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  1. Unfinished Chainsaw Battle: https://mindpersuasion.com/unfinished-chainsaw-battle/ https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Oct31Loop.mp4
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  14. https://mindpersuasion.com/undersea-hallucination/
  15. https://mindpersuasion.com/blue-skies-and-wandering-voices/
  16. https://mindpersuasion.com/hallucinated-futures/
  17. Being able to deliberately hallucinate is a great skill. So long as you don’t start to believe in the hallucination. For example, way back when I was in JHS, me and my buddies would play golf. There was a nine hole course next to our school, and it was cheap. Only about $5 for a round. We all had hand-me-down clubs. One particular hole always gave me trouble. Because you had to hit it over the water onto the green. Because I knew the water was there, it made me nervous, and I always hit the ball into the water. Until one day my friend gave me some a
  18. https://mindpersuasion.com/telepathic-psychology-studies/
  19. https://mindpersuasion.com/hidden-box-of-pain/
  20. There’s a lot of things that we depend on that doesn’t really exist. In fact, most things don’t really exist. Actually, NOTHING exists. Now, before you think I’ve gone off the deep end, let me explain. There’s the famous Einstein equation that says E=mc^2. We know this isn’t just a theory. This is the physics behind atom bombs and nuclear energy. Matter and energy is really the same stuff. But it turns out that “matter” isn’t really a “thing.” It’s really only a metaphor. Most people know about molecules and atoms. And many people know tha
  21. When I was in high school my brother bought me my first tool kit. My dad had a bunch of tools in the garage that I would monkey around with. But having my own tools was pretty cool. If you are interested in martial arts, there are plenty to choose from. If you only want to build self confidence, that's one thing. If you want to participate in tournaments, that's something else. But if you want to actually defend yourself in street-level situations, that's something else entirely. It's one thing if you want to study philosophy, energy movement, breathing techn
  22. Many people consume self help books the same way they consume fiction. We humans like fiction because it's in a certain structure. Many movies, myths, even comic book stories follow a hero's journey structure. Even if it isn't about a traditional hero, it follows the same path. The protagonist must go through some kind of growth, self discovery, etc. And there is an antagonist of some sort, that the protagonist must eventually confront. This can be anything. Nature, another human, his or her own limiting beliefs. All stories need conflict. And when
  23. Humans don't like risk. Whenever an action will yield questionable results, it makes us stop and think. Whenever an action will yield potentially BAD results, it almost guarantees we won't take action. It doesn't help that our conscious brains can only perceive a tiny sliver of what's really going on. This tends to make things seem WAY more risky than they are. Since part of our reptilian brains are always sorting for danger. Which makes it see potential fears everywhere. Even in vagueness. This comes across in weird ways. When we are contemplating
  24. There's a famous metaphor about God and an elephant. Or the elephant being a metaphorical idea of God. A bunch of blind guys are walking and come across an elephant. None of them have ever encountered an elephant before. So they each kind of feel around a different part. One guy grabs the tusk, another one the trunk, one guy the skin, another guy one of his feet. And based only on what they can feel, they have a completely different experience. Each one thinks his "thing" is unique. This is usually used to show how different cultures experience God in di
  25. It's very common for people to slowly change how they think as they age. It's makes perfect sense from an objective standpoint. A young person looks out at the world, sees a bunch of stuff, and then compares that stuff to the stuff in their brain. The longer you are alive, the more stuff you have in your brain to compare stuff to. Structurally, it's very similar to thinking about a do-it-yourself job with only a couple of tools, vs. a huge toolset of tools. With only a screwdriver, some nails and a hammer, you wouldn't be able to accomplish much. But with an entir
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