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  19. Being able to deliberately hallucinate is a great skill. So long as you don’t start to believe in the hallucination. For example, way back when I was in JHS, me and my buddies would play golf. There was a nine hole course next to our school, and it was cheap. Only about $5 for a round. We all had hand-me-down clubs. One particular hole always gave me trouble. Because you had to hit it over the water onto the green. Because I knew the water was there, it made me nervous, and I always hit the ball into the water. Until one day my friend gave me some advice. He told me to pretend the water was really grass. When I did, I didn’t have any issues. It was a very useful hallucination. But if I actually started to believe it, it would have been a problem. Because I would have actually tried to walk across the water as if it were grass. And since the water was actually part of a condemned lagoon, with big signs that said “no swimming,” I probably would have got some messed up lagoon disease. The ability to turn on and turn off hallucinations is very powerful. These temporary hallucinations can be used to either reduce anxiety or increase motivation. So long as you can consciously manage them, they are very useful. One thing they AREN’T is “auto pilot.” Unfortunately, we humans are very attracted to any “auto pilot” idea. As if we can think of something only once, and expect a sudden and permanent change. This is why most self-help programs don’t work. People have the silly idea that simply by passively reading a book, their brains will somehow switch on their own. This is why people find the idea of hypnosis so compelling. It allows them the imagine they can relax, and some other “THING” will do the changes for them. Hypnosis IS a powerful tool. But it is a tool. And tools don’t operate on their own. You could have the best set of tools in the world. And set them next to a pile of perfectly cut lumber. But unless you actively USE the tools, that house ain’t gonna build itself. This is the great paradox of most self-help techniques. The tools ARE powerful. But if they just sit there, the are equally useless. Which means you probably have enough tools in your brain. It’s just a matter of figuring out how to use them. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/deep-skills/
  20. https://mindpersuasion.com/telepathic-psychology-studies/
  21. https://mindpersuasion.com/hidden-box-of-pain/
  22. There’s a lot of things that we depend on that doesn’t really exist. In fact, most things don’t really exist. Actually, NOTHING exists. Now, before you think I’ve gone off the deep end, let me explain. There’s the famous Einstein equation that says E=mc^2. We know this isn’t just a theory. This is the physics behind atom bombs and nuclear energy. Matter and energy is really the same stuff. But it turns out that “matter” isn’t really a “thing.” It’s really only a metaphor. Most people know about molecules and atoms. And many people know that atoms are made of protons, neutrons and electrons. And many people know that most of the “mass” in the atoms are from the neutrons and protons, since electrons are pretty light. (Silly Joke: A photon checked into a hotel. The desk clerk asked if he had any bags. The photon said, “No, I’m traveling light.”) But here’s the thing. Neutrons and protons are made up of these things called “quarks.” And quarks are almost PURE energy. They are sort of “trapped” inside the proton or neutron (both called nucleons) and are vibrating at such a high frequency, that nearly ALL of what they are is made up by energy. Even Schroedinger, the guy who came up with the “probability wave function” theory about matter, said that everything really IS (not metaphorically) various manifestations of energy waves. Schroedinger is the guy who came up with the cat in a box metaphor. It could be dead it could be alive. Until you open it, it’s both. But once you open it, you force it to be one or another. According to him, all matter exists as probability functions. As POTENTIAL. But beyond the squishy construction of reality, our language is filled with metaphors. Things that don’t really exist, but we act as if they do. Like we describe the process of “falling in love.” What is that noun, “love?” It’s a feeling. It’s a collection of hormones. It’s an instinct that is responsible for making sure humans couples stayed together long enough for junior to grow up and fend for himself. But all of these are metaphors as well. As a “thing” it doesn’t really exist. But we talk about it as if it does. Moreover, we talk about it as if it were a CONTAINER. Something we are IN. Love is one of the most POWERFUL metaphors we use. Another is MONEY. Most people don’t like talking about it. But look back through human history, and you’ll find it everywhere. The larger and more complex any society is, the MORE of this “money-energy” is flowing EVERYWHERE. The more primitive it is, the less there is. You may say that LOVE is a necessary binding force that keeps families together. And MONEY is a necessary binding force that keeps societies together. Get Some: http://mindpersuasion.com/money-instinct/
  23. When I was in high school my brother bought me my first tool kit. My dad had a bunch of tools in the garage that I would monkey around with. But having my own tools was pretty cool. If you are interested in martial arts, there are plenty to choose from. If you only want to build self confidence, that's one thing. If you want to participate in tournaments, that's something else. But if you want to actually defend yourself in street-level situations, that's something else entirely. It's one thing if you want to study philosophy, energy movement, breathing techniques. But if you want to defend yourself in a biker bar, that requires a completely different set of skills. One common complaint that kids have in high school, and even college is "When am I going to use this stuff? For example, the quadratic equation is a way to find roots of un-factorable polynomials. (Dude, what?) On it's own, it's not something anybody would likely use. But it's much more important from a brain training perspective. One of the fundamental concepts of the "Karate Kid" movies is repetitive muscle training. The whole gimmick was to have the kid "wax on," and then "wax off" on a car. But the Karate master was secretly building in the exact muscle memory of offensive and defensive moves. Kind of a secret training technique. But since most of us don't have a handy Karate master, we have to train ourselves. Believe it or not, doing tons of boring and seemingly useless algebra problems is like "wax on, wax off" training for your brain. One of my favorite movies is "Man on Fire," with Denzel Washington. But only because of one VERY powerful quote. He was training this young kid how to practice swimming for her upcoming competition. His character was a washed out CIA assassin type, given a second chance at life via baby sitting this little girl. While he was training, he delivered this wisdom (paraphrased): "Whenever you find yourself in a situation, you don't rise to the occasion. You rise to your level of training." This is very much a "wax on, wax off" philosophy. The better you train, the better you'll perform. If you don't train, you CAN'T perform. Most people don't like to hear this. Most people think that only by "thinking" an idea once or twice, they somehow become better behaviors. That would be like watching a guy on YouTube play the piano, and then think you can play the piano the same. How, and what should you train? That depends on what you want to do. But since thought precedes all action, you might consider training how you think. How you imagine. How you conjure up creative thoughts that define your life. Your brain, after all, is the ultimate tool box. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/hallucinating-mind/
  24. Many people consume self help books the same way they consume fiction. We humans like fiction because it's in a certain structure. Many movies, myths, even comic book stories follow a hero's journey structure. Even if it isn't about a traditional hero, it follows the same path. The protagonist must go through some kind of growth, self discovery, etc. And there is an antagonist of some sort, that the protagonist must eventually confront. This can be anything. Nature, another human, his or her own limiting beliefs. All stories need conflict. And when we watch or read or listen to those stories, we do so because we like to go along for the ride. We imagine it's us as the hero, and our obstacles as the antagonist. We imagine we are the ones destroying OUR bad guys. Way back before recorded human history, these stories were highly inspirational, but in a very real, down to earth way. Getting our needs met was hard, dangerous work. And it took time. It didn't involve making phone calls or having conversations. It required hard physical labor, sometimes against another living entities. And having a collection of hero stories in mind to keep us going forward was very helpful. It can be the same today, but it is also easy to forget the purpose of stories. It would feel kind of weird imagining that you are the hero slaying a dragon while you are giving a sales report in front of your peers. This is why people tend to consume self help the same way we consume fiction. We read self help books and imagine that we can one day solve all our problems, and defeat the bad guy and get the girl. Thinking of an imaginary future us is really not that different from thinking of an imaginary us in the hero's journey story. Especially if you don't change your behaviors. Which unfortunately, most people don't after ready self help type stuff. But in the daily behaviors is where all the money is. Essentially, solving all your problems is simple. First imagine the specific behaviors YOU would do to solve your problems, or get what you want. Then break them down into their smallest parts. And start practicing. Figure out some simple thing you can practice EVERY DAY that would eventually get you to the skill level you desire. Where you can solve your problems and get your needs met. This is normal, natural and common in things like sports and music. Not so much in other areas, like thinking and communication. Luckily, EVERYTHING is a skill. And all you got to do to get better is to start practicing. A good place to start is to practice thinking better. Because thinking is the first thing before any new actions. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/hallucinating-mind/
  25. Humans don't like risk. Whenever an action will yield questionable results, it makes us stop and think. Whenever an action will yield potentially BAD results, it almost guarantees we won't take action. It doesn't help that our conscious brains can only perceive a tiny sliver of what's really going on. This tends to make things seem WAY more risky than they are. Since part of our reptilian brains are always sorting for danger. Which makes it see potential fears everywhere. Even in vagueness. This comes across in weird ways. When we are contemplating ANY action, and the outcome is vague, even that will give us pause. If we do A, we'll get B, and then maybe C, but beyond that, it's just a vague cloudy future. And our reptilian looks into that cloudy future and even though there's NOTHIG there, it imagines fears. To make matters worse, our cognitive dissonance won't even allow us to see the potential fear out in the vague future. So we focus on the primary or secondary outcomes. And we use THOSE as an excuse for NOT taking action. It's kind of like walking slowly through an unfamiliar dark room. You have to walk slowly and not lift your feet up very much. Otherwise you might trip. Even though you're pretty sure there's nothing there, it still feels instinctively safe to go slower than you want to. So most of the time, unless we can see a GUARANTEED positive result, we usually won't take action. Worse, that guaranteed result usually has to be the primary or secondary result we can predict. But just like you can turn the light on in a dark room, you can turn the light on in your mind. The better you can imagine things, the further out you'll see. Meaning instead of seeing A causing B (and only and maybe what B will cause, you'll see a lot more. You'll immediately see four or five things that A might cause. And then another four or five things each one of those will cause. That means within the primary and secondary outcomes, you've got about 20 different things that COULD happen. So instead of comparing A and B to "vague danger," you're comparing about twenty potentially GOOD THINGS to "vague danger." Because this happens naturally, it will come across as feeling confident and spontaneous, instead of feeling timid and fearful. How do you develop this skill? By exercising your brain in ways to increase your imagination power. So you can see BEYOND the obvious, and out into the potential. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/hallucinating-mind/
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