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  1. https://mindpersuasion.com/post-hypnotic-destruction/
  2. https://mindpersuasion.com/party-hero/
  3. https://mindpersuasion.com/the-woman-with-all-the-answers/
  4. https://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-stripper-witch/
  5. Everybody loves resonance. Of course, few people ever take the time to study the scientific aspects of it. But if you’ve ever had fun on a swing as a kid, you were a perfect student of resonance. Scientifically, resonance is vibrating a system with an externally applied force, where the externally applied force is the SAME frequency as the system. Kids swing their legs with the same frequency as the kid-swing system. This is how they can get such big oscillations. It’s also how a group of soldiers allegedly collapsed a bridge. Their marching cadence was the same frequency as the bridge. And they got such big oscillations, the bridge collapsed and everybody dies. Of course, this may be a myth. They tried to prove (or disprove) this on the TV show, “Myth Busters,” and were unable to. Resonance is also how you can run your fingers around the rim of a wine goblet, and get it to sing. The small jumps, due to the friction between your finger and the glass, are the SAME frequency as the wine goblet. And by varying the level of wine, you change the resonance frequency, and therefore the pitch. This is how those guys on YouTube can play music with wine goblets. Resonance is also how professionally trained singers can break glass. This is similar to the soldiers on the bridge. The soldiers marched at the same frequency of the bridge until it broke. The singer sings at the same frequency of the glass until it breaks. Humans also can have a resonance frequency. When two people “click” that’s what this means. They are on the same “wavelength.” Their energy is overlapping on many levels. This is those magical dates that start off as simple “meet and greets” and end up as marathon conversations that you NEVER want to end. Most people think these are rare and chance events. But you know better. You know that by studying the art of conversational hypnosis, you can deliberately resonate with a great number of people. And if you can create a carefully written sales page that resonates with a great number of people, you can make a HUGE amount of money. This is why doing this via text is actually MUCH easier. In a conversation, once the words leave your mouth, you can’t re-speak them. But once you’ve got a sales letter and some traffic, you can tweak it. Just like a little kid on a swing keeps tweaking his legs until he’s got the MAXIMUM oscillations. Setting up a sales page and tweaking it until you’ve got MAXIMUM conversations is basically the same process. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-copywriting/
  6. They say that we’ve got to see an advertising message about six times before we take action. This is a pretty old statistic based on old advertising techniques. Billboards, TV ads, newspaper ads, etc. Things that pop up and only exist in our peripheral attention. For example, you’re sitting and watching TV, and an ad pops on. You don’t pay attention to the ad very much. So we watch ads passively like we watch most TV. There are a lot of variables that determine how well a TV ad slips into your brain. What kind of a day you are having. The interest (or lack) you have on the TV show. Wether you are putting off doing something (like the dishes) or are finished for the day. Reading long sales pages are something else entirely. The longer people read, the more their interest is held. And if you have a well written sales page, based on slippery slope technology, they’ll get more and more interested. Especially when you apply fractionation. Fractionation is a very misunderstood concept. People think it’s a quick and easy “trick” to use to seduce women. But it’s a type of covert hypnosis. It can only be used WITHIN covert hypnosis. It’s not something that can be used on it’s own. Unless you are conversationally fluent in covert hypnosis, you can’t use fractionation. It’s kind of like an advanced photoshop technique. Until you learn the basics of photoshop, you can’t learn any advanced photoshop techniques. So, what IS fractionation? It’s when you slip the reader (or listener) in and out of hypnosis. In a conversation or on a slippery slope. Every time they slide BACK INTO hypnosis, it will be much deeper. This is essentially the process of fractionation. Slowly pulling them OUT and slowly putting them BACK IN to a comfortable and pleasant state of hypnosis. Being able to do this conversationally takes a LOT of practice. But you can also do it through text. It requires a fairly long, slippery slope sales letter. But so long as they keep sliding DOWN that sales letter, if they are also sliding IN and OUT of hypnosis, you can use fractionation. So by the time they get to the END of the sales letter, it will FEEL LIKE they have been EXPOSED to the product several times. Many guys do this with girls and seduction without really knowing they are using fractionation. Meet her in one part of the bar. Take her to another part. Take her to another bar. Take her out for waffles. Done correctly, it will FEEL LIKE 4-5 dates, but in ONE NIGHT. And after four or five dates, or four or five exposures to the product, THAT is when the ACTION happens. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-copywriting/
  7. One of the most powerful forces of persuasion is authority. The Milgram experiment showed this. A guy in a white coat pretended to be an authority figure. And ONLY on his say-so, people would shock some poor guy. Even to the point where the guy was BEGGING for the pain to stop. The pain and the shocks were fake. The study was a set up. What they really wanted to see was how high of a shock somebody would give a stranger ONLY because the authority said so. The shocks were fake, but the person giving them didn’t know it. Nearly 70% of people gave shocks ONLY because the authority said so. Before they did the study, they figured only a small percentage would give them. The results horrified EVERYBODY. The uncomfortable truth about us humans is that when an authority speaks, we pretty much turn off our brains. We do what they say. We believe what they say. Mostly without even the slightest question. This leads to some VERY uncomfortable truths. One of them is that for many of us, the ONLY REASON we believe what we believe is because some authority figure said so. (It HAS to be true! The guy on TV said so!) On the other hand, if you can LEVERAGE authority, you can convince anybody to do pretty much anything. This is why famous actors do car commercials and other goofy ads. Simply by seeing the famous actor, people buy WAY MORE STUFF. It turns out the REASON they are an authority is irrelevant. Only that they ARE an authority. Which is famous actors, singers and athletes can get away with talking about stuff they really don’t much about. Another POWERFUL idea in persuasion is Dale Carnegie’s golden rule. Which says you can get ANYBODY to do ANYTHING (or believe anything) so long as they think it was THEIR idea. Turns out there is a very clever way to combine these two laws. How? If you KNOW the pain that your customer or target is feeling, you can create the idea that YOU are an authority. If you can accurately describe the pain they are going through, even if it’s very slight pain, they will start to think YOU are an authority. And because it will feel like THEIR idea, it will have a very powerful effect. So when you recommend a SOLUTION for their pain, they’ll accept it without resistance. This is a very powerful technique in copywriting. One you can use in many, many areas. Combined with some hypnotic techniques, it can be your own secret weapon. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-copywriting/
  8. https://mindpersuasion.com/secret-stripper-hypnosis/
  9. A lot of efficiencies are built into our mind-body systems. The more you do something, the more efficient you get. This is built into our sensory systems. If you keep perceiving the same things, you’ll get much more efficient. Meaning you brain will naturally learn to perceive MORE information with LESS energy. A good example is chess players vs. non-chess players. If you take a NON chess player, and show them a chess board configuration, they’ll only remember a certain amount of data. The types of pieces, where they are, etc. But if you take an experienced chess player, they’ll look at the same board, and in LESS time, remember MORE information. BUT with a very important caveat. If the chess board is set up as if an actual game were in process, the chess player would remember it EXACTLY the way it is. Because their brains have learned to see STRUCTURES. They’ll immediately see which pieces are threatening other pieces. Which pieces have been taken. They can even recognize the actual game, if it is a famous one. But here’s the kicker. If the chess board is arranged completely randomly, so it’s NOT set up as if it were mid-game, but with the pieces truly scattered randomly around the board, the chess player won’t be able to remember ANY MORE than a non-chess player. Our brains, then, only become more EFFICIENT with respect to specific structures. So the more you learn and practice any particular structure, the BETTER your brain will get at using that structure. The more you practice, the more efficient your brain will be. You’ll see and use MORE with LESS brain energy. So, what structures should you study? Becoming a chess master would be kinda cool. But in reality, there’s not a lot of money in chess. And if you’ve ever been to a chess tournament, they aren’t exactly known for their after-parties, if you catch my drift. And chess skills can really ONLY be applied to chess. How about another common structure, that you can apply ANYWHERE? What structure is that? Language, of course. The more you CONSCIOUSLY learn and PRACTICE the specific structures of language, the more effectively you can use it. And the more effectively you can recognize it. Meaning you can USE language to implant any ideas in anybody’s brain you want. And you can RECOGNIZE language to SEE all the ideas people THINK they are hiding. This is about as close to a REAL super power that you can develop. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-copywriting/
  10. https://mindpersuasion.com/hypnotic-sexual-brainwashing/
  11. https://mindpersuasion.com/post-hypnotic-suggestions/
  12. There's a very powerful scene at the end of the movie, "Unforgiven." It's when the bad guy is about to kill the sheriff. And the sheriff says, "I don't deserve to die like this." And just before the bad guy shoots him, he says, "Deserving's got nothing to do with it." There are a lot of ways to interpret that scene, as well as the movie. Since it starred Clint Eastwood, who is nearly always a good guy, it's hard to see him as the bad guy. But according to Eastwood, who also directed, the movie was about how violence just destroys everything in its path. Sometimes with no rhyme or reason. With most hero movies, the good guys win in the end. But the question is always in the back of our minds. Since in real life, the good guys don't always win, and the bad guys never seem to get in trouble. Especially the bad guys that run the world. George Carlin frequently talked about this. He would say things like, "It's called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it." Whenever we watch movies and enjoy stories, there's always an uncertain relationship between the story and real life. Is the story trying change the way we behave? Are stories written based on how we wish we could behave? Many people see certain ideas in certain movies, and get upset because of the not so secret "agenda" of the movie makers. But here's the thing. Stories have been told since before recorded history. Even old myths and biblical stories were once ONLY in the "oral tradition." Meaning they were word of mouth stories LONG before anybody ever wrote them down. And there are surprising similarities between stories from thousands of years ago, and stories today. Even blockbuster movies. This should be a clue. A clue WHY we love these types of movies and stories so much. That just MAYBE, they aren't only for entertainment. That MAYBE, they are supposed to motivate us. Inspire us. Get us to get out there and stop wasting our lives. To wake up, and start to take responsibility. To BE the hero of our own lives. How do you BE the hero? Consider that your mission. To find your own destiny. Identify the bad guys, and conquer them. Not just the ones OUT THERE, but the ones IN HERE. The demons within, and the demons without. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/hero/
  13. No matter what you do, you've got to stand out. That is, if you want to be better than average. Every single one of us has to differentiate ourselves somehow. Like it or not, everybody discriminates. If you are standing there on one side of the bar checking out a pretty lady, chances are she's got plenty of dudes to pick from. As much as the goofball politicians try and promise us they make everything fair, when the rubber meets the road, it's anything but. Since that pretty lady has plenty of guys to choose from, she's going to choose the BEST based on HER own subjective values. If you're sitting in a waiting room with 50 other goofs for one job, the hiring boss is ONLY going to pick the best. So if you want to stand out, you've got to be able to DO THINGS most people can't. Or won't. An old movie with Richard Gere and Ed Norton is about a crazy guy (Norton) and his attorney (Gere). This was BEFORE Norton was famous. How'd he get the part? He acted crazy from the beginning. While every other guy was sitting quietly and patiently reading their lines and waiting for their shot, Norton was IN CHARACTER. From the moment he walked into the waiting room, he was acting CRAZY. Robin Williams did the same thing WAY BACK when he auditioned for the part on Mork and Mindy. His first TV show way back in the 70's. All the other actors were GETTING READY to pretend to be an alien. Williams walked in AS an alien. He even sat in his chair upside down. This is how you make an impression. But doing things DIFFERENTLY than everybody else. By standing out. A fantastic way to do that is to be able to get up and speak. When? Whenever you can. Don't be polite. Don't wait until it's your turn. Don't wait for permission. Robin Williams didn't. Ed Norton didn't. How do you speak differently than everybody else? Hypnotically. You can do it in conversations, speeches, any time you move your mouth and words come up. Make yourself memorable, and people will remember you. NOBODY remembers the OHTHER GUYS. The ones BESIDES Norton and Williams who didn't get hired. Stand out. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/public-speaking-hypnosis/
  14. Humans and chimps have 98% similar DNA. Most of us don't like to think of ourselves as animals. We like to believe that, as humans, we are special. From inside our own brains, it sure seems that way. But tons of experiments say otherwise. The Milgram experiment shows we'll do whatever an authority figure tells us do. Few will resist. The Asch experiment shows that we'll do whatever our social peers will do, even when we KNOW it's the wrong thing. Few will resist. If you walk down the street and accidentally make eye contact with somebody, it will be HARD to not bump into them. Because once we make eye contact, we AUTOMATICALLY get into rapport. It's hard to not bump into them (and them into us) because we are AUTOMATICALLY mirroring each other. Even when BOTH of us are consciously trying to NOT bump into each other, EACH of us (or our subconscious minds) are mirroring each other. If you have ever decided to try the willpower diet, you know how impossible it is. When our INSTINCTS tell us to do something, it's impossible to resist. (Just like the Borg: Resistance Is Futile!) So, despite how "distasteful" it may seem to compare ourselves to chimps, it's also VERY helpful. One thing they notice when studying chimps is STATUS is EVERYTHING. The higher the status, the "better" the life. With high enough status, sex (relationships) and food (money) is a RESULT. Below a certain status, both sex and food has to be chased. One DOES NOT equate to the other. Quite often, the MORE you chase one, the LESS you get of the other. This only goes for those chimps BELOW a certain level of social status. Above a certain level, both sex and food are a result. This very much seems to be true in human animals as well. The more STATUS you have, the EASIER things are. So, the MONEY question, how, exactly does one GET status? Luckily, for us humans, there are PLENTY of ways. You can invent something, like Gates. Become a world class investor, like Buffet. You can play sports really well. You can be a charismatic politician. But there is a MUCH EASIER way. One thing that triggers the "that person has high status" instinct is standing up and speaking. When there are a bunch of people sitting and listening, and one guy or gal is standing up and talking, the person talking is going to AUTOMATICALLY trigger the "high status" instinct in EVERYBODY. Despite how terrifying it might seem, getting up and speaking will trigger that high status instinct. But you can make it MUCH more powerful. By speaking hypnotically. By moving people's minds in way that will LAST. Kind of like creating a high status MEME of YOU. That will spread from brain to brain. Like a virus. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/public-speaking-hypnosis/
  15. Things can be different on different time frames. This is one of the sleight of mouth patterns. A problem in the short term can be a benefit in the long term. Or a problem on one meta level can be a benefit on another meta level. In NLP they have the idea of logical levels. Problems on one logical level are more easily solved from another logical level. Weight issues, for example, could be perceived as a physical issue. But often they are emotional issues that manifest themselves on the physical level. And if you ONLY look at them from a physical level, you'll miss most of the deeper issues. Of course the word "deeper" is itself a metaphor. There's nothing obviously "deep" about emotions. Especially the kind of emotions you wear on your sleeve. The sleeve is the part you want everybody to see, so it's up on the surface. Not deep inside, where all the food goes. Many people like the idea of making money in sales. But they quickly wash out when they see how much they have to withstand rejection. If you CAN stand up to rejection, you CAN make a lot of money. (Stand up, as opposed to fall over...What you don't want to buy?...ahhhh!) But on another level, you can make it much easier. But you've got to do something that INITIALLY is pretty scary. So scary that most people don't even consider it. But if you get past the scary part, you'll find the other side is WAY easier than sales. AND there's a lot more money. Even if you get a POWERFUL sales pitch down, you still have to deliver that pitch over and over and over. For example, if you had the best vacuum cleaner sales pitch, so good you sold 20% of clients, you'd STILL have to knock on a bunch of doors. But if you could STAND UP and pitch 50 people at once? A couple of things would happen. One is the rejections would be MUCH EASIER. Because if you're giving a sales pitch to ONE PERSON, you have to spend the same amount of time. Whether they buy or not. But if you pitch 50 people at once, it's a matter of percentages. But even better, is if you are pitching to individual after individual, you would have to adjust your delivery every single time. That's hard! But when pitching from the podium, you can deliver the SAME message over and over. On the front side, it's terrifying. Which is why nobody does it. But on the other side, it's easy. Show up, speak (which is easy since it's the same speech every time) and collect your money. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/public-speaking-hypnosis/
  16. All humans have unmet desires. We are essentially desire fulfilling organisms. We eat, sleep, consume information. All in a cycle. You might eat different food from day to day, but you still have to eat. You might enjoy different leisure activities from day to day, but they still serve the same purpose. Mental stimulation without mental effort. One thing we humans like is stories. Short stories, long stories, epic sagas. And those have the same structures as well. Lately superhero movies have been very popular. Joseph Campbell wrote a book years ago called "The Hero With 1000 Faces." One indication that we like the same stories over and over and over. Which is very helpful if you need to communicate anything. If you take whatever message you'd like to give, and put it in a story format, it will be very effective. Most of the best sales letters are in story format. Regular characters doing regular things. Overcoming regular problems. Weave your idea in there, and they'll go right along with it. This is a lot easier than it seems. Of course, it will take practice. But once you've got it down, you can use the same message over and over. Told in more or less the same story, over and over. Just like Campbell found. We humans respond in the same ways to the same stories. So if you speak in story language, your message will be very well received. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/public-speaking-hypnosis/
  17. One of the biggest causes of anxiety when using any language patterns is getting caught. Even when consciously using gestures, it feels like you're doing something wrong. This is natural. Any time you do something slightly different, you're going to feel self conscious. This is part of human nature. Even if you buy a pair of shoes you don't normally wear or use glasses instead of contacts, it's natural to feel self conscious. So when you add something to your language, it makes you feel even MORE self conscious. But since most people NEVER focus much on the structure of language, nobody will ever know. Sure, they might feel like you're doing something different. But unless you tell them, they won't really have a clue. And paradoxically, when you are using these patterns on your friends, they are MOST LIKELY to know something's up. The less you know the person you are using these patterns with, the less likely they'll even suspect you are doing something different. For one, they don't know you, so they don't know what your normal style is. Two, they'll be nervous, since most everybody is nervous when talking to somebody new. And even more paradoxically, very FEW people will notice these patterns when you are using them during any presentation. Since EVERYBODY speaks differently during a presentation than during regular conversations. So even if you give a speech to your speech class, in which all your friends are members, this is the BEST PLACE to use language technology. Which makes it even MORE paradoxical (that's the third paradox so far) that giving speeches is the BEST PLACE to use hypnotic language skills. One, you'll almost NEVER get interrupted. Two, you are SUPPOSED to use careful gestures. Three, their brains will be mostly turned off anyway. This makes it the BEST PLACE POSSIBLE to slip tons of ideas into their minds. Even if you just wanted to have fun, going down to your local toastmasters or joining a speech class at your local community college is a GREAT PLACE to experiment with language technology. Even if you have zero intentions of selling or persuading or seducing, people will INSTANTLY notice that you are MUCH BETTER than everybody else. Because your stories will have an impact on their brains that NO OTHER speech has. Not even famous people on TV. And when you can create THAT kind of aura, you can pretty much do anything. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/public-speaking-hypnosis/
  18. There are a lot of paradoxes in human life. One was explained fairly well by Bryan Cranston, the guy who played Walter White on "Breaking Bad." He said most everybody is very reluctant to "let it all hang out" emotionally. But as an actor, you HAVE to do that. He also said that the more you do that (let it all hang out) the more of the paradox you see. Our deep fears is that the more we let it all hang out, the more likely we'll get rejected. But the opposite happens. The more we show our true selves, the more people will absolutely CRAVE our presence. But we spend most of our lives TERRIFIED of sharing our true selves. Which of course, creates an equally confusing paradox. We are terrified of sharing our TRUE selves in a fearless way. Since we think THAT will get us rejected. So instead, we are very careful how we express ourselves. We only express ourselves safely. We say safe things with safe energy and safe gestures. And THAT is what makes us UNINTERESTING to other people. Because playing it safe is pretty boring. Everybody can do it. Everybody DOES do it. So it's not special. Yet we all have this deep desire to BE SEEN by who we really are. At the same time, we are TERRIFIED to show ourselves the way we really are. This is why we HOPE for some magical person who will somehow "notice" our true selves. Problem is, this creates a world where EVERYBODY is waiting around for SOMEBODY ELSE to come and "notice them." Nobody is willing to share themselves. We all want the OTHER PERSON to go first. It's like one of those dances back in junior high school. Boys on one side, girls on the other. Everybody looking across the room waiting for somebody else to make the first move. One of the things we tell ourselves, is that we "don't know what to say." But it's not really WHAT we say that's important. It's HOW we say it. Not just energetically, but structurally. And the energy and structure of our expressions have NOTHING to do with the words we use. Because human interest, human desire, are MUCH DEEPER than simply the words. If you can learn to resonate on this deep, unconscious level, people will CRAVE your presence. How do you do this? Like This: http://mindpersuasion.com/party-hypnosis/
  19. One of the most "famous" hypnosis patterns is the quotes pattern. It's so famous it's in plenty of movies. A common way is when one guy threatens another guy. For example, imagine two guys are sitting next to each other at a bar. They are sworn enemies, but they are pretending to be normal citizens. One guy looks at the other and says: "If I were doing something important, and somebody tried to stop me, I'd have to look at him, take a deep breath and say that if you tried to stop me I'd have to kill you." As he's quoting some imaginary person saying something to another imaginary person, he's saying the same thing to his real enemy. But since this is a movie trick, and it's obvious to everybody that's what he's doing, it's not very "covert." So if that's how you used it in real life, everybody would know. The whole point of covert hypnosis is that NOBODY knows you're using it. If you go around telling people you are using covert hypnosis, it's pretty silly. That would be like telling everybody you were invisible. And when you use covert hypnosis, you're supposed to be careful, so nobody knows. If you actually were invisible, and you bumped into people while you were out walking around, (or were talking loudly to yourself) that would be just a silly. There IS, however, a very powerful way to use the quotes pattern. And that's to sandwich it in between a couple of stories. The different the stories are the better. The first story could be about some weird Twilight Zone episode you saw. The second story could be about an ancient recipe for lasagna that was recently discovered near the pyramids. Then the middle story has all the quotes. And when you finish the pyramid story, and then the Twilight Zone story, people's brains will be so scrambled they won't remember much of anything. The outside stories are kind of set ups. Kind of like how a magician on stage talks a good game. You're focusing on his face and his story you don't notice his hands. So when you sandwich a bunch of quotes in the middle of a couple non-related and crazy stories, it's kind the same thing. Only instead of sleight of hand, or even sleight of mouth, it's more like sleight of brain. And since this is just for fun, the only technique you need to remember is the quotes part. Which is pretty easy. But there's a lot more fun to be had with language. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/party-hypnosis/
  20. Next time you are in the middle of a randomly flowing conversation, do this experiment. Watch not only how people talk, but watch how the content of the conversation is an organically evolving "thing." Kind of like a beach ball at a concert or sporting event. People kind of see it bouncing around. When it comes their way they try and keep it bouncing around. Watch people watching this imaginary "conversational ball" floating around. Most people are doing a couple of things when they are NOT talking. They are paying attention to whoever is talking. And they are trying to come up with a related story or anecdote. So if this imaginary conversation ball comes their way, they can add to it and keep it bouncing around. When the conversation dies out, it's very much like "dropping the ball." Everybody looks around for somebody to hopefully get it going again. Very much like standing in a circle and hitting a volleyball around, or playing hacky sack. The longer the ball keeps flowing, the better. But this is difficult (and create anxiety) if you don't happen to have any stories or related anecdotes. The longer you stand there without talking, the more you start to get worried that everybody is watching you stand there without talking. This leads to the most common "reason" for social anxiety. "I don't know what to say." Luckily, there is a very easy solution. And that is instead of focusing on CONTENT, start to train your ears and brain to focus on STRUCTURE. The structure of any random conversation is very similar. And it's filled with possibility. For you to reach in there, tweak it, and create some very happy, and very goofy feelings in their brains. And since this structure is something few people ever notice, it will make you look like you're on another level than everybody else. Even if you borrow the content from other people. This means you don't have to have any stories, or clever anecdotes or tales of adventure. Just the ability to playfully tweak the structure of anybody's conversation. This is the kind of party skills that not only make you memorable, but an IN DEMAND party guest. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/party-hypnosis/
  21. One of the key ideas in Psycho-Cybernetics is to never compare yourself to others. This is also a helpful economic strategy. If you are always comparing yourself to your neighbors, you'll end up chasing an unachievable goal. Because no matter how well you do something, you can ALWAYS find somebody else who can do it better. This is similar to the dangers of being the "fastest gun" in any western town. As soon as you are recognized as the fastest gun, every goof west of the Mississippi will come and test you. Which means part of the job description of being the fastest gun is ALWAYS having gunfights to prove you are the fastest. Not a very healthy occupation! We humans are always finding clever ways to out do each other. You might even say it's part of our nature. We are, after all, very hierarchical social animals. Even when hanging out with friends, it's common to try and "outdo" each other by the stories we tell. Especially at parties when trying to "impress" people you've just met. If YOU want to impress them, there's a chance others are as well. And the fastest gun fight is on. Of course, you can bring a secret weapon. One that very few people know about. Instead of focusing on the CONTENT, the actual things people talk about, you can use some structural elements. Structure based communication hits people on a much deeper level than content level communication. Using a gunfight metaphor, being a fastest gun only works against people that just stand in one place. Using structural language would be like having the ability to zip in and out of existence wherever and whenever you wanted to. Effectively allowing you to dodge bullets. On a structural level, this will make you stand out FAR above everybody else. No matter HOW "interesting" their "content" is. But being able to manipulate the STRUCTURE of communication, it will be like having magic powers. Which means when they see you coming, everybody just gives up and gives in. To whatever you want. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/party-hypnosis/
  22. The reason we humans like to mingle with other humans is we are social animals. The reason we go places when we can potentially meet new people is because meeting new people is interesting. Especially if we "click" with those new people. Either friends or lovers, meeting new friends with whom we share a lot in common is a very comfortable and deeply human feeling. The very basic common strategy when doing that is we try our best to make ourselves stand out somehow. This is why we are careful about what we wear, and even how we speak and behave when we are around new and interesting people. This is the essential strategy behind "peacocking." To wear clothing, jewelry, or anything to make you IMMEDIATELY stand out from the crowd. So when people approach you, they have a PRESET idea that YOU are DIFFERENT from everybody else. This can be a risky strategy. Because you have to have a personality that is strong enough to withstand all the attention. Which is why few people feel comfortable peacocking too much. Recently there was a very famous wedding. And one thing that happens when there is ANY famous gathering, is they look at all the clothing people wore. Mostly the ladies. At the same time, each person who goes to this famous gathering, KNOWS this is going to happen. So, at the same time, they want to STAND OUT, but not too much. This is the same strategy most of us use when we go places. We want to STAND OUT, but not too much. One thing VERY FEW people think about when they go places socially, where meeting new people is acceptable, is to work on their communication skills. This is a very clever way of using the Cialdini law of comparison and contrast. If you think a movie is going to be average, and it BEATS your expectations, you'll think it's MORE entertaining than it was. If a stock is expected to report earnings of $1.02 a share, and instead they report earnings of $1.05 a share, it will rocket up. The idea of "beating expectations" is VERY POWERFUL. So when you show up anywhere wearing fairly normal looking clothing, but your communication skills are EXCEPTIONAL, then you will beat expectations. And you'll be FAR more memorable than some goof wearing a huge top hat and dressed up like the mad hatter. In fact, extreme peacocking REQUIRES you have an extreme personality to match the clothes. But if you are dressed normally, but have a communication style that is just a bit on the funny-crazy-hypnotic side, people will NEVER forget you. Kind of like you're own secret agent party strategy. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/party-hypnosis/
  23. https://mindpersuasion.com/ancient-sales-techniques/
  24. One way to quickly put people in a trancey mood is to talk about trancey things. It's one thing to specifically use hypnotic language structures, and either hypnotize them directly, or use covert hypnosis. But much easier way, especially if you are getting started, is to talk about trancey things. Things that do the work on their own. Their are plenty of interesting paradoxes in math and physics. But if you ONLY talk about the paradoxes, it won't be much different than a regular conversation. One person throws out one idea, and another person throws out another idea, etc. And if everybody's talking about their latest experience playing video games, and you talk about some paradox of the number line, it might not go over well. But if you sandwich it between two sort of related stories, it will scramble their brains pretty well. In case you don't happen to have a lot of math paradoxes at the ready, there's an even easier way. You take whatever the structure it is of the other idea, and go up a meta level. And instead of talking about "things" talk about ideas. For example, imagine somebody was talking about some boring class they had to take at school. And the reason they were taking it was it was part of their major. They would be taking the interesting classes later. There's a lot of "me too" type stories that would have that same structure. Doing something boring that you MUST do before doing the thing you WANT to do. But instead of talking about normal things (like doing your taxes, or doing an unpaid internship) talk about trancey things. Like thinking boring thoughts that you MUST think before you can think interesting thoughts that you WANT to think. And to keep track, inside your mind you can be thinking about doing something like cleaning your room before you can play video games. But outside, you're talking about thinking boring thoughts and putting them in order before you can think the more fun and interesting thoughts. It sounds similar, from a structural level, but people will have a hard time following along. They'll watch you closely, trying to pay attention, but when you're finished (and you're acting like you talked about something completely normal) they'll look at you with a weird expression on their face. "Yeah, that's, uh, um....what?" And then you can talk about the REAL thing, (the thing you were thinking about when talking about the trancey thing), as another example. This will slowly guide them back to normal thinking land, but they'll have a kind of "hole" in their memory. There's all kinds of fun party tricks you can use with hypnosis to differentiate yourself from everybody else. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/party-hypnosis/
  25. There are many ways to put things or people into categories. For example, you could sort everybody on Earth into two categories. Those who are taller than you, and those who aren't. Those who are older and younger than you. And collection of things can be sorted in plenty of ways. One way to sort things is the type of things people talk about. An interesting experiment to do is to sit back mentally and be an observer. You can even do this while watching TV. Our brain has plenty of built in sorting features, most of which are running all the time. But other sorting criteria can be shifted, and this can be pretty interesting. For example, next time you are listening to some people talk, shift your filters to see if they are talking about themselves, or other people. Ideas about themselves, their wants and desires, or their ideas about other people. Or you can play around just for fun. Are they talking about more tangible things, or intangible things? Focus on the nouns they are using. Are they physical things, or ideas? Another idea, which is very helpful, is to sort between content, and structure. This is something that few people even think about. But training yourself to switch between content and structure can be VERY powerful. Focusing on tangible things or intangible ideas, for example, is looking at their content from a structural level. Another funny way to sort their language is to look for any ambiguities, particularly scope ambiguities. For example, I was watching a TV show the other night. And one of the characters was talking about potentially eating something with particular zeal. And she said something like, "I'll attack it like a chocolate cake." Meaning the thing in question, that she was going to "attack," was going to be "attacked" AS IF the thing in question was a chocolate cake. Meaning she was going to eat it aggressively and deliciously. But you could ALSO interpret that statement to mean: "I'll attack that just like a chocolate cake would attack it!" To which one might innocently ask: "How exactly does a chocolate cake attack something?" If you train yourself to look for these kinds of ambiguities (which you'll see everywhere once you start looking), and ask simple (and silly) questions like the one above, they'll have a pretty funny effect. Because when people talk, they kind of just spit out jumbles of words without much thought. But when you ask a question that PRESUPPOSES the "other" meaning of any of their ambiguities, it will make them do a couple of mental stutter steps while they try and figure out what the heck you are talking about. The result is usually pretty funny. Once you see how many hidden opportunities there are in everyday language, making people laugh can be second nature. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/party-hypnosis/
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