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Found 4 results

  1. Think Like A Caveman: https://mindpersuasion.com/think-like-a-caveman/ https://mindpersuasion.com/3x3/
  2. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Feb20_Post.mp4 Watching TV interviews is like watching a boxing match. The interviewer isn't ever really trying to make a point. One way to see these conversations is in two different categories. Where the interviewer agrees with the politics of the interviewee. These interviews are us vs. them. We, and those who agree with us are AWESOME. All those goofs out there to disagree are BAD. Or they are confrontational. And since confrontation is much more interesting to watch, most of them are like this. To start, we all like watching news that verifies our own beliefs. Not good, not bad, just human nature. And within that context, we like to see "our guy" kick the crap out of the "other guy." Doesn't matter if "our guy" is in favor of extra chunky peanut butter and banana sandwiches, and "their guy" is in favor of creamy peanut butter and grape jelly sandwiches. We LOVE our ideas. So it's very enjoyable, comfortable, and pleasant to watch a "professional idea defender" face of some evil creamy peanut butter villain. NOT to have a pleasant, hard to follow, logical Socratic discussion about chunky peanut butter vs. creamy peanut butter. That would be TERRIBLE. Why? Because what if, all these years, our chunky peanut butter beliefs have been WRONG? That would be HORRIBLE! So, instead, we like to see a vicious SMACK down. We want our beliefs validated. And one way to validate our beliefs, is to see a professional idea DESTROYER absolutely OBLITERATE any hope of a creamy peanut butter revival. And if you're REALLY interested, pay close attention to these idea smack downs. They are NEVER about the ideas. They are about asking unexpected "gotcha" questions that knock the bad idea guy off guard. Just like a boxing match. This requires even LESS thinking in our part. All we need to know is OUR GUY is talking about chunky peanut butter. The evil "other guy" is supporting creamy peanut butter. The NERVE! But with some deep linguistic skills of idea assassination, we don't even need to pay attention! Just look at how DEFENSIVE creamy peanut butter guy is! He's getting DESTROYED! Long Live Chunky Peanut Butter! This, in actuality, is one of our biggest fears. (No, not chunky peanut butter...) Of slowly expressing an idea we have. And somebody DESTROYING it like they do on the TV. This is why it is so terrifying for most people to share any "controversial ideas." The "your idea sucks" linguistic smackdown. To make us look defensive and foolish. There is, however, a antidote to this. A way to REMAIN CALM in the face of a linguistic social attack. To just listen, rely on your inner core of power, and NOT EVER be knocked off guard again. The best part is people will sense this about you. And they WON'T try those sleazy linguistic smack down tricks. Metaphorically, it'd be like a guy who is 6'6", ripped and has the look of a killer. NOBODY would try and sucker punch that guy in the face! And once you build your massive inner core of confident power, NOBODY will try anything with you. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/inner-frame/
  3. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Nov08Post.mp4 One of the curious things about us humans is our self awareness. The concept is incredibly simple, but it's also extremely baffling. Neurologists and other scientists really have no idea what it is. We sort of know how to describe it, and we know when it's gone (when we're sleeping or passed out). But exactly HOW it works is a mystery. All we know is we are aware of our own thinking process. But this can make us think we have much more power than we really do. Being aware of something doesn't mean you can control that same thing. You can walk through a forest, and be aware of all the trees. But that awareness doesn't give you the power to rip the trees out of the ground with your mind power and make them float around. It's possible that our self-awareness is the same. This is hard to accept, as our ego thinks doing so will KILL us. Way back in the day, a strong ego was closely associated with survival. Every since humans invented fire, and used it as a strategic hunting tool, life has been an "idea contest." Whoever could demonstrate that their idea was the best, would get the most food, the most social recognition and the most sex. This is still true and VERY helpful today in many places. A bunch of scientists arguing over who has the best theory will generally produce the best theory. A bunch of engineers arguing over the best design will generally produce the best design. But this idea falls apart when we are in one on one situations. Idea contests work PERFECTLY when all the competing brains are operating under the same frame. Trying to create the BEST outcome. The best strategy, the best design, the best way to attack the castle. But when two STRANGERS are talking, this idea contest is the WORST strategy. Because the two strangers have to DIFFERENT frames. This is why sales conversations FEEL very confrontational. It's a frame battle. A battle of wills. And it's also why successful sales people are stereotypically EXTREMELY charismatic and strong framed. And this CAN work, in both sales and seduction, but only if you HAVE a massively strong frame and extreme levels of charisma. But you don't need those things. In fact, just that strategy puts you at a disadvantage. Instead, consider a different strategy. One that is very non-intuitive, but paradoxically VERY effective. It means shutting down COMPLETELY the ideas in your brain. This is just like NOT stuffing your face with chili cheese fries. Of telling your ancient instincts to TEMPORARILY take a hike. So, what do you focus on instead of the ideas in YOUR brain? The ideas in their brain. Not just any random idea. The best ones. The most hypnotic ones. The ones that create the most emotional PLEASURE. Because when you do that, they'll AUTOMATICALLY associate those pleasurable feelings with YOU. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-communication/
  4. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Sept08Post.mp4 Whenever two people are having a conversation, it can be seen as a frame battle. The word "battle" is probably not the best one. Two friends playfully trying to "out-insult" each other isn't a battle. Two friends playing one-on-one basketball wouldn't be considered a "battle." But consider that EVERYTHING can be viewed as a competition. Now, most of these competitions are friendly and enjoyable. Friendly, enjoyable competitions are the reason the video game industry is a BILLION dollar a year industry. Competitions can become battles when they are one off battles. Consider a guy approaching a girl, to hopefully get something going. This is a frame battle. Every girl has programmed into her deep instincts to TEST every guy. Every guy has programmed into his deep instincts to DEMONSTRATE VALUE to every girl. So just the fact that are approaching her sends a signal to your instincts and her instincts. The signal that says, "It's ON like Donkey Kong!" This is one reason why approaching girls is perhaps the SCARIEST thing any guy will do. Why? The whole point of life is pretty simple. Or the whole "drive" of life is pretty simple. Eat enough to not die, and have enough sex to not go extinct. Most people would not like to accept this. But without those twin driving instincts, everything else falls apart. So when a guy is walking across the room to speak to a girl, it feels like the ENTIRE future of humanity hangs in the balance. Not consciously, but from a deep, ancient instinct perspective. Way back in the day, any guy that thought not getting laid was no big deal, DIDN'T get laid. And those "getting laid is no big deal" genes DIDN'T get propagated. The ones who DID pass on their genes? The guys who felt that passing on their genes was of UTMOST importance. That they would do ANYTHING AT ALL to pass on their genes. The guys in our ancient evolutionary past who would do ANYTHING to get laid, got laid. And they passed on those "I'll do ANYTHING to get laid" genes. So here we are today, a few hundred thousand years later. And there you are, (the metaphorical you) walking over to talk to that cute girl. Her instincts are going to make you jump through as many hoops as possible. Unless you're up for that, you WILL get blown out. But modern life is not a battle of ancient hunters. Modern life is a battle of wits. A battle of FRAME control. A battle of who can best describe and give meaning to events. This is modern way of jumping through her hoops. Of taking whatever reasons she says she can't, and playfully and confidently turning it into a reason she CAN. Control the story, control the outcome. Control the meaning, control the outcome. Control the metaphors, control the outcome. Not just with the ladies, but with EVERYTHING. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/metaphor-mastery/
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