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Found 8 results

  1. https://mindpersuasion.com/love-instinct/
  2. Feedback is an essential element of all progress. Even the silly swimming pool game of “Marco Polo” is an example of a very basic feedback system. One kid has his eyes closes, and says, “Marco.” Then the other kids say “Polo.” And the kid, with his eyes closed, has to find and “tag” somebody else. Every time he says, “Marco,” and hears “Polo,” he has more info about where everybody is. We humans have all kinds of feedback systems built in. Once in elementary school, a friend of mine fell off his skateboard. In doing so, he got a stick stuck in his ear.
  3. One idea that comes from reading stock charts is the idea of being “over extended.” For example, if a stock is bouncing along, very slowly going up over a couple of years, it looks pretty normal. The daily movements, the short and long moving averages are pretty close to one another. But then if the stock shoots WAY ABOVE it’s average movements, it could mean a lot of things. But one deep suspicion, no matter WHAT it means, is that it is unsustainable. No stock will ever go up at such a sharp angle for so long. Essentially, what makes a stock go up is that the buy
  4. Chomsky became famous for his transformational grammar theory. Basically, his idea was that Earth only has one language, and a whole bunch of dialects. He showed that we think in terms of basic language structure. And the only difference between the world’s languages is the deep structure. For example, some languages, like English are “subject - verb - object.” I ate a burrito. Others, like Japanese, are “subject - object - verb.” I burrito ate. But it turns out that each segment (the subject, the object and the verb) can be further broken down. And
  5. A great story is “The Alchemist.” It’s an easy read, and it’s deeply metaphorical. Which means it can have a lot of different interpretations. Essentially, it’s about a kid who goes out into the world looking for the secret of alchemy. Alchemy, as it is traditionally thought of, is the process of taking sand or dirt, and turning it into gold. Before humans discovered atoms and molecules and the laws of chemistry, they really had no idea what “stuff” was made of. So they figured it might be possible to turn sand into gold. Even Isaac Newton believed in alchemy
  6. When I was a little kid, I used to love magic tricks. Especially the cheesy kind you’d buy from the back of comic books. My favorite was a magic money machine. You put a dollar bill in one side, and rolled it in, and a $5 bill would come out the other side. Of course, you had to pre-load it with the $5. The dollar would roll up and in, the $5 would roll out. If you showed it to somebody for the first time, it would look pretty cool. But once you figured out the trick, it wouldn’t work any more. Another trick was a deck of cards, but they were all the sam
  7. They say that ignorance is bliss. And like many sayings that we’ve all heard a kajillion times, they are very, very true. I remember my very first paycheck. In high school I got a job working at a movie theater. One of the best jobs I’d ever had. Relaxed environment, lots of high school kids. Where I met a lot of friends I still have today. Even my first girlfriend. But my first paycheck was a shock. I calculated how much I was going to get. Hours times dollars per hour. Nobody told me a bunch of it would be swiped off the top. That w
  8. One of the most confusing subjects is money. Talk to ten different people, and you’ll get ten different ideas about money. Most people that have “enough” money, would like a little bit more. Many people also have an idea that beyond a certain amount of money, wanting more is somehow wrong. But the idea of money is very subjective. We all have ideas about money crammed into our heads before we even learn to speak. We were surrounded by adults who talk about money. Even though we didn’t know what it is (since we didn’t know how to talk yet) it’s something “ba
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