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Found 1 result

  1. Most of us have the experience of not expressing ourselves clearly. We have an idea inside our minds of what we want to get across. But when we try and put words to it, it doesn't sound quite as clear. Especially if you're having an emotional discussion with a significant other, it can be very hard to accurately describe what's going through your mind. This has been the subject of dramas and plays since the dawn of time. Humans desperate to express their truth but not quite having the skills or confidence or opportunity to do so. This is not only true within the unexpected situations and conversations that pop up unexpectedly, but through our actions as well. The ultimate self expression is how you define your life. This can be a difficult thing to think about. Many lives are not defined until long after they're gone. But it seems our purpose is tied to this need for expression. To make an impact, to leave a mark, to be remembered. Not just on a day to day or year to year level, but as long as possible. Even little kids have this deep instinct. That's why they carve their names on park benches and trees. "JD was here." For most people, this is a struggle. You know you have the potential to leave a magnificent impact, but where do you start? In comedies this common human trait is shown when less than confident guys try and talk to girls. The guys is buoyed by his friends, walks over to talk to the girl, but nothing comes out. It's been said that most live lives of quiet desperation. Desperate to express their truth. But no more confident than some goofy guy in a comedy trying to express his truth to the girl of his dreams. Nevertheless, this is out challenge. To carve our names in the history books, like you may have written it on a wall somewhere. To let people know you were here. How best to do this? Don't be satisfied just to speak your truth. Long to build your truth. To lave a lasting impression on Earth. Turn those vague dreams into creations. Creations that satisfy others and get you paid. Learn How: Wealth Tuning
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