our brains. But for pros, whose careers require they practice for hours a day, they do this with HIGHLY trained skills. Not only highly trained skills, but highly trained skills used in a competitive environment. When your making a burrito or folding your clothes, the burrito ingredients or your unfolded clothes just sit there. They aren't fighting against you. But in a competitive sport, you have ZERO idea what the other guy is going to do. So when you reach a flow state in this environment, it's like magic. A continuous unfolding of uncertainty, the mathematics of which are too complex to solve even with the most powerful supercomputers. Yet here's our ancient monkey-brain, flowing like a dream. This is a bit different for performance arts. For performing, it's more like folding your clothes. Meaning there isn't anybody in your face trying to mess you up. Sometimes the opposite. If it's appropriate, and the audience is watching, you can use their energy to enhance your performance. And since this is unexpected, it's very much a flow state. A friend of mine did this while on stage. He was in a play that he'd practiced a kajillion times. But one night, when he was about to drop a "punchline," he broke a cardinal rule of acting. That is to NEVER beak the fourth wall. Breaking the fourth wall means looking DIRECTLY at the audience, or the camera. He said he didn't know WHY he did it. He just felt it, in the moment, spontaneously within the flow state. Instead of looking at his partner, he calmly turned directly to the audience and said it. And EVERYBODY, even the director, said it was PERFECT. Something you can never predict or even explain. You just gotta feel it. There is a way to CREATE this feeling in others. Conversationally. The natural FLOW state. Where one idea simply slides right into the next. All they need to do is follow your words. And they can passively enjoy one of the most sought after human experiences. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/slippery-slope-language/
  25. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jan27_Post.mp4 Ever since I've been in high school, I've loved cycling. When I was in college, whenever I had some spare time, I'd go riding up and down hills. I liked riding up and down. Riding up was kind of like hiking. You keep grinding, and every once in a while you stop and look around and see how much higher you are. But going down is a different kind of thrill. A spending of carefully saved up potential energy. The fastest I've ever coasted downhill was 53 miles per hour. A perfect hill for coasting. Steep, long, and then flat for at least half mile. No intersections, no lights. So the ONLY limitation was how long I could coast without feeling the need to put the breaks on. It always reminded me of the song "Helter Skelter," by the Beatles. Particularly the line: "When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide, when I stop and I turn and I go for a ride..." This is about a roller coaster called "Helter Skelter." It's also considered to be the first "metal" song. But riding down hills is inherently pleasing. They've got these tours in place like Hawaii and other exotic vacation spots. They drive up you to the top of a huge mountain. Then you coast down on mountain bikes. The bikes have governors on the brakes, so you don't go too fast. So you can just relax, and coast, and enjoy the scenery. We humans LOVE being "taken" on rides. Physical rides. Emotional rides. This is why we love stories. We love to FEEL the emotions without having to take any real risks. Like riding down hill without needing to ride up. But sitting and watching an emotional ride is one thing. A fantastic movie or serial drama. But participating is something else. When you go out with your buddies for example. And one unexpected good thing happens after another. And everybody ends up happily ever after, if you catch my drift. We love to fantasize the same way. All of this is based on a kind of "pseudo logic" structure on our brains. The more you think about this, the more you can understand just how enjoyable it is. Thinking of happy thoughts naturally leads to happier thoughts. Even random conversations with friends follow this kind of pseudo logic. The more you participate in these conversations, the more fun they are. The more fun they are, the more you can start to remember this, now. And all those other times when you unexpectedly found yourself in a fantastic sequence of events and emotions. Even better is when you understand this linguistic structure. So you can be the one leading the conversation. From one happy emotion to another. Naturally, the more you lead the conversation, the more you lead the ideas in their brain. The more you lead the ideas in their brain, the more you be able to lead their actions. To any happy ending you like. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/slippery-slope-language/
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