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Found 6 results

  1. The idea of mastery is both compelling and impossible. Compelling because if you are a master of anything, that usually comes with a lot of benefits. Fame, fortune respect, etc. But impossible because mastery implies something is complete. How could you possibly master the piano, or any instrument? There will always be new composers, new musical styles, new ways of expressing musical thought. You might be able to master something simple like baking a cake. But any time any human CAN actually "master" a process, where it's considered "perfect," then how is that different from automation? You can make a machine that would "master" the production of anything. And once you have a machine that can produce something, it is in large supply (or can be in large supply) and "mastered product" can be purchased very cheaply. Once you start getting into anything that involves other people, mastery becomes even MORE impossible. Since everybody else that is involved will be equally trying to achieve "mastery." Sports, or any competition will always have an uncertain outcome. And the ideas of "mastery" and "uncertainty" don't seem to mix. However, if you define mastery as an orientation, one pointed toward CONTINUOUS improvement, then you might have something. World class athletes and musicians and performers PRACTICE more than anything else. So long as they are in the game, they NEVER feel as if they are "good enough" and don't need to practice. Every single day they are striving to "get better." No matter what you do for work, for fun, for your hobby, you likely feel the same way. Whatever it is you do, you probably would like to do it better. Even on those days when everything works PERFECTLY, part of you realizes those days are few and far between. This is the human condition. And inward orientation to your relationship with the world and how you "perform" or "behave" when you interact with the world. Every living breathing human has a DESIRE to "be better" than they are. The difference is how you respond to that desire. Is it always a mere wish, that you feel is out of your control? Or do you identify with that as your prime PURPOSE. Do always IMPROVE yourself? For most people, it's a mix. Some days we feel on purpose. Other days we feel like we're getting knocked around like a ping pong ball in a hurricane. That desire will always be there. So will your ability to respond to that desire. What will YOU do? Get Better: http://mindpersuasion.com/hero/
  2. Once upon a time there were only a few people on Earth. Each one of us lived in small tribes. Nomads. Continuously wandering. Searching for better places. Then we invented farming, and kept spreading. Through the age of empires, kingdoms grew and fell. The nomadic desire to discover had been transformed into a desire to conquer. Now with much of the earth occupied, we still have that deep desire. To find, do and discover new things. Some look to other planets. Regardless of who you are, what your background is, you have that ancient itch. The one that will always remind you that what you have isn't always enough. There will always be more. More knowledge, deeper relationships, richer experiences. Although our technology is vastly different, we are still the same people. Our hearts still yearn for the same new things. This can a source of frustration. Or it can be a source of great inspiration. The same stories have been told since the dawn of time for this same reason. Every generation has it's collection of heroes. Going on questions, facing down enemies, and saving their people. Joseph Campbell called him the "hero with 1000 faces." Because you'll find him everywhere. In ancient epic sagas, and in modern comic books. And in you. You have the same desire for greatness as every one of your heroes. The question is, will you obey that deep instinct? Or will you ignore it? Either way, the earth and all the people will continue. The choice is yours. Nobody will push you but you. But plenty will try and stop you. Maybe because they feel threatened. Maybe because they fear being left behind. Will you let them stop you? Or will you press on? Find Out: http://mindpersuasion.com/hero/
  3. When I was a kid I did a lot of backpacking. In explorer scouts (a division of boy scouts), we would do these week long trips during the summer. The first part was always the hardest. Up and over some huge pass. But once you got past the hard part, the next several days were pretty amazing. Huge valleys, plenty of lakes (with lots of fish), wild animals, and no people. They say that humans are more or less the same as we've been for the past 20,000 years or so. Psychologically, physiologically, mentally. All the stuff we think of as modern, and all of our beliefs are transmitted generationally. We learned from our parents and our environment, they from theirs, etc. Theoretically, if you took a modern baby and swapped it with a cave baby from 20,000 years ago, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. The cave baby would grow up in the modern world, and learn all about the modern world, and wouldn't know any different. The modern baby would crow up in caveman land, and learn from all the cave people, and not know any different. This means our modern instincts are BUILT for caveman land. We don't need to learn any of that stuff. Of getting up every day and going out into the world, uncertain what would happen. Only knowing that you've got to try. And that learning from trial and error is the ONLY way to get better. At ANYTHING. Of course, we grow up surrounded by ideas and modern education that tells us we have to play it safe. That there are certain social rules we have to follow. And if we break those rules, all kinds of bad things will happen. But deep within you are the very SAME instincts that led ancient humans to conquer the planet. We ALL have those conquering instincts. So, the money question. What will YOU conquer? Every inventor, every scientist, every entrepreneur, every writer and storyteller, they are using their ancient conquering genes in very modern ways. How will you use YOUR conquering genes? Find Out: http://mindpersuasion.com/hero/
  4. We live in a very modern world with tons of conveniences. If you were to pick any time period in the history of mankind, it would be very unlikely to be alive today. They say that humans are anatomically, physiologically and mentally the same as we've been for 50,000 years. Any 100 year period out of the past 50,000 years is a chance of 1/500. And you'd only have a 1/230 chance of landing AFTER 1800. Just being alive TODAY is unlikely and very lucky. Life was much harder even 50 years ago. But in some ways, life was better back then. How's that? One thing that is missing from many people's lives today is PURPOSE. Many people feel like they are going through the motions. Without much enthusiasm. Now, you could get very metaphysical and esoteric. Or you could find a very SIMPLE difference. And one VERY SIMPLE difference is in the incentives. Up until very recently, all our incentives were EXTERNAL and very UNFORGIVING. Nobody had to be "motivated." There was no need for motivational speakers or ideas about finding one's purpose. Back then, your environment FORCED you to get things done. Because if you didn't, you'd get left behind. Today, if you want to achieve greatness, you have to be motivated mostly by INTERNAL incentives. It's very easy to relax, get most of your needs met. But it's also easy to get most of your needs met and never feel like you're doing much that is worth much. This is one reason why we LOVE hero's journey movies. In most of those movies, the hero is FORCED onto their path. We would LOVE to have that happen. Something to come along and MAKE US leave our comfort zone. Maybe we'll get bit by a radioactive spider. Maybe a tornado will take us to Oz. Maybe we'll find out an evil wizard killed our REAL parents. Maybe stormtroopers will show up, kill everybody, and FORCE us to go on a mission. Maybe, but probably not. If YOU don't force YOURSELF out of your comfort zone, nobody will. What are you waiting for? Get Started: http://mindpersuasion.com/hero/
  5. http://mindpersuasion.com/hero/
  6. One of the reasons we love time travel movies is because hindsight is 20-20. Meaning look back over our lives, it's pretty obvious what we SHOULD have done. If ONLY we could go back and try again. One ways this always shows up is financially. There's always some element of "knowing" ahead of time which stock is going to go up, or which sports team is going to win. On the flip side, there's some kind of magic or scientific method of predicting the future. For the same reason, to see which sports team would win or which stocks would go up. Plenty of movies, books, and TV shows have been made about both. Why are these so prevalent? Because KNOWING the future (either before it happens or going back before it's happened) is something we all CRAVE but equally know is impossible. Why do we crave it? Because we all make mistakes. Because we all abhor risk. Yet they are two things we can't escape. Sure, we can try. But the more we minimize risk, or any chance of mistakes, the more we try and maximize our safety, the less likely we'll get anything good. Since most people play it safe, simply by playing it safe we'll get the same thing most people get. An average life, with average income, and average everything. Which isn't that exciting. Are there only two options? Terrifying risks or boring safety? Nope. If you try to plan too far ahead, you increase the amount of risk and likelihood of mistakes. But if you only plan a week or so ahead of time, you'll have much more control. The only requirement is you know WHICH DIRECTION you're going in. Increased income, increased health, etc. So long as you keep the direction clear, and focus only a week or two ahead of time, you'll get the best of both worlds. You'll always be moving forward, but you'll also be minimizing the amount of risk and uncertainty. And since you'll ALWAYS be moving forward, your life will continue to improve. You don't need to take great leaps, only small steps. The small steps you take today will add up to a lifetime journey. Get Started: End Self Sabotage
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