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Found 9 results

  1. Put Wonderful Ideas In Their Head: https://mindpersuasion.com/put-wonderful-ideas-in-their-head/ https://mindpersuasion.com/3x3/
  2. Subconscious Hierarchy Domination: https://mindpersuasion.com/subconscious-hierarchy-domination/ https://mindpersuasion.com/3x3/ https://soundcloud.com/mindpersuasion/unconscious-alpha-behavior/
  3. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Dec06Post.mp4 Way back when I was in high school, a bunch of my buddies and I, and a couple of parents, drove down to Mexico. We were going down to watch some long motorcycle race. We had about about six cars in total. Right before we crossed the border, we all pulled into a parking lot. One of the parents came over to my window (I was driving) and asked me if I'd ever driven in Mexico. I shook my head. He said: "The rules are simple. Don't hit anybody, and don't let anybody hit you." Once I was shopping for a crock pot cookbook. I LOVED the idea of a crock pot, or slow cooker. Dump a bunch of stuff in the morning, flip it on, and Bob's your uncle. Come home after work, and not only does your place smell FANTASTIC, but dinner will be ready. However, many crock pot recipes are not simple. It requires you do a bunch of stuff BEFORE you put everything in the crock pot. Whenever I see these recipes, I think: "Dude, if I was willing to do all that other stuff, I wouldn't be using a crock pot!" Our brains are capable of complex thinking. Otherwise we never would have invented all the stuff we have. But at the same time, we PREFER simple strategies. Unless you really like the COOKING part, (and not the eating part like me) going through a TON of steps only increases the chances of error. I don't remember how many times I've watched a YouTube recipe, thinking I'd remember it, only to mess it up later. Forgetting a simple step that changes EVERYTHING. Talking to humans is a very, very complex process. One of those things you NEVER really feel you've got handled. For example, back when I sold cars, they had a pretty good system set up. A continuous learning program. You'd talk to the customer until they bailed. Then you'd remember the HARDEST objection. Then every morning, we'd all get together and go over all those previous objections. So long as you were willing to put in the time, and get REJECTED enough by customers, you could (eventually) start earning some money. Same goes with social conversations. So long as you stay in the game, EVENTUALLY you'll get some natural game going. The problems is this takes TIME. This takes a lot of exposure. A lot of uncomfortable exposure. This is HARD for most normal people. But there is a kind of "shortcut." The ONE THING you can build that doesn't require a ton of rejection. Everybody has a "measurement" of this one personality trait. Below a certain point, you'll always be chasing things. Above a certain point, things will be chasing you. What things? The good things. Money, romance, sex, love, friendship, you name it. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/social-dominance/
  4. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Sept30Post.mp4 The idea of the Pareto Distribution, or sometimes known as the 80-20 rule is a pretty interesting concept. And one you can find everywhere, if you look. Basically, it says that 20% of any system will be responsible for 80% of the output of that system. That doesn't make a lot of sense, so let's consider some examples. If you have 50 sales people for a large company, then 20% of the sales people will make 80% of the sales. Or, if you've got a closet full of shirts, you'll wear 20% of them 80% of the time. But this doesn't just stop at 80 and 20. Within the top twenty, there is another 80-20. For example, if you look at a large book publishing company. 20% of the books will make 80% of the profits. But the top 20% of the top 20% (4%) will make 80% of the 80%, or 64%. This means 4% of those books will be making 64% of the profits. Of course, this goes even further. Twenty percent of that top 4% (.8%) will make 80% of that 64% (51%). This is true for most distributions. Intuitively, this makes sense. You think of all the thousands of books at any given publisher. But the top 2-3 authors, the Stephen King's and the John Grisham's, they make MOST of the profits. Now you COULD look at that stat, the 1% is making more than half the money, and claim that it's not fair. But this happens everywhere. There are three or four top athletes that make a TON of money. Compared to all the bench warmers and minor league players, the same distribution pops up. Consider that instead of screaming foul and waiting for SOMEBODY ELSE to "re-distribute" this naturally occurring phenomenon, consider a different approach. Namely, how can YOU get up into that top 20%? Plenty of studies show that we humans are self organizing. When they give a group of people any kind of task, the most common response is to look around and be TOLD what to do. Perhaps this is the TRUE meaning of this ever-present Pareto distribution. That it's not about the people on top, it's more about the people on the bottom. The folks who except to be spoon fed everything. The folks who expect guaranteed, step by step easy to follow plans. The people too terrified to leave the sidelines and get in the game. What if it's MUCH easier than most people realize to get up to the top? That the ONLY thing you REALLY need to do is stop waiting to be TOLD what to do, and just get in there and play? That all you need to do is CHOOSE to have a strong frame, and everybody will naturally follow? Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/mental-strength/
  5. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Sept27Post.mp4 Whenever there's an ensemble movie, particularly an action movie, they'll be some pretty similar archetypes. All the dudes form the original Star Wars matched up with The Seven Samurai (and the Magnificent seven). Once a buddy of mine and I were talking about random stuff and we "discovered" that in every sitcom has a kind of "silly" character. This goes back to Jung, who allegedly found these archetypes in each one of our psyches. Which means we are each one of those Seven Samurai from time to time. Otherwise, we couldn't identify with them. A famous study is where they put ten people in a room and give each of them a task. And they automatically and quickly organize into a hierarchy. This makes perfect sense, because we are hierarchical primates. But they do this several times. They put all the top guys (from each previous group) and put them in a group. And again, they organize into a hierarchy. What do these two ideas mean? The archetype and the hierarchy idea? Depending on who you're hanging out with, you'll be in different places on the hierarchy. This itself is a movie trope. Big fish in a small pond? Or small fish in a big pond? You may be a star in High School but a nobody in college. You may be the science geek among your friends, but when you get a job at an engineering company, you'll be the guy always asking questions. Some people don't like to grow. They like to stay safe. In fact, most people, unless they are being consistently prodded by their environment, will stay right where they are. Same friends, same discussions, same hobbies and pastimes. This CAN be OK. But what happens when you're environment changes? 99% of species who have ever existed went extinct. The dinosaurs probably thought they had it pretty good Then a meteor came out of nowhere and killed everybody. Complacency feels good, but it makes it VERY hard to change when the environment does. Of course, the environment can be anything. Social situations, relationships, economic situations, or anything else. Luckily, you don't need to be ready for a zombie apocalypse. Or spending all day stashing guns and doing pull ups like Sarah Connor from the Terminator movies. Those are cool for movie characters, but what about real life? In real life your best skills are how you think. How you speak. How well you remember, and how creative you are. You can practice these skills every day, and nobody will know but you. Best case is you get a bigger and better brain. Worst case is if anything does go sideways, you'll be the guy people look to for help. Learn More: https://mindpersuasion.com/mental-strength/
  6. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Nov02Post.mp4 Long time ago I took a class in basic biology. We spent some time studying primates. The class was near a popular zoo, so we could get extra credit to go and watch the chimpanzees and write a kind of observational report. The professor got us a free entry, so it was pretty cool. We also spent one class going over the various ways primates mess with each other. He explained that if you wanted to make a primate agitated, stare at him, make your eyes big and show your teeth. Throw down an obvious challenge. On the other hand, if you happened to be wandering out in the jungle and happened across a group of gorillas, doing that would be a very bad idea. The alpha gorilla would run up to you and smash you. But if you immediately bowed your head down, and faced the ground, he would recognize it as a sign of submission. In the middle ages, there were different levels in the human hierarchy. Their were the kings, the lords, and the serfs working on the farms. In some areas, and during some times, a serf could choose which noble he served. These weren't one way relationships. They were kind of like primitive business relationships. Your job was to live on the land, grow the food, etc. If you got attacked, the noble was responsible for defending you. If your lord decided to go to war against a neighbor, you had to help. There was a very specific ceremony when you pledged your allegiance to any noble. You had to kneel before him. You couldn't wear a hat. You had to bow your head, and hold your hands together as if in prayer. The lord would clasp his hands around the outside of yours and squeeze. On one hand, this seems kind of silly. Especially from a modern perspective. But from a human instinctive standpoint, it's very similar to primates like chimps and gorillas. They live in hierarchies. We live in hierarchies. Problems pop up in modern society when we run into people we don't know. At school, at work, in the club, on the street. These same dominance instincts exist. We don't run at each other screaming and beating our chests. But we do tend to subconsciously project and read signals. Often how we speak to each other reveals how we really feel about each other. For most modern humans, these ever present hierarchy games are like water a fish. Something that is vital to our survival. But something most rarely notice. Which means if you can understand and master this subconscious hierarchy based communication, you will gain a HUGE advantage. Learn How: http://www.udemy.com/course/verbal-assassin/
  7. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jun24Post.mp4 Human hierarchies are everywhere. But they are mostly subconscious. The thing about humans is that we are driven by deep instincts. But we are capable of being driven by external triggers that indicate those deeper instincts. For example, by sheer mathematics, men have evolved a natural attraction to women who are, all else equal, younger rather than older. This is simply because the guys of the past who were RANDOMLY programmed to be attracted to younger women had MORE babies. Because a women who starts having babies younger rather than older will have more babies, since she's got more baby years ahead of her. So more kids will be born that have the gene to make the dudes naturally attracted to younger women. Similarly, all else equal, women are genetically programmed to be naturally attracted to older, more powerful men. For the same reasons. Ancient women that had the RANDOMLY programmed genes to be attracted to older, more powerful men had more kids. Since that older, more powerful man could support more kids than a young guy. So over time, more kids were made with the genes that made women naturally attracted to older, more powerful men. All this happened WAY before organized society. Long before money was invented. There are other instincts that can override these deeper, and basic instincts. One of those is social proof. If the entire tribe believes something, that will tend to OVERRIDE the deeper, more ancient instincts. In modern societies, we have all kinds of instincts fighting for our attention. For example, let's say you've got a big reunion coming up. The part of you that wants positive social proof, a very strong instinct, will WANT you to lose weight. But the part of you that wants to eat, ANOTHER very strong instinct, will compete with that. This is really the ONLY WAY to shut down the instincts we don't like. By pitting them against other instincts. Either for real, or by building up powerful emotional images. As mentioned above, we are still very influenced by social hierarchies. Where we are in the hierarchy. Men AND women. Modern experiments show this over and over. Stick ten people in a room, give them a task, and they will QUICKLY and subconsciously self organize into a hierarchy. How do they do this? We can imagine we all are giving off, and reading, some collection of subconscious, non verbal behavior that indicated where WE are on the social hierarchy. So much that every time they do this experiment, the same thing happens. Everybody looks around, reads this energy and AUTOMATICALLY takes their place. The take way is that the MORE of this subconscious, social hierarchy energy you are RADIATING, the higher up the food chain you'll be. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/public-speaking-confidence/
  8. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jun22Post.mp4 Once upon a time there was a doctor. This doctor lived a couple hundred years or so ago. Back then, one in four women died during childbirth. The main reason was they hadn't yet discovered germs. So it was not uncommon for doctors to be elbows deep in some dead guy, studying his insides, then go directly into a surgery or a delivery. Since he's hands were covered in germs, lots of patients died. Of course, they had yet discovered how dangerous that was. So this doctor thought it might be a good idea for these docs to wash their hands in between procedures. At first they thought he was nuts. What? Invisible things that can kill us? Eventually he persuaded him. And people died less and less because of it. The doctor's name? Dr. Lister. This is why that stuff you're supposed to gargle with is called LISTERINE. Seriously. This is common in science. Something isn't obvious, so we don't notice it or it's effects. But then somebody discovers it, and it makes things a bit clearer. Or safer or easier. Sometimes, though, it is POSSIBLE to know things but we either choose not to, or we just don't think it's possible. After all, there is TON of information. There's no way anybody could know even close to a fraction of a percentage. Sometimes the information is right there in front of us. But we refuse to see it. A lot of people have heard of the idea of social hierarchies, for example. But some refuse to believe it. "Show me proof," they say. As if they expect people to walk around with easy to see proof. But this proof IS easy to see. And easy to measure, once you know. And not just in a metaphorical sense. In a very real, very observable, very behavior sense. You can look over a room and tell EXACTLY who's at the top of any pecking order. And you can measure a few variables from yourself, and know exactly where you stand. This goes way beyond feeling and guessing. If you wanted to, you could actually take measurements. You'd look kind of goofy though. But with practice, it's pretty easy. Not only to measure, but to know EXACTLY what you need to do to increase your socials status. The kind that EVERYBODY is projecting. And EVERYBODY is reading. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/public-speaking-confidence/
  9. I used to work with this guy that was from Cambodia. He was a living example of the saying that, "If you took all the money in the world and spread it out evenly, it would be back in the same hands within a generation." What does this mean? It means that those to have a lot of money, generally got it because they have skills that most of us normal humans don't have. Of course, more than a few people with these "money skills" are sociopaths who ONLY care about getting more money. But most of the folks who have a ton of money, worked for it. Just imagine for a second if the ONLY way to get a ton of cash was to be "evil." That means for us normal humans, we would HAVE TO choose between "evil" and "broke." Luckily, that's not the case. The question, however, is WHAT skills do those "money people" have? My Cambodian friend is a shining example. He came from a rich family. But when the communists took over, they had to flee. And they lost everything. He was even stuck in a "re-education" camp for a few months. Nearly starved to death. But when he eventually got to the states, he got busy building his fortune. Or RE-BUILDING. He was smart, so he studied everything he could. Worked in hospitals, build his own computers, and finally got an advanced degree in electronic engineering. But his degree and his technical skills are NOT what got him rich. He has a very rare skill, a skill most humans DO NOT possess. He would be in meetings with other engineers, smart dudes, and managers. They'd have a problem and nobody would know what to do. They were all worried, but this guy was frustrated. Frustrated that with all the brainpower sitting around the table, nobody was confident enough to make a decision. So HE started making the decisions. And THEY started following them. Some of them were right, some of them were wrong. But by CHOOSING what to do, and choosing STRONGLY, he made himself INVALUABLE to any company he worked for. And THAT is the skill that will get you paid. (And a lot else!) With that skill, and that skill alone, you can hire the smartest people in the world, and build an EMPIRE. Because most people are DESPERATE for a real leader. Even the smartest guys on the planet. When you LEAD, they will follow. Learn How: Cult Leader
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