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Found 11 results

  1. Ancient Metaphors Of Relentless Ambition: https://mindpersuasion.com/ancient-metaphors-of-relentless-ambition/ https://mindpersuasion.com/3x3/
  2. Custom Built Heroes: https://mindpersuasion.com/custom-built-heroes/ http://mindpersuasion.com/3x3/
  3. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Feb02Post.mp4 I used to know this guy who lived in Japan. He used to be a magician. And he did still did magic as a hobby. Bar tricks, a few shows here and there. Loved to be the center of attention. Absolutely fearless. Would walk to the center of a crowd, start talking, and doing tricks. But he had an interesting business. He started out as a consultant, visiting businesses and helping them land clients. Eventually he started his own business training other consultants. One description of a consultant I heard, from another consultant, is they look at your watch and tell you what time it is. It's kind of surprising, but plenty of high level, high earning people have the same needs as us normal folk. They just need to be told what they are doing is OK. That their ideas and plans are OK. And plenty of people are willing to pay plenty of money to be told what they want to hear. This is one of the secrets of marketing. To tell people what they want to hear. We all have the same fears and desires. But most of us are too busy complaining about those fears and desires to notice that everybody else is saying the same thing. Joseph Campbell wrote a book called, "The Hero With 1000 Faces." The first of many books about the Hero's Journey. We all love that same Hero's Journey because it reflects our own fears and inhibitions. For example, most hero's don't leave their comfort zone voluntarily. They need to be forced out. Even modern hero's are more or less forced onto the journey. Why is this? We all feel the call, but most of us are too terrified to take a step outside of our comfort zone. We LOVE the idea of a mentor coming and FORCING us out. If you can combine these two basic ideas, you can make quite an impact. How's that? First, by understanding people's fears and concerns. Second, but putting them in a hero's journey format. Of course, simply because it's called the "Hero's Journey" doesn't need it has a be a three hour epic. That same, three-part structure can be delivered through a quick metaphor, a short anecdote, or even the recalling of something that happened to you earlier that day. When you combine these two structures, you'll find opportunities for them everywhere. It's kind of like rubbing your finger over the rim of a wine glass. With the right frequency, you can make them sing. Speak to people with the right frequency, and they'll never forget you. Use this however you like. But if you like to write, or like the idea of writing, your words will resonate with them on deep and profound levels. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion./hypnotic-copywriting/
  4. Eternal Fight Against Evil: https://mindpersuasion.com/eventual-fight-against-evil/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Oct30Loop.mp4
  5. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Jun21Post.mp4 Most people are familiar with the hero's journey idea. The mythological structure of many movies. We tend to see this in blatant hero type movies. Especially all the recent super hero movies that have been made. But the same structure is in most movies. And books and most works of fiction. It's one of those things that you don't really notice. But when you look for it, you see it everywhere. Not only in movies, but in life. The basic hero's journey structure is in three basic parts. The orphan stage, when the hero is alone and bored and looking for adventure. The wandering phase he's kind of stumbling along, meeting new friends and learning about his skills. The warrior phase, when he knows who the bad guy is and everybody's getting ready for the bit battle. In movies with actual heroes, this is easy to see. But the same structure is in dramas, comedies and romance movies. But also in life. Every time we go through a different stages of life, we go through these three phases. Starting school, starting a new job, starting a relationship. We're bored, we're thrust into a new world, we stumble along, then we figure out what we need to do. The question is WHY do we see this structure everywhere? One explanation is that telling these stories and enjoying these stories is an instinct. Imagine a bunch of cavemen sitting around the campfire. This type of story would be very compelling. It would teach the kids that getting out there and hunting is THEIR heroic journey. That the best hunters are treated as hero's. Because hunting is pretty scary. Especially if all you've got is a spear and you need to kill a big enough animal to feed everybody. The leader of the tribe would be the guy telling all these stories. Since the dawn of time, humans have been telling each other stories. Not just to pass the time. But to inspire each other. To motivate each other. If you see any group of people hanging out, what's the easiest way to spot the alpha? The one is talking. The one who is capable of holding everybody's attention. The one whose ideas are slowly getting into everybody's brains and motivating the action. This is TRUE alpha-confidence. Luckily, plenty of experiments have shown that ANYBODY can be an alpha. Most people just wait for it to happen naturally. But you can do exercises to BUILD alpha confidence. And just like any exercise, the more you do, the stronger you'll get. And the BIGGER groups you'll EASILY be able to lead. Big groups that will naturally follow you. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/public-speaking-confidence/
  6. No matter what form of persuasion you are using, it must conform to human nature. Specifically, nobody will do anything unless they believe, consciously or unconsciously, it is in their best interests. This can seem confusing when we are on the outside looking in. We see people doing CRAZY things. Seemingly self-destructive things. Why would somebody do something that is so blatantly self destructive? This question is IMPOSSIBLE to answer. Even for the person doing the thing. From inside our own heads, there are costs and benefits to everything we do. Every action, big or small, long or short, includes costs and benefits. It's going to cost us time, money, energy, etc. What are the benefits? Money, social status, good feelings associated with survival (sex, food etc). But this is also based on how we PERCEIVE our reality. And how we judge our skills. And from inside our own heads, we never know the totality of these. Otherwise we would NEVER make mistakes. If you've ever made a decision that you later regretted, here's what happened. BEFORE you took action, you estimated that the benefits would outweigh the costs. But after you took action, with the added clarity of hindsight, you saw that the costs actually outweighed the benefits. So even from INSIDE our own heads, deciding what to do is rarely simple. This is why persuading others is complicated. We MUST convince them the costs are going to be LESS THAN the benefits. AND they must believe us. When it comes to persuasion, there are plenty of kinds. Hard sell, soft sell, overt, covert. But there is a much easier way. First, you understand all the things that cause us instinctive pleasure. The things that EVERY HUMAN wants. Positive validation, genuine social recognition, looking back at GOOD decisions, being recognized as a role model. Next, you understand the things every human DOESN'T WANT. Being a social outcast, trying and failing in front of others, being recognized as being an idiot, not being socially wanted, etc. Once you understand these, it's story time. You spin a bunch of stories that move them AWAY from the problem state, and TOWARD the solution state. And if you want them to do something specific, make THAT the thing that the character in your story did to achieve all the good things. And move away from the bad things. That way, they'll see this character taking actions. They'll see the GOOD RESULTS they got. And they'll naturally decide, "Hmm, maybe I should try that." And they'll try it. They'll do what YOU wanted, but it will be THEIR decision. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/storytelling-magic/
  7. https://mindpersuasion.com/divine-child-origins/
  8. Economics is called the dismal science for a lot of reasons. One is because it's pretty boring. But another deeper reason is it FORCES us to face the harsh realities. And since this is something we humans like to do as little as possible, it's called the dismal science. It FORCES us to think NOT in the abstract. Of realizing what things costs. Both in direct costs (what we need to pay or do to get things) and in opportunity costs (the things we CAN'T get). One of the reasons we have wishes instead of goals is that goals require understanding EXACTLY what it will take to GET your goals. Like NOT doing what you've been doing. And spending a lot of time doing UNCOMFORTABLE things. Like exercising, or saving money, or anything that involves delayed gratification. Wishes, on the other hand, are always out in the vague future. Where we can sit around and hope for some kind of MAGIC to happen. But as soon as we realize the TRUTH about what it will actually take to GET our goals, they suddenly don't seem to desirable anymore. Another thing we humans HATE is any kind of risk. We would all love to be told EXACTLY what to do. Step by step process. But one of the ideas buried in economics is the idea of supply and demand. The MORE of something that there is (increase in supply) the LESS valuable it is going to be. And if there actually WAS a simple, step by step system to do ANYTHING, then ANYBODY could do it. And doing that thing (whatever it was) wouldn't be worth very much. So here we are. Stuck in reality. And the things that are WORTH getting are either going to be DIFFICULT (like exercising and not eating as much as you want EVERY DAY), or uncertain. Uncertainty means you HAVE to take risks, and LEARN from mistakes. Learning from books won't work, since EVERYBODY can learn from books. But learning from TRIAL AND ERROR is terrifying. So few people can do it. But if you WANT to get what few people get, then you'll have to do what few people can do. Namely, the difficult things, and the risky things. Luckily, we ALL have that instinct buried deep within us. It won't make it easy. But doing the NOT EASY stuff is what humans are made of. It's why WE conquered the planet, and not penguins. Or kangaroos. But most of us have been brainwashed into thinking all we modern people need to do is sit back and wait for ours. That's easy. Everybody can do that. Do what few people can do. Explore your life. Conquer your fears. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/hero/
  9. One of the features of us humans is we have a big brain. So big, that long ago we had to be born WAY before we were done. Our brains are still developing AFTER we are born for a long time. Other animals, not so much. They are born, and before long they are good to go. But not us humans. The Jesuits had a saying, "Give me a child at birth and I'll make him a soldier of Christ by seven." Or something like that. What this REALLY means is WHATEVER we soak up into our brains from birth until mid adolescence will be treated AS IF it were an instinct. This is why learning a language (speaking, reading, writing) is easy and UNCONSCIOUS before seven. It's hard and conscious after seven. Plenty of other things are soaked into our brain in those early years. This is also how LIMITING beliefs can be transferred generationally. AS IF they are being transmitted genetically. For example, if a kid grows up in a house where money is scarce, it's going to be TALKED ABOUT as if it IS scarce. So before the kid even knows what money is, the kid's going to have a DEEP BELEIF that money, whatever it is, is HARD to get. And that it CAUSES problems. This belief will be AS STRONG as an instinct that says "snakes are scary." One is genetic (fear of snakes) the other is GENETIC-LIKE. Anything that you program (or have programmed) into your brain between 0 and 7 years old is going to be AS STRONG as a genetically programmed belief. These can take a LIFETIME to overcome. But overcome them you CAN. How? Through actively seeking PROOF of the opposite. This isn't something that can be done quickly or easily. There are plenty of other beliefs that are JUST AS INSIDIOUIS as the "money is scarce" belief. Some of them are structural. One of these is the MUCH WORSE belief that, "my needs are somebody else's responsibility." Lots of people LOVE that we have these beliefs. Politicians, TV marketers, etc. Because humans with the idea that our needs are SOMEBODY ELSE'S responsibility are VERY EASY to manipulate. But just like the our money-scarcity beliefs, these can take a LOT of effort to overcome. NOBODY is going to do it for you. This is something that MUST be done on your own. This is your life's mission. To ERASE all the limiting beliefs put in your brain by others (on purpose or by accident). And life YOUR life on YOUR terms. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/hero/
  10. Many mythological stories have common elements. Joseph Campbell called the basic mythological structure, "The Hero's Journey." Not all myths fit it, or have all of the elements, but plenty of them do. For example, many archetypical heroes start out as orphans. Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker, Peter Parker, Dorothy, etc. And most of them are forced on a mission. They don't have a choice. The part when they have no choice but to accept their mission is usually a very pivotal point in the story. Luke finding out the stormtroopers killed his parents. Peter Parker realizing that the guy he let get away killed his uncle Ben. And many others. This is when the character, and the viewer, know that it's ON. Another very common element is what Campbell calls the "Belly of the Whale" whale experience. Taken from when Jonah got swallowed into a whale. Usually a character has to be stuck in some deep location, where it's only him and his greatest fears. For Luke, this was when he went into the cave to face Darth Vader. In many Greek Myths, hero's had to go to Hell to complete their transformation. Even Jesus had to be dead for three days before his final transformation. How can we normal humans use this "belly of the whale idea?" When we face our fears. When there's nobody else around but us and our fears. Only by facing them down, can we step up a level in our lives. Luckily, we don't have to get swallowed by a whale or go to hell. These are only metaphors, which intend to guide us, to inspire us. So where will you find your greatest fears? In your mind. We all have them. But we keep them hidden. However, you don't have to face them all at once. You can slowly use your creative imagination and creep up on them. Slowly imagine them, a bit more each time. Run through every fearful scenario in mind you can dream up, and slay your inner demons. The more you do that in your inner world, the easier it will be to conquer life in the outer world. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/nlp/
  11. We humans have been telling each other stories for a long time. Long before written language was invented. What was the purpose of these stories? Generally speaking, anything that is ubiquitous to human culture serves a lot of different purposes. But think of stories as motivational tools. But not like we think of today's "motivational speakers." Today's motivational speakers are more like entertainers. They rouse us up, we feel the energy, but then we go home. And pretty soon, it wears off. Stories that TRULY motivate us work on a much different level. They actually serve as tools. For example, imagine a bunch of cave people sitting around. Listening to the local storyteller tell some epic adventure. Hero's journey type story, of man vs. monster. They are quiet and intensely listening. Not jumping around and screaming like today's motivational speaker audiences. Then maybe a couple of days later, they'll be out hunting. Maybe all alone, or maybe with a couple of buddies. And they'll see a big animal. Then they'll REMEMBER how the hero killed the monster. Or how the hero BECAME the hero after he killed the monster. This is the motivation. No screaming and yelling required. Just a small internal shift. Imperceptible to an outside observer. But monumental to the one who remembers. He sees the monster, and feels fear. But then he recalls the hero, and how the hero acted in the face of fear. And because the hero acted IN SPITE of his fear, so will he. A subtle yet monumental shift. From "I don't know if I can do this," to "I can do this." What motivates you? What heroes can you recall in time of need? Perhaps the future you? Who has already destroyed all the obstacles you haven't faced yet? Or one of your most respected and admired historical figures? Upon whom you can call upon in time of need? Once you understand the structure of mythical heroes, and how they motivate us, you can create your own. Not just one, or two. But a whole army. Ready to have your back when you fight the daily battles of life. Inspiring you to continuously conquer. Learn More: NLP Mind Magic
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