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Found 65 results

  1. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jun26Post.mp4 I love eating peanuts. Particularly in the shell. Ever since I was a kid, I loved eating peanuts in the shell. I'll get a really big bowl, and dump a bunch of unshelled peanuts. Then I'll slowly dig around while I'm watching a movie on TV or something. Theoretically, I could keep the uneaten peanuts on one bowl, and put the shells in another bowl. But part of me likes the treasure hunting aspect. Of digging around in a bowl of mostly peanut shells, hoping to find one that hasn't been eaten. Sometimes I'll give up. Put the bowl aside. But then later part of me wonders. If maybe I hadn't looked hard enough. So I pick up the bowl and start rustling around. Often, I'll get a false positive. The way I grab a shell, for a split second I think it's an uneaten, still in the shell, peanut. But then I flip it over, and find out it's already been eaten. Heartbreak! But sometimes, I'll find a full peanut. Big, heavy, just waiting to be cracked open. It's like finding TREASURE! Yeah, I know. Silly. But we all have a kind of sorting mechanism in our brains. We have to. We have to choose among all the noise, to find the good stuff. Sometimes this is easy. TOO easy. We get complacent. If we have to look, we start to get angry. But consider we all have a very ancient, very powerful, "treasure hunting" instinct. When ancient guys would go out hunting, they'd spend days looking for any evidence of large animal. Imagine being an ancient hunter. Hungry, worried. And finally seeing some wooly mammoth tracks. For modern humans, that would have probably felt like finding a bag of money on the street. Following a set of big tracks of an animal you'd hope to kill would be like modern humans getting a huge run up on a stock or bitcoin. Imagine what that ancient dude would have thought. "If I can catch up to this thing, and kill it, I'll be the hero. We'll all feast for days. I might even get laid!" Imagine the women. Hoping the men come back with a big kill. Waiting patiently for days. And finally seeing them dragging back a huge animal. Especially if you were a young cave girl, and the guy you'd had your eye on was the dude responsible for the kill. This scenario represents human emotions at their finest. Dudes being responsible for the big kill. Ladies being taken care of by dudes who risked their lives for them. The happy tribe, back together again. A week long feast, without any worry whatsoever. Today, those instincts are STARVED. Our modern world is a train wreck. Junk food, junk relationships, junk validation, even junk money. But those ancient killer instincts still live inside you. Wake them up. And dominate. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/seductive-frame/
  2. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jun25Post.mp4 If you've ever made the switch from regular soda to diet soda, it might be a little harsh at first. But it's easy to get used to. And if you drink regular soda by accident, it will taste like pure sugar water. This happens to your taste buds, if you gradually shift to a healthier diet. If you get into the habit of eating healthy, processed food taste really bad. If you re-calibrate your taste buds to the natural sweetness of fruit, eating some ice cream would be too much. If you work out regularly, but can't for some reason, it feels like something's missing. Some negative loops are HARD to escape from. If you start eating processed food, and spend a lot of time being as lazy as possible this is a HARD cycle to escape from. But some loops are so bad, you do anything to escape from them. For example, imagine if all you ate for a few meals in a row was PURE junk food. Like nothing but extra sugar soft drinks and donuts. After a couple of days, your body would be STARVING for something more substantial. If you were really depressed and stayed in bed, eating junk food and watching Netflix, you'd eventually feel COMPELLED to get up and at least stretch. The modern world is messed up in a lot of ways. Every where you look, you can find examples of a "race to the bottom." This, of course, is just a metaphor. Nobody is really trying to get to the "bottom." But companies always try and out do each other. There is always competition. But in most areas now, companies and people are competing for how EASY they can make things. How INSTANT they can make things. Not LITTLE we need to think to consume things. This makes us have shorter and shorter attention spans. Which makes them compete even more for quicker, easier, and lazier thinking based things. But deep inside, we STILL have our ancient instincts. Instincts for food, instincts for real social validation, and instincts for sex. Most relationships today are in the "junk food" category. Fake looks, fake personalities, fake everything. But everybody out there still craves that which fed our ancient instincts for hundreds of thousands of years. When it comes to relationships most people's brains have been destroyed by online dating. We've been trained to decide within LESS than a second wether we want to hook up with somebody. There is NO WAY we would have survived if this was natural. It is not. What is natural? It's the one thing that EVERYBODY is craving. Even if they don't know it. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/seductive-frame/
  3. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/May19Post.mp4 Imagine you were having a big dinner party. You just got a promotion, or she said yes, or any other reason. You were cooking something that you'd never cooked before. Some huge roast pork of some kind. All your dinner guests were excited, ready to taste the delicious smelling pork. You check the recipe, and it says to cook it until it reaches an internal temperature of 170 degrees. You check it, and sure enough, 170 degrees. You pull it out, cut it up, serve to your guests. They eat it. Only twenty minutes later, everybody dies! Egads! You wonder what's wrong. You haven't been arrested yet, so you do some experimenting in your kitchen. You think maybe your thermometer might be the culprit. You put it in a pot of boiling water that you KNOW the temperature of. Only your thermometer says is TWICE AS HIGH as you know it is!' That's why! Your thermometer is out of calibration! Ok, here's another silly story. Your friend said he'd give you $1,000,000 if you can jump your motorcycle over crocodile canyon. You dust off your calculus book, do some calculations, and figure if you hit the ramp at 80 mph, you should make it. So you hit the ramp, your speedometer reads 80 mph, and you start dreaming of your million bucks. Until you land smack dab in the middle of crocodile river. After you recover, you take in your bike and have it checked. You THOUGHT you were going 80 mph, (that's what your speedometer said) but you were really going 40 mph! Egads! This is what happens when things aren't calibrated properly. You are getting readings that you THINK are accurate, but they are not. This happens in movies all the time. If they are comedies, the are funny. If they are not comedies, they are CRINGE worthy. Some lady will give a guy a hug. An emotional, FRIENDLY hug. But the guy thinks it's a SEXUAL hug. He starts reaching his hand up the back of her shirt. She pulls back, horrified. What the heck do you think you're doing, bub!? His "sexual interest response meter" was IMPROPERLY calibrated. Calibrated based on HOPE rather than data. When most of our instinctive measurements are OUT of calibration life SUCKS. Death dinner parties, eaten by crocodiles, and getting slapped in the face. But when you RE-CALIBRATE your instincts? Life is good. REALLY good. Good times, sexy hugs, and not a crocodile sight! Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/love-magnet/
  4. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/May18Post.mp4 The best relationships are mutually beneficial. Even raising kids. Sure, the kid doesn't do much except receive stuff from the parent. Food, safety, love, various forms of teaching, etc. But the benefit to the parent is immeasurable. The child knows absolutely nothing about this ancient arrangement. They just show up, and suck as much experiential data into their brains as possible. But once you have a kid, it changes everything. It changes your outlook, your priorities and the things make you happy, as well as the things that keep you up at night. This is automatic, instinctive, and subconscious. Nobody needs to "plan" to become a parent. Sure, in modern times, there are plenty of busybodies who make it their business to make sure other parents are parenting "correctly." But if being an effective and loving parent was something that some goof needed to teach, we would have gone extinct hundreds of thousands of years ago. When you have a kid, it's like a switch goes off in your brain. This is how ALL our instincts work. Some are more powerful than others. But it's kind of like the science and the rainbow debate. Some philosopher once feared that if he knew the science behind the rainbow, it would make it less beautiful. But scientists know better. The more you understand the science behind the rainbow, the more beautiful and astonishing it becomes. The same with human instincts. From the outside, it's EASY to detach emotionally and talk about them as if we are Vulcans. "Hmm, it appears these humans have some kind of genetic based, emotional binding force that keeps them together when it appears illogical to do so..." But inside of these seemingly scientific emotions is LIFE. And everything wonderful about it. However, there is a bit of a problem with our vast collection of emotions. They are somewhat out of calibration. They were calibrated for a much different time, when our environment was much simpler, and much more dangerous. Which CAN present a problem. But only if you stumble through life half asleep, with blinders on. Take off the blinders, understand your instincts, and the emotions they create, and get to work. Get to work doing what? Deliberately creating the situations that will create the BEST emotional response. Friendship, food, health, social validation instincts, and of course, the very best instinct: Love. Get Started: https://mindpersuasion.com/love-magnet/
  5. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/May17Post.mp4 Mother Nature is a genius. The way she calibrated our instincts to survive back in the day was fantastic. Particularly when you consider our brains, our main feature. Brains are extremely expensive. Thinking about difficult subjects is literally hard work. Our brains burn more calories per gram than any other body part. So sitting and studying algebra literally is hard work. And way back in the day, when our brains were tripling in size over a couple million years, a decision had to be made. Our brains weren't even close to being finished. But there was a very physical limit. The width of female hips. If the hips kept growing bigger, as our brains kept growing bigger (over the thousands of generations) we would have lost the ability to walk. Turns out walking, or being "bi-pedal" is a close second to our big brains. We need both. This presented a problem. This meant that as our brains kept growing bigger and bigger, we were born less and less finished. Which meant it would take longer and longer for us to "grow up." We spend AT LEAST 4 years being utterly helpless. And potentially dangerous once get up and run around. And back then, no one person could afford to stick around unless somebody else would get TWICE as much food. Half for them, and half for mom and the kid. This is where Mother Nature's utter genius kicks in. From a purely tribal standpoint, this is sheer brilliance. Men compete with one another to get food. Whoever is the most productive, meaning whoever consistently kills the biggest animals, gets the most social status and recognition. This social status and recognition sparks the most desire in all the females. So the better a hunter any one dude is, the more CHOICE he's got with the young cave girls. But this is only the beginning. See, Mother Nature KNEW if that any of these dudes had a "hit it and quit it" instinct, the tribe would fall apart. So she created a much more POWERFUL instinct. Much more powerful than sex. The one that GLUED two people together long enough to give the baby a fighting chance. This is where we get this instinct. We see a pretty lady. We want to accomplish something MAGNIFICENT to hopefully get her attention. And once we are with her, this is when LOVE, the best instinct, kicks in. At least, this is how it used to work in the old days. Today our society is essentially a train wreck. A train that crashed because it was driven by drunken clowns. But these deep instincts are still there. In everybody. In you. And when you learn HOW to manage them, you CAN feel that true feeling of love. Just the way nature intended. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/love-magnet/
  6. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Apr19Post.mp4 All animals, including humans, are driven by instincts. William James, an old school psychologist from 100 years ago said humans have tons of instincts and tons of learning capability. Consider that these CAN be the same. One reason for our "self awareness" is we can use it to learn new instincts. To learn new things to the point of unconscious competence. Normally, when we talk about learning things to this point, we say things like "learning by heart." Or learning them until they become "second nature." That term, "second nature" is very instructive. There is our "first nature," or our programmed instincts. We get hungry, we get horny, we jump when we see a cockroach or a spider. Or we have our "second nature." The things we PROGRAM into ourselves, that we no longer need to think about. If you sneak up behind a black belt and try to choke him out, he or she WON'T need to consciously think to put you on the floor. This is ONE of the main benefits of our conscious, self aware minds. We can LEARN any new "instinct" that we want. Most people don't. Most people are content to let others do their thinking for them. This is our "first nature." To find any kind of authority figure when we are in trouble. To figure out what to do. But what about those people who GIVE the orders? For most of them, that is THEIR "first nature." Some people are natural authority figures. They naturally gravitate towards positions of power. You put any group of people together, and somebody WILL hold that position. We humans are primates. We CANNOT not organize into a hierarchy. Most of the time, this is done unconsciously. From a "first nature" perspective. When we think about learning anything from a "second nature" perspective, we think in terms of specific skills. Programming, boxing, other sports or music. But the truth is that you CAN learn pretty much ANYTHING to the point of being second nature. You just need to figure out what to practice. For most people, even THIS is something they leave up to others. They go to school, and learn what they are TOLD. They get a job, and learn to do what they are TOLD. This is "second nature" learning, but through a "first nature" frame. You don't HAVE to learn this way. Sure, for most people, this is enough. But you CAN learn META skills. Like how to RADIATE authority. How to BE the authority in more and more cases. This is a muscle, like any other muscle. The more you strengthen this AUTHORITY muscle, the stronger it will get. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/pre-framing/
  7. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Apr13Post.mp4 Why do we humans love stories so much? Not just stories, but storytellers? Maybe because they move us through some very powerful and enjoyable emotions. Way back in ancient Greece, they discovered the idea of Catharsis. Of being able to experience non-normal emotions, without having to experience the real and dangerous events that normally produce those emotions. Way back when they first started showing silent movies people were AMAZED. They actually believed that trains were going to come out of the screen. Today, that seems silly, but back then, when the technology was new, it must have been terrifying. Every since the dawn of time, we've been telling each other stories. Since this happens in EVERY culture and has been, it must be a human instinct. So the question is, what does this instinct get us? Instincts only are "kept" if they provide us with some kind of a benefit. So, what would be the benefit of storytelling, and story listening? One way to think about this would be to do a split test. Imagine two tribes of people. One with a storytelling instinct, one without one. Right off the bat we can think of TONS of benefits. When any of the non-storytelling hunters went out, all they would have in their brain is their own experiences, both good and bad. The successes, the failure, the deaths they've witnessed. On the other hand, consider the storytelling tribe. What would THEY have in their brain? Epic tales of heroes killing monsters. Of destroying the villain and winning the heart and love of the young gorgeous princess. Or however they thought of "princesses" back in the days of cave people. Another way to think of storytelling is as a way to implant post hypnotic suggestions. A guy is out hunting, perhaps not seeing anything worth killing. Then he sees a big lumbering wooly mammoth. A non-storytelling caveman would see that, and INSTANTLY imagine both the good and the bad. But a storytelling caveman? Since his head had been filled with epic hero stories, he would IMMEDIATELY see this "monster" as an opportunity of a LIFETIME. If could manage to kill this monster, he would be a HERO. All the dudes would respect and admire him. All the ladies would LOVE him. Two different situations. One guy's head filled with harsh life experiences. The other guy's head filled with epic heroic sagas of good guys, bad guys, brave heroes and grateful followers. This INSTINCT lives in all our heads. It has since the dawn of time. And it will continue to do so FAR into the future, far beyond what we can possibly imagine. Master this skill, and you will master everything. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/storytelling-magic/
  8. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Apr08Post.mp4 One of the curious things about being human is we think we are logical. We all believe we make logical choices and decisions. And those who disagree with us are NOT logical. They are irrational, emotional, crazy, etc. But according to most psychological and neurological research, our conscious brains are NOT in charge most of the time. This is the basic idea behind Cialdini's research. Cialdini is the guy who came up with the idea of Authority, Social Proof, Scarcity, etc. And through his research, and plenty of the research he references in his books, most of the reasons we do things are OUTSIDE of our conscious awareness. This creates the MYTH that persuasion is an art form. Cialdini, however, showed how it is a SCIENCE. If you know what factors influence somebody, you can significantly increase how effectively you can advertise. You can also significantly DECREASE how much advertisers take advantage of us. One of the presuppositions of Game Theory is that we ALWAYS behave rationally. Right off the bat this sounds like a contradiction. But what this means is that we behave rationally but based on our OWN subjective values and beliefs. Many of which live in our unconscious. For example, there you are standing at the buffet. You're STARVING and in a good mood since you are about to EAT. You look at all the choices. The INPUTS are purely subjective. But how those INPUTS are compared is PURE LOGIC. On circuit boards, they have these things called OR Gates. Two inputs, one output. The inputs are either 0 or 1. Binary. If either one is 1, then the output is one. If neither is 1 (both are zero) the output is zero. This is how our brain works. Only the inputs are the STRENGTHS of our subconscious and subjective desires. Even when we do things because we "feel like it" a logical circuit in our brain has triggered us to action. All things considered, doing that "thing" gave us a STRONGER feeling than NOT doing that "thing." From the outside in, it looks like EVERYBODY is an illogical, irrational lunatic. But from inside our own brains, for our own reasons, we are VERY LOGICAL. This is where it gets pretty cool. First, you start with the ideas of Cialdini. The EXTERNAL reasons why we do things. Then you understand the basics of human nature. That is, our instincts that DRIVE our behaviors. If you combine these two, what do you get? An understanding of the INTERNAL and EXTERNAL drivers of all human behavior. Not only will you be able to UNDERSTAND human behavior, but you'll be able to PREDICT it. And even MANAGE and GUIDE it. Wherever, however, and with WHOMEVER you want. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/storytelling-magic/
  9. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Aug07Post.mp4 There are two "best case" scenarios or outcomes if you are proficient salesperson. One is to eventually start your own company. This is risky, but it can come with massive rewards. The guys who invented the Go-Pro camera, essentially a camera on a stick, are ultra rich. But in order to make Go-Pro cash, you've got get Go-Pro lucky. You've got to go through a ton of risk, rejection, years of trial and hustle error, all without a guarantee success. So being very good in sales is really just an entry ticket. What's the other "best case" for the salesperson? Selling from the stage. This does require a few risks. But these are not REAL risks. If you start a business, you risk REAL money. But selling from the stage is like public speaking. The risks are imaginary. The costs are zero, or minimal at best. Consider two different professional speakers. One demands a huge payment. The other will speak for free, and will only receive commissions. Commissions from back of the room sales. The kind where when you finish your speech, people RUSH to buy whatever is in the back of the room. This kind of skill is in HUGE demand. This kind if skill IS ALWAYS and WILL ALWAYS be in huge demand. Selling expensive home study courses. Selling elite memberships to rich people. Getting people at a free seminar to sign up for a weekend seminar. Do this and you can work ONLY when you want. And get paid five figures each time. How can you get to this level? Well the public speaking part is easy. At least from an intellectual standpoint. Hit up your local toastmasters, and KEEP hitting it up until it's easy and fun. Which it WILL be. Once you get over the very common fear of public speaking, public speaking is like a DRUG. Standing up in front of people and talking is a VERY POWERFUL human instinct. This is the same instinct that makes power corrupt and absolute power corrupt absolutely. Just the IDEA of speaking to a crowd and motivating them is compelling. Just this skill alone, of feeling comfortable in front of a crowd, is worth a ton of money. But to take it to the next level, you'll need a big more. The ability to move people's emotions. The ability to drive people to action. And here's the best part. Once you can do this for ONE type of market, you can do this for EVERY MARKET. Because the STRUCTURE is the same. Which means once you get the structure down, you can wrap it around any content you want. Don't want to sell from the stage? No problem. Any time you want to talk, and move people (or a special person) this structure will do the trick. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/storytelling-magic/
  10. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Feb22Post.mp4 There's an economist named Basiat, who is known pretty well in certain economic circles. One is most famous sayings is, "It's not what you see, it's what you don't see." This describes how "reality" really works. Our monkey brains evolved in a very different environment than the one we live in. We could get by, back then, but thinking in very simple, very linear terms. Do X, and you'll get Y. If you get Y, you'll get Z. For most dudes for most of history, there were only three things to think about. Three things that drove ALL our behaviors. Food, sex, and status. And they were all tightly linked together. If you were the best hunter, you got the biggest kill. This provided the most food for everybody. So when you and your team dragged this big kill back to camp, all the people looked at you with admiration and respect. Not because you had on some cool bling, or you had the newest Nikes. Because of what you DID. More specifically, you DID something that would help others. Not entertain them, or make them feel good about themselves. Something tangible that would help them NOT DIE. Whoever killed the biggest animals got the most respect from the tribe. All the cute cave girls were wired to feel AUTOMATIC attraction to the guys getting the most respect. This is a very GENIUS system. A very POWERFUL system. The best hunters got the most status. They got that status because of what they provided TO others. That status created the most attraction in the ladies. So the BEST HUNTERS had the most sex with the hottest ladies. The ladies COMPETED with each other for the top tier men. Remember, these top tier men were top tier because of what they PROVIDED for the tribe. The next generation was produced by the hottest girls, and the best hunters. A PERFECT system. Nobody had to think about ANYTHING. Men simply were DRIVEN to kill the biggest animal they could. Women were DRIVEN to be attracted to the highest status men. This meant everybody got fed, the best dudes and the hottest girls got down with one another and made the best kids. This same DRIVE exists in ALL MEN today. In YOU today. To KILL something (figuratively) FANTASTIC. To get MAD RESPECT because of your actions. Girls DREAM of a hero like this. Guys DREAM of being this hero. Most guys today have it BACKWARDS. They are chasing WOMEN. Or even worse, MONEY. That, Dear Reader, is a BAD IDEA. Instead, chasing the things in life you WANT TO KILL. Things that will make YOU a hero. Seek successes that will make the ladies COMPETE for you. Get Started: https://mindpersuasion.com/get-girls/
  11. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Feb09Post.mp4 A shortcut way to understand human nature is to look at our instincts. It's very easy to get lost in the metaphors of human thinking. But Cialdini found that most of the reasons we do things are simple and outside of our conscious awareness. And those reasons are few. Social proof, authority, commitment and consistency, and sex. We all like to think we are complex angels with a lot of esoteric reasons behind our thinking. Complex and rational reasons that we sort of understand ourselves, but are hard to articulate. But consider that most of the reasons we do most of the things are based on very simple instincts. Way back in the day, we lived in small tribes. The men were responsible for hunting, and getting most of the food. The men were responsible for fighting bad guys and monsters. The women raised the kids, and more or less maintained the tribal cohesion. The money question is HOW, specifically, did everybody know what to do? We've behaved the SAME way for a long, long time. Long before we invented language. So we MUST have deep instincts driving these behaviors. They've found interesting things when they study modern humans who live like ancient hunters. Ever day the men go out hunting. When they do, they have two choices. Small, easy to kill animals. Large, hard to kill animals. Pure logic would dictate they kill the small animals. They'd get more meat per day. They'd spend less time per day. They'd be much less likely to get killed. But they don't. Why? Why don't they hunt for the small, easy to kill animals, that would be enough to feed their family for a couple days? Because they don't go hunting for meat. They got hunting for fame. For social validation. For tribal respect. And tons of sex. Killing those big animals is a MEANS to an end. Everybody wants to be a rock star. But our instincts were calibrated when the ONLY way to be a rock star was to kill the BIGGEST animal you could. This rock star instinct kept everybody fed. And it got the pre-historical rock stars laid like crazy. Often in secret. This is the part of human nature we don't want to acknowledge. Before we even learned how to speak, we were driven by these ancient emotions. To get out there, kill something MASSIVE, and get the rock star treatment. Mad respect. Mad sex. Leverage these ancient instincts, and make a fortune. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/sugar-baby-hypnosis/
  12. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jan15Post.mp4 Ben Franklin famously said that only two things are certain: Death and taxes. Maybe he was kidding, maybe it was a deep insight into human nature. There are, of course, a lot more things about life that are certain. Yes, we all die. But what about taxes? If you study what they call, "Big History," which is essentially the history of all societies, most have some kind of taxation. But they also have plenty of other similarities. One is they all figured out how to grow a bunch of food in many, many different environments. Another is they've all had a form of prostitution. Another is they are all more or less organized into a hierarchy. And most had some systemized kind of writing. So it would seem that there is a lot more to life that is certain that only paying taxes and looking forward to the long dirt nap. Another thing you'll find in every society since the dawn of time is a kind of money. One way to think about this is that if you can find the very same behavior no matter where you look, it's got to be an instinct. We all get hungry and eat. We all get thirsty and drink. We all get horny and TRY our best to have sex. We all like the idea of not working compared to working. If you had a time travel, invisible, flying observation room, it would be very hard to find too many people who were in a fantastic mood on Monday morning. You'd also be hard pressed to find people that were depressed on Friday afternoon. Sad they were going to be away from their boss for a couple days. Everybody dreams about the same things, more or less. Sex with supermodels. Dream romances with dream partners. Having a huge house in a fantastic location. Being able to eat the most delicious food. NEVER having to pay taxes. These all represent the ideal situation with respect to our instincts. Enjoying all the positives, without having to put up with the negatives. Central to all of this is the idea of money. Before large societies, back when we were hunters, there was no money. Once they invented large societies, there was money. Money fulfilled a need. That is to satisfy and enhance trade between people with different skills. But it also opened up MASSIVE possibilities. See, hunters couldn't ever rest. No animal they killed, or fish they caught would feed them for every long. But once money was invented, this allowed people to get as much money as they could. The more of this magic stuff you could get, the LESS you had to work. Money is the sum total of ALL our instincts. Understand money, understand everything. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/money-instinct/
  13. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jan10Post.mp4 A long, long time ago, Mother Nature had a decision to make. Our brains were getting really big, really quickly. Too big to be born close to fully formed, like most other mammals. So She had two choices. Make female hips much wider, or make us born much earlier. Since wider hips would have forced us back down on all fours, She, Mother Nature, chose the second option. Of having us born well before we were done "cooking." This is why few of us have a lot of memories before five or so. This is why can't walk until about two. This is why kids can't talk fully until about three. Chomsky's theory of transformational grammar says we have a "language organ" in our brain. That it is a kind of a language structure. It needs to be calibrated, and that takes a couple years. This is why kids go from speaking gibberish to fully formed sentences pretty quickly. Once they get all their language structures calibrated, off they go. We might imagine we have a bunch of "structures" in our brains. And once these structures are calibrated, we use those calibrated structures as operational models. Religion may be another organ. All people, from all parts of the world, and from all eras usually believe in some kind of religion. And once that is set, it's pretty hard to change. This is exactly what the Jesuits said when they were trying to recapture market share for the Catholic Church after the protestant reformation. They found that converting adults was difficult. But converting new born kids was easy. Give me a child at birth, they said, and he'll be a soldier of Christ by seven. This isn't so much about Jesus, more about how programmable our young brains are. One way our brains are programmed is about money. Our beliefs about money, what it represents, etc. None of this is done on purpose. If you're six, and you're sitting around the dinner table, you'll naturally soak up the "money beliefs" from your parents. How? When they talk about things like vacations, chocolate ice cream, pizza, etc, they exhibit "happy" energy. When they talk about ANYTHING related to money, the "energy" is not happy. Work, bills, rent, etc. So even before any of us really know what money IS, we have been inadvertently trained that it's something everybody needs, everybody wants, but getting it is not only difficult, but extremely frustrating. And given that financial issues create the most anguish between otherwise happy couples, this adds another negative element to "money energy." Before we even really understand money, it's tainted with a whole slew of negative ideas. Unless you address these, and recalibrate them, getting money will be difficult. But after you recalibrate your money instinct? Money is a wonderful, natural, and necessary human invention. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/money-instinct/
  14. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jan08Post.mp4 When we are kids, it's very easy to believe in magic. Up until five or so, our brains are mostly in the theta state. Theta state is when we are dreaming, or having rich fantasies, near sleep. But as we grow up, we shift into mostly beta and alpha. Beta is more awake and alert. Alpha is kind of day dreaming. Most people only experience theta just as the slip into sleep. But we also have an ability to hallucinate. An anthropologist traveled the world, looking for as many similarities as he could find between as diverse cultures as he could find. And he found plenty. One commonality as the belief in "magic." Or superstition, or religion. A set of laws and ideas that have no direct proof, but are believed to be just as true as things like rocks and trees and buildings. Another common thing you'll find in all people, from all times, is the idea of money. Anthropologists find these shells very far away from any ocean. These ancient shells are found where ancient tribes used to live. They suspect they used them as money. This is a very natural idea that pops up in plenty of places. The idea of choosing something as a medium of exchange. If you have a banana, and you want a coconut, there are two ways of getting one. Find a guy who has a coconut and wants a banana. Or find a guy who wants a banana, and has something called "commodity money." This is anything you will accept from him, in exchange for your banana, that you suspect somebody else might want. This idea of commodity money is so natural, kids do this. Without EVER needing to be told. If you are 7 years old and are trading some Pokemon cards, for example, you'll have a sixth sense for which cards are in high demand. You'll trade for those, and hang onto them, so you can trade them for what you want, later. This deep and ancient instinct, of getting as MUCH of those "commodity money" things as possible is the SAME thing people do when they build wealth. When this is constrained to an honest society, this is where ALL inventions flow from. If you want as much of this commodity money as you can get, there is only one way to get some. Make, or help make, or find, or help find, things that OTHER people want. When EVERYBODY is doing this is, society grows and flourishing. This is your instinct. It is about as magic as you can get. And it is what will make you rich. Master this, and want for nothing. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/money-instinct/
  15. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Dec26Post.mp4 It's hard to eat only a little bit. Especially when you are hungry. Imagine trying to keep to your diet by going to an all you can eat buffet for both lunch and dinner. It's extremely difficult, from inside our own brains, to tell the difference between eating because we like it, from eating because we need it. This is why a common piece of advice is to eat very, very slowly. Our brain is about twenty minutes behind our mouths. I don't know about you, but I can eat plenty in twenty minutes. For any given meal, you only need about 500-1000 calories. So if you eat VERY SLOWLY, your brain will send you the "stop eating" signal right around that same calorie mark. But if don't purposely eat slowly, you can EASILY put in a couple thousand calories in twenty minutes. All our instincts work like this. When they are happy, our brains pretty much shut down. Because they were calibrated way back in the day when there were FAR fewer things to satisfy our instincts. A very COMMON similarity to "eating too fast" is talking to girls for TOO LONG. Most people understand the law of scarcity. The scarcer something is, the more you value it. So if you text or call too much, you'll RUIN any attraction she has. But this works with first conversations as well. Most guys talk to girls as long as they possibly can. Until they run out of things to say. But here's a general rule, that works kind of like the "eating slow" rule. If you end the conversation BEFORE she wants to, she'll end up WANTING MORE of you. But if you keep talking after SHE thinks it's time to end, it will have the opposite effect. It will create a subconscious feeling of not being able to get rid of you if she wants to. But if you always end the interaction BEFORE she wants to, it will create a subconscious, "I want more of that guy" feeling. If you do this with successive interactions, it will have a much more powerful effect. Do it once, and she'll enjoy it, but it's easy to forget. Do it a few times, over a few weeks, and that will cause her to wonder about you. To think about you. To convince HERSELF that she really likes you. Not for your reasons, but for hers. This is essentially how people fall in love. Self hypnosis. Trouble is, it's very difficult to do this consciously. But if you build your life so you behave this way naturally, you'll have this same impact on PLENTY of women. Just by living your life, you'll be creating a whole ARMY of women who are always out there, dreaming about you and wishing you'd call. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/get-girls/
  16. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Dec25Post.mp4 One way to figure out what to do is ask what a caveman would do. A common problem people have is with overeating. That's because our hunger instinct is out of calibration. Back in the day, we had to spend a lot of time, energy and risk to get food. So, our bodies slowly calibrated themselves, via natural selection, to our environment. So we have a three phase energy system. The first phase is we get a hungry feeling. This is an unconscious signal that makes us want to eat something. All animals have this, so we don't need conscious thought. Sure, we can describe our hunger. We can talk about how we can satisfy our hunger. But the hungrier we get, the more we want to eat something. For ancient humans, this got us up out of bed and got us out looking for something to eat. The second phase of our hunger instinct is when we actually HAVE something to eat. The "pleasure" of food in our mouths sends a signal to our brains. To stop thinking about anything else, and eat as much as we can. This is like a family on a road trip, stopping and filling up every time they pass a gas station. The third phase of our hunger instinct is that we store the extra. So we can go for DAYS between meals without dying. The longer we go without food, the hungrier we get. When we have food, we eat as much as we can and store the extra energy. An absolutely PERFECT system for an ancient world. Today, this SAME system will KILL you if you don't always and consciously manage it. Modern dating is the same. Our mating instincts in the PAST worked fantastically. Today, if we obey them they will DESTROY any chance of long lasting sex and love. So, how would it have worked in the past? Men were always away from the women, looking for something to kill. They would bring back stuff, and everybody, including all the ladies, would be grateful. Then the men would leave again. The women would NOT KNOW when they would come back. So when they did, they were grateful. And since men had to follow the animals (the wealth of hunter gatherers) the women had no choice but to follow the men. The instincts of men is to chase and kill (acquire) wealth. The instincts of women is to follow men. If you go to a fast food restaurant, it will be very hard to control your instincts. The food will trigger your ancient eating instincts whether you like it or not. If a woman sees a MAN WITH A PLAN, it will trigger her attraction instincts. Whether she likes it or not. Once they are triggered, she'll have little choice but to obey them. What will they make her do? FOLLOW the man who is chasing wealth. How to you BECOME this man? Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/get-girls/
  17. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Nov04Post.mp4 One theory from evolutionary psychology is called mismatch theory. It's all about how our instincts were calibrated, way back in the day. And how they are being mis fed today. Hunger is easiest one to understand. Our mind body system was calibrated in an environment where we were always hungry. The food we could get was scarce. Both the amount and the type. Mostly meat, fat, a few fruits here and there, and whatever else we could find naturally growing. This never ending hunger motivated us to always be on the lookout for something to eat. As soon as we found something to eat, THAT became our number one priority. When you are REALLY hungry, and you start eating something, it's very hard to maintain conscious control. We have tons of instincts. These instincts helped us stay alive back when life was really dangerous. The stuff we did that KEPT us alive felt really good. Stuff that was dangerous felt really bad. Being hungry, loud noises, and negative social approval. All of these were signals that something was wrong. That something needed to be fixed. If you were to study martial arts, you could do so for many reasons. Health, confidence, even spiritual reasons. But if you ONLY wanted to know how to defend against an attacker, it wouldn't take as long. Carry some pepper spray. Practice pulling it out and spraying it in their eyes. Or practice ramming your keys in somebody's eyes. Or practice kicking somebody in the nuts, or punching them in the throat. None of these are elegant. They are only meant to disable the bad guy so you can run away. In order to do this, you need to know the soft spots. The eyes, the throat, the groin. The strategy is pretty simple. Hit them in the soft spots and run. Funny thing is even practicing these very basic defensive skills gives you plenty of confidence. It turns out we have a lot of emotional soft spots as well. Related to our very ancient social instincts. That ones that make us feel terrible when we are misbehaving socially. There are plenty of linguistic defensive skills to hit your enemies in those emotional soft spots. And just like practicing physical defense, practice linguistic defense will give plenty of confidence. Even better is when you do these mentally. While staring at your enemy. It will them a very creepy feeling. One that says it's a very BAD idea to mess with you. Ever. Learn How: https://www.udemy.com/course/verbal-assassin/
  18. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Oct30Post.mp4 Our self aware minds can be seen as a new instinct generator. This may seem to be a silly way to look at our brains. But way back in the early days of pre-human evolution, we pre-humans started migrating around the world. Every other animal has a bunch of pre-programmed instincts that help it survive in a certain environment. They have instincts to dictate what they should eat and what they should avoid. If they make any changes, it takes a very, very long time. There are couple of related birds in South America. They used to be the same species. But for some reason they split. One ended living on one valley. Another one in a nearby valley. After evolving separately for a couple hundred thousand years, their difference? A slight change in their song. This is how long it takes most animals to change. But humans? We have a meta instinct. The ability to learn something new, to the point of unconscious competence. If you have zero training in martial arts, and you get into a fight, it will be very clumsy. Like those Legislators in Taiwan, that sometimes throw punches. They are off balance, their punches miss, and they look pretty silly. This is what happens when you take a basic instinct of self defense, but never practice it. It looks pretty silly. But if you take the time to practice? To take what is instinctive, take it down to the level of conscious competence, and build it up to a much higher level? It will become deadly. Take anybody who has trained any length of time, and their punches will be much effective. Much less chaotic. But the brainpower will be the same. Anything practiced to the level of unconscious competence will take very little conscious brainpower. A black belt throwing a punch will use the same amount of brainpower as an off balance goof throwing an off balance punch. Both are instincts. One is old. One is new. As humans slowly spread out around the world, we HAD to develop this ability. To learn new skills to get food, hunt game, and avoid being killed. Monkeys can only live in the jungle and eat bananas. Humans can live anywhere and eat anything. Because we can learn to eat anything. We can learn to fish, learn to farm, learn to hunt. This is a never ending skill. Of using your new instinct generator. One thing you can continuously improve is how you use language. With just a few minutes of practice a day. You can turn what is jumbled up and chaotic for most people into something that is very effective and very deadly. Learn How: http://www.udemy.com/course/verbal-assassin/
  19. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Oct17Post.mp4 If you've ever tried the willpower diet, you know it's nearly impossible. Because dieting is so hard for so many, we are pretty much suckers for any shortcut idea. These shortcut ideas are all the same. More benefits, with less effort. I get spam emails all the time. One I've been getting lately is about the ice cream diet. Or something like that. The first few lines are about some woman who ate all the ice cream she wanted and still lost weight. Even spam emails use some pretty good copywriting tricks. The idea of telling a story. Of a normal person (like us) who found some weird trick and got what everybody wants. One of the techniques in copywriting is to create curiosity. Curiosity about the product. Curiosity about the story. Curiosity about whether it will work for us. Funny thing is buying goofy things like this is an instinct in itself. Or at least a collection of instincts. Curiosity, getting more benefits with less cost, even the sugary taste of ice cream. And the imagined future when we've lost weight and look good. We will become more attractive, and hopefully get more sex. All instincts. The will power diet, on the other hand, is an example of pitting our conscious minds against our ancient instincts. Instincts will win, every single time. That's why willpower is the WORST possible strategy. The only strategy is to understand all your instincts. And carefully pitting them against each other. This is essentially the secret strategy of gym rats. Not likely conscious, but it's there. Once they are in the gym, there is tons of social proof. The reason they are in the gym is to get a better body. For guys to impress the ladies, and for the ladies to impress the guys. And the more they go, the more they leverage commitment and consistency. Another instinct is our deep need for competition. All the dudes are competing for the best ladies by trying to be the best looking dude. All the ladies are competing for the best dudes by trying to be the best looking lady. When you point your instincts at your target, you'll have a much better chance of getting it. An even BETTER way? Cleverly point somebody else's instincts at your target. Pointing your own instincts at a target will get rid of the need for will power. But pointing somebody else's instincts at a target will get rid of the need for doing any work. Since THEIR instincts will be pointed at YOUR target, they'll do whatever it takes to get there. You just need to go along for the ride. Learn How: https://www.udemy.com/course/get-anybody/
  20. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Oct03Post.mp4 A deep desire for most people is to get more social status. This is based on a very ancient instinct. It works very much like food and sex. For example, you could be walking down the street, minding your own business. You might not think you're hungry. Until you pass a bakery. Or an IN-N-Out. Or perhaps you meet some friends for drinks. You don't feel hungry. Until your friends order some appetizers. Take one bite and it's all over. We even say things like, "Wow, I didn't know how hungry I was!" Sex is the same. Suppose your walking down another street, minding your own business. You see an attractive person, and smile at them. Suppose they smile back. REALLY smile back. Even look you up and down, letting their eyes feast on you. But they keep walking. Whatever you WERE thinking about is long gone. Now that person is all you'll be able to think about. For a few days. Social status is very much like that. We don't think we WANT any until we GET some. And then it's ALL we can think of. But because suddenly being blindsided by food and sex ideas and images is common, but REAL social status is not, most won't ever experience this. This is a common "drug" like feeling in those who fear public speaking, but get over it. At least enough to get up a few times and give a speech. Standing up in front of people feels VERY MUCH like having real social status. Even if it's a bunch of goofs like us just there to practice giving speeches. It's not uncommon for people who are initially terrified of public speaking lose time. They stand up, and once the fear wanes and the positive feelings kick in, then it's like hunger. Where you can't ever eat one chip. They love the feeling so much they talk and talk and talk. But REAL social status is EXTREMELY powerful. Because from a purely instinctive standpoint, after a certain point, money and sex are natural results. Below a certain level money and sex MUST be chased separately. And once you get above a certain level of social status, the name of the game is twofold. One, to KEEP IT at all costs. Two, get MORE of it at all costs. And one very powerful way that pretty much EVERYBODY has used to keep their status and power is LIE about how to get it. Nobody wants competition. So those at the top are very skilled in feeding those below them a bunch of crap. So those below them will STAY below them. Screw that! Understand the rules, and get whatever you want. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/seven-rules/
  21. Leverage Your Hallucination Instinct: https://mindpersuasion.com/hallucination-instinct/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Sept28Loop.mp4
  22. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Sept24Post.mp4 Understanding human instincts is critical. There are, however a couple of ideas that make this MORE dangerous than helpful. One is to use instincts to explain WHY you should be hanging out on the sidelines. It sucks to get in the game, get pummeled and then have to crawl back to the sidelines. From that perspective, it can HELP to think about what just happened. The perspective of being meta is very helpful. But it's also kind of addictive. Because the act of describing FEELS very much like controlling. Like you are "above the fray," so to speak. That by accurately describing the fray, you are BETTER than the fray. This is normal when we humans are trying to understand NON HUMAN systems. For example, once upon a time we didn't know anything about the weather. Every time the skies thundered, we thought Thor was angry and trying to kill us. But once we figured out meteorology, every time the skies thundered, we could explain WHY. This feels GOOD. But only if you can USE that explanation as a tool. If you can PREDICT the rain, you wear a raincoat and carry and umbrella. You don't refuse to go outside. This is what happens when people to speak in terms of evolutionary psychology. By describing things they are NOT involved, it feels BETTER than getting pummeled. That would be like figuring out the weather and then using that as an excuse to STAY INSIDE. Inside is no fun. All the fun is outside. Understanding instinctive behavior is a starting point. A set of rules that will HELP you interact with others. The way many people use instinctive psychology as an EXCUSE would be like a really fat guy standing next to a buffet. WHILE he's explaining how our ancient ancestors needed very strong hunger, he kept shoveling food in his mouth. Nobody does this. People use an understanding of hunger to get in fantastic shape. To use science to calculate how much food they need. To use their conscious minds to IGNORE the instincts, since they KNOW how many calories they need. Similarly, once you understand the instinctive roots of modern behavior, it's like having a secret cheat sheet. You'll know what to say and how to act. Which means not only can you get in the game, but you can win. And win repeatedly. Get Started: http://mindpersuasion.com/seven-rules/
  23. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Sept20Post.mp4 A long ago I used to work in a lab. For a large company that made medical devices. Since medical devices are heavily regulated, we had to follow a lot of rules. And since we sold medical devices in many countries, we had to follow a lot of rules set by a lot of international organizations. One of the many ways we had to show we were following those rules were to let these folks drop by any time they wanted. A surprise inspection. They would check all our lab books, to make sure we signed and dated all the data correctly. They were VERY careful about checking the calibration tags on all our measuring equipment. A lab has TONS of measuring equipment. And every single one of these things MUST be calibrated. For example, if they see a thermometer, one question they would ask is HOW, specifically, do you KNOW what the thermometer says is accurate? Turns out there is an entire industry set up around calibration. There are federal agencies that DEFINE things, like how long a meter is, and what the SPECIFIC definition of 100 degrees is. Otherwise, any kind of scientific study would just fall apart. When you work in a big lab, making sure all the equipment has up to date calibration records is a HUGE pain in the you know what. But if they find ONE piece of equipment that was used in any experiment that DIDN'T have an up to date calibration tag, the entire study would be invalidated. And since studies cost tons of money, AND they are usually part of a LONG and VERY EXPENSIVE product development cycle, this is NOT a mistake you want to make. It's very EASY to NOT make that mistake. Just keep everything up to date. And very costly if you DO make it. So it wouldn't be out of the question to GET FIRED or suffer a serious career setback if you DID make that mistake. In a lab, this makes perfect sense. But we HUMANS are also calibrated. We WERE, at least. Our instincts were CALIBRATED to a very specific environment. One that was much harsher than the one we live in. One where the rules were simple. If you don't kill, you don't eat. And killing wasn't easy. It meant chasing a big animal and killing with handmade tools. This meant that the stuff NECESSARY to stay alive was very, very difficult. Today, it's the opposite. If anything is difficult, we think we don't have to do it. In fact, most of us feel ENTITLED to free stuff. This is not a very effective strategy. What IS an effective strategy? Find Out: http://mindpersuasion.com/seven-rules/
  24. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Sept14Post.mp4 There are a lot of cartoon events that make for useful metaphors. A common one is when Wiley E. Coyote runs off a cliff. And he doesn't know he's no longer on solid ground. He stops, looks the viewer, and holds up a sign. He has to hold up a sign since coyotes can't speak. The sign usually says something like, "uh oh..." This is a very applicable metaphor. Useful for when describing something that has gone on too long. And what worked before is no longer working. Only nobody realizes it. The idea being that once people realize what's happening, they'll have a "Wiley E Coyote" moment. Then everything collapses. Lately, this metaphor has been applied to our economy. Specifically, the MASSIVE amount of global debt. Supposedly, everybody is going to realize that it's no longer working. And we'll all plummet to our death. Or something. But like many metaphors, they are very easily misapplied. The map, as they say, is not the territory. Even in the cartoon, Wiley E never dies. Even though if anybody DID run off a cliff, they would. Gravity is pretty quick. But collapsing economies usually take a while. Plenty of things can go on FAR longer than people think. From a purely historical standpoint, every single society that has ever existed has ended. Sometimes slowly and boringly. Sometimes quickly and chaotically. But they all end. One of the reasons may be that our mind-body systems were not exactly created to keep large societies. Our mind-body systems were designed to live in small, tight-knit communities. Where everybody knew everybody. And everybody had the idea that if you wanted to consume, you had to produce. Even a few decades ago, you won't find nearly the social problems we have today. From a pure social issue standpoint, we ran off the cliff long, long time ago. And only now are we starting to realize it. This is another MIS-APPLICATION of that metaphor. Wiley E Coyote is ONE dude. Society is made up of MILLIONS. And unless we've got our arms linked together, and we are all running of the cliff at the same time, we can not only survive, but thrive. It's just matter of understanding HOW our instincts are causing so much modern disasters. Once you figure this out, it's actually pretty easy to NOT run off the cliff with every other goof. You just need to stop and think for yourself. Look around, figure out what you want, and get it. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/love-instinct/
  25. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Sept13Post.mp4 Being told what to do is a comfortable feeling. If somebody tells you what to do, there isn't any worry or anxiety. If somebody tells you what to do, there is little risk. If somebody tells you what to do, so long as you follow the instructions, even if it doesn't work, you can't get in trouble. There are also many drawbacks to being told what to do. You are limited by the person telling you what to do. If they run out of choices, so you do. If they are up to no good, and they keep that from you, you may get in more trouble than you realize. The, "I was only following orders" excuse doesn't usually work out so well. We generally LOVE the idea of being told what to do when it involves money and social skills. If you wanted to learn how to ride a unicycle, you would need to practice. Nobody would ever think they could read a book on how to ride a unicycle and get it right the first time. But for some reason, we think we can learn how to make money or get people to do things WITHOUT needing to practice. Everything takes practice. But since most of us are terrified of practicing social skills or money skills, we pretend that's not true. Kind of like a meta cognitive dissonance. But there are some very sneaky ways to practice these things. Especially when you have a secret operators manual for the human brain. When looking at ourselves, from our own brains, we can be VERY confusing. But when you step back, and take our conscious, self-awareness OUT of the picture, it's surprisingly easy. Turns out that humans are the EASIEST to "train" animals there are. We are so easy to train we can train ourselves. This is one reason why we HAVE self awareness. But you don't need to "train" anybody. Just understand our very basic collection of instincts. Social validation instincts. Social status instincts. Communication instincts. Attraction instincts. And the most important collection of instincts there. Love instincts. Turns out love IS a very, very powerful feeling. But it's not based on magic, or alchemy, or metaphysics. Pure science. The BEST kind of science. The science that is easy to understand objectively. But the absolute BEST feeling there is subjectively. Understand the difference, and you'll see. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/love-instinct/
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