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Found 2 results

  1. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Nov30Post.mp4 The idea of a hack is very compelling. Especially a "legal" hack. Things like counterfeiting is a hack. If you had a program on your PC that could print out realistic looking money, that would be pretty cool. But it would also be extremely illegal, and the chance of getting caught would be too high for it to be any kind of benefit. There are plenty of blogs and videos about regular hacks. The kind that are kind of like shortcuts. Since the dawn of time, people have been always looking for easier and better ways to do things. On the one hand, that can make us suckers. The kind that PT Barnum talked about. But that same drive, to do or get more with less, has been the driving force of human inventions since the dawn of time. That desire, to get more with less, is what drove Dr. Erickson to invent covert hypnosis. At the time, there was only direct hypnosis. The kind where you swing a watch and tell your clients they are getting sleepier and sleepier. But for Dr. Erickson, this was taking too long. He wanted a quicker way to reach inside their brains and rearrange their thinking. So he did some experimenting. He practiced with various language patterns. Various reframing techniques. His only requirement was that it worked. He didn't really care if it made his patients confused. He didn't really care if they couldn't remember what he'd just talked about for the past couple of hours. He only wanted a very quick and very effective technique. One that would allow him to reach inside their mind, rearrange their thoughts, so they could remove fears. To remove their inhibitions. To increase confidence and charisma. Lucky for us, he wrote most of his techniques now. Case study after case study, book after book. People have applied these techniques to all kinds of things. If you are skilled enough, meaning if you are patient and can practice enough, you can do pretty much anything with these patterns. Talk to people make them feel happy, excited, however you'd like them to feel. Give them amnesia so they won't remember you. Get them to remember things that didn't happen. Or, if you just want to have some fun, you can add in these techniques to regular conversations. To make them more exciting, more enjoyable, and funnier. So they'll remember you as being more exciting and enjoyable. Or to remember you however you want them to remember you. Learn How: https://mindpersuasion.teachable.com/p/party-hypnosis/
  2. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/Oct01Post.mp4 I was reading some forum a few days ago and somebody was talking about a "hack" they'd discovered. It was pretty silly, not really a hack. It involved taking handful of cereal, putting it in their mouth, and then taking a swig of milk. Like eating a "bowl" of cereal without needing a spoon or a bowl. Not something I would call a "hack." But words tend to do that. A lot of technical words start off with very specific meaning, but as they bleed through the collective consciousness, their meaning becomes more and more vague. Studying the origins of phrases is pretty interesting. But also pretty impossible. Since up until the internet, phrases for spoken for a LONG TIME before anybody wrote them down. A "hack" of course, is a way get around normal safeguards and security protocols. It sounds kind of cool. But it also requires a ton of intelligence and confidence. Two things most people don't have. So we "reframe" those words to mean something WE can do. I don't really think taking a handful of cereal and a swig of milk is something to brag about. It also kind of defeats the purpose of a true hack. If you were a real "hacker" you wouldn't brag about your exploits online. Another reason words like "hack" and "cheat" get filtered into the collective consciousness. You get to do the normal, everyday stuff you do. But by giving it those edgy sounding labels, you get to pretend you are special. When in reality, you are doing the same things everybody else is doing. Most people are terrified of leaving the center of the herd. Most people are terrified of standing up and LEADING the herd. We would rather use language that sort of sounds like we're cutting edge leaders, but we're still safely in the middle of the herd. Clever advertisers know all about this. The frame their products to sound very cutting edge, and advanced. At the same time they sell them to the masses. There are, however, still cheats and hacks. Just not the kind most people know about. They do require that you think independently. That you aren't going to wait around for permission. Or somebody else to go first to prove that it's safe. Turns out if you can ditch THOSE TWO common herd desires, that's a hack unto itself. Because once you ditch the herd, there are plenty of hacks just waiting. In broad daylight. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/seven-rules/
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