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Found 7 results

  1. https://loopvids.s3.amazonaws.com/July31Post.mp4 Most people like the idea of being told what to do. Plenty of self development courses are built around this idea. "Watch over my shoulder as I make millions," kind of thing. Step by step blueprints. But simple economics tells us this is impossible. Simple economics and a little bit of thought. Imagine some "guru" DID manage to discover the "secret" to success. And he packed seminar room after seminar room. And told all the attendees the step by step "blueprint" for success. That would work IF they all defined success as building a birdhouse. Or making a cake. Or doing anything that could be done by following a recipe. If EVERYBODY is doing the same thing, and getting the same result, then there will be a LOT of those "results" out there. Which means they won't be worth much. A lot of young adults today are in DEEP trouble. They borrowed a ton of money, to go to college and be told "exactly" what to do. Now all they have is a much of debt. And not many marketable skills. The reason we LOVE the idea of being told EXACTLY what to do is it absolves us of responsibility. We don't need to take any risks. If we do EXACTLY what we are told, and it doesn't work, it's not our fault. If you CAN manage to find a way to be TOLD what to do, AND it happens to pay the bills, this is a dream come true. You get ALL the benefits, and NONE of the risks. If you wanted to stay in the middle of the pack this MAY be possible. If you want an average life, an average relationship, and a bunch of average memories up in your brain, that MAY be possible. Safe, but not a lot of fun. Not very exciting. Worse, is you would NEVER have the ability to dream. It's one thing to DREAM about finding a winning lottery ticket. This is pure fantasy. Even thinking of winning the lottery by buying a ticket is nearly pure fantasy. The odds are more than ten million to one. Dreaming based on your ACTIONS is much more realistic. Much more compelling. When you look BACK over the last few years, and then EXTRAPOLATE what MIGHT come in the future, this is where the human spirit lives. When your dreams are TETHERED to your actions and your history. Any goof can imagine finding magic riches. But few people can dream of slowly CREATING riches. Which one are you? Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/watching-mind/
  2. There have been a lot of weird end-of-the-world cults. My favorite is a fictional one, from one of the Poltergeist movies. The fist movie was in a house that was on top of a cemetery. They'd moved the headstones, but not the bodies. (greedy real estate company) The second movie was something similar. Apparently a preacher (1800's or so) had collected a bunch of kids. Saying he was going to save them from the apocalypse. So he gathered them in some cave. Waiting for the end times. The date and went, but nothing happened. So the crazy old preacher kept the kids anyway. They all died, and then a 100 years later poltergeist family was being haunted them their angry ghosts. This sounds like a stretch, but good enough for a horror movie. But this actually does happen quiet a bit. (not the ghost part, the end of the world nutjob part) One famous "cult" back in the early 1900's was CERTAIN the world was coming. The closer it got, the more their members grew. Many of them sold EVERYTHING. Quit their jobs, gave all their money to the church. Certain the end was coming. But then the expected date of the end came and went, and nothing. So what happened? Did all the members feel like idiots? After all, they'd pretty much RUINED their lives. But something strange happened. The "non-event" actually STRENGTHENED their beliefs? WTF? Their thinking was that BECAUSE of their "great works," they actually PREVENTED the end from coming. This made them MORE committed to their "religion." Now, on one level, this sounds absolutely ABSURD. It's like the old joke about keeping garlic around. "Hey, why do you have so much garlic in your house?" "To keep away the vampires!" "Dude, that's lame. There's no such thing as vampires!" "See! It's working!" But on another level, it makes perfect sense. Especially when you consider the massive amounts of human biases. Once you have a belief in your mind, no matter WHAT happens, it will verify that belief. Especially when you make a significant COMMITTMENT to your belief. Once you make a commitment to ANY belief, it is MUCH HARDER to admit you're wrong. This is why many CULTS and other religious groups hang on to the VERY END. They have authority, the charismatic leader. They have social proof, all the members who all believe the same stuff. But when you add in massive public commitment, it's pretty much a lock. In the above example, all the people quitting their jobs and giving away all their money was about a serious and public commitment as they could make. Pretty much GUARANTEEING that no matter WHAT happened, it would VERIFY their belief. This is VERY DANGEROUS. It shows that the presence of authority, social proof and commitment and consistency is STRONGER than the validity of the belief. Meaning once you get stuck with those three things, it's pretty hard to get out. Trouble is, those three things are EVERYWHERE. How do you know what's real, and what's not? Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/gurutrap/
  3. One of the biggest myths about us humans is the idea of free will. Not in that we're trapped inside a matrix or anything. But many of our choices are not NEARLY as independent as we think they are. Plenty of experiments verify this. The Milgram experiment (repeated many times) show that most of us (about 70%) will do ANYTHING so long as a guy in charge says so. The Asch experiment shows that when we are in a group, it is very HARD to think DIFFERENTLY than the group. Tons of marketing studies sales page show that we do things many times ONLY because we do things. And once we've been in a group for a long enough, all three of these are in high gear. Authority, the guy in charge. Social proof, all the other folks in the group. Commitment and Consistency, us doing the same thing because it's familiar. What's worse, is very few of these groups are anything LIKE death cults. In fact, most of them are very spontaneous and organic. Which means they kind of drift along. So, here's the hard questions. What is the probability that you'll be in one of these groups, that's just drifting along, and have the group's outcome be the SAME as YOUR outcome? Now, many people think, "Yeah, but I don't belong to any groups or cults or anything, so this doesn't apply to me..." Many groups that we "belong to" don't exist, at least in the traditional way. We don't show up to meetings, or carry around a membership card. But we ALL belong to PLENTY of social groups. And these social groups ALL have certain "authority figures" they recognize. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and smells like a duck, guess what? It's a duck! (Wait, so now you're saying in some kind of duck cult???) All humans self organize into groups. All humans recognize authority. All humans do what we've always done. This means it is VERY HARD to choose your own goals and plans SEPARATE from any group. Whether you recognize it or not. How do you do this? Spend some time ALONE. Force yourself to temporarily forget about your friends. Forget about the "experts" that you follow. Ask yourself some HARD questions. Like what you want out of life. How you might get there. How close your current path resembles an IDEAL path. This is the thing about social groups and authorities and past behaviors. It's VERY EASY to drift along and not get anything. But at the same time, you choose your goals FIRST, and then everything else (authority, social proof, etc) LATER, you'll have a MUCH BETTER CHANCE of getting there. After all, no human can survive alone. We NEED a group, a leader, and some behaviors to reference. Luckily, you can BUILD YOUR OWN from scratch. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/gurutrap/
  4. Most people love the idea of being famous. But this is usually on a subconscious level. Many people have the experience of not thinking they are hungry. Then maybe they happen across some food. Maybe at a party, or somebody brought some snacks to work. As soon as you take a bite, you realize how hungry you are. Hunger is a two-stage instinct. We always think about food, since it's the only thing keeping us alive. But the second stage is just as important. Way back in the day, since food was so hard to get, we had to store excess energy whenever we had a chance. Of course, nobody ever thought, "Gee, I might not eat for a couple days so I'd better eat as much as I can!" We just have a strong and nearly impossible-to-resist desire to eat as much as we can, WHENEVER there is food in front of us. This is why it is EXTREMELY hard for most people to consciously stop eating when they COULD eat more. This is how many instincts work. Similarly, you could be walking down the street, with SEX being the furthest thing from your mind. But then you see a HOT person who smiles at you. Now SEX is all you can think of. And since most of us AREN'T famous, we think we don't want to be famous. But it works just like food and sex. If you've ever done enough public speaking to get over the nervousness, it is a FANTASTIC feeling. Standing up in front of people who are all eagerly watching and listening. In many ways, THIS instinct is much stronger than food and sex. Because the more FAMOUS you are, the easier food and sex is easy to get. Of course, our instincts for food has been translated into money. Because when our instincts were calibrated, it was LONG BEFORE money had been invented. From a purely, biological instinctive level, there are two kinds of social status. Beneath a certain, level money and sex have to be pursued INDIVIDUALLY. Above a certain level, money and sex are a RESULT. Now, just like we don't consciously choose to eat so we can save up extra energy, nobody actually thinks, "I want to get famous so I have get lots of money and easy sex!" (Well, some people do, lol...) It just happens that people that had the GENE that motivated them to get social status of ANY kind ended up having the most kids. One way to look at it is that there are only TWO kinds of people in this world. Leaders, and followers. A WHOLE BUNCH of one kind, and VERY FEW of the other. Which one do YOU want to be? Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/gurutrap/
  5. A very common idea in business is split testing. Even way before the internet, split testing was common. Markers know that if they want to get useful data, they need to do something other than ask people directly. Psychologists tell us that when we answer questions, we usually give answers that make us look good. Or if some marketing company is having some kind of focus group, they usually have to pay people. And since the person who is paying you is asking the questions, this also makes us give less than honest answers. But when they can set up situations where we behave naturally, that is about as accurate as the information gets. For example, they'll send two flyers out to two different zip codes. Then they measure the sale changes in each zip code. This is an old school way of split testing. If they did this for a few months, eventually they'd get an ad that worked pretty well. But here's the interesting part. If somebody came along and asked the advertising company WHY that particular ad was working so well, what would the answer be? Since ad guys get paid a lot, they would tend to justify their salaries by explaining their theory as to WHY the ad worked so well. (Which is again an example of people not able to tell the TRUTH when answering a question). But the reality is that NOBODY would know exactly WHY the ad worked so well. Remember, that ad was the result of a whole bunch of split testing. If they KNEW why the ad worked, they wouldn't have needed to do the split testing in the first place. Most people that have any kind of success get it the same way. Nobody knows at the beginning of their career know EXACTLY how they will be successful. In fact, the most successful people are successful because they admit to themselves early on they have no idea how they will be successful. (huh?) They essentially turn their entire lives into a split test. They just keep trying things. They do more of what works, and less of what doesn't. EXTREMELY few businesses are started with a completely brand new product. NEARLY EVERY business is created by copying what works, and changing it slightly. And even then, it takes a lot of trial and error testing. Which creates a strange problem. We have world filled with "experts." But HOW and WHY they became experts is anybody's guess. Especially theirs. Just like those imaginary admen a couple sentences before, they really don't know WHY their final ad worked so well. And most people who are successful also don't really know WHY they are so successful. If they DID, they would have done that from the beginning. Instead of spending their entire lives on trial and error. The problem comes as if we listen to these experts as if they KNOW how to become successful. When they really have no idea. In reality, listening to "experts" feels like it makes perfect sense, when it's the LAST THING you should be doing. What should you be doing? Starting your OWN path of trial and error learning, and ditch the experts. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/gurutrap/
  6. Once upon a time there was a guy on a ship. He was the type who rarely took vacations. It took him a while to build up the courage to go on a cruise. So one day, he was standing on the deck, enjoying the sunshine, when a storm hit. It came fast and deadly. The skies were dark, the thunder was loud, the rain was heavy and the boat was rocking. Dude was terrified. People were slipping off the deck left and right. So he grabbed onto the nearest thing he could. The anchor. For several hours, he gripped the anchor as tightly as he could. It saved his life. But when the skies cleared and the seas calmed, he was beyond sane. He'd been so petrified, since the anchor was his salvation, he was TERRIFIED to let go. So when the captain dropped the anchor, he went down with it. Even as his ears popped and he sank deeper and deeper, he consciously knew he should let go. But his instincts wouldn't let him. And he died. Moral of the story? It can be applied to anything. What worked once won't always work. Strategies we learned as kids don't work as adults. For example, if you were in the middle of a job interview, and you started bawling your eyes out hoping it would get you what you wanted, it wouldn't work. But other strategies are much older. Survival instincts that saved us tens of thousands of years ago may kill us today. Hunger is one example. It used to be a good idea to eat as much as we could, whenever we could. Now it's not such an effective strategy. And just like anchor-guy, even though we consciously KNOW what to do, our instincts make us do different. We've got many instincts besides hunger that mess us up. Plenty of social instincts. Following authority. Following crowds. These are much subtler. Much harder to notice. What's worse is most of the time, they won't kill us. We won't end up at the bottom of the ocean. But we will end up at the end our lives wondering what happened. Social proof and authority won't lead us to our deaths. But they WILL lead us to NOWEHRE if we aren't careful. Most people choose social proof and authority FIRST, and then let the direction and destination take care of itself. The secret is to FIRST choose your destination, and THEN choose the appropriate social proof and authority to help you get there. Then you'll get the BEST of both worlds. Learn How: http://mindpersuasion.com/gurutrap/
  7. The behavior of human structure is very easy to see in other people. We give somebody advice, and they say: "Yeah, easy for you to say!" But it's nearly impossible to see in ourselves. One way is to "go meta." Which means to purposely look at ourselves, and our behavior from a "higher' or more "objective" perspective. This is the kind of thing people learn in NLP seminars. But it's also something people do VERY naturally and EXTREMELY effectively. How? If you ever keep any record of any of your behavior, either before or after, you are going meta. Two common ways are tracking your progress when exercising, or making a shopping list. For example, say you have a notebook in which you write down how much you lift at the gym. Every time you look at that list, you are going meta. You are NOT exercising, and you are looking at your results. You extrapolate out a few weeks, choose a target, and then carry that target in your head while you exercise. The "you" reading and planning is a different "you" doing the exercising. The same thing happens when you make a shopping list. The "you" making the list is a different "you" that is doing the shopping. The "you" doing the shopping is almost using the list as their "shopping coach." We are all also VERY familiar with what happens when we go shopping without our "shopping coach." Meaning we go shopping without a list (and not meta "us" to watch our shopping "us"). This is when buy junk food. Essentially, without a "shopping coach" we get "out framed" by the store. It's almost like we walk into the store, look around and say: "OK, store, I'll do whatever you want! What should I buy?" This is pretty much true in ALL AREAS of life. We can take a little time to "go meta" so we can later watch our own backs, and not get "our framed" by our circumstances. Or we can NOT plan, not go meta, not carry around any "coaches" (our meta and more objective selves) and hope for the best. This is what most people do. And most people get OUT FRAMED by life itself. But since you already know how to go meta, it's just a matter of doing that EVERYWHERE. So you don't waste any time, or money. Amazing things happen when you learn to BE your own GURU. Learn More: http://mindpersuasion.com/gurutrap/
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