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  1. Mind Mastery Domination: https://mindpersuasion.com/mind-mastery-domination/ https://mindpersuasion.com/3x3/
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  11. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Feb04_Post.mp4 Way back in the day, we humans didn't have a lot of extra thinking time. For example, we were hungry, and we had to spend a lot of time getting food. Sometimes days of thinking and planning and scheming. This type of thinking is not like anything most people have experienced today. This was very much a daily, "failure is not an option" situation. You and a bunch of dudes MUST find something big to kill. If you don't, everybody dies. If you do, everybody parties like crazy. A very big positive if you succeed. A very big negative if you lose. These are the conditions under which our brains, our imaginations and our thinking powers were calibrated. To get the things we needed so we WOULDN'T die. Those that did this best, got the BEST rewards. Sex, and the propagation of these genes. Those that didn't do this good enough DIDN'T propagate those genes. Today, life is much easier. At least with respect to getting enough food to not die, and not worrying too much about getting eaten. But we STILL have the same instincts. That's why 2/3's of people are overweight. Food is easy. Way back in the day, food was difficult. So those that could GET food, got sex. The alpha killers. Today, food is as easy as calling up door dash. Only don't get the reward of sex by ordering yourself a burrito. All you get is the burrito. Nobody is going to treat you like a rock star because you successfully convinced a stranger to deliver you a burrito. Our instincts for both SEX and FOOD had to be as strong as possible. Because getting food, and the result sex if you were good enough, was SCARY. Today, everything is mixed up. It's not hard to see that all of our problems today are a result of ancient instincts in the modern world. But lucky for us, we still have our powerful brains. We can STILL strategize. Just like we can use our conscious brain to overrule our instincts to eat healthy and exercise. We can use our conscious brains to come up with a much better strategy to BECOME ATTRACTIVE to others. Back in the day it was easy. Kill a big animal, and Bob's your uncle. Today, it's not so intuitive. But neither is riding a bicycle that doesn't go anywhere. Or lifting a heavy weight over and over again. Similarly, there ARE plenty of non-intuitive ways to create massive attraction. They don't really make any more sense than riding a bike that doesn't go anywhere. But they work just as well. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/first-impressions/
  12. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jan16_Post.mp4 Stage hypnosis is pretty cool. Both to watch and to participate. Once I spoke like a Martian. My job, as a Martian emissary to Earth, was to tell the Earthlings that you'd better obey your Martian overlords. I don't remember much, but when I stood up and lectured the audience in Martian, my friend told me I looked like a professional speaker. When it was my friend's turn, he counted to ten, but somehow forgot the number 3. Stage hypnosis is much different than other hypnosis. Stage hypnosis is a combination of external triggers. Compared to highway hypnosis, or movie hypnosis, or conversational hypnosis. For stage hypnosis, there is a lot of external pressure. The crowd, the fact that you volunteered, and some guy who has some kind of authority. Highway hypnosis is actually a function of evolution. We store location information in a different section of our brain. Since we used to be nomads, this was very important back in the day. Movie hypnosis is very powerful self hypnosis. Covert hypnosis is a purposely vague kind of communication, that leverages the ideas that already exist in their mind. Most of our biases are very similar to stage hypnosis. Driven by things outside of ourselves, not really our own choice. Simply by understanding how hypnosis works can give you a huge advantage. Being able to de-hypnotize yourself from ideas that aren't helpful. But self hypnosis can be used to create "links" between things in the world, and how we respond. Most of these links happen naturally. You're sitting there at work, not thinking of food, but then you look at the clock and it's noon. Suddenly your hungry. Any time you practice anything, you are essentially "training" yourself. Connecting good feelings to "correct" behavior, and bad feelings to "incorrect" behavior. "Correct" behavior being simple things like making free throws or playing the right keys on the piano in the right sequence and tempo. Or sticking to your diet to see the payoff when you look at yourself in the mirror. Or suffering through some painful morning exercises until you can touch your toes without pain. Most people shuffle through life never realizing how much power they have in their brains. To pretty connect ANY feeling to ANY other feeling. This takes time, as all practice does, but it can be very, very powerful. Like connecting feelings of massive confidence to standing up in front of a crowd. Or feeling a natural sexual urge, and instead of being embarrassed and feeling anxious, you feel something else. What something else? An incredible sense of peace and appreciation for the seemingly magical energy of life flowing through everything. This will shift your outer personality from being nervous, shy, having social anxiety to being irresistibly sexually attractive. Learn to manage THIS energy and watch the magic happen. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/sexual-charisma/
  13. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jan14_Post.mp4 The biggest cause of pain in modern life is instinct mis-match. But it's also the source of some fantastic hacks. Food is the easiest to understand. Back in the day, it was hard and dangerous to get food. So, between the feeling of hunger, and the satisfying of hunger was a HUGE and dangerous task. Work, risk, hard effort. Today, there is NOTHING between hunger and the satisfaction of hunger. Which is why there is a very tight correlation between GDP per capita and obesity per capita. Another instinct that was FANTASTIC back in the day but TERRIBLE today is our "externalizing" instinct. Externalizing or projecting our problems on others is common. So common we don't even know we are doing it. It's like all our other biases. Easy to spot in others, hard to spot in our selves. Even harder is to see this as a necessary survival instinct. Just like hunger. Imagine your a caveman back in the day. You're out hunting, see a deer, and throw your spear. And you miss. WITHOUT the externalizing instinct, you shrug your shoulders and try again. But with the externalizing instinct? You get ANGRY that the deer. And this makes you MORE motivated to kill that mother-effer. The externalizing instinct HELPED us back then. It HURTS us today. Because nearly EVERYTHING we want comes from other people. So when we don't get it, we blame THEM. In fact, this has been the "con" of politicians since the dawn of time. Their messages LEVERAGES this UNHELPFUL externalizing instinct. "You're problems aren't your fault. They are somebody else's fault. Put me in charge and I'll fix them." Of course, since that's just a LIE to get more power, those dudes never fix squat. But this isn't to go off on a political tirade. We want to UNDERSTAND our instincts. So we can manage them. Central to this is our self awareness. A uniquely human instinct. Instincts work the SAME WAY in all animals. With or without self awareness. Self awareness, language, and memory are only a couple hundred thousand years old. But we've been primates, split from chimps for AT LEAST 8,000,000 years. This gives us a very unique opportunity. To combine an understanding of our instincts, with our self awareness. There already are plenty of examples of how to do this with FOOD. How to combine self awareness with a knowledge of how much food we NEED and maximizing our pleasure. In a different way, we can combine our self awareness with a much deeper, much more profound instinct. Our sexual instinct. This is much subtler than making some sugar free cookies. And much, much more powerful. Use your self awareness to unlock the energy that DRIVES your sex energy and find MAGIC. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/sexual-charisma/
  14. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jan08_Post.mp4 What does it mean to be self actualized? Like many other vague terms, this is misunderstood today. Self actualized sounds pretty good. And it's almost always defined in vague but equally good language. And whenever we see something defined in vague but nice sounding language, our minds fill in the blanks. And HOW our minds fill in the blanks is what gets us in trouble. We tend to OVERESTIMATE how good something is going to be. And we tend to UNDERESTIMATE how much effort those good things will take. This is a function of our evolutionary past. If we compare two hypothetical tribes it's easy to see. Imagine one tribe had a very ACCURATE idea of both costs and benefits. Another tribe had an over-estimation of the costs, and an under-estimation of the benefits. The second IRRATIONAL tribe would be more motivated. We can call this the, "This is gonna be AWESOME tribe." This next part is kind of hard to wrap our minds around. But the beliefs that existed in our ancestors' heads were MEANS to an end. Their MAIN purpose was to MOTIVATE us. Whoever was MOTIVATED by their own beliefs, regardless of how TRUE those beliefs were, were the ones who WON the replication contest. Now, what the heck does this HAVE to do with self-actualization? First of all, most of us misunderstand self actualization to be a FINAL destination. No, not the movie where people keep getting killed by toasters and exploding barbecues. But a place where we can sit and ENJOY this permanent "state" of "self-actualization." But imagine our ancestors. Imagine when THEY felt most "on purpose." When they were relaxing and slowly eating away a slain wooly mammoth? I don't think so. Consider that our ancient ancestors felt BEST when they were getting CLOSER and CLOSER to that wooly mammoth. When, with every passing day, they had more and more evidence they WERE going to finally catch him. When they had that "this is going to be AWESOME!" feeling coursing through their veins. When their senses were heightened. Their teamwork and cohesiveness were at a MAXIMUM. Since we are the SAME PEOPLE today as we were back then, self actualization CAN'T be a "final destination." Self actualization is when ALL our skills were maximized. When our brains, our bodies, our friends, our team members, the support staff are ALL firing on ALL cylinders. When everybody was working together in the PURSUIT of something magnificent. And every day is getting you closer and closer. What would be this situation today? Today we live in a large economy. Not driven by hunting and killing and eating. But by thinking and creating and exchanging. And what is being exchanged? The fruits of your labor, and money. One goes out, the other comes in. Maximize what goes out (creativity, value, labor, etc.). Maximize what comes in (money, income, etc.). Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/prosperity-mindset/
  15. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jan06_Post.mp4 We humans have tons of built in instincts. And we have tons of built in learning. We can learn to improve our built in instincts. Or we can learn to create new instincts. Take riding a bike, for example. Nobody is a natural when they first try. That's why they make tricycles and training wheels. But once you got the skills down, you've got them down. Riding a bike is one of the common examples of learning something to the level of unconscious competence. Learn it by heart, and it's second nature. Let's take a look at those two metaphors in that previous sentence. To "learn something by heart" means you don't need your brain. No conscious effort required. Or to become "second nature" it's another "natural thing" that is added on to your programmed instincts, or your first "natural things." For a bike, once you get it down, it's down. Unless you are going compete professionally, there's no more learning required. But some skills have UNLIMITED higher levels of unconscious competence. There are some pieces on the piano that would take many, many years of practice to the "second nature" level. On the other hand, little kids can become unconsciously competent in "chopsticks" pretty quickly. There is also another level of learning. If taking an instinct, and then unlearning it, to break down the components, and then putting them back together at a much higher level. This is what Bruce Lee allegedly said about Jeet Kun Do. At first, a punch is just a punch. Something that is instinctive. Something we don't need to think about. But when you study Jeet Kun Do, a punch is a complex combination of balance, breathing, focus, intention, energy, etc. This is when you PURPOSELY take the punch back down to the level of conscious competence. After Jeet Kun Do, a punch is just a punch. This is you taken an instinctive punch, and trained it to be a much, much better punch. This is the best of both worlds. Starting with a basic instinct. Breaking it down, training it and making to better, and second nature. And you can ALSO get better. The more you train, the better you get. But there is another skill you can train. A kind of meta skill. Or perhaps a meta-meta skill. The encompasses pretty much ANY "sub-skill" you can think of. And this meta-meta skill has been around since the dawn of time. This meta-meta skill is responsible for EVERYTHING that has been created by man, since the dawn of time. Even BEFORE time was a recorded idea. Get in THIS game, and find your purpose. A purpose that will continue to serve you. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/prosperity-mindset/
  16. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Dec20Post.mp4 Acquired tastes are pretty cool. We tend to think of them as taking time, and not being instantly delicious. For example, once I had a Vietnamese coworker. She brought in some Vietnamese food to work. Our boss came in, took a bite and said: "Hmm, must be an acquired taste." Which is the opposite of saying: "Wow, this is delicious!" Saying it must be an acquired taste is kind of like saying you think it tastes like crap but you get that other people like it. But even that statement is not accurate. Since she's Vietnamese, she's always eaten that food, and it's probably always tasted good. It would be kind of weird to have a culture that has to develop an acquired taste for their own food. Of course, since we live on fast food planet, where all food is chemically engineered to not only taste IMMEDIATELY delicious but be VERY addictive, it's hard to imagine an acquired taste. But it happens. For example, if you drink coffee, particularly black coffee, once upon a time that tasted terrible. UNTIL you felt the caffeine buzz. Your brain associated the good feeling of the buzz with the taste of your coffee. Same with alcohol. Nobody enjoys the taste of alcohol. UNTIL you feel the buzz. Then you associate the feeling of the buzz with the taste. Other acquired tastes take longer. Like if you are serious about getting into shape. And you SLOWLY shifted from a diet of nachos to chicken and broccoli. If you are ONLY concerned with the taste, nobody would ever eat chicken and broccoli. But as you slowly get into shape, build your confidence, starting get more looks from sexy people, that feels good. All those good feelings are associated with the taste of chicken. And the fear of losing all your gains (confidence and glances from sexy people) is associated with the nachos. So you actually feel BAD when you eat nachos. This kind of thing isn't ONLY associated with food. We humans are plenty of acquired "behavior" that isn't IMMEDIATELY gratifying. But once you build up a habit and see the LONG TERM gains of doing what is initially not pleasurable in itself, this when the cool things start to happen. This is what WILL happen when you TRAIN IN the idea and behavior of outcome independence. At first, it's HARD to leave a pleasant conversation without hanging on for dear life. Pleasant conversations with strangers are like food. Our instincts want us to "consume" as much as you can. But when you "leave some on your plate" this builds. What does it build into? If you leave every conversation WITHOUT closing, without hanging on for dear life, this will build MASSIVE social confidence. You'll build a naturally outgoing personality. One that OTHER PEOPLE will pursue. Which means you'll never need to worry about closing ever again. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/relationship-generator/
  17. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Dec19Post.mp4 The boundary between unconscious competence and conscious competence is a pretty interesting place. This is where your self awareness is most conspicuous. Like when you've JUST about, but not quite, learned something by heart. When we are born, we have a ton of pre-wiring in our brains. Language, basic addition, and plenty of other things. Other things we need to learn as we grow up. In ancient times, this was how to get food, not get eaten, and stay safe in different environments. Humans have figured out how get food in many different ways, in many different environments. Like we have a deep, automatic two way brain signal. Every time we wandered into a new place, we had two questions: Where can we find something to eat? How can we avoid what wants to eat us? These two similar programs are present today. You visit a hotel in a strange city for a business conference. You want to know where the hot nightspots are. You want to know what areas to avoid. In our very advanced, normal society, we can continue to learn. Here's a pretty cool mind experiment. Imagine if you were kidnapped as a baby. And taken, via a time machine, into a future 1000 years from now. You'd grow up and learn things in ELEMENTARY school that haven't been discovered yet. Things that are NOW too complex for even the smartest scientists in the world to wrap their minds around. This is the learning potential that exists in your brain. There are some things, that we try to learn, but we really don't need to. Before, we always wanted to know how to grow food. How to protect ourselves from the elements. How to find animals with fur. How to find safe places to stay. These were always pressing issues for the first dudes who wandered into an unknown territory. Once they'd figured all that stuff out, whoever was BORN into that environment would see it as normal. Stuff that everybody just does. But every time we'd move into a NEW areas, we'd have to figure out stuff all over again. Kind of like now. We aren't exactly moving into new territories PHYSICALLY, but we are metaphorically. Scientifically and intelligently. So there is ALWAYS stuff to learn, and discover, and intent, out at the margins of human knowledge. However there is ONE area where don't need to learn ANYTHING. Not now, not 1000 years ago, not 1000 in the future. The thing that is NOT dependent on technology, or what kind environment we live in. The thing that is programmed in at a DNA level. The thing we do the SAME WAY we've always done. What is that? Making friends and lovers. Because this is NOT based on technology. This is based on human nature. Which has been the same for about 200,000 years. Forget about learning how. Unlearn all the nonsense, and REMEMBER how. Get Started: https://mindpersuasion.com/relationship-generator/
  18. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Oct26Post.mp4 The human imaginations is incredible. We can imagine things far more amazing than the things that actually exist. This can get us into trouble. In ancient times, this hyperactive imagination was a fantastic force of motivation. A bunch of guys were hungry and out looking for food. All the ladies, kids and old people were back at camp, hoping they'd get something. If they DID, they'd be treated like rock stars. And maybe even get some cave-sex from the young cave ladies. So, they were hyper sensitive to ANYTHING that might look like food. Any kind of animal tracks would kick off their hyperactive imagination. This imagination of the potential benefits would be enough for them to track that animal for DAYS. That, like most of our instincts was fantastic back then, but it really messes us up today. Or, it CAN mess us up today. For example, if you are a slave to your hunger instinct, you'll be very big and very unhealthy. This is something many, many people struggle with. It's not easy, but the rewards are magnificent if you can. Similarly the over-excited-imagination-instinct can destroy your ego, your confidence and your self esteem. You see a lady across the room. She looks at you, smiles, quickly looks away. Then she tries very hard to NOT look your way. But once or twice, she secretly does. You don't need to be a body language ninja to know it's ON. This is just like the ancient evidence of a potential animal. It's meant to MOTIVATE you, it's NOT a guarantee. The ancient cave dudes saw some animal tracks, and were motivated by a BEST CASE outcome. Modern dudes see a lady smile at them and are similarly motivated by a BEST CASE OUTCOME. The problems come when you start to EXPECT the best case outcome. This is where nice guy anger comes from. You make the ASSUMPTION that she likes you. That's getting her number or even sex is GUARANTEED. So you stroll over and get LESS than what you've hoped for and get ANGRY. Handling this is structurally similar to handling hunger. You WANT to stuff your face until you can't move but you KNOW that will end badly. So you RESTRAIN yourself. You want to believe she'll be good to go, but you MUST restrain yourself. If you can manage to restrain your caveman brain from jumping to conclusions, it will do two very powerful things. One is you'll never build up an imagination only to be let down. Two is when you talk to ANYBODY with a much more rational, "let me see if this person is worth talking to," attitude, you'll be MUCH more attractive. Just that mindset will project a much stronger frame. Somebody with enough options they don't need to beg. The qualifier who won't just accept anything that comes this way. Develop this frame and see the world much, much differently than the average beggar. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/personal-magnetism/
  19. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Oct09Post.mp4 Criteria are interesting things. If you're shopping for dinner, even if you don't have a clear idea what you want, you'll kind of know it when you see it. Not much conscious brain is required. On the other hand, if you're buying some spark plugs, you need to be very specific. Very conscious with the "pass fail" criteria. The more involved you and your "choice" will be, the more complex the criteria will be. The more of a mix of conscious and unconscious the criteria will be. What does it mean to be more "involved" with your choice? If you're buying a pair of shoes, and they'll be your go-to work shoes you need to make very sure they're going to fit right, feel right, and work right. Things like houses and large purchases will similarly take longer to make the decision. The toughest decisions are the ones that have huge upside potential and huge downside potential. For example, if you buy a house in the "right" neighborhood, and it STAYS the "right neighborhood" for a long while, that's fantastic. Friend with all your neighbors, good schools, low crime, a not very corrupt city government, etc. Or you could end up living next to some anarchists who practice their drum line in their backyard every night. Or if you're a boss of a new and small startup, hiring the right person can help you achieve financial success and market dominance. On the other hand, if you hire the WRONG guy, that could ruin everything, and you might even end up in DEBT. When it comes to choosing "appropriate" relationship partners, Mother Nature has kindly programmed us with instincts to help us choose. At least it USED to be that way. Today, the dating scene has been obliterated. The days are long gone where you could meet somebody at school, or at work, and slowly get closer and closer together and create a happy family. That still can happen, but it's not NEARLY as "automatic" as it used to be. But here's the thing. The deep instincts that create attraction are still the same. For men being attracted to women, what works now would work way back then. The kind of lady guys go for hasn't changed much. Men are still attracted, instinctively, to signs of youth and health. Health is essentially the same as looking hot. But for women, their instinctive attraction triggers haven't changed either. But the type of men who fire those triggers are very, very rare. But we CAN figure out what NOT to do. Take that same "bad" behavior and put it into the caveman filter. If that trait worked today, that same trait SHOULD work in an ancient environment. Being NICE is the worst thing you can do. At least the "wrong" kind of nice. Imagine a super nice caveman going out and picking flowers and giving them to a cave girl. Dude wouldn't have a chance back then, and that behavior doesn't work today. What WILL work? Find Out: https://mindpersuasion.com/nice-guy-killer/
  20. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Oct04Post.mp4 Humans have a big problem with cause and effect. According to scientists, we evolved a "cause effect" linkage system, in our brain, to think much faster. So, we make a lot of causal connections that aren't really true. In the harsh world of hunter-gatherers, being SAFE was more important than RIGHT. Being wrong, but safe was better than being right and dead. So, even thought most of the fast and quick conclusions we made about our environment were wrong MOST of the time, that was OK. This is kind of like a shot gun approach. You shoot a shotgun, and the pellets spread out. So you have a very high probability if hitting your target. So long as your target is small, like a bird, you're OK. Or if you don't want to kill your target, but just scare them away, that's also OK. So all those "false" causal connections we made back in the caveman days were like each shotgun pellet. So long as a few of them kept us from getting eaten, that was fine. Today, however, that kind thinking messes us up. And one of the most common ways we do that is confusing a DESCRIPTION for a CAUSE. For example, we are influenced to do things, buy things, etc. for reasons OUTSIDE of our conscious awareness. Then we DESCRIBE what we just did with our conscious mind. But this is a DESCRIPTION, not a reason. This is kind of hard to wrap your mind around, but if you do, life will be MUCH easier. Really, really, easier. How? Consider this simple model of human behavior. Most of the things we do are driven by unconscious behavior. Instincts. Then we describe why we did that. Or we watch somebody do something and describe why they did that. So long as we "get" that those are DESCRIPTIONS, and not reasons, it makes things much easier. How? Example: Somebody does something we don't like. So we ask ourselves: "Hmm, why did they do that?" And we think we need to KNOW their intentions BEFORE we know how to respond. Now, if this person is a recognized authority figure, like our boss or the police, it doesn't matter WHY they did what they did. We do what they say or else. But everybody else? There's no NEED to know "why" they did what they did. THEY don't even know why they did what they did. So attacking or arguing against what WE think or what THEY say is the reason is useless. A much, much better strategy is to IGNORE their reason. And playfully outframe whatever they said. This will all conversations easier. With anybody that's NOT a cop or your boss. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/mental-strength/
  21. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Sept09Post.mp4 A study was done on guys picking up girls in parks. It wasn't quite an academic level study. And it wasn't completely scientific. But since it kind of makes sense, it seems pretty accurate. It was done by a men's magazine, not a scientific magazine or an academic, peer reviewed magazine. The study? They sent a guy, or a group of guys to the park. These guys tried to get ladies phone numbers under three different scenarios. The first one was the dude by himself. The second one was a dude with a dog. The third one was a dude with a baby. And he makes it clear the baby isn't his. That the baby belongs to a friend. The results are pretty obvious. Dude by himself got, on average 1 out of 10 numbers. Meaning he asked ten times and got one number. Dude with a dog got three out of ten. Dude with a baby got seven out of ten. This is obvious, but the REASONS aren't nearly as obvious as we tend to think. The common answer is that women see the guy with the baby. He mentions it's not his. She makes a RATIONAL assumption that since another woman trusts this guy with the baby, therefore he must be a good "catch." This is NOT the reason. This might be an unconscious assumption on her part, but it's not the MAIN reason. Think of this as a kind of halo effect. Dudes are hard pressed to ignore gorgeous ladies. Gorgeous ladies sell way more than dudes or ugly ladies. Gorgeous ladies get more jobs, and have a generally easier life that non-gorgeous ladies. There is NO rational reason for this. Nobody looks at the gorgeous lady and thinks: "Hmm, she's got good genes, therefore if I do business with her I have a higher chance of success." People look at the gorgeous lady, and FEEL GOOD. And that good feeling is subconsciously attached to whatever IDEA that gorgeous is talking about. This is a PURELY subconscious effect. So, back to the park with the dude and the baby. She looks at the baby and FEELS GOOD. And that good feeling is subconsciously attached to the dude. Now, why does she feel good when she looks at a baby? Well for one, most normal women like babies. And most normal men like babies. Especially cute babies, and cute toddlers. Now, why are they so cute? Evolutionary psychologists even believe the "cute toddler" effect is an effect of natural selection. Since we feel ATTRACTED to these cute babies and toddlers, we feel an urge to protect them. All instinctive. All unconscious. Now, the money question. Is it possible for an adult to create the SAME unconscious, deep attractive response? To behave in a way to create DEEP and POWERFUL attraction from nearly everybody you interact with? That is unconscious, automatic and instinctive? Without worrying AT ALL about what to say? Yes, yes there is. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/attractive-mindset/
  22. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Sept03Post.mp4 Memorized lines are very, very tempting. These go all the way back to the dawn of time. Of using some kind of magic words to shortcut the regular effort. Tons of diets and get rich quick schemes are based on the idea of circumventing normal efforts. Nowhere is this more prevalent in the area of dating and seduction. Think of the typical male fantasy for sex. To see what this is, structurally, you don't have to look much further than porn. Particularly something like "Bang Bus." Guys are driving down the street in a creepy van. They see some really hot lady walking down the street. One guy leans out the window and says: "Hey babe, wanna have a gang bang?" To which she IMMEDIATELY smiles and says: "Wow! OK!" It's actually pretty interesting seeing the ideal male fantasy and female fantasy from an evolutionary psychology perspective. Men and women were programmed to "trade" with one another. This "trade" happens slowly and subconsciously. The man provides resources, the woman makes more people and manages the family. Both men AND women are programmed with instincts to feel good when this happens. Men are programmed to feel good when they go out, kill some big animal and see the smiling grateful faces of their wife and kids. Women are programmed to feel good knowing their husband is out risking his life to provide for her and the kids. But in modern times, this is very, very rare. Enter the sex and romantic fantasies. For men, this is like Bang Bus. All the sex, but none of the provisioning. For women, this is those fantasy vampire movies. MASSIVE amounts of power, and little to no sex. Which is why that first Twilight movie was so successful. The vampire loved his girl SO MUCH he didn't want to "penetrate" her with his "vampire stick" and "corrupt" her. He wanted to keep her PURE. All the male protection, but zero penetration required. OR sex that is very, very confidently delivered. Near pornographic stories of vampires jack hammering their grateful and multiple orgasmic ladies. This why vampires are the IDEAL fantasy archetypes for women. For men, it's solitary, super hot 18 year old who LOVES the idea of losing her virginity to a van full of strangers. But beyond fantasies, because normal relationships are so messed up, so chaotic, so hit and miss in today's clown show society, EVERYBODY loves the idea of a "secret shortcut." Of memorizing a few lines and using them to get sex, or love, or money. But this is missing the point. There ARE some very powerful techniques to create sex, or money, or even love. But it requires you UNDERSTAND their instincts that are NOT getting fulfilled. And asking about their stories. And guess what? There are some very simple topics, or themes, to ask about. And the more you ask, the bigger you make THEIR pictures around these ancient themes, the more they'll be willing to do anything to keep you around. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/metaphor-mastery/
  23. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jun26Post.mp4 I love eating peanuts. Particularly in the shell. Ever since I was a kid, I loved eating peanuts in the shell. I'll get a really big bowl, and dump a bunch of unshelled peanuts. Then I'll slowly dig around while I'm watching a movie on TV or something. Theoretically, I could keep the uneaten peanuts on one bowl, and put the shells in another bowl. But part of me likes the treasure hunting aspect. Of digging around in a bowl of mostly peanut shells, hoping to find one that hasn't been eaten. Sometimes I'll give up. Put the bowl aside. But then later part of me wonders. If maybe I hadn't looked hard enough. So I pick up the bowl and start rustling around. Often, I'll get a false positive. The way I grab a shell, for a split second I think it's an uneaten, still in the shell, peanut. But then I flip it over, and find out it's already been eaten. Heartbreak! But sometimes, I'll find a full peanut. Big, heavy, just waiting to be cracked open. It's like finding TREASURE! Yeah, I know. Silly. But we all have a kind of sorting mechanism in our brains. We have to. We have to choose among all the noise, to find the good stuff. Sometimes this is easy. TOO easy. We get complacent. If we have to look, we start to get angry. But consider we all have a very ancient, very powerful, "treasure hunting" instinct. When ancient guys would go out hunting, they'd spend days looking for any evidence of large animal. Imagine being an ancient hunter. Hungry, worried. And finally seeing some wooly mammoth tracks. For modern humans, that would have probably felt like finding a bag of money on the street. Following a set of big tracks of an animal you'd hope to kill would be like modern humans getting a huge run up on a stock or bitcoin. Imagine what that ancient dude would have thought. "If I can catch up to this thing, and kill it, I'll be the hero. We'll all feast for days. I might even get laid!" Imagine the women. Hoping the men come back with a big kill. Waiting patiently for days. And finally seeing them dragging back a huge animal. Especially if you were a young cave girl, and the guy you'd had your eye on was the dude responsible for the kill. This scenario represents human emotions at their finest. Dudes being responsible for the big kill. Ladies being taken care of by dudes who risked their lives for them. The happy tribe, back together again. A week long feast, without any worry whatsoever. Today, those instincts are STARVED. Our modern world is a train wreck. Junk food, junk relationships, junk validation, even junk money. But those ancient killer instincts still live inside you. Wake them up. And dominate. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/seductive-frame/
  24. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jun25Post.mp4 If you've ever made the switch from regular soda to diet soda, it might be a little harsh at first. But it's easy to get used to. And if you drink regular soda by accident, it will taste like pure sugar water. This happens to your taste buds, if you gradually shift to a healthier diet. If you get into the habit of eating healthy, processed food taste really bad. If you re-calibrate your taste buds to the natural sweetness of fruit, eating some ice cream would be too much. If you work out regularly, but can't for some reason, it feels like something's missing. Some negative loops are HARD to escape from. If you start eating processed food, and spend a lot of time being as lazy as possible this is a HARD cycle to escape from. But some loops are so bad, you do anything to escape from them. For example, imagine if all you ate for a few meals in a row was PURE junk food. Like nothing but extra sugar soft drinks and donuts. After a couple of days, your body would be STARVING for something more substantial. If you were really depressed and stayed in bed, eating junk food and watching Netflix, you'd eventually feel COMPELLED to get up and at least stretch. The modern world is messed up in a lot of ways. Every where you look, you can find examples of a "race to the bottom." This, of course, is just a metaphor. Nobody is really trying to get to the "bottom." But companies always try and out do each other. There is always competition. But in most areas now, companies and people are competing for how EASY they can make things. How INSTANT they can make things. Not LITTLE we need to think to consume things. This makes us have shorter and shorter attention spans. Which makes them compete even more for quicker, easier, and lazier thinking based things. But deep inside, we STILL have our ancient instincts. Instincts for food, instincts for real social validation, and instincts for sex. Most relationships today are in the "junk food" category. Fake looks, fake personalities, fake everything. But everybody out there still craves that which fed our ancient instincts for hundreds of thousands of years. When it comes to relationships most people's brains have been destroyed by online dating. We've been trained to decide within LESS than a second wether we want to hook up with somebody. There is NO WAY we would have survived if this was natural. It is not. What is natural? It's the one thing that EVERYBODY is craving. Even if they don't know it. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/seductive-frame/
  25. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/May19Post.mp4 Imagine you were having a big dinner party. You just got a promotion, or she said yes, or any other reason. You were cooking something that you'd never cooked before. Some huge roast pork of some kind. All your dinner guests were excited, ready to taste the delicious smelling pork. You check the recipe, and it says to cook it until it reaches an internal temperature of 170 degrees. You check it, and sure enough, 170 degrees. You pull it out, cut it up, serve to your guests. They eat it. Only twenty minutes later, everybody dies! Egads! You wonder what's wrong. You haven't been arrested yet, so you do some experimenting in your kitchen. You think maybe your thermometer might be the culprit. You put it in a pot of boiling water that you KNOW the temperature of. Only your thermometer says is TWICE AS HIGH as you know it is!' That's why! Your thermometer is out of calibration! Ok, here's another silly story. Your friend said he'd give you $1,000,000 if you can jump your motorcycle over crocodile canyon. You dust off your calculus book, do some calculations, and figure if you hit the ramp at 80 mph, you should make it. So you hit the ramp, your speedometer reads 80 mph, and you start dreaming of your million bucks. Until you land smack dab in the middle of crocodile river. After you recover, you take in your bike and have it checked. You THOUGHT you were going 80 mph, (that's what your speedometer said) but you were really going 40 mph! Egads! This is what happens when things aren't calibrated properly. You are getting readings that you THINK are accurate, but they are not. This happens in movies all the time. If they are comedies, the are funny. If they are not comedies, they are CRINGE worthy. Some lady will give a guy a hug. An emotional, FRIENDLY hug. But the guy thinks it's a SEXUAL hug. He starts reaching his hand up the back of her shirt. She pulls back, horrified. What the heck do you think you're doing, bub!? His "sexual interest response meter" was IMPROPERLY calibrated. Calibrated based on HOPE rather than data. When most of our instinctive measurements are OUT of calibration life SUCKS. Death dinner parties, eaten by crocodiles, and getting slapped in the face. But when you RE-CALIBRATE your instincts? Life is good. REALLY good. Good times, sexy hugs, and not a crocodile sight! Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/love-magnet/
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