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Found 5 results

  1. At the same time, our brains are our best and worst asset. They are our best when we can solve problems and come up with creative solutions. One of the coolest ideas is what Adam Smith called the "invisible hand." He was describing the simple laws of supply and demand. It's a very basic, but extremely powerful concept. It's kind of like a meta-communication system for the hive mind of Earth. Another aspect is how the "hive mind" can creatively solve problems. So long as the problem is obvious enough, it will eventually be solved. Because any problem that has presented clearly enough, will inspire hundreds, or perhaps thousands of people all around the world to start thinking of a solution. Why would they do this? They all have the same basic thought. "If I can solve this problem, I can make a lot of money." And when you have hundreds or thousands of smart brains around the world trying to be the FIRST to solve a problem, it usually gets solved. This is EXACTLY why there are so many new inventions and discoveries being made. This is the GOOD part about the human brain. That collectively, we humans can be pretty clever. The flip side is not so good. Most of us KNOW that "somebody" will eventually solve the problem. This is cool, but it's also dangerous. Because if you get into the habit of waiting around for "somebody" to solve problems, that "somebody" isn't going to be you. The flip side of the genius if the "hive mind" is the oppression of the hive mind. When you are trapped inside, it is VERY DIFFICULT to think independently. It's VERY easy to go along with the crowd. Very easy to nod your head when authority figures tell us what's what. If you are IN a crowd that is also nodding their collective head when an authority is speaking, it is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to think any thoughts OTHER than the hive mind. This is pretty easy to see when things go crazy. Death cults, evil dictators, we can all look at them and see how nuts they are. But this SAME THING happens every single day. Most ideas that most people have are ideas that very FEW PEOPLE have actually thought about. For most people, so long as they are backed by authority (usually some smart guy on TV) and social proof (friends or social media), that idea is ACCEPTED as valid. Without even QUESTIONING it. This is pretty crazy. Which means being able to question ALL thoughts is VERY helpful. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/gurutrap/
  2. Long ago, humans didn't have to motivate themselves. They did, but to get their most basic needs met. They were largely regulated by their environment. Getting food was difficult and dangerous. Maintaining relationships was necessary. Authority and social proof worked in everybody's favor. It kept couples together, and it spurred people to their best. Everybody was on the same page. Nobody needed to find their motivation. It was always there. Pushing them. Last couple hundred years, everything changed. Food is easy to get. Relationships are optional. They are not necessary for survival like they used to be. Social proof and authority work against us in many ways. This means all the external incentives that kept us on purpose are gone. And all we have are our own internal incentives. And for most people, this only means do whatever feels good. Do what makes sense right now. If we have to think too much, or work too hard, or take any risks, we act like this is an abomination. A violation of our "human rights." As if we have a "right" to never have to work, or live beneath our means, or take any responsibility for our lives. Those that are in charge LOVE this. We offer little resistance. We plop down in front of the TV and are brainwashed to believe what we are told without any critical thinking. This is dangerous for everybody. Sure, as long as you are getting fed and entertained, it is fantastic. But if you ever want to venture outside of your comfort zone, it's TERRIFYING. But consider this a fundamental human skill. To take small risks, to take responsibility for your life, and to be in charge of what happens to you. Any politician that recommended this would be booted out of office. Which is why they promise the opposite. But if you want to live a life that's not average, you've got to practice certain skills. Self responsibility. Critical thinking. The ability to slowly expand your comfort zone to encompass new and interesting ideas. Not ideas other people tell you to consider. But ideas you discover on your own. The more of these original ideas you've got in your brain, the more resourceful you'll feel. But very few people other than you will benefit from you having original ideas in your brain. Which means if you don't get out there and find them, nobody's going to give them you. This is the secret of living your life on your terms. Finding your own ideas, considering them according to your own criteria, and living your own life. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/beta-male/
  3. The Milgram Experiment showed how vulnerable we are to authority. A scientist in a lab coat told a person to give another person electric shocks. Part of a "memory test." The person receiving the shocks weren't really getting shocked. They were only pretending. The REAL study was to see how high of a shock the giver would give. Turns out people gave WAY more shocks that the researchers anticipated. Enough to kill somebody. All because a dude in a lab coat (an authority figure) said it was OK. And not just SOME people. MOST people. They've repeated this experiment several times with the same results. This means that most of US (you and me) will voluntarily turn our brains off if an authority figure tells us to. Another troubling experiment is the Asch experiment. Put a guy in a room and show him two cards. One with one line, another with a bunch of lines. The task is to match the one line to a line of the same length on the other card (the one with three lines). Super easy, right? So far so good. Except then they put the same guy in a room with a bunch of other people. And those other people PURPOSELY choose the WRONG line. They want to see what happens when something that is EASY (matching line lengths) is done in a crowd who choose the wrong answer. And most people go along with the crowd. Even though they KNEW (inside) it was WRONG. They asked them why after. Why they chose what the knew was the WRONG answer. Their answers to that question was all over the place. But they all sounded similar. "I knew it was wrong, but for some reason I decided going along with what everybody else was doing was the right thing to do." These two studies show some pretty uncomfortable results. That when you put a normal human under an authority figure, or with a bunch of other people, most of us simply CANNOT think for ourselves. We either go along with the authority figure. Or we go along with the crowd. If BOTH the authority and crowd are together? It's even HARDER to resist. But you can. If you WANT to. If you CHOOSE to. But if you wait until the authority and the crowd tells you do something, it's too late. Your brain is a muscle. The more you EXERCISE your muscle, the easier you'll be able to resist the crowd and authority. IF and WHEN you want to. How do you exercise your brain muscle? Like This: http://mindpersuasion.com/nlp/
  4. There are two ways to get over your fears. (Well, three, if you include running away from them) One is to face them. That is the quickest way. Since most fears are false, or at the very least way worse in our brains than in real life, once you face them, you'll feel a huge sense of relief. However, this is pretty scary. Another way is to ease up to them. Practice slightly in your mind. Practice holding confident thoughts in mind. Essentially, fears "work" because they (whatever collection of things outside that trigger our fears) force us to think of the worst possible outcome. So when we force ourselves to move through those outside things, and prove they aren't nearly as bad as we think, we gain plenty of power. But this is kind of crazy when you think about it. It means purposely accepting the WORST HALLUCINATION possible, and holding that in mind while acting. It's quick, but not such a good idea. The more you do it, the more you associate doing positive things with horrible hallucinations. Not a combination you want. A much easier and slower way is to purposely hold positive thoughts in mind. For example, say there's a person you'd like to approach. The quick method would be to just approach them. To "feel the fear and do it anyway." But a much easier way would be to practice holding certain thoughts in mind WHILE being in a position to approach them. Or people like them. This way, you don't have to do anything except sit there. The longer you practice holding confident thoughts in mind, the easier it will seem. Pretty soon you'll reach a tipping point, where the "energy" of the positive expectation is big enough to PULL you toward what you want to do. To be sure, this takes time. The "feel your fear and do it anyway" method is quick, but it sets a dangerous precedent. The more you practice the slow way, the more you'll prove something very powerful. That YOU control your thoughts, not stuff out in the world. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/nlp/
  5. program request topics constantly pile up daily, i grow tired of being patient, at this rate it will be next year until my request are fulfilled, and i do not have that kind of time, i am speaking for myself and others that feel this way. you've made your money many times over George. so telling us how to make these programs will not hurt you but we who must continue waiting are hurting....
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