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Found 6 results

  1. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Feb05Post.mp4 It's very easy for us silly humans to mix up cause and effect. Or to not notice all the variables that are going on. Take a common example. A guy is talking to a girl, and it's obvious the girl is into the guy. All the guys watching this are wondering WHAT he is saying. The idea is if we can UNDERSTAND what that guy is saying, and somehow emulate that, we can get the same results. This is based on a META assumption about human interactions and communications. We see somebody. We want something from that person, or with that person. We'd like to sell them something. Or get to know them to perhaps start a relationship. Or at the bare minimum, interact with them so they have a good impression of us. Most people ASSUME this is based on what we say to them. The most common question in these situation is "what do I say?" Consider that this assumption is incorrect. AND very dangerous. We have this very superficial idea that our words will leave our mouths, get into their brains and create some of feeling. If this were true, we could walk up, give them a note and it would have the same effect. This is ALMOST how it works in the movies. But consider that the words we use, and more importantly, the phrases and the energy beneath them is ONE variable in ALL the variables that make up how others perceive us. There's another idea that is very important. That overall, beyond our words, beyond our energy, is how WE perceive ourselves. Consider that how WE feel about ourselves is THE most important variable in all communication. Sales, seduction, and everything in between. For example, we tend to be "attracted" to people who are MORE articulate rather than less articulate all else equal. People that can say basic things but in interesting ways are MORE attractive than people who can express those SAME thoughts with much less robust words and phrases. And if you can connect positive energy to your articulation, you will be VERY difficult to resist. You or your ideas or even the products you may be selling. What, specifically, do we mean by positive energy? You LIKE what you are talking about. You LIKE YOURSELF as your talking about it. You LIKE the conversation you are having with the person you are having it with. The actual THING you are talking about is NOT NEARLY as important as all the other stuff. Luckily, you can work on your articulation just like you can work on your pushups or any other skill. And articulation is connected to your brain in a kind of form-function kind of way. You practice one, and you'll practice the other. If you build a daily practice of THIS, your overall attraction and charisma will continue to increase. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-copywriting/
  2. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Feb01Post.mp4 In writing, they have a common rule of showing instead of telling. This leverages and old idea from Dale Carnegie. That you can get anybody to do anything, so long as it was their idea. If fiction, this works by allowing the readers or viewers to discover, on their own, what's going on. This makes it much more of their idea. This makes them much more invested in the story, or the character arc. This works very well in interpersonal relationships, sales, romance and seduction. Consider the statement: "I want you to be happy." Happiness is a feeling. You can't just "be" happy. If we could control our emotions so easily, nobody would ever have negative emotions. Imagine if that silly statement (I want you to be happy) actually worked. Somebody is sitting there, sad or depressed. Then somebody looks at them and says: "I want you to be happy." As if the person who is sad is incapable of being happy unless the other person tells them to. Sometimes we say things like, "I want you to be happy," to exhibit a part of us. Like we did something that made the other person upset. And we want to explain that wasn't our intention, so we say, "I want you to be happy." Think about what this means. The person's BEHAVIOR made the other person, "unhappy." But their words indicate that they really don't care about the other person. Their actions, the thing they SHOWED created an unhappy feeling. Their words, what they attempted to SAY (tell) indicate the opposite. They showed one thing. They told something else. Now, if they REALLY wanted the other person to be happy, they would have BEHAVED in a way to create the happy feeling. Unfortunately, for most people, our behaviors are unconscious. Our words less so. Actions, as they say, are much louder than words. Whatever you SHOW will always overrule whatever you TELL. Luckily, you can train your thinking to be much more congruent with your speaking. Most people wander the earth without ever noticing the difference between their actions and words. But with some specific understandings, you can make your words and actions much closer. Which will make you much more congruent. Congruence is a very attractive trait. It will come across as charisma, and an extremely strong frame. What kind of understandings? The kind that drill into your brain all the hypnotic language patterns found in covert hypnosis. So you will think, speak and act in a very congruent way. A way that will automatically generate the desired behaviors on others. Which behaviors? Whichever ones you want. The wants that make EVERYBODY feel the happiest. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-copywriting/
  3. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jan24Post.mp4 Once upon a time, a super genius invested in a certain asset. Because this super smart guy was smart, he got in early, and he got out early. He made a nice tidy profit. So far so good, right? But then a bunch of his friends got in AFTER he'd gotten out. And the price kept going up. More and more people kept jumping into this fantastic asset. This new thing that was making EVERYBODY around him rich. When he got in and out, before everybody else knew about this fresh new investment, he felt pretty good. But after he got out, all his buddies were getting rich. WAY richer than he got. As more and more people around him kept getting rich, he felt dumber and dumber. Pretty soon he couldn't take it any more. He felt like the money train was leaving without him. He started to imagine his future where all his buddies were rich, as they rode the money rocket to riches. Leaving him in the dust. So he got back in. And as soon as he got back in, it crashed. Hard. This guy lost nearly EVERYTHING. He went from feeling clever for getting in and out before anybody knew what thing was. To feeling like a fool for not making NEARLY as much as he could have. To feeling like much MORE of a fool than he ever thought possible. See, had he just sat on his wins, and been patient, it would have crashed anyway. Then he could have told all his buddies, "I told you so." But he didn't. See, his brain was taken over by the most COMPELLING force of human nature. Which is actually a combination of several instincts. Namely, social proof and scarcity. As social proof INCREASES, and scarcity also INCREASES, and you're not getting some, this will create FOMO. Fear of missing out. Once FOMO kicks in, it's very, very hard to NOT want to get some. Who is this mysterious investor who lost everything? Sir Isaac Newton. The same dude who invented gravity and calculus. The investment was one of the most famous bubbles of all time. The South Sea bubble. FOMO is very, very powerful if you can leverage it. Or imply it. If you can imply FOMO, you can sell anything. Huge advertising companies CREATE FOMO all the time. Huge marketing push to create massive buying desire. On release day, they have a limited supply. Once FOMO is set in the minds of consumers, people will buy shiny blocks of metal. It doesn't matter WHAT you are selling. The more FOMO you can imply, the more you'll sell. How, specifically, do you imply FOMO? By using a set of language techniques invented by another super genius of history. Namely, conversational hypnosis created by Dr. Milton Erickson. Learn this and you can create your own money train. Get Started: https://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-copywriting/
  4. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jan23Post.mp4 One of Dale Carnegies golden rules is that you can get anybody to do anything, so long as you get them to believe it was their idea. This can be applied in many, many ways. This is why well written movies are much better than lazily written movies. Well written movies show, rather than tell. We get to discover the meaning for ourselves. And since we discovered this, it's OUR idea, just like Carnegie said. This is precisely why covert hypnosis works so well. It's based on very well calibrated vagueness. So the listener to reader gets to "discover" their own meaning. Milton Erickson, the inventor, came up with a way of delivering VERY confusing stories. They were structurally sound, but the were missing a lot of content. After listening to these confusing stories, the patients would leave, wondering what in the heck just happened. But over the next three or four days, the vague stories would resonate in their brains. And they would slowly fill in the missing pieces with their OWN experiences. This would give them the feeling of "discovering" their own meaning. And much more than a well written book or movie, these self-discovered meanings would be the solution to their problems. Most therapists, then and now, TELL patients what to do and think. These are like those lazily written movies. Erickson, on other hand, would carefully put these "vague story bombs" in their mind. Like secret treasure maps, where they'd go hunting for the meaning. And when they found it, everything would click together. They would have a memory of Dr. Erickson "helping them" figure out their own problems. Compare that to modern therapy and modern patients. Modern patients say things like, "my therapists says..." Doing it like Dr. Erickson is difficult, but not for reasons many believe. We humans LOVE to take credit. Modern therapists LOVE the idea of curing people, and having all their patients saying things like: "Dr. Wizard is Amazing! I did what he told me to do and he cured me!" This is why nearly everybody has heard of Freud, but few people have heard of Dr. Erickson. Freud and nearly every other therapist since him TELLS people what to think. They TELL people what to do. They TELL them what their dreams and ideas mean. Erickson didn't really care much about recognition. Lucky for us, Erickson wrote down how he helped his patients. So we can learn how to do what he did. When you apply this to copywriting, it's VERY powerful. You write copywriting sales letters like stories. Your readers read your stories, and DISCOVER inside the solution to their problem. And the solution will be a product or service, that will help them SOLVE their problem. And since they will discover that meaning on their own, they are much more likely to not only OWN the decision, but very much want to OWN whatever you are selling. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-copywriting/
  5. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jan21Post.mp4 Way back during the middle ages, there was a lot of new ideas popping up all over the place. One of the main events was the creation of a Christian religion besides the Catholic church. The philosophical differences between the various Christian churches are pretty interesting and very dense. The Catholic Church, was suddenly in a bad way. Up until the protestant reformation, they had TONS of power. Each European country had their own king or ruling system. But so long as they were all Catholic (or back then Christian) they Pope and his Bishops had the final say. Once the protestants came along, this all changed. Structurally, this is like one company that has a monopoly, and gets lazy. Then a startup comes along and changes everything. The protestants were the startup. The Catholics responded by creating the Jesuits. The Jesuits were like secret agents for the Church. Their job was to travel around the world, and try to gain as many converts as possible. They quickly learned something very interesting. That convincing adults of a new religion is very difficult. Kids? Very, very easy. These Jesuits had a saying: "Give me a child at birth and I'll make him a soldier of Christ by seven." Turns out this really doesn't have anything to do with Jesus. It has everything to do with how our minds are configured when we are born. We have a bunch of very basic wiring in our brains. As we go from 0 to 7, a lot of this wiring is finished. Once it's finished, it's pretty much set. This is why whatever religion you learn as a child is hard to change. This is why all kids learn language unconsciously as kids, but learning a foreign language is not so automatic when you grow up. But since there are plenty of people who speak more than one language, it's not impossible. Not by a long shot. And there are also a ton of people who switch religions when they grow up. Or get stronger or weaker in their religion of upbringing. Between 0 and 7 our little brains are like unconscious sponges. As adults, they are still sponges, but it takes a bit of conscious effort. Learning a second language will give you a ton of benefits. If you are in any kind of business with international customers, knowing more than one language will make you worth a lot more to your company. But there is another second language that few people know about. One that is very secret, kind of like being a secret agent. On the surface, it sounds very much like English. But deeper, on an unconscious level, it is EXTREMELY powerful. You can covertly embed ideas into people's minds. Ideas, desires, whatever you want. This is the language of covert hypnosis. You can speak it, and you can write it. Speaking is hard. Writing? Not so much. Write hypnotically and trance out your readers all over the world. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-copywriting/
  6. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jan19Post.mp4 People love discovering secret things. In many movies, they put in Easter eggs. Hidden references to other movies. Weird characters that don't really belong. One of my favorites is from Fight Club. Early on, when one of the characters is in some weird therapy session, the famous Tyler Durden appears in the back ground for a split second. I only noticed it after I'd seen the movie a few times, and was watching it on DVD, where you could watch one frame at a time. The Da Vinci code and many similar books and movies are centered around secrets and hidden messages. In one study of chimps, they dropped a box of oranges in the chimp compound when everybody was sleeping. The first to find them was a young chimp. He clearly knew that if everybody woke up, he would only get a couple oranges. All the higher status males would get them. So, this young clever chimp hid them. So he could slowly eat them, one at a time, without being detected. Even chimps like the idea of hidden treasure. Even chimps can run long game to get an advantage over their betters. Many movies have secrets hidden in that compel us to watch them a second time. Movies like Sixth Sense, or Inception. Where people argue about the ending, and need to watch it a few times to see what it REALLY means. We LOVE the idea of finding hidden meanings in words and texts. Study some lyrics of some songs by the Beatles and you'll find all kinds of cryptic sounding phrases. People LOVE to discuss this stuff. Sometimes to extreme levels. Charlie Manson famously thought some of the Beatles' songs were about the Book of Revelation. The Book of Revelation itself is filled with symbolic writing and images. If you can write things that have deeper meanings, meanings that people will enjoy discovering, you can make a lot of money. How do you do this? Some people just kind of do this naturally, without needing to think. These are the guys like the Beatles, Shakespeare and guys who write movies like Inception and Sixth Sense. But you CAN learn how to do this. There is a science to writing in a specific way so people will find their own versions of deeper meanings. Some styles are specifically written so everybody can find their own, personal, subjective meaning. But other styles are designed so they can find SPECIFIC things. What things? If you are a copywriter, things about your product. Things that will make them WANT to buy. Because this is a very rare skill, it can fetch quite a lot of money. Which means if you learn how, you'll have a skill that will ALWAYS be in high demand. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-copywriting/
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