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Found 4 results

  1. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/May30Post.mp4 There's an idea in psychology that us humans come with a "blank slate." That our minds are perfectly void of anything. This is a fantastic idea if you want to be a brainwashing politician. Those dudes LOVE the idea of implanting beliefs in people's brains to build a better society. That way, no matter how miserably any society fails, the political goofs in charge can say to themselves: "Hmm, maybe we need a better set of ideas. Once we put THOSE ideas in everybody's brain, they'll all BEHAVE like they SHOULD!" Luckily, this is far from the truth. Imagine taking somebody who is naturally gifted in music or art and trying to make them a programmer. Or imagine taking somebody who loves building things, or taking things apart and putting them back together, and forcing them to become a piano player. But even deeper, we all have SOME basic circuitry in our brains. They do these goofy experiments with little kids. Six month old babies. And we have some basic wiring, even then. Many of it based on cause-effect type thinking. They'll show them a banana and a knife. Then they'll put the banana and the knife behind a screen, and out pops a knife and two banana halves. The babies facial expression says, "Cool. No problem." But then they put an orange the screen, and on the other side out pops two banana halves. The babies facial expression says, "Dude, WTF?!" They can even show how babies can count before they can tell the difference between people and wooden blocks. This is pretty cool, from a Mother Nature standpoint. It gives us humans a head start, AND a pretty big brain once we grow up. A brain capable of MASSIVE stuff. Just think of the stuff we'll invent in the next couple hundred years. Of course, not everything is all peaches and cream in the brain-land. That cause-effect thing in our brain is ALWAYS on. This is why it's so easy for silly reporters to link a couple of goofy ideas. Eating Peanut Butter Linked To Premature Ejaculation! But it's also the source of ALL social anxiety. See, when you were a kid, you were pretty cute. At first. But then when you screamed your brains out every few minutes, and were running having fun exploring your world, the adults were driven insane. So they had to keep you under control. Did they have time to lovingly explain why it's not such a good idea to run around screaming your brains out, and tipping over everything in sight, in the SUPERMARKET? No, they did not. They just screamed right back at you. Unfortunately, this created a very UNHELPFUL cause-effect link. "Self expression = DANGER" The good news is once you UNHOOK that false belief, you can run around and play again. With attractive and sexy adults. And make THEM scream with pleasure. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.com/social-charisma/
  2. boohoo

    Dream Life

    You live in a beautiful relaxing place You live in the sunshine You live in a place of outstanding beauty Your future is in a place you love Your life feels good I live in the right location I am proud of where I live I love my home You love living You love life You love your life You have lots of free time to enjoy your life You love living a healthy fulfilling life I sleep well I have lots of energy I am always healthy I eat very well I eat only healthy foods I enjoy healthy living I keep myself fit I enjoy exercising I enjoy socialising I enjoy having fun You wake up everyday excited about the day ahead Your life is full of rewards Your life is full of goals You always achieve your goals I am very focussed on my goals You enjoy achieving all your goals Everyday I achieve things My life is full of achievements You are eternally optimistic You are constantly developing My body is young My mind is wise You make money doing things you enjoy You feel eternally happy You have lots of friends You feel good about yourself You look 20 years younger than your age You are financially independent You enjoy making money for yourself You create your own abundance everyday You make money doing the things you enjoy Money flows into your life like an ocean tide You have an ideal partner Your partner is likeminded Your partner has beautiful model looks Your partner has a calm, relaxing personality Your partner relaxes you Your partner makes you feel good Your partner is sexy You are sexy Your partner makes you feel sexy Your partner gives you all the love you need Your partner craves your love You make your partner feel so special Your partner makes you feel amazing You build strong relationships You surround yourself with people who love you You are surrounded by positive people My social circle is full of success I am surrounded by like minded people You are surrounded with positive people I have successful friends Your life always has positive outcomes I always know exactly the right thing to say I have a sharp mind I think quickly You have amazing luck You have plenty of money to travel You have free time to travel the world You enjoy worldwide travel in exotic locations I travel extensively around the world I love my exotic holidays You are confident You make people laugh You enjoy making people laugh You are funny You have a legendary sense of humour People love being with you You are the prize I wake up focussed relaxed and peaceful I am living the life of my dreams I love my life I feel full of energy I feel full of live I have a vibrant, youthful body I create my new reality Everyday is full of wonderful experiences Everyday I achieve something You are results driven You look for a positive in every event Your life is full of happiness I wake up happy everyday I love my happy thoughts You spread joy and cheer wherever you go I am full of life and vitality I feel good My health is everything I exercise my body everyday I make plans for living I have a strong sense of right and wrong I am tolerant of others I enjoy helping others I am confident I have respect for people I have strong belief My faith is unshakeable I am in control of my life I am in control of my destiny I am brave I am calm I am fearless I am courageous I am heroic I treat others as I'd like to be treated I feel calm I feel deeply relaxed You are at the top of the food chain I am protected I am safe I am full of happiness I can overcome any situation in life I feel positive about my future My body is a temple I nourish my body with good food everyday I take of my body I look after my body I help people I am high on life I smile everyday I laugh everyday My skin is soft and supple My skin is youthful My body is vibrant, youthful and full of energy I have a curious mind I radiate positive energy I learn new skills on a regular basis I enjoy playing fun games I love outdoor life and nature My life is full of fun My life is full of happiness My life is perfect in every way
  3. Self-Acknowledgement (*this is a topic frequently worked on in psychotherapy, it would make me SOO happy if you made this subliminal to support my therapy sessions. Thank you so very very much*) - I acknowledge my feelings - I acknowledge my past - I acknowledge my thoughts - I acknowledge other people's feelings - I acknowledge other people's thoughts - I acknowledge other people's past - I understand myself - I understand my past experiences - My acknowledgement for myself & others grows more & more throughout my life - My acknowledgement is a part of who I am - My self-acknowledgement feels good - My acknowledgement increases my awareness - I am free from denial - I am free from suppression - I have a healthy relationship with my feelings - I have a healthy relationship with my thoughts - I have a healthy relationship with my past - I have healthy relationships with others - I am healthy minded - I feel at calm and peace with my past - I am emotionally resilient - I feel I can face life's challenges - I never get too high - I never get too low - I feel inner peace - I feel inner balance - You acknowledge your feelings - You acknowledge your past - You acknowledge your thoughts - You acknowledge other people's feelings - You acknowledge other people's thoughts - You acknowledge other people's past - You understand yourself - You understand your past experiences - You acknowledgement of yourself and others grows more & more throughout your life - Your acknowledgement is a part of who you are - Your acknowledgement feels good - Your acknowledgement increases your awareness - You are free from denial - You are free from suppression - You have a healthy relationship with your feelings - You have a healthy relationship with your thoughts - You have a healthy relationship with your past - You have a healthy relationship with others - You are healthy minded - You are at calm & at peace with your past - You are emotionally resilient - You feel like you can face life's challenges - You never get too high - You never get too low - You feel inner peace - You feel inner balance
  4. It’s great to have wishes but could you make a video that helps you fall in love/ be content with your current life no matter how different it is from what you are dreaming of. So that you stop asking for more and appreciate what you have so much that the now fills you with pure bliss and makes you think that there is nothing in this world that you need more of or that would make you happier than you already are. Even the imperfections of your life are a source of happiness for you. Some suggestion for affirmations: I love my life, how it is. My life is perfect, the way it is. I am exactly where I need to be. All is well. I am doing a great job. I am content with every aspect of my life. Every aspect of my life makes me happy. Every day is perfect, the way it is. This moment is perfect, the way it is. I love my wonderful life. Thanks.
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