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Found 3 results

  1. Ambiguity is fun. A lot of fun. However, most people only use ambiguity on one level. By pointing it out. This can get you pretty far. For example, a lot of newspaper headlines and product labels use ambiguity. For example, the other day I was in a drug store. I saw a box of plastic flatware. Knives, forks, spoons. The description on the box said, "Entertaining Flatware." The meaning was that this is flatware you use when entertaining. When having a party. So the word "entertaining" is meant to be an adjective. But what if you assume it's a verb? Like you have a bunch of flatware, and you don't want the flatware to get bored. So you need to figure out a way to entertain the flatware. So you stroll down to your local library and find a book on entertaining flatware. The kind of jokes flatware likes, etc. Or what if you assume the word "entertaining" is a an adjective, but not the way the product makers intended. For example, you have some flatware that doesn't just sit there. They stand up, jump around, maybe do a bit of break dancing, sing a few songs. That's some pretty entertaining flatware! You could even set them out on the sidewalk, put a hat in front, and people would toss in money while your flatware was dancing around and singing songs. This is just from ONE goofy product label. When you train your brain to see ambiguity, you'll see it EVERYWHERE. A particularly funny way to use it is to see it in the everyday language of others. And assume the goofiest thing possible. Somebody talks about baking a cake and needing to pick up some baking flour. That phrase, "Pick up some baking flour" has TONS of misunderstandings you can use. Going down to the local nightclub where all the baking flour hangs out and trying some pick up lines. The difficulties of taking flour when it's in the process of baking something. For EXTRA party fun, you can play it as straight as you possibly can. And keep going off on goofy tangents based on the incorrectly taken meaning. This simple trick will make you one of the most welcomed party guest in town. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/party-hypnosis/
  2. A common desire for more people is to be funnier. To develop a "sense" of humor. That word, "sense" is a clue on what humor really is. When we "sense" something, we perceive something OUTSIDE of ourselves. So having a "sense" of humor indicates you can PERCEIVE not only joke opportunities, but the energy that is most receptive to joke energy. This means not only being able to read the energy, but having the linguistic dexterity to USE whatever people are saying, and flip it around into a joke. Something funny. If you NEVER take any time to learn how to do this, you'll have the same ideas everybody else has. Namely that "some people" are naturally funny, and "some people" naturally aren't. But one very POWERFUL reframe about is that ANYTHING can be perceived as a skill. Which means that ANYTHING can be improved. The trick is to figure out the smallest things to practice. And when it comes to having a sense of humor, there are two basic areas. One is "inner game" and the other is "outer game." When it comes to reading the energy, this is paradoxically an inner game skill. The reason most people can't read energy is NOT because they lack "energy reading skills." It is because they are WASTING too much energy being nervous and anxious. This is why for most of us, it's MUCH EASIER to read the energy when we're around friends and family. But if you practice some very easy inner game exercises, pretty soon you'll feel JUST as comfortable around strangers as you do your best friends. Once you build up your inner game, then it's a matter of developing the outer game linguistic skills of humor. Turns out that HUMOR and HYPNOSIS are very closely related. Conversational hypnosis is based on a lot of AMBIGUITY. When you speak in purposely vague language, so the listener fills in the blanks on their own. And feels much more "ownership" of the message, since it's mostly THEIR content they filled in the blanks with. But it turns out that using ambiguity for humor is MUCH EASIER. Using ambiguity for convert hypnosis takes a lot of practice. But using ambiguity for humor requires ONLY a few one-line reframes. Take anything they said, and reframe it to mean something silly. Combine this easy, external game linguistic skill with your inner game exercises and you can develop a very POWERFUL sense of humor. As strong as you want. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/party-hero/
  3. One of my favorite stories from science is the discovery of quantum physics. This has NOTHING to do with quantum physics itself, only HOW it was discovered. A bunch of the smartest scientists on earth were sitting around, trying to figure out a problem. They would heat up this hunk of stuff, and watch measure the heat curve as it cooled off. Each time they tried to explain what was happening, they got it wrong. They'd come up with a theory, figure out a way to describe that theory mathematically, and then repeat the experiment. If the heat-curve match their prediction, they were right. If it didn't they were wrong, and they'd have to come up with a different theory. Each theory was a "model." And when their model didn't work, they threw it away. This is VERY uncommon. Most people fall in love with their model. In fact, many people (even scientists) when they see the world doesn't match their model, they think the WORLD is wrong. This is one of the reasons why the world's economy is so messed up. Goofball economists are so IN LOVE with their economic models, they continue to NOT BE ABLE to understand what's really going on. But if you can DITCH your model if it's not working, you understanding pretty much anything is pretty simple. One way we get caught is confusing "descriptive" models and "prescriptive" models. Descriptive models is just watching what happens. Prescriptive models is when we think we know what SHOULD happen. If you try to understand human nature through prescriptive models, meaning you have an idea of how people SHOULD behave, and they don't behave that way, we goofy humans can be VERY frustrating. But if you just find the right DESCRIPTIVE model, and forget about how you think people "should" behave, we are pretty simple. So simple that it's easy to play with our brains. Especially when you understand that our language is based on a set of ASSUMPTIONS that most people aren't even aware of. If you speak and behave in a way that BREAKS those assumptions, people will have NO IDEA what's going on. Now, most of the time this happens when some lunatic comes up on the street and starts speaking gibberish. This creates a fear response. Because their WHOLE BODY is radiating "gibberish." This is very frightening. But when your non-verbal communication is normal and congruent, but your language is breaking the rules of expected grammar, THAT's when you can have some fun. Instant trances, goofy laughs, and wide eyes of excitement. All in seconds. Click Here To Learn More
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