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Found 9 results

  1. Sony Seduction Success Strategy: https://mindpersuasion.com/sony-seduction-success-strategy/ https://mindpersuasion.com/3x3/
  2. https://mindpersuasion.com/love-instinct/
  3. Feedback is an essential element of all progress. Even the silly swimming pool game of “Marco Polo” is an example of a very basic feedback system. One kid has his eyes closes, and says, “Marco.” Then the other kids say “Polo.” And the kid, with his eyes closed, has to find and “tag” somebody else. Every time he says, “Marco,” and hears “Polo,” he has more info about where everybody is. We humans have all kinds of feedback systems built in. Once in elementary school, a friend of mine fell off his skateboard. In doing so, he got a stick stuck in his ear. It temporarily messed up his balance system. Our balance system lives inside of our inner ear. You mess it up and you can’t walk without falling over. Essentially the structure is the same as in airplanes, so when they are flying and can’t see anything, they can still stay level. When going after any goal, you need two elements. A directional or horizon goal, so you’re going in the right direction, and milestone goals, so you know you’re making the right progress. Way back in the day, before they invented farming, humans had both of these built in. The direction was wherever the food was. The milestone was their daily instinctive needs. When they were eating, this was a signal they’d been successful, and they could relax. When they were hungry, this was a signal to go out and kill something. When they learned how to track animals, every time they saw a new set of tracks, this was also a milestone goal, letting them know they were getting closer. When humans invented society, and more importantly money, this stayed the same on a structure level, but changes significantly on a content level. Now, since there’s tons of stuff to make and build and sell, any one “horizon” career goal will do. But the milestone goals are very, very simple. What are they? More money. Stated as simply as possible, if you constrain yourself by making money by creating something of value other people are willing to pay for, having more money as your goal will never fail you. The STRONGER your desire for money, the more motivated you’ll be to figure out ways to get it. The more motivated you are, the more ways you’ll figure out, and the more STUFF we humans keep inventing. In essence, modern human success is very simple. Build up as STRONG as a desire for money as you can. Then get out into the world and figure out how make some. Luckily, we humans come preprogrammed with instincts that make this possible. Since we humans have pretty much been doing this since the dawn of time. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/money-instinct/
  4. One idea that comes from reading stock charts is the idea of being “over extended.” For example, if a stock is bouncing along, very slowly going up over a couple of years, it looks pretty normal. The daily movements, the short and long moving averages are pretty close to one another. But then if the stock shoots WAY ABOVE it’s average movements, it could mean a lot of things. But one deep suspicion, no matter WHAT it means, is that it is unsustainable. No stock will ever go up at such a sharp angle for so long. Essentially, what makes a stock go up is that the buyers want to buy MUCH MORE than the sellers want to sell. Every point it goes up, this becomes less and less likely. EVENTUALLY, it will reach an equilibrium point. When buying and selling energy is back in balance. This is not completely different from the “growth spurt” that comes with puberty. If he believed that much growth is going to be consistent, a kid might calculate that by the time he’s 40, he’ll be fifty feet tall. Growth spurts in stocks are like growth spurts in kids. They may be completely natural, but they are also naturally UNSUSTAINABLE. When I finished watching the “Wolf of Wall St.” I was curious about the real events. So I went home and did some research on the guy. Turns out, that he made his riches while the entire stock market was going up at a 45 degree angle. During that environment, you could throw darts at the stock page, buy that stock, and still have a good chance of making money. So when Mr. Wolf was calling people at home, they already KNEW the market was screaming up every day. Which means they ALREADY had a very strong sense of FOMO. Fear Of Missing Out. In that environment, it’s VERY EASY to make money in the stock market. And it’s very easy to make money selling stock market scams. On a bigger scale, it’s VERY EASY to make money when the economy is screaming. All you have to do is show up and not do anything too stupid. When the economy is flat, or even shrinking, THAT’S when it takes some serious skills. If you go fishing in a lake over-stocked with dumb fish, it’s easy. Fishing in a lake with a few fish that specifically DON’T WANT to get eaten will require some serious fishing skills. Luckily, making money is an instinct. Since all humans have been essentially doing it since society was invented. While it not be easy, it IS natural. And the more you practice, the better you’ll get. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/money-instinct/
  5. Chomsky became famous for his transformational grammar theory. Basically, his idea was that Earth only has one language, and a whole bunch of dialects. He showed that we think in terms of basic language structure. And the only difference between the world’s languages is the deep structure. For example, some languages, like English are “subject - verb - object.” I ate a burrito. Others, like Japanese, are “subject - object - verb.” I burrito ate. But it turns out that each segment (the subject, the object and the verb) can be further broken down. And the structure of each “sub section” is the same structure of the whole. This is what he called “X-bar theory.” And when kids are between 0 and 3, they are actually calibrating their “language switches” to the local “dialect.” This is why you can take any kid, from any country, and no matter WHAT country he grows up in, he’ll speak like a native. It’s what Chomsky called “Universal Grammar.” Another guy named Brown similarly wanted to find a “Universal People.” Not a secret group of people that we all come from. But a metaphorical description of a metaphorical group of people that have the SAME traits of all other people. So he spent his entire career studying any group of people he could find. No matter how advanced or primitive. And he found TONS of similarities. Like people are shy when talking about sex. Nobody likes to be watched taking a dump. People believe in some kind of “magic,” or a kind of science that can’t be seen. Some of us call it religion, others call it metaphysics. But EVERY group of people believe in a set of laws that can’t be proven or demonstrated. EVERY culture has a fear of snakes. There are ZERO cultures on earth that think of snakes as cute and cuddly. Needless to say, when you find the SAME STUFF in every culture, then that kind of indicates it exists in our DNA. We don’t need to learn to be worried about being watched taking a dump. We don’t need to learn to be afraid of snakes. We don’t need to learn to be a bit timid about talking about a boner we just got looking at the girl sitting next to us in class. Another thing that is common in EVERY SINGLE CULTURE that has ever existed is the idea of trade or barter. Sometimes it happens between friends. Sometimes it happens between strangers. But it ALWAYS happens. And the ONE THING that is needed BEFORE any culture makes the leap from primitive to advanced is MONEY. Money comes first, everything else comes later. And since this happens EVERYWHERE on the planet, you can be there’s MONEY in your DNA. Wake It Up: http://mindpersuasion.com/money-instinct/
  6. A great story is “The Alchemist.” It’s an easy read, and it’s deeply metaphorical. Which means it can have a lot of different interpretations. Essentially, it’s about a kid who goes out into the world looking for the secret of alchemy. Alchemy, as it is traditionally thought of, is the process of taking sand or dirt, and turning it into gold. Before humans discovered atoms and molecules and the laws of chemistry, they really had no idea what “stuff” was made of. So they figured it might be possible to turn sand into gold. Even Isaac Newton believed in alchemy. But anyhow, the hero of the story goes out and searches the world for the secret to turning sand into gold. And in the process, he has plenty of adventures. He gets a job working in a shop as a salesperson. And he’s pretty good in sales, and makes a lot of money. Then he meets a girl and falls in love. Then he meets a man who can control the weather. Eventually he gives up and goes home. Only to find his home (which was a church) has burned down. And when he starts digging it up to build a new one, he finds hidden treasure under the ground. The moral can be that what you go looking for treasure OUTSIDE, you really have it INSIDE the whole time. But there’s another idea you can take away. He went looking for a secret shortcut to get rich. And he spent so much time and energy looking for that shortcut. Even in the process, he made money. He found a job in a shop, got good at it and made a LOT of money. But because he was looking for a SHORTCUT to money, he ignored the actual money he was making. Helping the shopkeepers selling their stuff to people who wanted and needed it. But since he was SO BUSY looking for a shortcut to riches, he missed the money he was actually making. I don’t know if this is what the author meant. But the dude could have had a pretty happy life. Making some good cash, married to a girl he loved and loved him. But he was SO BUSY looking for a shortcut, he missed all the TRULY good things in life. That he found secret treasure hidden back at home kind of ruins that part of the story. It kind of makes it sound like the secret to riches is to go out looking for it, and then come home and find some secret treasure. But the REAL SECRET to riches was hidden in the story about hidden treasure. And that is that people make things. People buy things. And every time this happens, money changes hands. Once upon a time, there was no stuff, and no money. Now there's TONS of stuff, and TONS of money. That is the REAL MAGIC. Get in THAT game, and get some. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/money-instinct/
  7. When I was a little kid, I used to love magic tricks. Especially the cheesy kind you’d buy from the back of comic books. My favorite was a magic money machine. You put a dollar bill in one side, and rolled it in, and a $5 bill would come out the other side. Of course, you had to pre-load it with the $5. The dollar would roll up and in, the $5 would roll out. If you showed it to somebody for the first time, it would look pretty cool. But once you figured out the trick, it wouldn’t work any more. Another trick was a deck of cards, but they were all the same card. No matter what card they picked, it was always the 3 of hearts. So long as you had a new audience, and you could be creative, you could have a lot of fun. But as soon as anybody wanted to check the deck, the jig was up. A lot of people believe EVERYTHING is a trick like this. There’s a lot of reason why many things are purposely presented like this. As secret tricks. Once I bought a mail order course. A GUARANTEED system that would make money at the track. Of course, “guarantee” meant that if it didn’t work, they GUARANTEED they’d give you more money back. But this required you show PROOF that you tried it and it didn’t work. This was all in the fine print. This type of “guarantee” coupled with the sales letter made it seem pretty legitimate. But the “catch” was that in order to “try it” you had to use some VERY ADVANCED mathematics. Therein lied the con. Since the math required to use the system was SO complicated, NOBODY would be able to figure it out. And NOBODY would be able to qualify for the “guarantee.” The real “secret” is there IS NO SECRET. It’s all out in the open. If there really WAS some kind of secret, and it was something everybody could learn and do, it wouldn’t be secret. The whole idea of a “secret” is a con itself. If everybody believes there is a “secret” everybody will keep looking for a “secret.” But when it comes to making money, you already have everything you need. Because making money is based on human instincts. Since money exists EVERYWHERE, and has existed everywhere, it MUST BE due to something inherent to human nature. It is a collection of instincts and skills. The more you practice, the better you’ll get. Get Started: http://mindpersuasion.com/money-instinct/
  8. They say that ignorance is bliss. And like many sayings that we’ve all heard a kajillion times, they are very, very true. I remember my very first paycheck. In high school I got a job working at a movie theater. One of the best jobs I’d ever had. Relaxed environment, lots of high school kids. Where I met a lot of friends I still have today. Even my first girlfriend. But my first paycheck was a shock. I calculated how much I was going to get. Hours times dollars per hour. Nobody told me a bunch of it would be swiped off the top. That was my first monetary shock. That when you say you get X dollars per hour, that’s not what they mean. What they REALLY mean is both You AND the government get X dollars per hour. And they figure the split without consulting you. There are plenty of harsh truths about money. Many of them are very, very old. They’ve been around for a LONG time. Some of them are surprisingly similar from culture to culture. Mainly, the idea that “making money” is bad. This idea pops up in the Roman Empire as well as Feudal Japan. Of course, this idea is usually cooked up by the people in charge who already HAVE all the money. The idea of money is very confusing. Both from a belief standpoint, and from an economic standpoint. Something as important as compound interest is usually kept from us until it’s too late. Until we got TONS of credit card debt. At the same time, Einstein called compound interest the eighth wonder of the world. If you can use it to your advantage, you can get filthy rich. But on a much deeper level, there are instincts regarding money. Instincts involving the time value of trading. Even lower animals have these ideas. Of borrowing something now, and paying it back later. How can something so natural and instinctive cause so much confusion and anxiety? It’s as if the rules of the game are PURPOSELY kept from us. If you don’t know the rules, it’s hard to play, let alone win. Luckily, even though the rules will NEVER be taught in school, they are very simple to understand. Since they are based on ancient human instincts. Which means once you understand and awaken those ancient instincts, you can get in the game. And not just play, but play to win. And enjoy yourself. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/money-instinct/
  9. One of the most confusing subjects is money. Talk to ten different people, and you’ll get ten different ideas about money. Most people that have “enough” money, would like a little bit more. Many people also have an idea that beyond a certain amount of money, wanting more is somehow wrong. But the idea of money is very subjective. We all have ideas about money crammed into our heads before we even learn to speak. We were surrounded by adults who talk about money. Even though we didn’t know what it is (since we didn’t know how to talk yet) it’s something “bad.” It causes anxiety, fights between the grownups, and at the same time, there is never enough. You probably have plenty of vague early memories of wanting something, asking mom or dad, and being told that there’s not enough money. But even deeper, that answer, “sorry, we don’t have enough money,” wasn’t delivered in an honest way. Most adults, when their children ask for something that they can’t afford, feel upset. So when they say, “Sorry, we don’t have enough money” part of that is delivered as if the child is wrong simply for asking. Consequently, we all grow up feeling GUILTY for even wanting more money. So when we hear others talking about money as if it’s GOOD, part of us feels uncomfortable. Because we have deep memories of anxiety and guilt simply for asking for things that the adults didn’t have money to provide. Add on to the idea that the super rich people want to STAY super rich, and a fantastic way to do that is to MAKE SURE everybody believes money is somehow “wrong,” and you’ve got a perfect recipe. A recipe for some MASSIVELY messed up money beliefs and ideas. Most people couldn’t even describe accurately where money “comes from.” When we are kids, we think it comes from grownups. When we are grownups, most of us think it comes from the government. But in reality, money is an INSTINCT. It’s something that pops up in every society. Even in places where there is no legal money, people will use SOMETHING. Watch little kids trading things like Pokemon cards. This is a PERFECT example of the money instinct. This instinct, however, was calibrated in a much different environment. But like any piece of equipment that is OUT of calibration, all you need to do is re-calibrate it, and it’ll work fine. So if you re-calibrate your money instinct, your money instinct will work fine. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/money-instinct/
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