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Found 5 results

  1. Our language, and our world, is more filled with metaphors than we realize. Problems happen when we mistake metaphor for reality. So long as we are using metaphors to talk ABOUT something, they're fine. But if we are trying to use metaphors as guiding principles, that's when we run into trouble. The red car idea is a common way to describe our filters. How we separate the important stuff from all the noise. For example, somebody doesn't notice all the red cars. Then they buy a red car. Then they suddenly notice all the red cars. Before, they didn't think red cars were important, so their subconscious filtered them out. Once they bought one, red cars became important. Their subconscious filters were re-calibrated. But it would be a mistake to think that their subconscious CREATED the red cars. This is why sometimes when we visualize on things we want, we can see evidence. But sometimes we can't. The difference is NOT the strength of our visualizations. The difference is some things are ALREADY THERE around us. Only when we start to visualize them, see SEE them. We SEE what is already there. To imagine you can use your brain to make things MAGICALLY appear is a mistake. This is an example of MIS-UNDERSTANDING the metaphor. Because this metaphor can also be used to "describe" the law of attraction. But the word, "attraction," is not TECHNICALLY correct. Because you are not ATTRACTING anything. Your mind cannot LITERALLY pull objects from space. Another problem happens when metaphors are about processes. Specifically learning processes. For example, you see a cute girl across the room. Somebody says, "Just go up to her and be yourself." What, EXACTLY, does that mean, "be yourself"? How can you ever NOT be yourself? Is it even an option to NOT be yourself? Like transform into Iron Man or something? When one human wants to communicate a PROCESS to another person, it MUST be done metaphorically. Then it's up to the receiver, to take that metaphor and apply their OWN trial and error learning to MAKE SENSE of that metaphor. So you might hear the advice to "be yourself." Then you try a different versions of "being yourself." Until you figure out what the means, from your own SUBJECTIVE viewpoint. Then when you achieve success by "being yourself," you can now give that same advice to somebody else. This is how ALL learning must happen. First with a metaphorical description. Then when trial and error experience to DEFINE that metaphorical description for yourself. But there is one HUGE barrier to this simple process. And that is the collection of limiting beliefs we all carry around with us. But once you GET RID OF these negative beliefs, learning ANYTHING will be simple. Metaphor. Practice. Skill. Get Started: http://mindpersuasion.com/beliefchange/
  2. One of the biggest misunderstandings that keeps us stuck is the idea of a comfort zone. There's a story about a guy in a fish store. The kind you keep in a tank and let swim around. Not the kind you eat. Anyway, this guy was looking at two sharks. One really big, in one tank, and another much smaller one, in another tank. He asks the fish shop guy if the smaller shark is a baby, and the bigger one an adult. Fish shop guy says they're both the same age. What gives? Asks the fish shopper. Big shark grew up in a big cage. Small shark grew up in a small cage. Sharks are like people he says. They can only get as big as their cage. And like birds, sometimes our cages are safe and comfortable. So even if the door is open the bird won't fly out. After all, why give up a free daily meal and protection from cats? They say our comfort zone can be a prison. But like many metaphors, this is a bit too simple. A false dichotomy. A lot of stuff we perceive is a false dichotomy. Like we can either have a small, comfortable, constraining comfort zone. Or a gigantic one filled with excitement and rock star lifestyles. We either have to go BIG or go HOME. As if the world is ONLY in two very clear classifications. Non stop rock star parties, or safely at home hiding under our bed. Luckily, this ain't true. The real truth is somewhere in between. We aren't sharks, we aren't birds. Both sharks and birds haven't really evolved much in the last couple million years. We humans, on the other hand, have. We have learned how to expand our comfort zone so fricking big it can encompass the entire earth. We actually CAN have both. We can have a non stop rock star party INSIDE our comfort zone. No leaving required. How? The trick is to go SLOWLY. That's the biggest con in all self help. That anything worthwhile can happen quickly. Slow steady growth is the key. So long as your comfort zone TODAY is only a teeny tiny bit bigger than it was yesterday, you're doing fine. There's a REASON that ancient Greek dude made up a story about a turtle winning a race against a rabbit. That rabbit is all the goofs jumping up and down in seminars hoping for a quick fix. The turtle is you. Slowly building your empire. Step by step. Get Started: http://mindpersuasion.com/self-help-fail/
  3. They say a directionless arrow never misses its target. Meaning if you just randomly shoot an arrow without choosing a target, you can’t miss. On the other hand, if you shoot an arrow at a target, you most definitely CAN miss. Why would you want to shoot an arrow without aiming at anything? Maybe it’s fun. Maybe you like to watch the arrow sail through the air. Maybe you like to imagine your an archer in an ancient battle. None of those guys really aimed. They just sort of picked and angle and hoped for the best. With a bunch of archers on one side of a battlefield, and a bunch of soldiers on the other, you’re bound to hit something. Unfortunately, this isn’t a very good life strategy. Imagine a guy going out to meet girls. Ideally, he’d LOVE to end up with a sex party threesome with a couple of disease-free, porn star freaks. But most normal dudes will take whatever they can get. Which usually ends up not being much. This is like just shooting your arrow in a battle and hoping for the best. Instead, consider the idea of having an actual target. The threesome might be a bit too much. At least in the short term. Believe it or not, having a long term, “horizon goal” of having tight enough game to talk ANY group of females into a sex party is a worthy goal. One that is WAY out there. One that compels you to keep improving. The best way to keep improving is to choose very tiny, very achievable goals. Week one might be getting eye contact and smiles from five ladies. Week two might be getting a few short conversations. Week three might be getting some actual phone numbers. Week four might be going on one date. Most guys DON’T like this. It seems LONG and tedious. Most guys want the sex party RIGHT THE F NOW! But here’s the great paradox of life. The bigger your target is (sex party, for example) the less forward progress you’ll make. The smaller your target, the more RAPID you’ll make forward progress. This is a harsh question, but consider it. Instead of “sex party” swap out any equally desirable goal. Beach house, corporate president, etc. How closer are you to that goal compared to one year ago? Now imagine doing the slow, week by week plan. Assuming you’d stick to it, and make slow, gradual, tortoise like progress, how far would you be in a year? This is the secret to real tangible achievements. The kind that will make your friends ultra jealous. The slower you go, the faster you’ll get there. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/deep-skills/
  4. We will always have a huge collection of unmet desires. One of the biggest cons of modern society is that we can get anything and everything we want. And that all we need is to want, and we shall have. That just having an identified need is all we require to fulfill it. Economics is called the dismal science for a reason. It forces us to ask a very difficult question: At what cost? Because everything we do manage to get WILL cost something. Somebody needs to produce it. Even if it's made by robots, somebody has to make and maintain the robots. Somebody needs to acquire the raw materials to feed the robot to make the "thing" that we think we "deserve" for free. This is a very, very recent idea. Maybe in the last 30 years or so. For the previous six million years since we split from chimps, and however many millions years before that, getting our needs met was a struggle. A daily, dangerous struggle. Only recently have we been able to convince ourselves of this illusion. That wanting is all that's required for having. Because at the same time, there's never been such a HUGE gap between super rich and everybody else. It's almost as if they've purposely created that myth. The idea of only needing to want in order to get. That way, most of us would sit around wanting. While the rich are secretly getting. But even if you DO get stuff that keeps daily struggles away, it's not satisfying. Humans weren't created to passively receive. To imagine stuff and have it poof into existence. We were MEANT to struggle. Because in the struggle is when we are FORCED to live up to our potential. Suicides are at an all time high. Drug addiction is at an all time high. This is what happens when we are TRICKED into thinking that all we need to do is ASK and we shall somehow RECEIVE. Without TRUE purpose, we are useless. What IS our purpose? What is YOUR purpose? That's what we're supposed to do. Not sit around and wait. Not sit around and hope. But to get in the game, and get some. To RISE to the occasion. To fulfill our purpose. Our human destiny. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/hero/
  5. Making progress is a good feeling. It's actually one of the best feelings. They say that there are two tragedies in life. Achieving your goals and not achieving your goals. Why is this? If you achieve your goals, it feels good. Really good. But that feeling quickly fades. If you've ever won a sports championship, you know the feeling of letdown. You spend so much time and energy focusing on the big game, it feels fantastic when you win. But then a couple days later, there's something missing. Similarly, if you spend a significant amount of time prepping for the big game, and then lose, it feels horrible. Both of them hurt. Hence the saying. If you can extrapolate the common "letdown" feeling to a huge, lifelong goal, you can imagine what that must be like. At least after a win, you can start to focus on next year. Or after a nice vacation, the same thing happens. You feel depressed when it's over and you've got to go back to work. But at least then it's only a matter of time before you start planning your next vacation. But a HUGE goal, a lifelong goal, once achieved, really sucks. It's not like you can create ANOTHER life long goal. On the other hand, imagine if you spent a couple decades striving for a lifelong goal and then you realized you'd NEVER accomplish it. This would suck even worse. Therefore, GETTING and NOT GETTING a lifelong goal eventually creates depression. This is also why the old saying, "The Road Is Better Than the Inn" is so true. Think of what it contains. You're making progress. You're getting closer and closer. A goal that is partial real, and partially potential energy. There is not much better than having a really big potentially GOOD THING out in your future. Something that is slowly getting closer. Something that is TOTALLY in your control. This is why the PATH to your goal is usually much more enjoyable than the goal itself. It's also why most people NEVER create real goals. But it's also a reason why you don't really NEED "traditional goals." You just need progress. The feeling of getting better combined with something MAGNIFICENT in your future that is coming closer and closer. If you create these two feelings, any goal you get ON THE WAY will be much easier. This is why people LOVE exercising. Even though they aren't training for a specific race or contest, just the general feeling of FORWARD progress is wonderful. This is also why these types love looking at themselves in the mirror. It's NOT vanity. They are NOT thinking, "Wow, I'm gorgeous!" They are thinking, "Wow, I look better than I used to." They are seeing EVIDENCE of their progress. Luckily, you can improve your MIND just as much as your BODY. How can you see the progress of your mind? By how you SEE your future. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/hallucinating-mind/
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